LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 25





“Am sorry Liam, it’s all my fault, if only I hadn’t had gone out of the class, if only you hadn’t have followed me, if only I had stopped you from touching it, if….. ” Scott muttered and paused as the tears that boiled up in his eyes streamed down his face way faster than expected

“I will get you heal Liam, I will, I need to inform the others!”…..

“How about I Grant you your long lost wish!” Seer of Argedon added while Jackson halted as he slowly turned to face her with a brightened expression

“What do you mean?” He asked

“Making you a creature like them, A Supernatural!”

“We don’t know about that yet Scott, we think it’s some kind of message from someone, someone trying to warn us about something really really bad but….. ” Damon said and paused

“But if what you said is true, it means Liam is in danger and we need to save him!”..


Jackson yelled as his fingers became hardened, several fangs petruded out from his mouth while his claws grew longer, way longer, His eyes glowed red while several hair’s appeared on his cheeks, he felt a sudden urge for flesh while the taste of blood never left his thoughts, he felt strange, he felt more powerful than ever, what the hell did the seer do to him?

Jackson is now a Supernatural but we are yet to know what type of creature he is, Liam is yet to be woken while Scott has called for help, Next Episode Commence…..



Pi! Pi!! Pi!!! Pi!!!! Pi!!!!! was the only sound that could be heard as the monitor beeped continually, Liam could be seen laying on the soft bed of Brinkon hospital with his eyes shut close

Am err sound could be heard as a bright light began shining in Liam’s ward, creating a Portal which soon closed off as it revealed Scott and Co as they emerged from it

Liam was still starked naked, of course it was from his chest to his lower waist, his fresh light skin merged with the flow of the lights as it shown brightly

Damon heaved a sad sigh as his beta laid weakly on the soft bed, he furrowed his eyebrows and moved towards Liam as he sighted something strange, really really strange

“What the heck is this?” Damon asked nobody in particular as he pointed towards the green weird line that seemed to have spread towards Liam arm, almost gouging his heart

“I don’t know man, it appeared moments after he fainted and the Doctor have no knowledge of it, I… I… I think it’s……. ”


Scott who couldn’t finish his words as he was cut off guard by Damon while Rokon gently sat on the soft bed of Liam, exhaling softly as he moved his hands towards the weird line, He quickly retreated his hand as the weird line seem to somehow react to his hand by glowing more greenish

“It’s…. It’s Alive?” Rokon asked with a shock expression

“This is weird, how can the same writings appear the same day, what’s the connection between them?” Rokon asked, still sitting on the bed

“I have no idea Rokon, Can…. Can you save him?” Scott stammered

“I don’t know Scott but I will give it a try!”

Rokon said as he pricked his thumb, dripping the blood on Liam’s lip, a shook expression morphed his face as the weird line glowed while the blood on Liam’s lip strangely vanished

“Oh God! What’s this all about?” Rokon muttered

“It…. It… It didn’t work?” Scott half yelled

The tension around the became thickened as a seering heat began streaming down the room, it was still night and the sounds of frightening lightening which sounded all around the hospital wasn’t helping matters

“This is strange, this hasn’t happened before, the blood just….. Just…. Just vanished!” Rokon said ammoused while he grip the bedsheets tightly in a rough manner

“We need to help him Rokon or else it’s only gonna get worse!” Damon said

“And how do you suggest we do that huh?” Rokon retaliated

“I don’t know man, we Haven’t seen this before beside…… ” Damon said and paused as if remembering something while muttered something audibly amidst himself

“What? Did you get something?” Scott asked, fully keeping his gaze on Damon while a slight look of hope filled Damon’s eyes

“Ruma….. ”

“What? The dream Witch?” Rokon asked while Damon nodded in response to his question

“Whose Ruma?” Scott asked

“She’s a dream Witch Scott, an ancient Witch, she’s been forgotten by the realm and a good reason why she can help!” Damon explained while Rokon nodded as he stirred on his feet

“Let’s get going then!” Scott yelled while the rest nodded, smashing a substance on the hard ground as a portal appeared, Scott and Co plunged towards it and just almost entering, They halted and swiftly spun their body as if catching some kind of scent

“Am not the only crazy person here right? You scent it too right?” Damon asked while the rest nodded

“It’s so strong, so Strange, it’s has a strange aura!” Scott replied

“It’s evil and…… It’s Supernatural!” Rokon retorted and waved a worried expression

“It’s coming from the woods!” Scott said

“Let’s go guys, we have no time for this, Liam’s life is at stake, we need to save him before it’s too late!”

