LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 5




NOTE: A lot of you have been saying there’s no action, well every story has an explanation, a begining, am writing this so you can understand, understand how the two boys will come to know of the world beyond, what happens if I just jump into conclusion? There’s still a lot of actions ahead, please just read and understand…..

Liam has been going through some recent changes, hearing voices and having strange dreams, what do all this means?? What happens next? The next episode commence…..


“Any words from Ruma?” Rokon asked

“Not yet, she couldn’t reach Lobana but she’s trying!!”

Aiden responded, the two duos darted their eyes towards Damon who had been silence the whole time, something kept tugging his mind

“Damon, you’ve been silent this whole while, what’s bothering you?” Rokon asked, he held a serious gaze, Damon hesitated for a while before speaking

“Something happened, I went searching for clues on Lobana in the world of Humans and… And…. ”

“And what???” Rokon roared

“I lost control, I almost killed a human, I bit him in my Wolf form after transforming!” Damon completed

“You what!! Do you know the implications of this?? You are an alpha!!! Do you know you just created a problem for the Supernatural realm? When was this??” Rokon asked, burning with rage

“Two days ago!” Damon replied..

“Two days?? And you didn’t even think if telling me, he must have gone through the first transformation already!”

Rokon said, staring eyed daggered at Damon whose mind looked troubled, Rokon who noticed the mood swings in him plunged towards him and their eyes collided

“There’s something else isn’t it? Spit it out!” Rokon ordered

“During the time I bit him, something happened, I would have killed him but something stopped me, his eyes glowed, they took a shade of red glowing eyes and a sword pattern which was impaled on his chest, glowed. It blazed with fire!” Damon explained, Aiden eyes widened at his explainnations

“The Scarlet Sword!!” Aiden muttered, too low that none could hear him

“That’s impossible! How can a newly created beta have the eyes of an alpha? A sword pattern?? Definitely never heard of it!!” Rokon elucidated

“Did you see anything else?” Aiden asked

“No, I had to leave when I noticed the approaching footsteps!” Damon explained and Rokon hummed in anger..

“We need find him, we can’t risk been discovered by the world, we need to stripe him of those Powers, find him before the full moon or it’s gonna get hard, there’s something off him!” Rokon ordered

“With pleasure!!!”

Damon replied and nodded, smiling widely as he turned and dashed out of the building with lightening speed, he was an alpha…


I got down from the car after waving at Dad, Scott repeated the same act and plunged towards me, I smiled in satisfaction as I spooked towards the passage, it was a new day

All eyes trail towards me, boring it’s holes into my skin as we walked down the hall, it was creepy, the same thing happened as I barge into my class, all eyes kept staring at me, what happened? It’s was Strange, it never happened before

I thought as I made my way towards my seat, Lydia stared lustfully at me, waving at me but I changed the course of my direction, ignoring her as I bored my eyes to my books, wouldn’t want to get into trouble again..

“What happened? Why’s everyone staring at me?” I asked Scott who approached me

“You Mean you don’t know?” He replied

“Know what?” I asked again

“Your muscles, your chest! It’s really amazing, you went gyming right?”

Scott asked, my face held confusion as I trailed my eyes all the way to my chest, true to his words, my muscles had enlarged and my chest had grown bigger, how did this happen? I never went gyming

“Okay class, may we proceed??” Mrs Shania, our physic teacher, also known as Shania Mi, a nickname given to her by the entire class due to her dressing accent, she asked as she began teaching

I bored my eyes to the ground, wanting to pick a fallen pen that fell to the floor, I gasped as I slowly raised my head up, there was no one in the class, the whole class had become empty, I felt my heart beat Rising heavily at each passing moments, the door suddenly burst opened, revealing the huge Wolf which plunged towards me, walking in the form of a human as it stood on it’s furs

I shielded my eyes as it’s face shown brightly, the sound of bone breaking diverted my attention as I slowly dropped my hand to stare at the wolf, I gasped as I witnessed a transformation, it was no longer a wolf but a human, a man who made his way towards me, he was clad in a black robe and he looked extremely young

“On the night of the full moon, do not head towards the party, at the sound of my howling…… Come to me!” He said as he move towards me


I yelled, sweating profusely as the entire class erupted into a huge laughter, all eyes were on me, I gasped as the young man was gone and everyone was present in the class, I slowly dropped my head on my desk as I bored my eyes to the ground, my mind drifted over to the strange man, what did he mean by ‘ do not head towards the party?”, What’s happening to me?….

