LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 29



☂️☂️☂️ REVEALED SECRET☂️☂️☂️


“To kill that son of a bitch, he took Mom and am gonna kill him…… For good!!!”…..

Vokan has taken Mrs Dunbar after Killing her and feeding his blood to her, Liam and Co arrives too late and now, Scott wants to kill Jackson, Next Episode Commence……


“What? You must be out of your fucking mind Scott!” Liam yelled at Scott after hearing his words as they seem to Pierce his ears fiercely.

“Don’t tell me that okay? So what am I supposed to do huh? Sit around and wait for him to come back with Mom? Over my dead ass am I gonna save him, am gonna kill him for good and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” Scott fired at Liam

“Come on then!” Liam fired back at Scott as they plunged towards each other while they stood just an inch away from each others, breathing heavily under each others faces.

“Enough!!” Rokon who hasn’t said a single word since they arrived yelled, breaking off the weirdness that ensured between them as he stood and faced them.

“This isn’t the time to be fighting around okay? Who knows what he plans to do with your Mom? We need to think this through before making any rash decisions!” Rokon added while Damon nodded as the two brothers crawled backwards and collapse on the couch.

“So….. What do we do now huh?” Scott asked

“I don’t know man, we have to think this through, the plan still remains the same okay, we need to save Jackson and eliminate Vokan for good this time around!” Liam replied while Scott nodded in response to his explainnations

“What do we tell Dad huh?” Scott asked again

“I don’t know man, we will sort it out, right now we need to relax and plan this out tomorrow okay?” Liam said while Everyone acknowledged his words

“Then we will take our leaves and plans this out tomorrow!” Damon said, smashing a substance on the ground as it created a portal while they both walked towards the portal and halted Midway as they swiftly turned to face Liam and Scott.

“And remember, do not do anything stupid!” Damon added while they both nodded and in a swing move, they dived towards the opened portal which in turn closed off.

Moments after Damon and Rokon had left, leaving just the two brothers who laid on the couch as a deep silence ensured between them, none uttering a word as their mind seem to drift towards their Mom and what Jackson would do to her.

“She’s gonna be okay Scott, she will!” Liam said, breaking the awkward silence that ensured between them while Scott slowly tilted his gaze towards him

“Okay Liam, I hope she does, she better!”…….

Meanwhile, deep deep in the depths of the woods laid the seer coven, a place where no mortal could see through, darkness creeped into the coven as the Seer could be seen mixing some darkly potions which puffed out weird smokes.

Suddenly, the ground quaked, radiating a deadly aura as a portal appeared, revealing Vokan who emerged out of the portal with glistening Powers while he held Mrs Dunbar in a bridal style as he plunged towards a direction

“My Lord, who’s she?” Seer of Argedon asked as Vokan placed Diana on a soft spot on the rock while he ran his hand through her cheeks

“She’s Diana, the most vital part of my plan!” Vokan replied her with an auraed voice while the Seer seemed to not understand a thing as she bored a confused look

“Am afraid I can’t comprehend your words my Lord, how come she’s the most vital part of the plan, she’s just a human!”

The Seer elucidated and almost immediately, a sudden gasped filled the coven as Diana flunged her eyes open while dark veins sprouted out of neck and spread through her entire body, her face was as white as snow while her eyes glowed red, way too deep than usual.

“Human you say!” Vokan replied the seer in a mocking manner while he walked towards a direction and brought out a contain which seemed like blood and moved towards Mrs Dunbar.

“I…. I… I remember! I remember!!” Diana yelled under her breath as tears began streaming down her face while she slowly raised her head high, she seemed rejuvenated as all memories of her dark past began rushing through her mind once again.

“Get away from me you monster!” She yelled as Vokan approached her with a bloody bag and sat on the rock while he placed the bag on the rock.

“Come on, help yourself out, don’t fight it!” Vokan battered, looking up at her briskly with a smile while Diana yelled as if fighting the urge for blood, the feelings surpassed her strength and in a blur movement, Diana grapped the bloody bag harshly and drained the entire blood in it while the rest slowly dripped from her mouth

“There you go!” Vokan complemented her while he stretched his hand towards her neck, Diana made to stop him but couldn’t as Vokan glared at her, he seemed to be controlling or some sort as Diana only stood still, unable to decipher what to do next while Vokan smiled as he rose to his feet and turned to face the seer whose gaze remained on Diana in awe.

“You need your strength, get ready, we attack in 2 days!!”…..

☔☔☔NEXT DAY ☔☔

It was a new day, the sky was blue and a little darkened as crumbles of lightening sounds sounded all around, it seemed like it was gonna rain a stye storm brewed, a huge aura which radiated huge current was revealed as lightening flashed, slowly dropping it tears.

A huge bus could be seen entering the school, splashing water on the metal gate as it finally came to an halt after fully parked, Liam and Scott alighted from the bus and stood before the school, breathing in the air and then began moving after some seconds ticked.

“Are you sure it’s gonna work!” Scott asked Liam as the two duos walked down the crowded passage

“I don’t know Scott, I just hope it does, we have got just one chance!” Liam replied almost immediately as they entered the class

“She’s coming!” Scott said while Liam followed his gaze towards a direction, he shrinked as he sighted Lydia who approached him with a widened smile and finally mouthe a kiss to him after getting close to him.

“You’re awake, am so happy for us Liam!” Lydia chipped happily while Liam faked a smile, not wanting to bring down her hopes for them.

