LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 35




🗡️🗡️🗡️EPISODE 35🗡️🗡️





Everywhere so wonderful as peace reigned once again, the students of Dylan college could be seen as they all walked down the passage that led to their various houses

A red bus drove into the gates of Dylan college as it parked nicely while Liam and Scott alighted from the bus and stood before the huge school as a huge sign which read “DYLAN COLLEGE” was broadly impaled on the walls of the school.

Liam and Scott smiled broadly as they began walking towards the school while they made their way through the huge crowd and soon, they arrived at their various lockers.

A slight wind blew pass both brothers and just before they could turn, Lydia could be seen as she mouthe a kiss towards Liam’s lips who reciprocated the kiss with a deep one.

“I missed those lips!” Lydia said as he broke off from the kiss while Scott slowly tilted his gaze to another direction.

“And I also….. ” Liam who couldn’t finish his words halted as the whole students gasped while a figure came in view.

“Jackson!!!” Scott muttered as Jackson stood few inches away from him

“I don’t want you nerd, I want your brother!” Jackson said while Liam smiled as he plunged towards Jackson who also gain widths towards Liam as he gave him a daring glare.

“You got some balls kid!” Jackson mumbled

“And you still haven’t learned your lesson nerd!”

Liam retorted and grinned while the tension around them raised higher as both figures breathe heavily under each others noses as they stood just few feets away from each others, by now, they whole students had also gathered around them as they formed a crowd, Lydia cold be seen panicking from the other side of the locker as both figures stood unfazed, not uttering a single word.

“Crazy dude!” Jackson said and smiled, punching Liam slightly on the arm while he pulled him into a hug

“Thanks dude, for everything!!” Jackson added while Liam and all together with the rest of the students of Dylan College look shocked, definitely not expecting that, the once proud bully who had always picked on Liam had just pulled him into a hug, something they hadn’t expected in a thousand years to come.

“For what Man?” Liam asked

“For the cure, it was hell!” Jackson whispered into Liam’s ears while Scott chuckled from the other end of the locker as Jackson broke off from the hug and spared him a glance.

“Don’t give me that look dude, I also got the thing!” Scott yelled while he kept pointing at his ears

“Yeah, I almost forgot, see you around dude!!” Jackson said and bounced backwards while the crowd made way for him as they kept looking at him

Jackson who noticed the several eyes that bored their holes into his skin halted as he slowly turned to face them

“Stop the glare or I teach you a lesson!” Jackson yelled and smiled while everyone got back to their doings and soon, he himself was out of sight

Liam and Scott smiled as they watched him leave while they both had an awe gaze as they made to speak

“Once a bully, always a bully!!!!!!”……



“Hmmmmmm, So natural!”

I thought as I breathe in the natural air of nature that evolved round me, the bright sun shown brightly my face as I laid my head on the soft grass around me with my eyes shut closed

A Whosh sound could be heard as a soft breeze blew pass me while I smiled broadly as I my lips creeped into a slight smirk, I needed no one to tell me who it was


I muttered as a figure came closer to me and swing sat upright beside me while I flunged my eyes opened and sat comfortably as I stared into empty space

“Still thinking about the past huh!” Scott asked promptly while I waved a smile as the memories of the last 8 months began flashing through my mind once again, I Still remembered everything, just like yesterday.

Back then, after the great Battle against Vokan, Theo had transferred a little amount of energy into Lydia who later woke up hours later, I made to explain to her but she stopped me from doing so as she mouthe a kiss to me and explained everything to me, indeed I was the luckiest man on Earth to have her.

We had given the cure to Jackson and had later taken him home all together with Lydia, Theo and his friends, coupled with Scott and I had sworn to be brothers in this lifetime in order to help each others in times of need, it was really nice fighting alongside them, I smiled as I still remember Theo’s last Words

“Pray we do not meet again cause if fate has it and we meet, Am going have to spar with you”

I smiled as the little memory flowed through my mind, Mom was still a Vampire but of course, her dark side was sealed away, we had tried to heal her and cure her but all plans had failed.

