LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 31






Lydia is worried sick, Liam and Scott have encountered the dream Witch, how’s Liam the problem? Vokan plans to attack immediately, The world is in chaos and the Next Episode Commence……


☔☔☔☔DAY 2☂️☂️☂️


Everywhere so peaceful, silent echoes littered all around, drop of rains filled the realm, The atmosphere looked grim as a huge beautiful house came in view while it seemed like they were all celebrating something as several voices filled the air

Inside the building, three figures could be seen as their faces came in view, they all chatted nicely when all of a sudden, the sky turned dark while lightening flashed causing them all to be alert as they all rose to their feet

The ground quaked and rumbled while the frightening sounds of lightening sounded all around, suddenly, the sky sparked and created something like a wormhole up in the atmosphere, a huge mass of green lightening struck the entire place creating an explosion that shook the whole universe from it hinges, resulting to electricity blackouts and the rise of oceans while the three figures struggled to gain their stances as the whole building had nearly been razed to the ground.

“What the hell was that?” A deep grutttaral voice asked while the rest nodded their heads negatively and just almost immediately, a rush of wind blew pass them as a Portal appeared, revealing a man who emerged from the portal as he was clad in red ropes and wore a Golden crown.

“Who are you?” One of the three figures asked.

“Who I am Is not important, it’s what beholds your world that matters!” The strange man replied while the three figures held confused gazes.

“What do you mean by that!” Another figure asked.

“A threat is about to be risen, destruction is about to be proclaim in your world and the entire universe, this lightening is the least of what would happen, the world as we all know it will come to an end if the god of hell lays his hand on the Scarlet gem except you stop him!” The strange man explained while the tension around them seized and raised higher.

“And what if we don’t?” The first figure asked

“That’s your decision to make!” The strange man replied and disappeared into tiny obits leaving behind the three figures who held confused gazes.

“What do we do now, we promised never to be involved in the Supernatural realm again, what do we do now huh?” The third figure asked.

“We do nothing, we made a promise and we shall keep to it, we aren’t gonna get involve, I don’t wanna lose you all…. “…


It had all began, Everything so different, here in the real World, a new Dawn had began as all students of Dylan college could be seen walking briskly towards the school environments, all heading towards their various classes.

The whole environments seem to be laced with deadly auras of deadly creatures but none seem to notice it, maybe because they were just humans. Maybe it was just a concidence or the fact was just basically that, the world was already in disarrayed and no one could save it.

The school bell ranged several while all students plunged towards their various classes, Lydia could be seen sitting sadly on her sit as she stared grimly at the empty sits of Liam and Scott, her brother was also absent as well.

Mrs Shania walked into their class and made to teach but halted when all of a sudden, Everywhere became darkened as the sky itself became dark, ferocious lightening sounded all around the school while a huge mass of lightening struck the school grounds, not once or twice but repeatedly.

The whole school trembled with fear as the tension around them raised higher, a huge ball of lightening struck Lydia’s class, throwing Mrs Shania away as she flew backwards and crashed weakly on the ground with her eyes shut close while the students panicked at the sight of what just happened.

Several portals magically came in view, revealing the creatures of hell who emerged from the portal that seem never ending, another huge mass of lightening struck the ground, shooking the entire school to it’s hinges as an explosion occurred while crumbles of dust rose up and defiled the law of gravity.

The whole school became dead silent as not even a single sound could be heard, Everyone became numb and stood still with widened eyes, all seemed to be under the control (compulsion) of someone while a huge barrier which appeared in the form of a circle occupied the entire school.

“Perfect, Everything is going according to as plan, Everyone is under my control!”

A voice which seem to boom from the four corners of the school filled the air as a huge Portal appeared before the class, revealing the dark Seer and Diana who emerged from the Portal with devilish smirks.

“Hmmmmmm, scents so delicious, what do we do with them now?” Diana asked the Seer as she brought out her tongue and licked her lips while she pedaled down the controlled students and ran her hand through their soft skins and necks.

“Enough, Don’t you dare do anything to them yet, I have a plan for them!” The Seer stated.

“And what plan is that if I may ask?” Diana asked in a mocking manner, standing akimbo with folded arms while her eyes kept glowing reddish.

“That is my secret to keep but right now, we await the presence of the protectors of the Realm!” The seer replied.

“Am afraid I ain’t got enough time for that, am hungry, how about I feed on this human!” Diana said smirkenly while she touched a figure’s neck and bent it’s neck to feed on her.

“Don’t you dare!” The Seer yelled at Diana who seemed alarmed.

” Don’t you dare order me around, am not your slave okay? I belong to Vokan so don’t ever try crossing my path!” Diana yelled back at the Seer with written venom as it showed vividly on her face.

