LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 27




[NOTE]: Jackson only got Liam’s blood, he is yet to get Scott’s blood….


“Omg!! This…. this…… this was caused by a Wendigo, a creature of the ancient world, an abomination to the realm and a really really dark one!”…..
Liam is still in a coma, when is he waking up? Jackson had gotten into a fight with Scott but it appears he was stronger, meanwhile Scott has no idea on what he is yet and neither does anybody, Damon and Rokon have discovered of the strange thing that happened in the Woods, Next Episode Commence


⛩️⛩️⛩️SCOTT’S ABODE⛩️⛩️⛩️


“Grrrrrr grrrrrrrrrr”

It was a new day, the annoying alarm continually blazed it’s noise into my ears while the bright morning sun shown brightly on my face, The alarm continued it’s one annoying mission while I groan stressfully and with one swipe of my hand, the alarm fell weakly on the smooth floor, I yawned loudly as I jerked off from the bed, staring palely on my wrist.

I felt a slight tear escaped my eyes as I sighted the picture of Liam and I on the huge table before me, it was a picture of our young days and the memories of our young days flashed through my mind as I continued staring at the picture, it was like a part of me has ripped away from me, slowly slipping and disappearing bit by bit away from me.

I was yet to make a decision but one thing was for sure, I was gonna make up my mind before the sun goes down today, I can’t bear the grief of watching Liam die while I know I would have done something about it, I just can’t!

I slowly stirred on my feet and walked towards the window, opening it as I stared through it, breathing heavily as I exhaled the soft free soul of the breeze that blew pass me, I smiled as I began Making my way into the bathroom, I needed to prepare for school

“Scott, get your ass down here, you will be late!!” Mom yelled from the other side of the kitchen while I smiled faintly…

“Bye Mom!” I said and pecked her cheeks as I took my bag pack and slowly bolted out of the door, She look pale and sour, I knew she was hurting from the inside, she misses Liam so badly and I have to do something about it…….. Today!



I was finally at the School, I smiled and wave at few friends while I made my way towards my class.

“Hey!” A voice ranged out behind me while I smiled as I swiftly turned my face towards the direction of the voice

“Hey!” I replied as my gaze collided on Lydia’s face while she slowly pulled me into a friendly hug

“Am really sorry Scott, am really sorry for Li…… ” She couldn’t complete her words as she broke into a slight cry while I pulled her into a hug, I knew she was hurting, she also misses Liam and I need to do something about it…


Meanwhile, from the other end of the class, Jackson smirked and grinned evilly as he watched all that displayed between Scott and Lydia just outside the class

“Its time, get their blood!” A voice ranged through his head while he heaved, breathing heavily as he slowly stirred on his feet

“It’s time I do this, here I come Scott!” Jackson mumbled under his breathe as he slowly made his way towards Scott and Lydia

Scott who was too engross in the conversation he had with Lydia was too late to avoid a punch that aimed for him as the punch whizzed his jaw while he crashed weakly on the ground

“I told your brother never to come near her again but you failed in doing so, it’s time I teach you all a lesson!” Jackson yelled and by now, the students had already started gathering among them as they all formed a crowd

“What the hell is wrong with you Jackson? Am not a kid anymore okay?” Lydia fired at Jackson who growl in anger as he turned to her direction and held her roughly on her arm

“Let me go bitch, let me…. ” Lydia said and paused as her eyes seem to catch something weird

“Jac…. Jackson! Wha…. What’s wrong with you? Your eyes!!” Lydia said in a low whisper while Jackson let go of her arm as he closed his eyes in an attempt to control his anger


Jackson yelled as Scott initiated a kick at his tummy causing him to staggered backwards in pains

“You ain’t the only tough bitch you rogue!!!!” Scott yelled, spitting out blood from his mouth as he tightened his fist, Jackson smirked evilly as he also fisted his hands and in a flash, he dived at Scott

Scott who needed no prodding also dashed at Jackson and ducked his punch while in motion, he did a backflip and initiated an heavy kick on Jackson chest, causing Jackson to crashed on the floor while he gained the upper hand

“You just mess with the wrong guy Scott!”

