LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 32





The fatal clash has occured, Diana’s neck has been snapped, she fainted, The seer is dead, What happens to Lobana now? Theo and his friends had intervene, What’s their role to play? Next Episode Commence…….



Flickering sounds sounded all around the realm, Silent reigned, Everywhere so silent as darkness creeped into the heart of the realm, not even a single soul could be found as every single Creature of the realm had joined the fight against the Creatures of hell.

Dread hummed with the darkness that creeped into the heart of the realm as the gate of the realm burned with green fire and soon, it fell on the ground with a loud thud, revealing Vokan who emerged behind the great gate of the realm as he pedaled down into the Hall of the realm.

A smile creeped towards his lips as he kept walking down the path that led to the hall of the realm and soon, he arrived at the realm, Vokan grinned as he pushed open the door and made his way in.

“At last, the Scarlet Gem is all mine!” Vokan said within gnashed teeths as he stood before a burning furnace, there, floating in the middle of the furnace was a green gem which radiated an unearthly aura, sweat trickled down Vokan face as he slowly plunged towards the furnace.

Vokan smiled as he arrived at the furnace and stood before it, hesitating for a little while as he shut his eyes closed, taking a deep breath as he breath out heavily and in a split moment, flunged his eyes open as he stretched out his arm towards the burning furnace.


Vokan yelled in pains as his hand made contact with the gem, the whole realm became darkened as lightening flashed through the sky, Vokan eyesballs glowed greenish as the ground quaked and trembled, Vokan wailed loud as the pain that cursed through his vein became immense and in a flash, he pulled out the gem from the furnace and held it firmly on his hand.

Suddenly, a huge wormhole appeared in the already dark sky, a huge aura radiated round Vokan, causing havoc in the sky as the storm brewed, lightening spark and a huge mass of lightening rained from the sky and struck the Earth, resulting to the imbalance of the earth as an explosion which shook the entire universe from it’s hinges occurred while the entire horizons became overwhelmed with a deadly aura.


Vokan yelled once more as the gem slowly disintegrated and spread through his body while scales of snakes appeared on his arm and spread through his body, a green fire burned round him as the scales continually spread through his entire body.

“At last, I have my body!!!”…..

⚒️⚒️⚒️RUMA’S COVEN⚒️⚒️🔨


Maybe it was just a blink of hope that spread through my brother and I as a smile creeped towards our lips while we took quick glances at each others at the mentioned of Ruma’s words.

“I thought you will never mention it, how do we get back to our form? What’s the cure to our problem?” I asked with a brighten expression, curiosity awaiting an answer while Ruma sat comfortably and smiled softly.

“There is no cure Liam, the problem is you Liam and only you can find the cure yourself!

Ruma explained and I felt a rush of hatred rushed through my mind as I frown my face and furrowed my eyebrows, one could know how angry I was at the response she gave me, indeed, she was crazy.

“Scott was right, you’re really crazy! How on Earth am I the problem?” I asked angrily while my eyes glowed for some seconds as if wanting to pop out of their sockets.

“The answer to your question lies within your arm Liam!” Ruma stated once again while I shrugged in bewilderment as I tilted my gaze all the way down to my arm, I gasped as my gaze collided on my arm while the green line glowed brightly on my arm.

“Wha… What’s happening to me?” I asked.

“That’s the problem Liam, though you got miraculously woken from the deadly poison but it didn’t healed you Liam, it altered your connection to Lobana thereby, altering your merging and sealing off Lobana!”

Ruma explained while I gulp the lump that hung my throat, I panicked as her fierce words seem like a spear that crush my heart as they continually Pierce through my ears.

“There’s gotta be something we can do right?”

Scott who has been silent the whole time yelled why I slowly tilted my head towards him and I felt a rush of fear run down my spine as I shivered in tremor, while Rokon’s words ran through my ears once again, we were running out of time.

“What’s the solution to me?” I manage to ask even though everything was really weird.

“The solution is simple Liam!”

“Which is?” I asked

“There’s a realm within you Liam, the same thing goes for you too Scott and for Lobana to be set free, you have to discover that realm Liam!”.

Ruma explained while I clutch tight to my ears, she was really crazier than I had expected, she kept speaking in puzzles which am afraid I don’t have the answer to them.

“What do you mean by that huh? What realm? Just give us the damn cure okay? We are running out of time already!” I yelled with anger as my veins sprouted out of my neck while Ruma giggled as my veins came in view, they showed vividly.

