LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 6




Certain signs have been recently surfacing, what’s all this about? Liam is formidable so what happens next? The next episode commence……..


The long drive home was covered in deep silence, Scott hasn’t said a word to me throughout the entire drive and I also said none, he seems shocked at what happened in the school, we had left earlier before the school authorities arrived, very sure they would surely seek me the next day

“What the hell was that Liam??”

Scott asked moments after we stepped down from the bus with out bag packs hung neatly on our shoulders, I can’t let him know what happened, I had to seek answers first

“What do you mean?” I replied, trying to play numb

“Come on man, I know you better than anyone, there was no way you would have pull that all the way by yourself, tell me, what really happened??”

He asked again, I didn’t know what to say, I was caught off guard, I hated keeping secrets from him, I had to tell him

“I… I… I went….. ” I was about saying when he cut me short

“You went gyming right? That was bad ass, Jackson will sure rot in hell!”

He said, smiling widely and I heaved a sign of relief as I made to speak, he just made it easier for me

“Yes, I went gyming!” I said
“I knew it, now no one is ever gonna cross your path again!” Scott said and I beamed a smile

“Can we keep this among ourselves? Don’t wanna drag Mom and dad to this!” I asked, knowing clearly why I said that

“No problem Man, it’s a promise” he replied, placing his arm on my shoulder as we walked down the house, this was way easier than I thought

“So what’s it gonna be Liam?” Scott asked moments after we stepped our feet into the house

“What do you mean Scott?” I asked

“Lydia…. The party…. So what’s it gonna be?” Scott asked, blinking at me while I smile softly

“I don’t know man, I don’t wanna go!” I replied

“Come on man, she’s into you, more reason why you need to go because yo you promised, you can’t just go back on your words!” Scott elucidated

“Am into her okay but… But Jackson is a bitch and you know it!” I battered, I had feelings for Lydia but her brother was a pain in the ass

“That bastard is never gonna cross your path again, no after learning his lessons today!” Scott explained and I nodded

“So you coming? We need to get prepared” He asked and I nodded, smiling widely

“Oh yeah!!!”……


Darkness loomed round the woods as it covered everything in it’s path, an evil aura filled the woods as night crickets sprouted out, covering the sky as a dim light shown brightly towards a cave, an overwhelming laughter erupted from the cave as it was etched with extreme evil

“Kox!!! Lobana has been born, we need to take action now!!!” A figure which was known as Gom said

“And who said we don’t know? We awaits our Lord’s order!” Kox replied, grinning evilly, his face held an evil gaze

“And where the fuck Is the Lord huh? He’s trapped in a seal where he will rot forever!!”

Gom said as he face the deadly Kox, a smile escaped Kox lips as a suppressing Aura evolved round him, the rest of the team held their mouth in horror as Gom crashed weakly to the ground

“That’s just a temporary state, watch your tongue before you talk next time or you won’t live to tell your story!” Kox battered with gnashed teeth’s.

“Listen well Creatures, the seal shall be broken, Vokan will be freed, we will take over the Supernatural realm and no one shall stop us, Lobana shall die!!!” Kox roared

“All hail Lord Vokan!!!” The crowd cheered, gnashing of teeth’s could be heard as they all roared

“Lord Kox, Vokan would be freed but not without a vessel, a perfect vessel, how do we find this?” A creature asked

“Long ago, Alina fortold a prophecy which said thus, Vokan shall be freed, Lobana shall be born, a being who shall walk through the Flames of hell, retrieve the Scarlet Sword and end the reign of Vokan but fear not Creatures, Alina was entirely wrong!!!”

Kox explained and the crowd gasped, mummuring among themselves at the mentioned of his words, a smirk escaped his lips as he made to speak

“Lobana has been born but not without a being, the vessel of Vokan came into this World with him, the vessel shall Walk through the seal, he shall breaks the chains of Vokan and free our Lord!!” Kox explained and there was a loud uproar

“Where is this seal my Lord?” A man asked

“See for yourself!!”…

Kox said, the crowd gasped as they all bowed before a burning fire which form a circle form and blazed with fire, an intense aura radiated from it

“All hail Lord Vokan, your servants are at your service, what should we do!” Kox yelled as he bored his eyes to the ground

“I can sense my vessel, a perfect vessel, he’s getting closer, his power is beyond imagination, have been trapped for so long, my body has been destroy by the seal, only with my vessel can I be set free, I can only communicate with you through this portal, on the night of the full moon, find my vessel….. ”

A deep grutttaral voice spoke from the Portal, it’s voice seem to boom from all corners of the cave as the whole place shook form its hinges

“And who is this vessel my Lord!!” Kox asked

“Scott Dunbar!!!…… “…..