“Just because you belong to Vokan shouldn’t make you cross your limits, trust me, you don’t stand a chance against me!” The Seer elucidated while Diana smirked as both figures stood just an inch away from each others, each breathing under each others noses.

The heat around them got extended as the tension around became overwhelmed and just almost when they were about getting into each other’s noses, a blue light could be seen Shining brightly from the other side of the class, revealing Damon and Rokon, together with the Creatures of the realm as they all emerged from the portal.

“Finally, They are here!!!!”

☂️☂️☂️RUMA’S COVEN☂️☂️☂️

“Ritual? What do you mean by ritual?” Liam and Scott asked in unison while the Seer heaved a sigh before speaking

“Am afraid, the Seer has made her move already, she has taken control of the entire students of Dylan college together with the creatures of hell, am afraid the creatures of the realm won’t be able to stop them alone this time around unless a miracle happens!”

Ruma explained, leaving the two brothers who were lost in deep thoughts as they couldn’t fathom what to do next, they were at a fatal disadvantage.

“Wait, how did you know about this?” Liam asked while Scott also nodded at him. Ruma waved a sad sigh as she sat on her chair while she began explaining.

“Don’t forget am a priestess okay? We priestesses have a connection with one another, no matter how far we are from each other, we have the ability to see through each other’s eyes and see what’s going on and that’s how am able to know what the Seer has planned!”

Ruma explained once again, leaving the two brothers dumbstruck as several questions seemed to be crossing through their minds.

“We have to stopped her, we have to fucken stop her!” Liam yelled while Ruma giggled slightly as if finding anything funny in what he said.

“Did you not hear what I said or are you that dumb enough?” Ruma asked with a masked expression while Liam and Scott kept mute unable to decipher what she was getting at.

“The Seer of Argedon is a powerful priestess who wields the power of dark magic, right now am afraid with your Current position, you won’t be able to stop her unless a miracle Happens!”

Ruma explained once again while Liam clutch tight to his head, not believing what he had just heard from Ruma, she was making everything definitely hard for them.

“We can’t just wait around expecting that miracle to happen okay? There has got to be something we can do to help!” Scott yelled while Ruma shut her eyes closed as she breathe in the natural air that flow round her.

“There’s something we could do in order to defeat the Seer but am afraid it’s gonna be really hard!” Ruma said and paused.

“The Seer of Argedon has gotten so much powerful over the last few months, Every priestess has a magical orb that bound us to our powers and life force, We can only lose our life’s if only this orb is destroyed but unlike the Seer of Argedon!”

“The Seer of Argedon found a way to break the connection between the orb and her life force, she has two forms, each weak and powerful respectively, if we want to free the students of Dylan college from her compulsion, we have to destroy her orb, it’s the only way” Ruma explained

“And where would this orb possibly be?” Liam asked after absorbing the previous explainnations of Ruma.

“Leave that to me, right now, let’s focus on how to cure you!”…..


Silent reign, Lightening flashed, the sky darkened, Snaring sounded all around as the two different teams could be seen standing just inside the Wall of Dylan College, Damon and Rokon who happened to be standing at the front line of the creatures of the realm heaved a sigh of hope as the two teams brawled against each others.

“What brings you here? You shouldn’t have come here, you won’t be able to survive this battle this time around!” Seer of Argedon elucidated and smirked.

“It seems you are the great Seer of Argedon, have heard a lot about you!” Damon replied with great bravery while the Seer smirked.

“Then you should know I disperse men a lot, there’s no room for you today, you will all perish!” The Seer Roared.

“Diana! This is not who you are, Fight it!” Rokon who sighted Diana admits the crowd yelled while Diana smirked in response without uttering a single word.

“You shall all meet your doom today!” The Seer said and grinned.

“Seems you all came prepared!” Damon asked

“Oh yeah…….. ATTACK!!!”

Seer for Argedon roared within gnashed teeths while a loud uproar could be heard as the creatures of the realm and the creatures of hell cheered and dived towards each others, a piercing scream filled the air as the two teams clashed.

Damon ran at insane speed as he leap towards the Seer with claws that aimed for her head, the seer smiled and disappeared while she mysteriously reappeared behind Damon and threw a wave of fire at him just before he could reach the ground, Damon yelled in pains as the fire collided on him while he crashed weakly on the ground.

Diana smiled as she dashed towards the creatures of the realm and continuously ripped out their heads, a rush of wind blew pass her causing her to yell as Rokon grapped her by the neck and flunged towards a wall.

Diana smirked as she stirred on her feet and dived towards Rokon who smiled as she approached him, dodging her punch while he grapped her by her waist and pinned her on the ground.

