LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 24




[NOTE]: Seer of Argedon is the witch from Dark Forces, she didn’t die you know, She escaped incase you all forgot…..

“”There’s trouble Damon, something strange happened!” The man explained as he struggled hard to catch his breath

“What Happened Freko?” Damon asked

“I don’t know but am afraid you have to see this!’….

“Liam!!!” Lydia yelled and ran towards Liam as she squatted low to Liam whose eyes completely became dark as he fell and fainted on the ground with a slight thud with his eyes shut close, Scott who became alert panicked and squatted low to him too


The air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped open as the strange pattern that had disappeared, brought Jackson to a strange coven, the air around the strange coven was weird as it had a hidden aura, Jackson gasped as he sighted a figure backing him as it held a strange staff…… A great staff

“Who the hell are you!” Jackson asked grimly as he took slow steps backwards with fright while the dark figure stealthily approached him and opened it’s void mouth to speak

“Seer of Argedon!!!”…..

Greenish writings have appeared, what does this signs means? Jackson had appeared before the seer of Argedon, What role does Seer of Argedon plays? Why does she show up now, Liam has fainted, something happened to him, Next Episode Commence…..


It was raining heavily on the street of Brinkon Hospital accompanied with thunderous Lightening as frightening sounds echoed all around the hospital.
The hospital had become silent as no soul could be seen standing on the rain but soon, a Sheriff Car drove through the gate, splashing water on the metal gate as it parked well while Mr and Mrs Dunbar alighted from the car with umbrellas

They wore sad faces as they approached the hospital whose source of illumination came from the lights that shown brightly, lightening sounds were still sounding all around as both figures opened the knot of the hospital and entered the huge building.

“Where are my son’s?” Mrs Dunbar asked the nurse who stood there as she began scanning an opened book that laid beside her

“Are you the parents of Liam Dunbar?” The nurse asked while Mrs Dunbar hastily nodded

“Ooh, he’s at Ward 05, this way please!” The nurse replied while both parents thanked the nurse as they walked down the hall, heading towards Ward 05

“He’s gonna be okay Diana” Mr Dunbar assured his wife as they kept walking

“I hope so, I can’t bear the sight of losing him!”

Inside the ward, Liam could be seen laying weakly on the soft bed of the hospital with his two eyes shut close while Scott also laid beside him with his eyes also closed, he seemed to might have drifted off to sleep after quite some time

The sudden creak of the door diverted his attention as he quickly spranged on his feet, clearing his eyes in motion as he had a blurry vision, his eyes soon cleared off to reveal Mr and Mrs Dunbar who were just entering the ward

“Hey Mom, am sorry!” Scott said in one breath while Diana smiled as she pulled him Into a sorrowful hug

“Am sorry I couldn’t protect him Mom!” Scott muttered with a teary voice while under her shoulders

“It’s not your fault Scott, He’s gonna be okay!” Diana assured Scott as they broke the hug

“Hey Baby!” Mrs Dunbar muttered in a slight whisper as she sat across the soft bed beside Liam, cupping his palm into hers as she alighted a soft touch on his cheeks

“Wake up Son, please wake…. ” Diana couldn’t complete her statement as she broke Into a silent cry while Mr Dunbar came to her aid and gave her a comforting hug

“He’s gonna be okay Diana, he will!”

Mr Dunbar said and almost immediately, the door suddenly burst open, revealing Mr Wilson as he barge in and approached them with a sad gaze

“What happened to him Wilson?” Mr Dunbar asked as Mr Wilson caught up with them while he stood promptly before them

“Before saying anything, you all have to see this!” Mr Wilson muttered, exhaling heavily as he opened the knots on Liam shirt and in a moment, gently removed his shirt from his body, leaving him Stark naked from his chest to his lower waist

“You see this here!” Mr Wilson said, pointing towards a direction while a sudden gasp ranted the air as Scott and his parents seemed to follow his gaze

A green line could be seen on Liam’s index finger as it kept spreading through his arm and it seemed to be moving towards his heart as it continually kept spreading

“Omg! What’s this all about Doc?” Mr Dunbar asked while Diana slowly hid her face on her husband’s chest, it was evident that she couldn’t stand the sight of the strange line

“Am sorry Mr Dunbar, throughout our entire search, am afraid we have never come across this before, right now we can only sustain his Coma state with the little knowledge we have, am afraid until then, if we don’t find a solution to this quickly, the consequences may be worst than expected!”