“Have it ever Dawn on you on how you got to know about Jackson been the host of Vokan even while you were asleep? Have you ever ask yourself what the dream you always seem to have for 18 years was and why you don’t always seem to remember it? Did you ever asked yourself that? Have you ever asked yourself what was behind the door which never burn while everything beside it burned to ashes, Tell me Liam, have you!”.

Ruma yelled back at me, more like an explanation while the entire anger that boil in me all died down, leaving me with only confused, something kept tugging my mind at the mentioned of her words, it has never ever occured to me what the dream meant and why I didn’t seem to remember it after waking up from my sleep.

“How did you….. ”

“Because am a dream priestess Liam, I saw Everything!, I have always been in your dream and monitoring you!!” Ruma explained while I felt a rush of emotion run through my body, going all the way down to my body and as crazy as it seem, I couldn’t help but ask

“Wha….. What was it always about? What did it mean? The dream!” I asked while Ruma heaved as she made to explain.

“You are one single soul of Lobana Liam, the Scarlet sword have an ability of it’s own, an ability to foresee events, you got to know about Jackson been the host of Vokan becausej something triggered your connection with the Scarlet sword, thereby, using it’s ability to foresee the event!” Ruma said and paused

“The dream you have always had is an entirely different realm on its own, a realm that’s within you and the only way for the seal of Lobana to be broken is, you have to find that realm and discover what it means!”

“How do we find the realm? We are running out of time!” Scott muttered while the Seer giggled.

“Am afraid this has nothing to do with you Scott, Liam has always been the one that dreamed about it and he has to be the one to discover it, you have no problem with the merge Scott but am afraid untill then, Lobana can’t be set free!”

Ruma explained while Scott and I heaved in frustration and just before we could speak, the sky became dark while lightening flashed severally, the groundj quaked while we struggled hard to regain our stances as the whole realm continued shaking.

“Omg! Something bad has happened, Vokan has laid his hands on the gem and no one can stop him now except Lobana, you have to hurry and leave this place!”j Ruma yelled

“The gem!!!” Scott and I both yelled at the same while still trying to regain our stances

“There’s no time for explainnations, Go!!!”

“But we can’t merged!” Scott and I yelled back in unison..

“Trust me. When the moment comes, you will!” Ruma added once again while she stretched her hand towards a direction as a portal appeared..


“Wait the orb!”

“Forget about the orb, I will take care of it, Now go, The whole world needs You! It needs Lobana!”…….


“I am Theo, descendant of the great dagger of Debini, who the hell are you?”

Theo asked and just before Rokon and Damon could answer his question, the already dark sky became even more darkened while a great mass of lightening struck the ground, creating a displacement as the ground quaked while every Creature struggled hard to gain their stances.

“What the hell was that?” Harry asked grimly, his face held confusion.

“There’s no power strong enough to create such a blast except….. ” Theo said and paused.

“Of course, the Scarlet Gem, he retrieved it, the world is in danger and we need to stop him!” Max who quickly pointed out Theo’s point said and almost immediately, a loud uproar could be heard from the Creatures of hell whose faces held with a smirk as they all began bouncing backwards.

“The signal, head back to the realm now!” A voice which seemed like it came from the creatures of hell filled the air while all Creatures of the hell grinned and bolted into a Portal. Leaving behind the creatures of hell and the other strange figures.

“You still haven’t told us who the heck you’re!!” Theo muttered while he ran his hand through his hair and sat on a branch that laid beside him while Max and Harry stood behind him.

“You gotta be kidding me, this isn’t the time for names and chat Okay? We need to stop him, we need to stop the god of hell!” Damon yelled at Theo who still kept a cool composure, not still leaving his position while he made to speak.

“The god of what now?” Theo replied in a mocking manner which seemed to Infuriat Rokon and the entire creatures of the realm as they all marched forward and circled round the three figures.

“Hell No, Trust me, you don’t wanna do that!” Harry said while Theo huffed, his hands not leaving his cool curly hair.

“Look, we came for the Seer okay, the god of hell or whatever you call ain’t our problem to deal with, you…… ”

“We will help you!” Theo who have been quiet the entire time finally stated as he slowly stirred on his feet while his hand came down from his hair for the first time while Max mouth was left widened.

“Wait what now? We….. ” Max who couldn’t finish his words slowly smiled as Theo flashed him a single glare.

“We will help you but on one condition only!” Theo said.

“Which is?”

“You have to leave the Seer to us, she’s ours to handle!” Theo said while Rokon and Damon slowly nodded, one could still know that they both held confused gazes as the Seer had died already.

