LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 23





“Fools…… “…….
Jackson had been led to the Woods where he was compel by Rokon, but something strange happened, the compulsion didn’t work on him and we are about to find out why! Next Episode Commence……

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It was still night, the sky was becoming gloomy as the sky thundered and lightening flashed while the sky slowly dripped it tears, Scott and Liam could be seen be seen as they walked towards the path that led home

“How do you feel Scott?” Liam asked as they walked down the silent path

“Just normal you know, why do you ask!” Scott asked in response

“Nothing man but, need to say, how did you know I was in a weird Situation?” Liam elucidated and sigh as they continued walking

“I don’t know Man, I guess it started after our first transformation, I could feel every single thing you felt like right now, and that was how I knew something was troubling you, I felt a rush of hatred rushed through your mind while in the library, making me shiver with hatred and grudge!” Scott explained

“Omg! I also thought I was going crazy cause I felt you too man, literally like right now!” Liam explained with widen eyes as both figures grinned and continued walking….

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Liam and Scott could be seen as they walked towards the dinning table and sat quietly while they hungrily munched their food

“Where’s Mom Dad?” Scott asked as he noticed the little absent of their Father

“Your Dad had to go out boys, he needed to speak with Mr Wilson!” Mrs Dunbar explained as she got back to the washing of dishes that she was doing

“Oh, but what for Mom?” Liam asked while Mrs Dunbar heaved and gave him the ‘i-don’t-know-kind-of-look’

“Okay Mom, if you say so, Come on Scott, we need to hurry!” Liam said and stirred on his feet, hanging his bagpack behind his back as he plunged towards the door

“Will meet you there in a second dude, I need to finish this, so yummy!” Scott retorted and smiled as he continued munching the food hungrily

Liam heaved in frustration as he slowly advanced towards Scott and in a flash, held him strongly on his shoulder and began pulling him up

“Come on dude, we need to go!”

Liam yelled while Scott struggled to be set free as he still munched his food, Mrs Dunbar who stood from the other end of the kitchen smile broadly as she continued her dish washing while she watched what displayed between the boys……

The two brothers had arrived at the school in less than 30 minutes while they slowly moved through the crowd with brightened faces

“Hey baby!” Lydia said as she approached Liam and pecked him on his cheeks, Scott quickly tilted his gaze to another direction at the sight of their peck while Lydia smile as she turned to face him

“Of course you aren’t left out Scott!” Lydia said as she pulled Scott into a friendly hug while Liam just stood there with furrowed eyebrows

“Okay, that’s enough!” Liam said as he got them seperate while he cuped Lydia’s palm to his

“Someone is jealous!” Lydia said as they all walked towards their class

“No am not!” Liam replied

“Yes you are!” Lydia retorted and smiled


“Catch ya later okay!” Lydia said, waving a smile at Liam as she walked towards her class while swerving her hips with each steps she took, Liam stood frozen as he watched her leave while ugly thoughts crowded his mind

“Okay, seriously? Snap out of it dude, it’s scary!” Scott yelled at Liam who smiled as he snapped out of his silly fantasy

Not too long after they had entered the class, Jackson entered the class and smirked at them as he took his sit

“He’s still the same old bitch after been wiped away of his memory!” Liam said and grinned

“It’s still better than knowing our secrets, at least he won’t bother us again!” Scott said and Liam nodded

“Okay Class, let’s get started for the day!” A young teacher voice ranged out behind the door as a woman approached the class which became silent as she made to speak….


After the great War with Vokan, Everywhere (The realm) became calm once again as the god of hell left the entire realm for good after been put in his place

The wind blew pass two figures as a slow rush of emotions rushed through their hearts Making them shiver with excitement and peace

“Ha, Feels so good to be left peaceful and sound!” Damon said as both figures stood before the great Wall of the realm, it was the great building in the realm meant for the protectors of the realm

“It sure feels good! The damn Aiden isn’t here yanking us about his worries!” Rokon elucidated and formed a smile while both figures stared at each others and broke into a deep laughter

The peaceful emotions continue to wave down their core as they seemed to be enjoying the soft breeze but it didn’t last for long when suddenly, the realm thundered and sparked while the ground began to shake and crumbles of dust rose up while they defiled the gravity, the sky became more darker as a huge mass of dark lightening struck the ground, shooking the entire Realm to it’s hinges while the whole realm lits up as an explosion occurred

The blast seemed to be so strong and fierce as it affected both figures who fell to the ground due to the impact of the lightening while the strange lightening left a huge mass of green smoke that covered the entire horizons

“What was that?” Rokon asked

“I don’t know Man, it seemed…. ”

Damon couldn’t finish his sentence as a messenger ran towards their midst and bowed before them while panting heavily as if someone that had been struck by dead lightening itself

“There’s trouble Damon, something strange happened!” The man explained as he struggled hard to catch his breath

“What happened Freko?” Damon asked

“I don’t know My Lord but am afraid you have to see this!”……


School was yet to be over, everything seemed to be going well when all of a sudden, the sky turned completely dark while lightening flashed feriously as rumbling of sounds echoed round the school