Schools hours were finally over, Scott and I walked down the hall as we plunged towards our lockers, I stood numb, closing my eyes as I perceive a stench, a familiar scent, a beautiful aura that overwhelmed my thoughts, I strangely knew whose scent it was….. Lydia’s


I muttered, smiling stupidly as I turned to face her, Lydia and Scott huffed as they stared at me, each glaring it’s eyes brows on me

“How did you know it was me?” Lydia asked, Scott smiled as he also nodded, I also seem suprise, not knowing how I knew it was her but I had to say something

“Uhm… Nothing, I just perceived the scent that came from your clothes!” I said and she nodded, smiling sheepishly as she perceived the stench of her clothes

“Look, am sorry okay, am sorry for what Jackson did to you,I really am, he’s just been a pain in the ass!!” She pleaded

“It’s nothing, I got over it, it’s okay!” I said and she beamed a smile at me

“Uhm… How about this, let me make up for it, the school is having a party in the woods tonight, you should come, please!!” She pleaded and I felt moved by her words

“Please?! For me!!” She added and I saw Scott’s glare on me, I bored my eyes to the ground, not knowing when I answered her request

“Oh shit!!” Scott muttered, tilting his gaze toward a direction, I traced his gaze and gasped as it collided with Jackson who swooped his way towards us with his goons, soon he got to us and shot me a deadly glare, I felt my skin crawling with fear at the sight of him

“Oh shit, not again!!’ I muttered

“Jackson, please let them go, they did nothing to you, I.. I… I was just inviting them to the party!” Lydia pleaded

“Oh, so now they are also coming to the party huh? I thought I warned you and now they are gonna pay!!”

Jackson yelled with venom etched in his words as he tilted his gaze towards us, I gulp the saliva that threatened to fall from my mouth as I stared fearfully at them

“Jackson please!!!” Lydia yelled but her pleads fell on deaf ears as he grap Scott by his neck and flunged him towards the passage dorm

I made a run towards Scott but Jackson grapped me by the neck, connecting a punch to my lower abdomen as I also crashed to the ground

“Beat them!!” He ordered and I heaved in fear as his crows swooped towards us


I yelled, blood gushing out from my mouth as I received fast punches on my tummy, I trailed my eyes towards Scott and I felt something change in me at the sight of Scott who gushed out blood from his mouth as he received several kicks from Jackson goons, by now, the whole students had all gathered among us, forming a crowd but none dared to intervene

I closed my eyes in expectations as I received several more punches, strangely, the pain that sparked through my body seized and I felt no pain, I felt something triggered in me, feeling so much heat as it spread down to my body, I strangely felt my eyes trying to change at any moment, I felt stronger, not knowing when I unknowingly stood on my feet, grapping a goon as I connected a punch to his lower abdomen, blood oozed from his mouth due to my punch as he crashed to the ground with his eyes shot closed

The whole crowd gasped as the rest of Jackson crows all plunged toward me, Scott heaved, surprised at what I just pulled as he slowly stirred on his feet, Jackson looked dumbstruck as he stared eyed daggered at me

“So now you think you are rough huh? Get him!!!”

He ordered as the rest of his goons all swooped towards me, I gasped as a huge hefty guy evaded a punch at me but strangely, my body dodged the punch, reacting on its own as I grapped him by the neck and pinned him to the ground

My body moved on its own and I dived at my opponent, evading his punch as I connected a kick to his jaw which sent him crashing to the locker and fainting immediately, Jackson was the only one left, he had to pay for what he just did, I felt a burning rage in my Head, wanting to kill him for good, I was formidable and strangely… I loved it!

“You are so dead you son of a bitch!”

Jackson cursed under his breath and I scoff as he swoop toward me, I quickly ducked a punch, spunning my body and in motion grap him by the neck and smashed his head against the locker, growling angrily as I send fast punches to him, blood spluttered from his mouth and soon, he fell weakly to the ground, his eyes shot closed as he fainted

I heaved in satisfaction as I crashed weakly to the ground, I felt Strange, I could hear their heartbeats again, the whole crowd mummured among themselves, I stared at my fist, boring my eyes on the weak bodies that laid before me, how the hell did I do this? What Happened to me?…..



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