“Then let’s get going then!” Rokon said as he smashed a substance on the ground and smiled, his smile soon turned to a frown as no portal came in sight.

“What’s happening? The barrier here seem to be blocking the portal, am afraid we can’t get outta here,we are stuck here!” Damon muttered sadly.

“Leave that to me!” Theo said as he turned towards a direction, the whole crowd gasped as Theo’s chest glowed brightly, forming the imprint of his Father’s dagger as a portal appeared.

“Let’s get going!!”

Meanwhile, all students of Brinkon school were still under the control of the dark seer but somehow strangely, just a few seconds after Theo and everyone had left, Lydia could be seen waking out of the class as she stood before the portal which was yet to be closed.

The strange blast had somehow affected her, breaking off the Seer’s control while she became free, Lydia heaved a sigh as she began walking towards the portal and bolted right into it while the portal closed up minutes after she went through it.

🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️THE REALM 🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️

Everywhere was still silent, an infiltrating aura which was beyond the understanding of mankind radiated round the realm as Vokan could be seen standing boldly before the great hall of the realm.

His lips creeped a smile as a portal appeared behind him, revealing his Creatures as they all emerged from the portal.

“All hail Lord Vokan!” They all yelled and rose to their feet after getting a sign from the god of hell whose aura was suppressing. Few moments after they had all rose to their feet, Vokan frown as another portal appeared before him, revealing Theo whose chest still glowed brightly as he emerged from the portal, coupled with creatures of the realm.

“Is this the god of hell?” Max asked in a mocking manner while Vokan furrowed his brows at the mentioned of his words.

“And who the hell are you?” Vokan voiced out angrily while Theo made to speak.

“Who we are doesn’t matter, where is the Seer?” Theo yelled and almost immediately, a rush of wind blew pass them, revealing the dark seer of Argedon who emerged from the wind, but much more powerful than before as her staff glowedt brightly.

“You still found me after the year, it seems I can’t hide away from you now!” The seer said and grin while Theo’s lips creeped a smile.

“You are mine!” Theo said and smile while Max and Harry ran at inhuman speed and dashed towards the Seer who smiled as she also dived towards them, Creating a huge impact as they all clashed.

“Fangs out, claws at alert, Attack!!!!!” Damon yelled while the creatures of the realm roared as they dived towards the entire army of Vokan and clashed.

“You’re mine!” Rokon yelled and dashed towards the auraed god who strangely stood his ground as Rokon leap towards him, Vokan smiled as Rokon’s fist landed on his chest, a cracked sound filled the air as Vokan connected a punch towards his ribcage which send him flying backwards and crashed on the ground while Vokan still stood his ground, hardly getting fazed from the hit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Rokon who felt his Ribs broken at the impact of the punch yelled as he clutch tight to his ribs while the pain that racked through his body, cursed through his veins while he stood still, not moving a single bone.

“Am gonna kill you!” Damon who witnessed the brutal battle yelled as he dashed towards Vokan whose aura was captivating, Vokan smiled and ducked Damon’s punch, grapping him by the neck and in one swing, smashed his head on a metal Rod, causing him to crash on the ground as his blood dripped and spilled all over the metal rod.

“You should have escaped when you had the chance, now watch as you die!” Vokan muttered smirkenly as he grapped Damon by the neck and aimed his claws at his head, suddenly, a huge mass of lightening rained from the sky and struck Vokan, causing him to flew backwards and skillfully landed on his feet.

“The god of hell huh? You don’t settle a fight with the weak ones, you fight with a god!” Theo who hasn’t interfere in the fight the entire time roared with so much confidence as his eyes sparked with lightening, his chest glowed while he took off his shirt and tossed it over ground while he gradually took slow steps towards Vokan.

“Stop!!” A voice etched with vemom ranged out behind Theo, causing him to halt as he swiftly turned his body while his gaze collided on Liam and Scott who slowly emerged from a portal as they approached Theo.

“I don’t know who you’re but step back, he’s ours!” Liam and Scott said in unison as they plunged towards Vokan who smiled in response.

“He’s all yours!” Theo muttered and stepped backwards.

“This is so gonna be fun!” Vokan(Jackson) said as he also plunged towards the two brothers.

“Oh yeah!”

Both brothers said in unison as they dashed towards Vokan who also approached them with insane speed, the ground quaked as the constant thuds of both teams filled the air while both teams kept runnig towards each others at insane speed while they tapped the ground which gave them a projectile force as they leap towards one another with claws that aimed for the heart of each others.


Both brothers yelled as both teams clashed……




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