LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 30






“Li…… Liam!”…..

Mrs Dunbar’s memory is back for good and she’s also a Supernatural once again, Vokan plans to attack in 2 days, Liam and Scott got into a fight with him and unfurtunately for them, they ended up been beaten by Vokan while there also seem to be a problem that alters their merge into becoming Lobana, During all this, Lydia has also found out about their hidden secret and now, The Next Episode Commence ………




It has all began, my fears were coming to reality, I always had hidden fears where they would be a threat and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, it was all happening, Everywhere was still dark, lightening flashed through the sky and the thunder roared as everything became even darker while the rain seized and stopped raining.

“Wha…… What just happened, are we dead?”

I thought as I cried in silence, everything that just unfolded before me seems like a dream to me, too real to be true, my fears were beginning to come to reality, Vokan has been freed and is to attack our world soon enough and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, not even us, not even Lobana.

The thought of seeing the end of my world beclouded my mind and overwhelmed my thoughts and I couldn’t help but reveal the tears that began streaming down my face while I bored my face to the ground with shame.

“Hey, its okay! It’s not your fault and neither is it ours, stop crying already!!” I slowly raised my head up as Scott voiced ranged out behind me, I nearly forgot all about his presence.

“I can’t Scott, I….. I…… I…. I just can’t okay!” I said in a low whisper as I bored my head to the ground again, I heaved a sigh as the weird line on my arm glowed greenish while the pain that flow down my core wasn’t helping things either, something was definitely wrong somewhere.

“Who…. Who’s there?” I heard Scott asked as he felt a presence in the room while he slowly rose to his feet. I tried stirring on my feet but couldn’t as I ended up falling to the ground again while the pain I felt in my ribs racked through my weak bones, for a reason, I found it weird, I wasn’t healing while Scott was entirely healed already.

“Hey, I got you!” Scott muttered and beamed a smile at me, giving me a hand while I slowly stirred on my feet as we both advanced towards the door that led to the dark passage.

The sound of the school bell diverted our attention as students began trooping out of their various classes, School was finally over, I breathe in heavily as I sighted Lydia approaching me, she look pale and sour as if been on a sickbay for a longtime.

“Hey, are…. Are you okay?” I asked as she finally got closed to me while she nodded her head in response.

“Am…. Am.. am late already alright? Am gonna head home first!” She said and excused herself just before I could stop her, leaving me completely lost in thoughts as I watched her leave, something was definitely off with her.

“Let’s head home first Liam!” Scott said and I nodded as we made our way through the crowd while I leaned on Scott for support.

It was night already, we had gotten home earlier than expected and met an empty home as no soul could be seen at home, the sounds of birds chirping sounded all around the building while the gloomy sky reign above the atmosphere.

The sudden creak of the door diverted our attentions as the door suddenly burst open, revealing my Dad who barge through the door and approached us.

“Where’s your Mom?” Dad asked while I swallowed the lump that hung my throat as I got really hit by his question, my face went completely pale as if losing my cool demeanor.

“She went out Dad, she got called by the company she had offered for and had to go since it was urgent!” Scott who quickly thought of a lie said grimly while my Dad nodded.

“That’s nice to hear boys but am afraid you guys are gonna survive the night by yourself, I have some business to take care of!” Dad said and we slowly nodded while we watched Dad leave and soon, he was out of sight as the hums of his car ranted the air.

“What’s next now that we have taken care of Dad Liam?” Scott asked after some seconds ticked while I slowly tilted my gaze to meet his.

” Let’s head to the realm, we need to find out what happened to Lobana and we need to it……. Now!”…

⛩️⛩️⛩️JACKSON’S ABODE ⛩️⛩️⛩️

Yes, Sweats dripping, waters rising, silent looms, sadness reign, all this feelings sounded all around the home of Mr and Mrs Melf as Lydia could be seen laying weakly on her bed while several drops of sweats dripped from her face due to the impact of the red candles and chandeliers that flickered round her room.

As expected, Lydia found it really hard to get some sleep as all that seemed to be on her mind was what she had witnessed earlier at the school, she had also pretended to be sick and left early so as to avoid Liam and his brother, not wanting to do anything with them for the meantime.

“Why?” Lydia thought sadly as she slowly rose and sat on her bed. The sounds of approaching footsteps diverted her attention as she squinted her eyes somewhat sternly and tilted her gaze all the way to her door and began walking towards it.

The door slowly opened while she took a quick peep and then began walking out of the door, taking slow steps forward as she walked down the huge hall which was fully illuminated with chandeliers, Lydia halted as she felt a presence behind her while she swiftly spun her body and faltered with fear as her gaze Collided on Jackson who stared eyed daggered at her.

“What are you doing here, it’s late already!” Jackson asked as he took slow steps towards her while she began crawling backwards in fear.

“I….. I…. I… I just wanted to take a walk, am heading back now!” Lydia responded and made her way back to her room, leaving behind Jackson whose face held a smirk as he turned and bolted into a portal.

🌾🌾🌾THE REALM 🌾🌾🌾

The storm brewed, lightening flashed, the night sky glowed dimly while screeching sounds sounded all around, Damon and Rokon slowly rose to their feet as a portal appeared before them, revealing both brothers who emerged from the portal with serious gazes.