“Just woke up yesterday, by the way, where’s your brother, I Haven’t seen him all day round!” Liam asked grimly

“Err, he’s coming Liam, why are you asking anyways?, I didn’t remember you guys having a nice relationship!”

Lydia said and almost immediately, the door burst open, revealing Jackson who emerged from it with a smirk plastered across his face, he halted as he sighted the two brothers, grinning evilly at them before finally walking towards his sit.

“Okay class, let’s get started!” Mrs Shania voice ranged through the air while all students plunged toward their sit as the class began.

School was almost over, the hall was dark but slightly illuminated by single flickering of the school lights from a corner, while the rest of the students were in their various classes except Jackson who could be seen as he walked towards a particular room, the ground quaked and the slights thuds of his feet roamed the room as Jackson continually advanced towards the strange room.

“Just as I suspected, What took you so long?” Jackson asked nobody in particular as he swiftly turned and grinned as his gaze collided on two other figures whose breath filled the air.

“Where’s our Mom? What did you do to her?” Scott roared with venom etched in his voice while Jackson smiled, flickering his hands as they emited dark plasma smokes

“Oh, don’t worry about her Scott, you will get to see her soon!” Jackson muttered and Liam huffed, balling his fist as slight cracks of bones illuminated the room.

“Wrong answer!”

Liam muttered and raised his head up and in a flash, he ran towards Jackson at index speed, tapping his foot on the ground which created a projectile force that Made him to leap towards Jackson with deadly claws that aimed for his head.

Jackson on the other hand strangely stood his ground, his fist tightened and his eyes brows furrowed and just almost when Liam descended on him, Jackson smiled and dodged his claws, connecting a bone breaking Punch towards Liam ribcage just almost when he had reached the ground, causing him to fly backwards and rolled on the floor.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Liam who felt his ribs broken at the impact of the punch yelled as he clutch tight to his ribcage, blood dripped from his lips as he wailed louder.

“You shouldn’t have done that Liam, how about I give you once last chance, take your brother and leave!” Jackson said in a mocking manner.

“You shouldn’t have done that!”

Scott who was fully rejuvenated roared with written venom as he leap towards Jackson, spunning his body in the air and while in motion, evaded a kick towards Jackson, Jackson grinned as he ducked the kick, grapping the stretched out leg and flunged it towards the hard Wall.

The wall had a crack as Scott collided on it while blood oozed out from his mouth but that didn’t hold him for long as he stirred on his feet, balling his fist and made a low grouting sound as he dashed towards Jackson.

“You never learn do you?” Jackson muttered as Scott’s fist made contact with his skin, Jackson smirked as Scott’s hands fazed through his body and came out of the other side while he stood still.
Jackson smiled as he grapped Scott’s hands and moulted a fist towards his jaw, gushing out blood as he crashed on the ground.

Liam who couldn’t stand the sight of what just happened slowly stirred on his feet, moving one step away with his narrowed gaze on Jackson. Liam gasped as Jackson strangely appeared before him, gripping him by his lower waist as he lifted him up and just before he could land, Jackson connected a punch to his jaw which send him flying backwards but while in air, Liam twisted his body and landed gracefully but still had difficulties in regaining his stance.

Liam smiled as Scott rose to his feet and stood beside him, both brothers smiled as they nodded and in a flash, they dived at Jackson with inhuman speed, leaping towards him and while in air, evaded a kick towards him at the same moment, Jackson smiled as he ducked their kicks and moved at insane speed, the air cracked and the tension around them seized and raised higher as blood could be seen gushing out from both brother mouths due to the impact of several punches that had landed on them.

Jackson came in view as both brothers crashed weakly on the ground, it was evident that Jackson had the upper hand while they both laid at a disadvantage, Jackson smiled as he approached them while both brothers crawled backwards with fright and stop as they took quick glances at each other, both nodding as they slowly rose in their feet.

“Let’s do this!” Liam yelled as both figures clasp their hand together in an attempt to merged but nothing happened.

“Oh, I knew you would do that, did something went wrong?” Jackson said in a mocking manner which seem to Infuriat both brothers as they took off their shirts and tossed it on the ground while Scott squatted low before Liam.

“Am gonna kill you!” Liam elucidated and heaved heavily and in a blink of an eye, he thrust his right hand into the back of Scott who yelled in pains as Liam’s hand penetrated through his skin while their bodies began merging, Jackson shrienk as he began moving backwards in fright but halted as a green line shown brightly on both Liam’s and Scott bodies and almost when the transformation was completed, a ball of green lightening struck both brothers, altering their transformation as the ball of green lightening threw both brothers into different positions.

“Wha…. What Happened?” Scott stammered.

“It went wrong, I took care of that!” Jackson replied as he took slow steps forward and approached the two brothers who were too weak to move a single bone due to the impact of the strange lightening.

“What did you do to us you son of a bitch?” Liam yelled

“Let’s just say I had everything planned, just stay out of my way okay, I will attack your world in a day and not even Lobana can stop me this time around, your world is doom!”

Jackson replied in a whisper and dived towards a portal, leaving the two brothers behind who wailed in confusion.

“Wha….. What happened to Lobana?”….

Meanwhile, out of the darkness of the room whose source of illumination came from the lights scattered positions, a sudden gasped ranted the air as Lydia could be seen hiding behind the door while her hand covered her mouth with horror due to the sight of what she had just witnessed.

“Li…… Liam!”…..



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