🍂🍂🍂🍂THE PARTY 🔱🔱🔱🔱

🌪️LIAM 💭

The whole Woods were booming with music as we got nearer, I felt something tugging my mind as we got nearer, tonight’s was a full moon but the moon was yet to be out, the moon would surely bless us

I heaved a sigh of fear as we arrived at the party, clasping my hand over the other hand as we plunged towards the party, all eyes darted towards me as we walked through the crowded midst, the winks I got from girls gave me a seering headache, where the hell was Lydia?

I gasped as I sighted a figure behind a tree, his eyes were flaming red, he smile as he opened his mouth to speak

“Leave the party as soon as possible, it’s gonna be a full moon” he said, and I held a face of confusion as I heard him from the long distance, I closed my eyes, breathing heavily as I flunged them open again but strangely…. He was gone
“You nervous?” Scott asked as we both settled on a Tree branch, breathing the natural air as we stared at the sky

“Am damn nervous Bro, why’s everyone staring at me again? It’s creepy!” I asked

“Everyone is suprise at how you defeated Jackson, you are really lucky you know!” Scott replied

“Promise me one thing Liam!” Scott said, I tilted my gaze towards him, my face held confusion but I had to ask

“And what’s that?” I asked

“No matter what happens, we will always be brothers, no matter what!” Scott asked, I felt so confused at the mentioned of his words but I had to nudge forward

“Okay Man, I promise, now stop that, it’s creepy!!!” I whisper to his ears as we erupted into an overwhelming laughter


I heard the most beautiful voice whisper behind me, I slowly tilted my head towards the direction, my jaw dropped on sighting the figure, all eyes trailed towards her, it was Lydia, she look so hot in her crop top jacket and Leather Jeans..

“Hey!” I muttered as she got nearer to me, my whole system sparked with so much nerves, I had to play cool

“I will go grap a drink!” Scott said, giving me a “you got her kind of look” as he excused himself

“So….. Uhm.. you.. you. You are really beautiful!” I stammered, making her blush as she tugged her hair behind her ears

“Can we please move somewhere else!” She said, winking at me as all eyes were on us, boring it’s holes on our skin as we moved to a more quiet place

“Am really sorry for what I did! For how I behaved with Jackson!” I said

“Are you kidding me? He deserved it!” She replied, smiling widely which revealed her cute dimples
The party had been going quiet well for us, minutes turn into hours and soon, we had chatted a lot, the soft wind blew pass us as we move an inch closer, breathing heavily under our faces, we drew our face forward, feeling engross as the sensation overwhelmed us, I smile as I made to kiss her but suddenly….. The unexpected happen


I yelled, crashing on the hard ground as a seering pain racked through my body, I became overwhelmed in an eternal heat, my nails were getting stronger and hard as a rock, my eyes were threatening to fall out at any moment, I could feel my teeth gnashing among themselves, all threatening to fall out at any moment, I shrienk in pain as I raised my head up, the moon was out and it shown brightly on my face, so painful

“Are you okay??” Lydia asked, cringing with fear as she squatted below me, I felt something tugged my mind, wanting to ripped out her throat at any moment, I slowly stood on my feet as I slowly moved towards her, sweat trinkled down my face, I needed to kill her

“You need to get away from her, run Liam! Run!!” A strange voice kept banging in my head

“Liam….. ” She made to speak but I cut her off

“Please go….. Ahhhhhhh”

I yelled as the pain became immensed, turned and started running, the sky rumbled as I strangely ran with inhuman speed, I felt no stress and soon I was lost in the Woods

I groan, crashing on the ground as my vision became vaque, I could feel my eyes taking a shade as everything in my path now showed in a red accent, I groan in pain as my fingers expanded, claws crept out of my Fingers and my toe nails grew longer, a seering pain waved down my core as my teeth’s grew longer, hair’s grew on my cheeks as I howl in pains

“Who’s there? Show yourself! Who the fuck are you?” I bartered as I noticed some movement around me

“I am Damon, your alpha, I lost control and bit you and now, you are my beta!” A voice stated behind me, I tilted my head towards the direction but was too late to duck as strong arms grapped me by the neck and pinned me to the ground

“Impossible…. You are an alpha??” He said and I growl in confusion, escaping from his grip as I slash him on his arms

“What the fuck did you do to me?” I asked, feeling so much rage as all I wanted was to ripped out his throat

“I bit you and it was a mistake, the bite holds the key to your destiny, the bite is so much more, you are a Supernatural” He explained and I felt more confused, I don’t want this, I needed the old me

“I don’t want this, I need the old me!!” I yelled and he formed a smirk

“Very well then, follow me if you truly want to me healed!”

He stated, smiling stupidly as he took a little substance from his pocket and threw it on the ground, creating a smoke which blurred our visions, the smoke Soon cleared off to reveal a portal and I gasped at the sight of it, he plunged towards it and soon disappeared, I needed a cure, can’t believe this is happening! I thought as I plunged toward the weird portal which In turn, close up….



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