LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 26



🌱🌱🌱JACKSON 🌱🌱🌱



“Come on Scott, Let’s move!” Damon uttered hurriedly as if running out of time or something while Scott nodded as he turned to face them

“What the hell was that?”……

An evil aura infiltrated the entire horizons as the strange shadow growl and continued feasting on the dead body……


“And what side effects is that?” Rokon asked

“His powers may be altered (seal) for a while…. “Ruma replied

“Or…… ”

“He might lose the Supernatural side of him and become a human…. Forever!”…..

“Am… Am…. Am a wendigo??”….

So Jackson is a Wendigo, Liam is still not awake, Ruma has a cure for him but it will caused him a lot, what’s it gonna be then? The body parts have been discovered by the Sherriff and Jackson also knows what he is, Next Episode Commence……

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⏱️⏱️⏱️5 HOURS EARLIER⏱️⏱️⏱️

Earlier on, Few moments after Jackson had taken the dark potion of the Seer, He had transformed into a Vicious Creature with several fangs and devilish eyes, Jackson had dashed out of the coven at insane speed and been a predator, he had gotten to the Woods in order to satisfy his lust as the urge for flesh and taste for blood never left his thoughts

He had witnessed a camping made up of three figures and been a now vicious Creature, Jackson had attacked them, feasting on the intestines and flesh of the last figure while he drained it’s entire blood

Moments later, he had also haunted the rest and repeated the same act to the them by feasting on them, Jackson jerked grumbly as the realization of what he had just done hit him hard, way too hard than normal…..

The air around the dark Seer’s Coven became thickened as red candles that flickered round the coven burned with fury and just almost immediately, a Whosh sound could be heard as Jackson dashed towards the Coven with insane speed while he crashed weakly on the rocky ground

“Wha…. What did you do to me? What Am I?” Jackson yelled as he felt a seering pain gouging his heart while he wailed loudly

“I didn’t do anything to you Jackson, you did this to yourself, it was what you always wanted isn’t it? All I did was give it to you, I made you a Wendigo!” The Seer Elucidated and formed a smirk as her demonic laughter echoed round the realm

“I didn’t want this, not this you little……. Ahhhhhhh”

Jackson couldn’t finish his words as the Seering pain waved down his core once again

“Every night, Every little time you get angry, your dark side will activated and you will have no other option than to feed on a human in order to satisfy your needs, it’s your nature now, it’s what you are!”

The Seer of Argedon explained once again and grinned as she howered above the weak Liam who wailed weakly while the severe pain racked through his body

“I…. I.. I don’t want this, take it back! Take it back!!” Jackson yelled

“It’s too late for that Jackson, am afraid if you want this little cure…… ”

The seer Elucidated and paused as her staff trembled while a little box containing a little material floated on the air and landed gently on her hand

“Then you gotta have to listen to me and do what I say!” The seer added and smiled as the little box disappeared in a flash

“And what’s that you crazy Physco?” Jackson yelled

“Free the god of hell. Find me the cure of the two souls of Lobana……. Find them now!!”……




I yelled in pains as the realization and memories of what Happened yesterday night hit me hard, I felt a flow of anger rushed through me while I slowly raised my head to look at myself in the mirror.

I gasped, shivering feverently as my eyeballs turned red while my teeths all of a sudden, became hardened, they were threatening to fall out at any moment, I darted my eyes to the blood that dripped from my hand and in a split moment, I started licking the blood on my arms while I heaved with satisfaction as my eyesballs took it’s normal shade, I was back to normal

“Ahhhhhh You gotta shitting me you daughter of a bitch!”

I yelled angrily as the thoughts of the Seer’,s words flashed through my mind again, now I have to feed on blood and flesh Everytime I get angry leaving me with no other options than to fulfill her damn wish

“Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!”

