LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 33




[NOTE]: I made a slight mistake guys, I made use of Max instead of James, I meant Theo’s friend, it’s James and Harry not the other way round……



Both brothers yelled as both teams clashed…….
The second war has started, How powerful is Vokan now that he have his own body? When does Lobana shows up? Where’s Lydia? Next Episode Commence…..


The fierce battle had began, screeching sounds and painful wails of both teams filled the air, burning ashes crowded the air while some littered the ground, the fight was Dominic.

“Not so tough now are you!” Seer of Argedon muttered in a mocking manner as she ducked Harry’s axe which blazed with fire while she disappeared and mysteriously reappeared behind him, waving her staff towards him as a wave of fire came out of it and blasted Harry, causing him to flew backwards and crashed on the ground.

Seer of Argedon smirked as she dashed towards James who smiled as he manipulated Earth Rocks and tossed it towards her.

Seer of Argedon countered attack by conjuring a fireball towards the earth rock, a huge smoke was formed as the fireball collided with the rocks which scattered into orbits, Seer of Argedon who couldn’t see anything gasped as the smoke fully cleared off, revealing Harry whose body was fully covered with fire as he evaded a punch towards her which aimed for her jaw, the seer heaved and crashed weakly on the ground as the punch connected on her jaw.

“Not bad but am afraid you to have to do more than that if you wanna stop me!” Seer of Argedon said and huffed, cleaning off the blood that slowly dripped from her lips and licked it.

James who was fully rejuvenated grin as he dash towards the seer and leap towards her, the seer smirked and with a wave of her Staff, a bosom fire which appeared from no where at all blasted him just before he could reach her causing him to flew backwards with a huge momentum while he crashed weakly on a wall with a loud thud which resulted into a crack…



Both brothers yelled as they collided with Vokan, resulting to a huge blast as both teams clashed, the impact of the clashed threw Liam and Scott backwards as they crashed on the ground while Vokan did a backflip and skillfully landed on his feet, still having that weird smile that never left his face.

“You wanted to stop me with this huh? How pathetic!” Vokan said and ran towards the two brothers, the ground quaked at each steps he took while both brothers gasped as Vokan couldn’t be seen, he merged with the wind as he appeared to be much faster and sleeker.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Liam yelled and groan in pains as a severe punch from nowhere connected to his ribs, causing him to crashed weakly on the ground.

Scott furrowed his eyebrows with hatred as he began throwing fast punches on the air, Vokan who had merged with the wind smirk as he stood his ground and emerged behind Scott who Slowly turned to face him.

“Oh, you are so dead!” Scott growl and approached Vokan who smirked as he threw a punch towards Scott who grin as he dodged the punch and levitated while in motion, grapped Vokan by the neck and smashed him on the ground.

“Good, I needed that!” Vokan growl and spit out a little amount of blood while he ducked Scott’s punch and grapped his neck, smiling develishly as he flunged him away.

Liam who had crashed on the ground stood up skillfully and charged towards the god of hell, slight cracking of bones filled the air as Liam tightened his fist and moulted it towards Vokan who hardly moved from his spot as Liam’s punch connected to his chest.

“So weak!!” Vokan said and sent a bone breaking Punch towards Liam who felt his ribs broken as the punch landed on his ribs.

Meanwhile, Damon and Rokon could be seen as they fought fiercely with so much strength, the creatures of hell kept trooping in, they seem endless while the creatures of the realm were losing the fierce battle as they look tired and weak.

Liam and Scott wail weakly as their entire strength had been used up on Vokan who appeared to be more stronger than them

Vokan heaved in satisfaction as he howered before the two weak brothers who crawl backwards while blood continually dripped from their lips.


Liam who couldn’t move anymore yelled as the greenish line on his arm gradually kept spreading towards his heart, Liam groan his pains as he crashed weakly on the ground and rested his head on it surface, unable to move a bone as the pain that racked through his body became unbearable.

“Liam, hold on okay? You’re gonna be okay!” Scott who couldn’t stand the sight of losing his brother yelled as he sat beside Liam while trying to keep his body intact.