Damon said while the Rokon nodded as they plunged towards the opened portal except Scott who stood still as he kept a focused gaze through the opened window, all the way to the Woods

“Come on Scott, Let’s Move!” Damon uttered hurriedly as if running out of time or something while Scott nodded as he turned to face them

“What the hell was that?”…..

🌳🌳🌳THE WOODS 🌳🌳🌳

Just outside the Walls of Brinkon hospital, the huge widened Woods came in a clear view as the rain dropped on the the hardened trees and several rocks, well, not as ferocious as earlier as it seemed to have been reduced

The Wild Woods was dead silent as no soul could be seen, the rustling of leaves and drops of rain flickered the woods as a bright light could be seen Shining brightly from a certain part in the Woods

The lights came in view as it revealed a ton of three (3) figures who laid on a circular material, it seemed like they came camping in the Woods as their bags packs clearly explained everything

“How do you feel Man!” One of the three figures asked the rest as he threw a bunch of pills into his mouth

“I don’t really know man, I guess am just you know…. Free!” The other figure retorted and smile

“Wh…. Who’s that?” The last figure asked as he noticed some strange movements in the woods, the ground had a slight quake as something seem to lurk round the woods

“Cool it off Max, there’s nothing there!” The first figure said as they got back to their doings while the last figure scanned the woods once again as he got back to his doings

Few moments later, a slight rush of wind blew pass them but none seemed to notice it except for the last figure who swiftly turn as he tilted his head towards a direction, squinting his eyebrows somehow weirdly

“Who’s there? Show yourself nerd!” The last figure said once again but got no answer as he got back to the his doings once again

“We should go!” The last figure suggested as if having a strange urge to leave the Woods

“Really? We should go? Are you for real? Stop being dramatic nerd, it’s time your thick headed skull learned to be brave for once!” The rest said in unison as they bursted into an overwhelming laughter

Suddenly, the path they laid suddenly ran cold and became dark as the sky thundered, lightening sounded all around the woods as an Evil aura radiated the entire horizons

A snaring sound could be heard few feet away from where they laid as it demonic snare seemed evil, the three figures who became alert spranged on their feet as they scanned the entire horizons

“I told you we should leave!” The last figure yelled frightenly

“Grrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrryyy” Was the sound of the strange snare that ranted the air as a shadow came in view while it lurk round the Woods, The three figures gasped as they sighted the strange shadow whose eyes glowed red while it’s gnashed it fangs together


The last figure yelled as the strange shadow seemed to move at lightening speed and blended with the air, way faster and sleeker than any normal being as it grapped the last figure and ripped out it’s heart, the rest of the figures bolted into a splint as the strange shadow feasted on the dead body, ripping out it’s intestines and eating it, as well as it’s flesh and draining it’s blood

An evil aura infiltrated the the entire horizons as the strange shadow growl and continue feasting on the dead body…..


⚒️⚒️⚒️UNKNOWN REALM⚒️⚒️⚒️

It was almost Dawn, the low thuds of approaching footsteps quaked the ground as three figures could be seen Walking towards a Coven not far from sight

“Careful! They are traps!” Damon yelled, causing Scott and Rokon to halt as they sighted the blue glowing imprints that littered the ground, coupled with tons of other glowing imprints that shown brightly on the ground, several glowing imprints that mixed together created a slight aura

“It’s a trap, follow the blue imprints only untill we get to the other side!” Damon yelled, his voice coming out with an authority as it echoed round the realm

“Why do you seemed to know much about this huh?” Rokon asked

“Father used to teach me circular patterns such as this, you messed up with wrong colours, you end up been roasted alive!” Damon explained and Scott heart skipped a beat as he cringed with fear

