LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 28




[NOTE]: Main action starts next episode and Everything that happens is fiction!!!


Liam has woken up from his coma, Vokan is finally out, Jackson has been possess by him, Next Episode Commence……




“Liam!!!” Scott yelled as tears streamed down his face while he pulled Liam into a broad hug

“Nice to have you back Liam!” Damon and Rokon said in unison as Scott and Liam broke off from the hug and sat comfortably on the bed

“I missed you guys so much, I heard every single words that was spoken in this ward and as much as I tried to wake up, I…. I…. I just couldn’t!” Liam explained while a slight tear streamed down his face

“That doesn’t matter anymore Liam, we have you back now!” Scott assured Liam who slowly nodded in response to his words

“Something is bothering you isn’t it?” Liam who noticed the moods swings in Scott asked with a masked expression

“Say it already!” Liam added

“I… I just find it weird Liam, we tried everything we could to wake you up but you just couldn’t, A cure was given to us by Ruma and just when I had almost given it to you, you woke up….. How’s that even possible?”

Scott asked while Damon and Rokon heaved a sigh as they listened with curiosity, Liam shrugged, blinked several before finally speaking

“I don’t know that either okay? Am afraid I….. I… I just woke up!!” Liam explained while the rest stared at him with so much curiosity which seem like they found it hard to believe him

“I don’t really know okay, I don’t!” Liam added sadly while he stared at his arm, the green line on his arm was yet to vanished as it still glowed greenish, Scott gasped as he sighted the weird line that glowed.

“What’s this? What Happened to me” Liam asked

“The lightening that struck our school grounds were laced with a deadly Poison okay, it was made by a dark seer and you became infected the moment you touched it, this green line appeared moments after you were rushed to the hospital… ”

“The only way to be cured was by giviing you this cure which would have caused you a lot by losing your powers but fortunately, You happened to just wake up!”

Scott explained while sweats trickled down Liam’s face after listening to his explainnations. The tension around them became thickened as a seering heat radiated round them.

“You still have your Powers don’t you?” Scott asked

“I don’t know man, only one way to find out!” Liam said, taking a deep breath as inhaled the soft air that radiated round him and in a split moment, Liam flunged his eyes open while they glowed red, a smile creeped towards his lips but it didn’t last for long as something seemed to crossed his mind, breaking off the smile while he wore a frown

“Vokan has been released, we have to find Jackson, he’s the Wendigo…….. He’s Vokan!!”……


It was still night, the seer’s coven grew darkly as a strange aura radiated round the coven, maybe it was a little spark of hope or a fact that a new crisis had just been arosen as lightening sounds sounded all around, the aura of Vokan’s presence roamed round the coven as it revealed a man who stood firmly as his eyes glowed green

“It’s good to have you back My Lord” Seer of Argedon stated with a wide smile, slightly bowing before Vokan who approached her with a suppressing Aura

“It wouldn’t have been possible without you and I must thank you for that!” Vokan replied her and slightly raised her head up while her void gaze met his eyes

“I owe my life to you and will do anything for you!” The seer said while she slowly rose to her feet

“How do you feel My Lord?” She added as she stood firmly on her feet while Vokan (Jackson) spared a glance at his new body, slowly stretching his arms as if confirming something

“I like the new vessel, it’s so much better, it’s power mixed with my powers are exactly what I needed, you did a great job” Vokan completed the seer who smiled grimly

“Uhm….. My Lord, I… I… I… ”

“Speak! Spit it out already!” Vokan roared with venom etched in his voice, his voice carrying authority round the coven while the seer made to speak

“Now that you are back my Lord! What do you wanna do? When do we take care of Lobana and his accomplices once and for all!!” The Seer added while Vokan grinned evilly as he slowly turned to face a new course of direction

“I have learned a lot after been trapped beneath the Earth for several days by Lobana, every single time I tried to escape, the Scarlet sword tormented my soul as it stopped me from my mission, if there’s one thing I learned from my stay beneath the Earth…….. ” Vokan explained and paused, taking a slight breathe before speaking

“Don’t be in a rush, We will surely take care of Lobana but first, I need to finish and unfinished business, the most vital part of my plan and I need to do it……. Now!”………


“What the heck do you mean by that Liam? Have you lost your mind or something?” Scott yelled at Liam at the mentioned of his words

“I know it’s crazy but… But… But you have to believe me okay!” Liam stammered

“Oh, so you are now a Seer huh? How dis you even get to know that huh?” Damon asked Liam whose eyes had become watery already

“I… I.. I.. I don’t know okay! I know it’s crazy but I saw it, I saw Everything, every single thing that happened to him, The woods, the school, I saw every single bits of it okay!”