I yelled once again as the thoughts of feasting on flesh and draining of blood flashed through my mind again, I stared grimly at myself in the mirror while I held tightly to the toilet bowl, gnashing my fangs together and in motion, the toilet bowl broke into tiny orbits

I slowly stirred on my feet while I stare at my watch, it’s was still early and a good reason why I needed to take quick action if I really wanted to be cured

“Here I Come……. Dunbar’s!!”….


The rain had stopped as it was a new day entirely, the frightening Lightening sounds had also seized while Nature hummed to the breathe of a new day

Jackson could be seen walking briskly towards the walls of Brinkon Hospital with his hand tucked into his trousers while his other hand ran through his hair

A little amount of water rose up, defiling the law of gravity as Jackson stepped his feet into the water, causing it to splash all over the metal gate as he made his way into the huge building and soon, he was in

“Hey, am here to see Liam Dunbar, may I know his ward please!” Jackson asked the nurse who stood before him as she slowly scanned his body

“And are you by any means his brother or a relative of his?” She asked while Jackson smirked as he made to speak

“No, am a friend of his, I just had of the sudden incident and I need to see him!” Jackson replied grimly as he exhaled heavily while the nurse sighs as she made to speak

“Okay, you can see him but you need to be fast, I can’t lose my Job!” The nurse replied while Jackson only stared at her as if waiting for more information

“Ooh, stupid me, he’s in Ward 05!” The nurse added while Jackson thanked her before diving towards the silent Hall that led to Jackson’s Ward

Inside the Ward, Liam laid weakly on the soft bed while the beeping of the monitor which laid at the other side of the wall sounded all around the Ward, soon, a freaking sound could he heard as the door slightly burst open, revealing Jackson as he made his way into the Ward with a smug plastered across his face

“Well! Well!! Well!!! Isn’t this the son of a bitch who now lies in his own coffin!” Jackson said with a grin as he closed the door while he gradually took slow steps towards the weak Liam who laid on the bed with his eyes shut tightly closed

“Whoa, it seems the Seer really handled you quite well and I most thank her for that, you can’t escaped dead this time around Liam!”

Jackson added as he sat on the bed while he stared at the greenish line that showed vividly on Liam’s arm, the line had almost reached his chest as it kept spreading bits by bits

“So much food but so little time, it’s a good thing she took care of you earlier and put you in your place, now all that’s left is Scott and am gonna teach him a lesson!” Jackson said once again as he whispered into Liam’s ears

“Let’s get this done!”

Jackson added as he stirred on his feet, taking a deep breathe as he shut his eyes close while inhaling the soft breeze and in a split moment, flunged them open as they glowed red while his long scary claws crept out of his fingers

Jackson smiled as he prick Liam’s thumb with his index Claw while blood started gushing out of Liam’s thumb, Jackson grinned as the blood that dripped from Liam’s arm fell on a little box he had brought alongside him, few seconds later, the wound on Liam’s arm fused and merged up together while Jackson rise to his feet and tucked the little box into his trousers

“One blood gained, another blood to gain, see you again nerd!”…..

Jackson muttered and left and just Few moments after Jackson had left, the monitor beeped loudly as Liam’s fingers moved a bit…


It was a new day, we were finally back from Ruma’s coven but was yet to make a decision on how to handle the cure, I wouldn’t want to take the Supernatural side of Liam away and neither would I want it to be sealed, he wouldn’t want that either and I know it!

The overwhelming thoughts of what to do beclouded my mind as I walked down the hall that led to Liam’s ward, the tension around me raised higher as sweat trickled down my core while I walked through the silent path and on getting to Liam’s ward, I halted as I sighted a strange figure emerging from Liam’s ward, I needed no one to tell me who it was while I felt something burst within me, a burst of raw hatred as his face came in view. What was he doing here? And most especially, what the hell did he do to Liam?