“About time!” Damon muttered as the two brothers approached them and sat on the huge chair that laid before them.

“What happened?” Rokon who noticed the mood swings in Liam and Scott asked, curiously awaiting an answer.

“We fought with Jackson, we thought we would get a location of our Mom and free her but… But…. ”

“He was really strong, even at his lowest rate of powers, we still couldn’t defeat him, we tried merging but it…. it didn’t work, am afraid, we can’t merged anymore!!!”

Scott explained while the two duos eyes widened at his explanations, each Creature breathing heavily as Rokon angrily punched the table below him while it broke and splitted into two.

“I thought I made myself clear not to do anything stupid!” Rokon yelled

“We couldn’t just stand by and do nothing okay?” Liam yelled back at him

“And where did that get you huh? Fighting Vokan single handedly is a dead end, we still won’t be able to defeat him even if we join forces together, he’s the god of hell, the god of destruction whose powers are now bined with the one of a wendigo and the only way to defeat him which happens to be Lobana is gone!!!”

Rokon yelled angrily, dark veins sprouted out of his neck as they spread through his body while his eyes took a red shade. The tension got higher as the hall radiated a large amount of radiating auras of all creatures.

“Vokan is gonna attack tomorrow and we need to stop him, isn’t there any solution to us?” Liam asked

“Actually, there is!” Damon replied while all eyes trailed on him.

“Don’t you dare tell me it’s….. ”

“Ruma!” Damon said, cutting off Scott who hummed in anger.

“Damn!! She’s crazy okay? There’s no way am heading back there!” Scott yelled

“She’s the only one who can help us Scott, we have no other option!” Liam said while Damon nodded.

“Okay fine, let’s get going already, we are running out of time!”

Scott elucidated and spranged on his feet while Liam repeated the Same act, a blue portal appeared behind them while the two brothers heaved and plunged toward it.

“And remember, the time in there is slower than that of our world, you have to hurry!” Damon explained while both brothers nodded and dived towards the portal which in turn closed up.

🛠️🛠️🛠️RUMA’S COVEN🛠️🛠️🛠️

The grumpy snarings of several weird animals sounded all round the realm, several trees came in view as well gloomy bushes while a portal appeared on the other side of a weird realm, revealing the two brothers as they emerged from the portal and began waking towards Ruma’s coven at once.

Sure enough, the ground quaked while the two brothers came to an halt as a bright light shown on the ground, revealing the circular patterns that came in view as it revealed the several glowing colours that littered the ground.

“What the!! We ain’t got time for….. ” Scott who couldn’t finish his words paused as the circular patterns slowly disappeared while Ruma’s coven magically came in view.

“Wow!!!” Liam muttered ammoused with widen eyes while Scott huffed.

“Believe me, you don’t wanna do that, she’s crazy!” Scott said.

“Don’t just stand there, you ain’t got much time!” A voice which seem to boom from the four corners of the realm filled the air as both brothers plunged towards Ruma’s coven and soon, they arrived at the coven.

“The solution you seek to your problem is within you!” Ruma voiced out moments after the two duos stepped their feets into the coven while Liam wored an unexpressionless face

“Told you she was crazy!” Scott cursed under his breath as the two brothers took their sits.

“How did you know about what we have come to seek for?” Liam asked

“I am Ruma, I know the secrets of gods, I know everything!” Ruma replied while she turned to face them. She was said to be an ancient Witch who had lived long enough but still, her beautiful skin was yet to fade away.

“Then I won’t waste time in asking, what’s the solution to our problem?” Liam asked.

“You! You’re the cause of the problem Liam!” Ruma replied as she pointed her soft Fingers toward Liam whose eyes had almost budge out of their sockets.

“Me!! You’re crazy!”

Liam muttered while Ruma spared him a glance, her lips moved a bit as if wanting to speak but paused, staring at empty space as if going through a deja Vu

“You’re too late, The ritual has began!!!!”…..


The dark coven radiated an unearthly aura, so strong that it caused havoc in the sky as the storm brewed, Inside the coven, Vokan could be seen standing on an ancient altar of the Seer as he radiated an infiltrating aura.

Diana who was under the control of Vokan was clad in a black regalia while her eyes glowed red, her lips were laced with black colours while her hair fell freely on her shoulders.

Meanwhile, on the other side of her, the Seer could be seen also clad in a black regalia while she held firmly to her staff whose aura was also intimidating, her lips were laced red while her void face came in a clearer view.


Vokan yelled as his body burned in an enternal flame, green veins sprouted out of his neck while the sky became darkened, the ground quaked and reverberated as a green fire burned round the altar, the ground splitted and lava erupted out from it as several demons of Hell rose and erupted from the depths of the Earth.

Soon, the whole coven was occupied and filled with deadly creatures that lurked round one another, all staring at Vokan whose eyes glowed greenish as if waiting for an order

“We have been kept in the dark for too long, We have come to an understanding, we don’t need to control the realm alone, we shall control the world of Humans”

“Follow the seer and head towards the Human realm, destroy everything in your path…… Kill THEM All!!!!!!”…..



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