“What’s happening?” Scott asked Liam as all students of Dylan College seemed to notice the weird change in the sky

“I don’t know Man but I got a feeling this is nothing good!” Liam battered and explained, and almost all of a sudden, everyone gasped as a huge mass of lightening struck the ground creating a large variety of green smoke, something that had never happened ever before


A piercing screamed filled the School as it seemed to be coming from outside, the tension around the crowded student Inside the school increased due to their large wail of panics

” What’s that?” Scott said and wasted no time as he barge through the door and ran through the dark silent hall, the hall seemed to be quiet dark as the strange lightening had affected their power system

“Wait dude!!” Liam yelled as he also barged through the door and followed suit after Scott, the rest of the students did the same act as they all swooped through the door and headed outside

A sudden gasped filled the air as all students made their way outside the school, by now the green smoke had cleared but something strange happened, The Earth had a deep crack while there was some kind of greenish writings on the Ground


Scott muttered with a confused gaze as he read our the words aloud, both Liam and Scott seemed not to understand a single thing as Liam slowly bent low to the ground, he heaved a sigh as he dug his hand Into the earth and inhaled the scent that came out of it


Liam yelled as the weird object seems to burned his hand as it glowed greenish while the whole crowd gasped at what just happened, Liam wailed louder due to the impact of the strange material as it’s already inflicted pain on him, cursed through his veins and spread faster to his core


Lydia yelled and ran towards Liam as she squatted low to Liam whose eyes completely became dark as he fell and fainted on the ground with a slight thud with his eyes shut closed, Scott who became alert panicked and squatted low to him too




It was late already, the dark thoughts of the wind clouded the stars as darkness swooped it way round me, I struggled hard to sleep as I kept shaking Indecently, finding it so difficult to sleep, sweat tickled down my body at each passing moment while the breeze got Wilder, earlier then, after Liam had strangely fainted, he was rushed to the hospital while the school authorities announced that we all head back home due to the strange incident

“Wake up!” A strange voice banged through my head as I kept sleeping

“Wake up!” It came again but I shrugged off the feeling while concentrating on the nice sleep that I wished to have

“It’s time! Wake up!!!” The voice said again but this this time around, more fierce, I yelled in pain, jerking off from the dream I just had as I clutch my head tight in pains, I slowly dropped my hand as the severe pain died down

I groan in pain while I darted my eyes towards the huge wall clocked that laid beside me and with a swipe of my hand, it fell to the marble tight floor, it was pass 2 already as it read 2:05Am already

“What was that strange voice all about?” I thought as I manage to shrugged off the feeling while I tried laying down so as to get more comforting sleep

“Wake up! Time is against us! It’s Time!”

The voice came again, banging strangely in my head and I cringed fearfully as I slowly stirred on my feet and darted my eyes through my room, scanning every single thing in my room

“Wh…. Who’s that?” I stammered

“That doesn’t matter right now, I will tell you all about me when you find me!” The voice reply

“What do…. What Do you want with me?” I asked again

“Wrong question, it’s not I, it’s he!” The voice replied and I gulp the lump that hunged my throat while I slowly drifted towards my window

“He?? Who’s he? How do I find you?” As strange as it could seem, I still managed to ask

“Good question, follow the path of my voice and head towards the Woods and then you shall find me!” The voice responded while I got more curious

“How…. How do I know when I get there?” I asked again while the tension around me raised higher as the red candles that flickered round me brought a seering heat to the room

“Believe me, when you get there, you all know, now get started!”

The voice said, it’s voice carrying authority round my room while I heaved a sigh as I jumped through my window, the ground had a slight crack as I landed with a loud thud, I dusted my body with my palms as I squinted my eyes through the darkness and headed towards the dreaded woods

The cold wild wind blew pass me while I cringe fearfully as I followed the strange path, the snaring of the strange voice got closer as I moved deeper Into the depths of the Woods, night crickets were already sounding all around

Suddenly, I halted as the ground quake and reverberating constantly while the dust of the ground slowly rise and defiled the law of gravity, I gulp fearfully as a red light shown round my neck and just immediately, shown on the ground, causing something strange as circular patterns spread wild through the ground, forming a triangular sign that glowed brightly

“Step on it!” The voice ordered again and I heaved as I slowly placed my leg on it, I gasped as the strange pattern formed a barrier while it slowly disintegrated and disappeared

The air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped open as the strange pattern that had disappeared, brought me to a strange coven, the air around the Strange coven was weird as it had a hidden aura, I gasped as I sighted a figure backing me as it held a strange staff……. A great staff

“Jackson Melf, I have waited quiet a long time for you!”

The voice said and swiftly turned around, I gasped as it strange gaze collided on me while it breath evil, It had a toothless face as it face was covered with void, the aura around it was infiltrating and suppressing but strangely, How the hell did it get to know my name?

“Who the hell are you?” I asked grimly as I took slow steps backwards with fright while it stealthily approached and opened it’s void mouth to speak

“Seer of Argedon!!!”….



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