I yelled angrily, stressing the word ‘Jackson’ as I stood some few feet away from him while he slowly turned his back to face me, a wide smirk plastered across his lips as our eyes locked, each glaring eyed daggered at one another

The hatred that beclouded my mind overwhelmed my body and since he knew of my other side already, I wasted no time as I sped towards him, grapping him by the neck and sweeping him off his feet with my right hand just before he could do anything while he slowly smirked at me

“What did you expect huh? I should beg for your mercy? How pathetic!”

He said within gnashed teeths while I only tightened my grip on his neck the more, causing him to shock but as strange as it seems, he didn’t budge or struggle. How strange?

“What the hell are you doing here huh? What did you do to Liam? Spit it out already nerd!!” I yelled as my eyes took a red shade while my veins sprouted out of my neck and spread through my body

“Come on Scott, I only paid him a last visit, it may be the only chance I get to him before he die, he’s probably gonna die anyways!” Jackson replied with a goofy smile etched towards his lips while I only tightened my grip on him the more

“Let me go!!!!” Jackson added as he connected a kick to my stomach while I let go of him as I staggered backwards, I felt a slight pain on my tummy due to the impact of the kick and it seemed so weird

“Not so tough now are you?” Jackson asked with a grin as we circled round one another

“Nay, wouldn’t wanna crush all your tiny little bones you know? Just get the hell outta here before I lose my cool!” I retorted and smile

“Not this time Scott, you will die trying!”

Jackson muttered while we only glared at each others, we both needed no prodding as we sped towards each others and clashed, of course it was at human speed, a slight pain etched my tummy as we both clashed, causing him to stagger backwards while I crashed on the floor

I stirred on my feet at inhuman speed and sped towards him, dodging his punch and initiated a kick towards him with a little force attached to it

“Not bad!” Jackson complemented me and smile as he dashed towards me and evaded a punch towards me, I swiftly dodged the punch but too slow as another punch connected to my lower ribcage while I groan in pain, I exhaled heavily as I ran towards him and grip him from his lower waist while I pinned him on the wall, Jackson smiled and placed his leg on the walk with a swift force and initiated a backflip, breaking free from my grip as he landed backwards.

“How did he get so good? Maybe I should add a little inhuman force!”

I thought as I dashed towards him and kicked him hard on the chest, I wasted no time as I gripped him by the neck and flunged him towards the wall while he crashed on the ground

Jackson smiled as he got back on his feet and waved a punch at me, I evaded the punch and Yelp as a heavy punch connected to my jaw while I flew backwards and crashed on the wall, the wall had a slight crack due to my impact as I growl in pains

“Till we meet again Scott!” Jackson said and dived towards a direction while I stirred on my feet

“Hey!” I said, causing him to halt as he turned to face me

“Stay away from my brother!” I said while he only smiled

“Don’t stand in my way Scott, it’s only a matter of time!” Jackson replied and grin as he bolted through the passage, leaving me behind with a shocked expression

“What the hell happened?”…


The cold chilly wind blew passed the rocks that grew in the woods while the tress danced to the sounds of approaching footsteps, the ground quaked as the footsteps got nearer

“Oh my God! What the hell happened here?” Damon yelled with a shocked expression as he scanned the body parts that littered all over the woods while flies crowded over it

“I don’t know man but I have a feeling this is related to the Supernatural!” Rokon replied and squatted low as he got a clearer view of the body parts

“Where I have seen this? It’s look so familiar!” Rokon muttered under his breath as he stared at the claw marks

“It wasn’t cause by any animal and you know it Rokon!” Damon said while Rokon slowly nodded

“I know Damon, it wasn’t cause by an…… ”

Rokon said and paused as he got another view of the claw marks while he scratched his head as if remembering something weird

“What? Did you get something?” Damon asked while Rokon nodded as he slowly stirred on his feet with a terrific gaze etched on his face

“Omg!! This….. this…. this was caused by a Wendigo, a creature of the ancient world, an abomination to the realm and a really really dark one!! “……



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