“Oh, he’s gonna be okay…. ” Vokan said and paused while he morped his hand into a blade

“After I do this!” Vokan yelled as he aimed his blade towards the two Brothers when all of a sudden, a huge mass of lightening which rained from the sky appeared and struck Vokan, throwing him backwards while he landed gracefully on his feet.

“Take your brother back!” Theo whose eyes sparked with Lightening yelled with so much fury as he came in view, his hand emitted plasma waves while the dagger glowed brightly on his chest as he emitted an eternal aura.

“How dare you!” Vokan snapped at Theo who had interfere in their ravaging fight that was brewing while Theo’s lips creeped into a slight smile.

“It’s been so damn long since I had a good fight with a god, you want to fight so badly huh! Then come on!!!” Theo Roared with venom while he dashed towards Vokan at insane speed and leap towards him.

Lightening flashed through the sky while the dark sky created an imprint of Debini’s dagger as Theo’s palms sparked with Lightening while he directed them towards Vokan who landed on his feet.

Vokan smile and crossed his arms into a wakanda pattern as the huge lightening struck his hand while his eyes widened as the fierce lightening threw him backwards but finally landed on his feet.

Theo who needed no prodding smirked as he merged with the wind and dive towards Vokan who smiled in response as he shut his eyes closed, taking a deep breathe and flunged them open just before Theo’s punch could reach his face.

Vokan smiled as he stopped Theo’s punch in mid air and flunged him backwards while Theo twisted his body on the air and landed gracefully, but still not regaining his stance.

Vokan who couldn’t let Theo regain his stance dashed towards him and connected a punch towards his chest, resulting into a huge blast as his punch collided on Debini’s dagger which threw him backwards

“A god!!! Good!!!!!” Vokan yelled and charged towards Theo with a deadly aura

The seer ducked Harry’s axe and in motion, ducked James fist while she aimed her staff towards them, a bosom fire blasted them in one swing while James crashed on the ground but strangely, Harry stood his ground

“Impossible!” Seer of Argedon who seemed awe said ammoused.

“You forgot am a friend of fire huh!” Harry replied back in a mocking manner while both figures lurked round one another, by now, James was back on his feet already while he joined Harry as both figures made a team

“Interesting, seems I can’t defeat you two except……”

Seer of Argedon said and pouted her lips into a smile while she dashed towards them, both figures smirked in response as they also dived towards her while in motion, aimed their weapons towards her head

Harry and James gasped as the Seer strangely disappeared and reappeared behind them and just when the realization had Dawn on them that it was a diversion, they couldn’t do anything as the seer smiled and aimed her staff on their pressure points ( lower neck, abdomen and the shoulder) in one swing.

“Shit!!!! I can’t move, she tricked us!!” Harry yelled while they both stood numb, unable to move a single bone.

“It was the only way I could get to the both of you, I had to do so….. ”

Seer of Argedon said and grin while she lurked round both figures and finally stood before them, Harry and James breathe out heavily as they struggled hard to be set free

” You shouldn’t have come after me, now die!!” Seer of Argedon said and raised her staff up to the sky, creating a huge fire that burned round her staff while she slowly stretched it towards the two friends.

Meanwhile, a huge blast which brought down several trees of the realm occurred as Vokan and Theo clashed, resulting into a deep impact that threw them backwards

Theo who made to dash towards Vokan came to an halt as something tugged his mind while he swiftly turn his body towards James and Harry, by now, the fire from the dark Seer’s staff had almost gotten gain weights on them.

“Shit!” Theo cursed under his breathe and dived towards them as he raised his hand up to the sky, conjuring a huge mass of lightening and redirecting it towards the seer.

The dark seer who didn’t see the lightening coming was too late to do a single thing as the fierce lightening collided on her and brought her to her knees while her staff fell frets from her hand.

“Die bitch!!” Theo yelled as the pain that cursed under the Seer’s veins became immensed as burning ashes littered the sky while the seer disintegrated into orbits and turned into dust and almost immediately, James and Harry crashed on the ground while Theo’s lips moved a bit.