“Why can’t we just leap over it? Scott asked

“It doesn’t work that way Scott, it’s a dead end, our powers are bounded by the imprints, the only way through this is by stepping on the blue imprints only!” Damon explained and heaved as he began stepping on the imprints and soon, he crossed over

Rokon and Scott repeated the same act as they crossed over to the over side, suddenly, the glowing imprints disappeared and a Coven that was no where to be seen seconds ago, strangely appeared came in view and appeared before them while they all heaved and began walking towards the coven

“You came for the boy…. Liam isn’t it!” Ruma asked few moments after all figures stepped their foots into her coven as they all bored shocked expression at how she knew the name of Liam, I didn’t really show on their face though as they slowly nodded

“You came quite early but am afraid the boy won’t survive it!” Ruma added, sending shivers down their cores at the mentioned of her words

“Wha…. What? My brother can’t die! Liam can’t die!! How do you know that!” Scott yelled while boiling in anger

“You anger won’t solve the problem Scott, the ruins on arms were caused by the Seer of Argedon!” Ruma explained

“Wait What? You know me?” Scott asked suprisenly

“Am wise enough to know about a lot of things Scott, your path will soon become clear as well!” Ruma replied in ancient Sayings while Scott held a confused gaze

“She’s crazy!!” He muttered while Ruma only smiled

“Seer of Argedon? Who’s she? I have never heard of her!” Rokon said

“Of course you hadn’t heard of her, the seer is a priestess who practice dark magic and became the terror of the night as the dark magic consumed her soul, she fled from the her realm and into this world where she was badly injured…. ” Ruma explained and paused as she exhaled the little air she breathe in

“She confronted me months ago and I defeated her but little had I expected that, she had gotten so powerful over the few months, the dark lightening that laced the grounds of the realm and Dylan college was conjured by her after been laced with a deadly Poison, your brother became poisoned after touching the infected soil” Ruma explained and held her head high

“So what do we do about it huh? How do we save my brother?” Scott asked

“The dark poison have infected his heart and there’s only one way to save him now, this potion of mine will do the work but it will have some side effects.. ” Ruma elucidated as she handed over a little box to them containing a glass like material

“And what side effects is that?” Rokon asked

“His powers may be altered (seal) for a while… “Ruma replied

“Or….. ”

“He might lose the Supernatural side of him and become a human…. Forever!”……

☂️☂️☂️THE NEXT DAY☂️☂️☂️

“Omg!!! What the hell did this?” Mr Dunbar yelled as he sighted the body parts that littered the ground while the blood on the Earth formed a swam pool as several flies had a little party among themselves as they crowded the body parts

“Sherriff, it’s seem to be caused by an animal or something, check out the claw marks on this!” A figure said while Mr Dunbar slowly rose to his feet and plunged towards the actual path that the claw marks were

He felt like puking as he witnessed the terrific sigh that laid on the ground, the whole Woods have been covered by the Sherriff as a figure had reported of several body part and intestines that littered the Woods, Mr Dunbar together with his team, had come to the Woods at once after hearing the testimony of the figure

“Alpha 1, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy?” Mr Dunbar yelled while he held his talky talky really tight

“Yes sir, what do you need Sherriff?” A figure replied at the other end of the phone

“Bring in the medics!!”…..

Meanwhile, Jackson could be seen laying weakly on his bed as the bedsheets were completely drained with bloods while blood dripped from his lips and hands

He yawned loudly as he slowly jerked up from his bed while he made his way into this bathroom


Jackson yelled as he sighted himself on the mirror, fully stained with blood as it all showed vividly


He yelled, clutching his head tight in pains as a seering pain waved down his entire system, it was evident that some memories where fighting their way into his head as he seemed to remember Everything that happened after he left the strange Coven of the seer of Argedon

A loud gasped filled the room as Jackson seemed to remember bits about his last memory while he slowly stared at his fingers, then to his lips and teeths, a slight tear escaped his eyes as he slowly dropped his hand and crashed weakly on the ground

“Am…. Am… Am a Wendigo!!!”



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