Ruma explained that Vokan made sure her powers remained intact as she was immune to compulsion and healing, Ruma had to sealed away her powers but with a saying that, the seal would be broken if she got too angry but that was not really a problem as Scott and I promised to always protect her…. Forever.

That same night, Dad had gotten home looking so worried and confused, Mom had asked him why he look so down and he had stated that, a barrier had appeared round the school, enabling them from not getting through and later on, it had disappeared. but when they went into the school, everything was normal

We all had bursted into an overwhelming laughter at the mentioned of his words, calling him crazy while he later took it as a fake vision though we all knew what it really was

“Yeah, I miss everything but it’s all in the past!” I replied to Scott who waved a smile at me as he stirred on his feet and offered a hand at me

“Come on!” Scott muttered while I took his hand and rose to my feet as we began walking away but suddenly halted as a fierce wind blew pass us.

“Who’s there?’ Scott yelled while I stood alert as a portal which was no way to be found, magically came in view and appeared before us, revealing Ruma who emerged from it.

“Ruma, it’s been 8 months already, why do you appear now!” I asked with a masked expression while we laid down our guard

“I have come to warn you, I saw the future, Vokan shall return in all glory and cause havoc to the entire world and am afraid it will be a dead end!” Ruma elucidated while Scott and I smiled broadly as we made to speak

“We defeated Vokan before, we can still do it again besides, we fulfilled the damn prophecy!” Scott said while Ruma laughed in a low tone as if finding anything funny!

“What’s funny?” We both asked

“The Vokan you defeated was just a single essence of the angel who betrayed God!” Ruma explained while we both looked more confused

“Are you crazy? What do you mean by God?” We both asked in unison

“10 millennia ago, up above the heavens, an angel was created, the best singer who was cast to hell alongside his fallen angels, The morning star who gathered his faithful angels and attacked heaven, the blood of the lamb interfere and he was thrown into hell”

“He knew he needed more powers to defeat the creator so he rebel against God and created demons and infused powers on them, the demon he created roamed the world and made humans to do evil things. The more they committed sins, the more he got stronger, by doing this, the angel got more stronger and attacked heaven once again but this time, the creator Interfered and he was sealed into the hell alongside his faithful demon named death”

“This time around, he was bounded with the only weapon which would hold him, the chain of heaven, the chain of heaven got fierce and his soul was divided Into three essences”

“Lucifer (first essence) was sealed in the realm beyond hell, it has been said that the pure soul would free him but the creator had send the last son of heaven to stop him”

“Vokan was just the second essence, sealed in the flames of hell, he got more powers and broke free but unfurtunately you stopped him and he later escaped and lastly, somehow strange, the last essence had somehow gained much power than every other essence, he had gained control over the first two essence and has become more brutal than ever and now, he has set on a mission to retrieve the the first two essences and merged with them, and thereby bringing destruction into the entire world”

Ruma explained while the tension around us got more crazier as Scott and I found it hard to absorb her words and just then, something tugged my mind by her words.

“Who is the last son of heaven?” I asked

“He’s the creation of the creator himself, the arch angel who was sent into this world to protect the pure soul and stop Lucifer!” Ruma explained while I heaved heavily, frowning my gaze and then broke into a laughter

“The third essence may merged with Vokan for all I care, but we are gonna stop him, we did it before and will do it again!” I said while I heaved in satisfaction as Scott and I both made our ways towards our car and hopped in.

“And what makes you look so sure?”

Ruma asked while I initiated the car and the sound of the car humming ranted the air, the soft wind blew pass me as Ruma’s question filled my ears while I whine down the car glass and made to speak

“Because, “WE ARE LOBANA!!!”

I replied and smile as the car sped forward at insane speed while Scott and I stared at each others and then bursted into an eternal laughter as our voice echoed round the realm……

☔☔☔THE END🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱


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