Liam explained and by now, the tears in his eyes had began streaming down his face already, Scott who couldn’t stand the sight of Liam, moved closer to him and pulled him Into a hug

“I believe you okay? I believe you Liam, I always do!” Scott muttered in a whisper as he broke the hug while Liam’s lips creeped a slight smile

“As a crazy as it seemed, I can’t believe am saying this…..” Damon said and paused

“Been a wendigo is a hard thing to do, something has to be done, it can be a ritual or a mixed potion which brings me to my question, how did he become a Wendigo?” Damon asked

” I don’t really know but all I could see was a woman, she had a void face and a staff, more like an ancient one, she gave something to Jackson, it transformed him into a wendigo and now he’s been possessed by Vokan, we need to save him okay!” Liam explained

“I thought Vokan was destroyed by Lobana, after your merging!” Rokon asked..

“Not exactly, we only trapped him beneath the Earth, our blood was the only thing that would free and now that he’s been freed, am afraid someone took … ” Scott replied and paused

“Now it all clicked, why didn’t I think of that before, it was Jackson, he came to your ward while we were away and took your blood and he did the same thing with me!!” Scott yelled while a deep silent followed after him, everyone seemed to be absorbing every single words that he just stated

“Why do we need to save him? I mean, he doesn’t deserve saving okay? He’s a pain in the ass!” Scott elucidated and sigh, breaking off the awkward silent that ensure between them

“He does okay, we all deserve saving , have you thought of what his parents could think, what Lydia would think?, He has a family okay?, he didn’t choose to be possess Scott, and a more reason why we need to save him!” Liam explained while Scott slowly nodded

“Okay, let’s save him then!”

“Not now, I need to see Mom and Dad first, something’s not right, I can feel it!!!”…..

⛩️⛩️⛩️LIAM’S ABODE ⛩️⛩️⛩️


The sound of plates washing sounded all around the room as Diana could be seen washing dishes in the kitchen, though it was still late(night), the room still gained it’s source of illumination through the lamp scattered position

“Who’s there?” Diana asked with a grim expression while she awaited a response but finally got back to her doings when she got none, taking it as a mistake

The sound of a creaking sound diverted her attention as she dumped what she was doing and plunged towards the direction the sound had come from, Diana sigh as she sighted nothing more than the fallen clock which had fallen on the ground

She smiled after putting it back to it’s normal position and began moving towards the kitchen, suddenly, she halted on feeling a presence behind her while she swiftly spun her body to the direction and gasped as a strong arm grapped her by the neck, lifting her off her feet as it pinned her on the wall

“Jack….. Jackson! Let me go!!” Diana who had recognized Jackson at once yelled as his face came in view, by now, an infiltrating aura radiated round them as it brought a seering heat to their core

“Hmmmm, I forgot the scent of your skin, so natural!!” Jackson said with a smug as he ran his hand through her cheeks, sending shivers all the way down to her core

“Wha…. What’s gotten over you? You’re chocking me!!” Diana stammered, trying so hard to catch her breathe as Jackson’s grip on her only got fierce

Jackson smiled as he brought his face closer to hers, staring eyed daggered at her as their eyes locked, Jackson waved a smiled as his lips slowly opened while he made to speak and in one word, he said something


Jackson muttered and grinned as Diana shut her eyes tightly while Jackson bored a brisk smile, letting go of her as she crashed weakly on the floor with her hands on her head


Diana yelled, screaming out her lungs while it seemed like she was going through something painful as several memories of her dark side clouded her mind

Jackson who seemed to be enjoying what displayed before him heaved a sigh as he grapped Diana by her hair and brought her closer to him, he Yelp as he pricked his thumb and forced the blood that dripped from his hand into her mouth and in one swing, he snapped her head while she fell down dead.

“Interesting, let’s see how you will be cured this time around!”…..

Meanwhile, few moments after the incident that happened to Diana, A portal appeared before the kitchen, revealing Liam and Co as they all emerged from the portal with worried expressions

“Mom!!!” Liam yelled as he searched all over the house, the house became filled with sad expression as everyone searched the entire house

“She’s not here! She’s not fucking here!!” Scott yelled moments after they had searched the entire building but found nothing

“Relax okay, maybe she just went out or something!” Damon said and it seem to Infuriat Liam and Scott

“Don’t tell me that okay, something is definitely wrong, I… I… I can’t feel it!” Scott said while Liam nodded at him as if going through the same feeling

The whole building had been razed with deadly aura while something which seemed to glow greenish could be seen shining brightly from one corner of the house, Liam who seem to notice the weird light heaved a sigh as his deep blue eyes rested on the object

“What’s that?” Liam asked as he advanced towards the direction of the object and squatted low to it’s height while the rest joined him

“It’s blood and it seems to be the blood of….. ”

“Vokan!” Damon said, cutting off Scott as he also seem to know what it meant

“Vokan was here, Mom’s in danger!” Scott said with a smug as he swiftly turned his body and plunged towards the door step

“And where do you think you’re going Scott?” Liam yelled at Scott while all eyes trailed towards him.

“To kill that son of a bitch, he took mother and am gonna kill him……. For good!!!”…….



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