Mr Wilson explained while a sudden wail filled the ward as Diana broke into a cry, Scott stared grimly at the weak Liam whose eyes was tightly closed as tears began streaming down his face

“Isn’t there anything we could do huh? Anything at all?” Mr Dunbar yelled

“Am afraid there’s nothing we can do Mr Dunbar, now if you may excused me!” Mr Wilson said as he existed the ward leaving behind the heart broken Family behind

“Come on Diana, let’s head back now, he’s gonna be okay!” Mr Dunbar said, assuring his wife as they plunged towards the door

“Come on Scott? You are also included!” Mr Dunbar said while Scott nodded his negatively

“I will pass Dad, I need to stay with Liam and watched over him, you shouldn’t worry over me, we will be okay!” Scott explained while both figures nodded as they existed the room

“Am sorry Liam, it’s all my fault, if only I hadn’t had gone out of the class, if only you hadn’t have followed me, if only I had stopped you from touching it, if….. ” Scott muttered and paused as the tears that boiled up in his eyes streamed down his face way faster than expected

“I will get you heal Liam, I will, I need to inform the others!”…..

⛩️⛩️⛩️STRANGE COVEN⛩️⛩️⛩️

The night was dark while the sky rumbled, lightening flashed and the sky dropped it tears, a dark aura that radiated the coven surfaced while dark plasma waves evolved round the Seer

The words of the great Seer of Argedon seemed to have hit Jackson really hard as he found them hard to digest while he took slow steps backwards

“Seer Of Argedon? Am I supposed to know what you are or something?” Jackson muttered while he slowly turned to face another direction but gasp as the seer strangely appeared and stood before him, with an evil smile etched on her void face

“No you don’t!” Seer of Argedon retorted and smirked as she took slow steps forward while Jackson began bouncing backwards

“Th… Then… Then what do you want with me?” Jackson who finally had the courage to speak asked the Seer with a masked expression

“Wrong! I want nothing to do with you but he does!” Seer of Argedon responded and grin

“He? Whose He?” Jackson asked

“Vokan, the god of hell!” Seer of Argedon said and smirked, walking gently with her right Palm over her left palm and with her head held high while her staff glowed darkly

“As it ever Dawn on you why the compulsion of Rokon never worked on you or why you kept having strange dreams?” Seer of Argedon asked while Jackson lit his face up with a worried expression

“How did you….. ”

“I was there, I have been following your trails and keeping watch over you since you were marked with the bloody bruises, the pain on your neck is the bloody bruises itself, it’s what made you to overcome the compulsion”

Seer of Argedon explained and smile while Jackson still held a confused gaze as he kept staring at her void face and her ruthless staff

“Marked? Why was I marked? Who’s the god of hell? Omg! This is so fucken insane! Am going crazy!! It’s all a dream, just take deep breath and it will all be over!!!” Jackson yelled, punching his face hard and blinking his eyes severally so as to confirm he wasn’t dreaming as he pedaled down the coven with frustrated expressions

“Listen to me boy! This isn’t a dream, I can’t believe Vokan really had fate in you!” Seer of Argedon said and sigh and almost immediately, an evil smile creeped towards her lips as she seemed to have thought of something

“Why didn’t I think about it before!” She muttered

“Did you say something?” Jackson asked while seer of Argedon slowly lifted her face high

“How about I grant you your long lost wish!” Seer of Argedon added while Jackson halted as he slowly turned to face her with a brightened expression

“What do you mean?” He asked

“Making you a creature like them, A Supernatural!”

☂️☂️☂️THE REALM ☂️☂️☂️

Scott could be seen running at inhuman speed through the cold night while he smashed a substance on the floor, creating a large variety of smoke as a portal appeared

A slight wind blew pass the strange room as a portal appeared, revealing Scott as he emerged from the portal with a worried expression, frantically turning as he searched for Damon and Rokon

“Damon!!” He yelled but suddenly halted as he sighted two being who emerged from the darkness within the strange room….. Damon and Rokon, their attention drifted over to Scott whose face expressionless

“Scott!” Rokon muttered

“I need your help, Save Liam, He’s dying!” Scott pleaded, his voice came out in a low growl as tears began boiling up in his eyes

“Slow down Scott, What Happened to Liam?” Damon asked with a worried expression while Scott exhaled as he began explaining

“Few hours Earlier while in the school, Something strange happened, the sky suddenly turned dark while a strange lightening struck the Earth, creating a large variety of green smokes, we had gotten so Intense and had ran out of the class but on getting outside, the Earth had a crack as a writing was impaled on it’s core, Liam found it weird and had dug his fingers into the strange Writings so as to confirm his thoughts but it did something to him and he fainted, he’s dying and it’s all my fault!”

Scott Explained while Damon and Rokon spared each other several glances before heaving as they made to speak..

“Did you say Writings?” Damon asked while Scott nodded

“And was this writings in any way written as ‘WE ARE BACK? HE WILL BE RISEN!”