“Listen to me Diana, Remember, Remember your Son Liam, Scott, remember your family Diana!” Rokon yelled while Diana clutch tights to her head as tears began streaming down her face.

“That’s it!!, fight it!!!” Rokon added while Diana eyes glowed Reddish as she escaped from his grip and connected a punch to his face but just before the punch could hit Rokon’s face, he guided the punch with his elbows as the punch collided on his elbows.

“Don’t make me do this Diana!” Rokon yelled as Diana approached him and initiated a kick at him, Rokon smiled as he tapped his feet on the ground and did a front flip, dodging Diana’s kick while he spun his body on the air and landed gracefully behind Diana’s back and in motion snapped her neck while she fainted.

Rokon smiled as he carried her in a bridal style and moved her to a more secure area, dropping her on a soft spot while he dashed towards the fierce battle and joined Damon.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Damon yelled as he got struck by the Seer’s fierce fire while he crashed weakly on the ground and crawled backwards.

“Do you really think you could defeat me?” Seer of Argedon asked in a mocking manner while she howered above the weak Damon.

The Seer halted as a rush of wind blew pass her, revealing Rokon who ran at inhuman speed and dashed towards her while he initiated a punch towards her, the Seer smiled and ducked his punch while she controlled fire Element and formed a fireball which she directed towards Rokon who looked amazed as his lips moved a bit.

“Holy Molly!!”

The battle was yet to be over, loud screams of both teams filled the air while burning ashes littered the ground, the sounds of the sherriffs cars sounded all around the Walls of Dylan college as several cars drove through the street and parked just outside the wall of the great school while Mr Dunbar and several other figures alighted from their various cars.

“WHAT THE!!! What in the name of heaven is this?” Mr Dunbar asked with a shock expression as he pointed towards the huge barrier that covered the entire horizons, prohibiting them from entering the schools.

It was a good thing that the school was located in the outskirts of Brinkon City thereby, not everyone could see the huge barrier except the sherriffs who seemed to have surrounded the whole placed.

“How do we get through this thing?” A figure asked as they couldn’t get through the huge barrier and neither could they see what seemed to be going on in the School.

Meanwhile, inside the Walls of Dylan college, Vokan was no where to be seen all through the fight while Damon and Rokon could be seen laying weakly on the ground as blood gushed out from their mouths.

It was evident that they were losing the battle as the creatures of hell seemed countless and kept trooping into the school, Seer of Argedon smirked while her staff trembled as she howered above thw two figures who wailed on the ground.

“Where’s Vokan? Did he get too scared that he had to run away?” Damon asked mockingly while the Seer smiled softly.

“Did you really think Vokan would waste this precious opportunity just to come and brawl with you?”

“You are really dumb than I thought, Leaving behind the realm completely defenseless just to come and save this world, it’s a good thing Vokan had it all planned along! He created a diversion and lured you out of the realm so he could have it all to himself!!” The Seer explained.

“What do you mean?” Rokon asked weakly as he laid in the ground.

“Have it ever Dawn on you that Vokan has no body of his own? Why he has always needed a vessel in order to be raised? Have you ever thought for once that he might have gotten tired of that?” The seer said.

“Don’t tell me he….. ”

“Yes, Vokan wants his body back, a real body, by now he has gotten to the realm and has retrieved the Scarlet gem which will provide him with a permanent body once Jackson is freed from his compulsion and not even Lobana can stop him this time around!”

The Seer explained more while the two duos eyes widened at her explanations, unable to decipher what to do next as they just stood numb.

“Enough of the explanations, it’s time you all perished!”

The seer elucidated and raised her staff high to the dark sky, creating a huge fire that burned round the staff while she slowly pointed it towards the two duos and grinned as she made to strike them when all of a sudden.


The Seer roared as the sky became more darkened, crumbles of dust rose up and cleared everything in it’s path as it defiled the law of gravity, the ground quaked and lightening flashed through the sky as a huge mass of lightening rained from the sky and struck the seer, causing everyone to gasp and retreated all their weapons as they watched the unbelievable, the seer screamed louder as the pain which racked through her body became overwhelmed and immense while burning ashes filled the sky as her body burned and turned the dust.

The whole crowd gasped as the dust cleared off to reveal three figures who plunged towards the battle Field with an eternal aura, one of the figure’s chest had the pattern of a glowing dagger as his eyes glowed reddish while he radiated an unearthly aura, Damon and Rokon gulp the lump that hunged their throats as they stirred on their feet and stared at the huge ground that the lightening had struck, the ground emitted smoke while a deep hole was impaled on the ground.

“OMG!!! Who…….. Are…….. You?” Damon and Rokon asked in unison while one of the other figures made to speak.

“I am Theo, descendant of the great dagger of Debini, Who the hell are you?”…..



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