Jackson said in a mocking manner as he rose to his feet and dived at Scott, Scott heaved a sigh as he grip Jackson by his waist and smashed him on the locker which had a crack, Jackson growl in pain and anger as he aimed a punch at Scott


Scott yelled as a sharp object pierced through his arm while blood slowly dripped from it, Jackson smiled, collecting the blood before anyone could see him as he connected a kick to Scott’s tummy who Yelp in pains as he crashed backwards

“Enough!!!” Mr GarryH yelled , causing both figures to stop as the huge man made his way to their midst while Scott slowly rose to his feet

“Both of you, my office now!”

Mr Garry ordered while both figures snared at each others as they followed behind the huge man when all of a sudden, they all halted as a woman ran towards their midst, sweating profusely while her face looked sour and pale as if been chased by a ghost or something

“What Happened?” Mr Garry asked the woman who breath heavily as she tried catching her breathe while she made to speak

“Ther….. there’s….. there’s is a dead body in the rest room, someone’s dead!” The woman stammered while the crowd gasped at the mentioned of her words, Mr Garry whose mouth was wide open heaved a sigh as he made his way towards the room while all students followed behind him

The door suddenly Burst open while a loud gasped filled the air as blood could be seen flowing freely from the ground while several flies feasted on a dead body whose body parts and intestines littered all around the floor

“What the!!”…..

🌿🌿🌿THE REALM 🌿🌿🌿

Damon and Rokon could be seen pedaling round the huge room with worried expression as they seemed to be in deep thoughts about a particular issue

“I think we should…… ”

Rokon said and paused as a weird light began shining brightly, They both smiled as they knew what it was while the light only shown brighter and soon, a portal appeared before them, revealing Scott as he emerged from the portal with a worried expression hunged brightly on his face

“I need your help Damon, something strange happened!” Scott said as he approached them

“Whoa, how about we slow down there Scott, what happened?” Damon asked while Scott heaved as he made to speak

“Something strange happened, a dead body was found in the school, we were all told to go home because of it and I have a feeling it’s….. ”

“Supernatural!” Damon completed Scott’s words as Scott nodded in response to him.

“What do you need us to do Scott?” Rokon asked with folded arms

“I have a feeling something is off with everything, I need you to check the body and we need to be fast before my Dad arrives!”…..


The school was dead silent as no single soul could be found in the school, it was almost night already and the weather looked darkened as if waiting for a huge rainfall

A slight wind blew pass the doorway as a portal appeared, revealing Scott and Co as they emerged from it.

“Over there!” Scott said grimly as he plunged towards a direction which led them to the rest room, the door made a little sound, creaking slowly as Scott pushed open the door

“What the!!” Damon muttered and gasped as his eyes collided on the dead body parts that littered all around the floor, Rokon who noticed something weird heaved a sigh as he moved closer to the bodies and squatted low.

“Impossible!!” Rokon mumbled

“What? Found anything?” Scott asked while Rokon nodded and smile as he stirred on his feet

“It’s the same signs okay? The same pattern and the exact same way of killing as the ones in the woods!” Rokon explained while Damon widened his eyes in realisation as he took a clearer view of the body

“Omg! That’s impossible!!” He added.

“Something’s off with this, how can this dead body here have the same patterns as the ones in the woods, unless…. ” Rokon said and paused

“It was caused by the same Wendigo and it lies in the school!” Rokon explained while Damon nodded to his explainnations

“What? What’s a Wendigo?” Scott asked

“A wendigo is an ancient creature Scott, a creature of the ancient world, creatures that feeds on flesh and blood and we think it had something to do with this!” Damon explained while Scott nodded and smile but it didn’t last for long as the sound of the sherriffs cars sounded all around the school

“Let’s go, they are here!” Rokon said

“Wait! I need to tell you something!” Scott replied, causing both figures to halt as they turned to face him

“What’s that Scott?” They both asked with curious gazes while Scott wore a sad face as he made to speak

“I made my decision! Am giving the cure to Liam!”….