Rokon asked while Scott nodded in response as he spared them suspicious glances while be ran his hand through his hair

“Wh…. Why do you seem to know the words?” Scott stammered

“Am afraid you need to see this!” Damon said as he plunged towards a direction while the rest followed and soon, they arrived at a destination

“Over there!” Damon added and Scott gasped as his gaze collided on the greenish Writings before him which read the exact words as the ones in the school

” Bu… But how’s this possible!” Scott asked

“We don’t know about that yet Scott, we think it’s some kind of a message from someone trying to warn us about something, something really really bad but… ” Damon said and paused

“But if what you said is true, then Liam is in trouble and we need to save him!”…..

⛩️⛩️⛩️STRANGE COVEN ⛩️⛩️⛩️


After the words of the Seer of Argedon, a deep silent had followed after her words as I just stood numb at the mentioned of her words, something kept tugging my mind as I stood still, unable to decipher what to do next

“Ar…. Are you really been serious? Can you really make me a Supernatural?”

I finally asked, breaking the awkward silence that ensured between us as I watched as the Seer slowly manovoured her way towards me

“I am not just called the great Seer of Argedon for nothing, I see everything and I can also make you a Supernatural and fulfill your long lost wish!” The seer Explained as her deep Black eyes rested on me while we stood few feet away from each others

“How?” i asked while the Seer smile and waved her hand, her staff trembled while the ground rumbled with tremor and soon, a dark little box could be seen floating on the air as it landed on her palm

“With this!”

The seer said and handed over the little box to me, I heaved, hesitating for a while before slowly collecting the strange box, I felt a rush of emotion rushed through my mind, making me shiver with excitement and satisfaction, at last, what I long wish for was finally here

Suddenly, I felt something tugging my mind at the turn out of event, this was too precious to be priceless and it sure couldn’t go just like that without a motive, the question that clouded my head became overwhelmed and I couldn’t help but asked

“Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me? What’s your real motive?” I asked grimly while I held my head up as our eyes locked

“Good question, I am not helping you, I am only following orders and fulfilling my wish to him!” She replied while I held a confused gaze and I couldn’t help but ask


“The god of hell!”

“Who the heck is the god of hell and what’s your relationship with him huh? What does he have to do with me?” I asked again, I needed to find answers

“The god of hell is the god of destruction himself, the ruler of hell, the underworld, long ago, after I had witness fatal battle at the my world, I had gotten injured and fled to a strange land where I almost died, the god of hell saved me and I made a promise to always serve him…. ” She stated and paused while I only gestured for her to continue

“Before the fatal War between the realm and the god of hell, Vokan had predicted everything including his lost and so he impaled the bloody bruises on you and perished alongside the battle after been defeated by Lobana but he had a wish, I was to watch over you and when the time was right, make you a Supernatural so you can set him free and now the time is right, I need to fulfill his last dying wish!”

The seer Explained and as strange as it could seem, I felt a wave of peaceful thoughts rushed through my mind and it felt good

“Okay what do I need to do?” I asked

“You need to set him free but by doing that, you need to get the blood of the two souls of Lobana, only then can we free him from the depths of the Earth!” She explained

“What’s in it for me huh?”

“If you awake the the god of hell and set him free, Vokan shall make you a superior over others and shall set you free!” She said while an evil smile etched my lips

“Who is Lobana!”

“Lobana is a combination of two people, Scott and Liam, those two brother merged to become Lobana but it’s a good thing I took care of that, we need their blood to free Vokan!” She explained while I smirked, I couldn’t wait to carry out my revenge on Liam and his brother

“And how do I do that?” I asked

“You need to become a Supernatural and to do that you need to drink the potion, the potion is a dark potion created by the blood of Vokan and dark magic, it’s extraordinary, when taken, it will make you invisible and more powerful than ever!”

She explained while I smiled as I stared at the little liquid before me, the thought of getting my revenge on Liam and Scott beclouded my mind and in a flash, I gulp in the entire contain of it, I felt my throat etched but soon, it all became normal

“I feel normal!” I muttered

“Wait for it!”

She replied and I shrugged it off as I made to speak but halted when all of a sudden, I felt a burning pain etched in my throat, piercing itself with my lungs while a seering heat flowed down my core and in a flash, I fell to the ground with a slight thought


I yelled as I felt my fingers became hardened, several fangs petruded out of my mouth while my claws grew longer, way longer, My eyes glowed red while several hair’s appeared on my cheeks, I felt the sudden urge for flesh while the taste of blood never left my thoughts, I felt Strange, I felt more powerful than ever, What the hell did she do to me?



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