“Seriously, she’s just a woman!” Theo muttered

“Yeah, a woman old enough to spank your ass!”


Meanwhile, few moments after Theo had retreated from the fight against the god of hell, Vokan smirked as he approached Scott and I while he made to strike us when all of a sudden..

A slight light could be seen, shining brightly as a portal came in sight,a slight tear streamed down my face while Scott helped me up as my gaze collided on her

“Ly…. Lydia!!” I voiced out huskily as she emerged from the portal and stood before me while she slowly approached Vokan who was in the form of Jackson.

“What are you doing here girl?” Vokan asked in a mocking manner as Lydia stood before him, not showing any sight of fear after all that had displayed before her..

“Jack…. Jackson? Is that really you?” Lydia asked in a low tone while Jackson (Vokan) slowly approached her and in one swing, grapped her by the neck and sweep her off her feet

I felt a rush of hatred flow through me as I watched what happened but sadly, the immense pain I got from the weird line wasn’t helping things as I couldn’t move a single bone.

“You made a wrong mistake kid!” Vokan snapped at her and huffed while he tightened his grip on her, I could feel the hot tears that streamed down my face as I watched her chock..

“Stop Jackson, stop okay? I know everyone have always seen you as a bully but I don’t okay? I know why you always did that, you wanted to protect me, you couldn’t bear the sight of losing me after you lose your friend, I know all about it okay? I saw the look in your eyes that night Jackson, you didn’t wanna do this and that why you won’t!”

Lydia said in one breath while Jackson took slow steps backwards and finally let go of his hand on her as he clutch tight to his head, and for the first time in my life, I saw those looks that appeared on his eyes, a look of love and so much regret, he finally understood.

“Fight it man, you got this!” A figure which I had come to know as Harry yelled from the other side of the battle while Jackson only clutch tight to his head.


Jackson yelled in pains as his eyes glowed strangely, one red and the other normal and all of a sudden, a huge smoke came out of Jackson and landed on the ground with a slight thud while Lydia ran towards Jackson as she squatted low to him

“I got you brother! I got you!!” Lydia said in one breathe while she held firmly to her brother.

“I… I… I… I am sorry Lydia! For everything!!” Jackson said as tears began streaming down his face while he slowly dropped his head and fainted.

Suddenly, the dark sky sparked with lightening as the red smoke began merging with a demonic aura and soon, a bald head man clad in back ropes came in view as his deep black eyes rested on Scott and I and just in a blink of an eye, he dashed towards Lydia and grapped her by the neck once again while he slowly turned to face me

“No!!! Let go her! Let go of her you bitch!” I yelled with the little strength that was left in me as I watched how he ran his scary claws through her soft skin, I couldn’t do anything as the weird line on my arm stopped me from doing so.

“How pathetic, you’re so weak Liam, she freed me from that body and now I need to give her a gift…. ” Vokan said and…. And…. And…..


I screamed in anger while Vokan grin and somehow, I broke the powers that suppress me to my knees as I watched the scary sight of what displayed before me while I caught Lydia in one swing before she fell to her knees, her stomach was bleeding heavily as Vokan had earlier thrust his claws into her soft skin.

Tears streamed down my face while I cried in silence, everything that appeared before me seemed like a dream to me, too real to be true

“I…. I… I love you Liam, never forget that!” Lydia stammered and stopped breathing as she slowly dropped her head on my arms while I shook her to wake up but she was long gone.

“Why me? Why?? Wake up Lydia, please wake up!!!” I yelled in pains as I buried my head on her chest while Scott stood behind me and tapped me gently on my shoulders and then, that was it, it all happened.

I felt a rush of emotion Rush through my mind, making me shiver with hatred and love, a feeling I had never felt before while I felt that spark of energy that rushed through my mind as I slowly held my face high and stood still, not moving a single bone as I dived into an entirely different realm, I got everything now, I understood everything, I was gonna find my realm! he was gonna pay…….. For everything!…



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