The night sky bloom darkly as darkness sprouted all around, silent echoes filled the air, revealing Jackson who ran at inhuman speed, going deeper and deeper into the depths of the Woods untill he arrived at a vase Placement

Jackson grinned a she sighted the circular patterns that formed a triangular sigh as it glowed reddish, Jackson who needed no prodding wasted no time as he slowly stepped towards the circular patterns.

The tension around the woods became darkly thickened as Jackson slowly disappeared, the air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped opened as the circular sign reappeared and brought Jackson to the coven of the dark Seer.

“You came earlier than expected!” The seer of Argedon said with a boldly written smirk as she slowly turned to Face Jackson

“Oooh, I had to keep to my promise and now, I hope you also do the same!” Jackson replied as he advanced towards the Seer.

“Where is the cure?” Jackson asked with a masked expression.

“Not too fast boy, give me the blood first and you will have what you seek for!” The seer said while Jackson growl, hesitating for a while before removing a little box from his trousers and handed it over to the seer.

“Now, the cure!” Jackson said and smiled as the Seer hit her staff on the ground, causing a slight quake as a box floated on the air and landed in his hand.

“It’s all yours!” The seer said with a smug while Jackson smiled widely as he slowly opened the little box. His smile soon turned to a deep frown as he saw the contains if the box, it was empty!

“You witch…. You tricked me!” Jackson yelled with fury, smashing the box on the floor as he dived at the seer with inhuman speed, leaping high with open claws that aimed for her neck, the seer smiled as her staff trembled, creating a weird blast that blasted Jackson who groan in pain as he crashed on the ground, he tried moving but couldn’t, as weird as it seemed, he was stuck.

“What did you do to me?” Jackson yelled as he struggled to be set free while a gush of blood rushed through his mouth.

“Completing the last piece of the ritual and you are the most viral ingredient!”

The seer said and smiled as she walked towards a direction and Stopped, smiling evilly as her staff trembled, the ground quaked while the dust slowly rose up in motion, a red light shown brightly on the ground, creating a triangular sigh as it glowed red.

“Be Awoken my Lord!!” The Seer said and smile as she open the two little box that held the blood of Liam and Scott while she poured it on the ground almost immediately, the very moment the blood splash and touched the ground, the weird light glowed green while the ground quaked, reverberated constantly as the ground splitted into two while a green fire burned round the ground.

A Red smoke erupted from the ground and dived towards Jackson as it penetrated his body, going deeper and deeper into his stomach, taking control over him while Jackson slowly rose to his feet.

A great aura radiated from him as his eyes glowed greenish while his lips cupped an evil smile, his face became darkened as he took slow steps towards the seer.

“At last, I am Free…… ”


Liam could be seen laying weakly on the bed while the beeping of the monitor sounded all around the ward, soon a Portal appeared before him, revealing Scott and Co as they slowly emerged from it.

“Are you sure you want to do this Scott? He might never be a Supernatural again!” Damon asked Scott as they approached Liam while Scott sat on the bed

“Am not sure okay? But I need to do this here and now!” Scott replied sadly as he brought the cure from his trousers while he slowly opened the cover of the container that laid in the box.

“Wake up Liam, I need you!” Scott said as he brought the cure close to Liam’s mouth and gently turned the cover while a rush of blue liquid came out of it and dived towards Liam’s lips

Suddenly, the monitor beeped loudly, Liam’s fingers tips moved again and in a flash, he flunged his eyes open and jerked from the bed while the liquid missed it’s target and pour on the bed instead, Scott smiled widely as Liam’s eyes were glowing red. Liam kept a focused gaze, breathing heavily as he made to speak.

“Jackson is the Wendigo, the host of Vokan and we need to save him!”…



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