LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 22





“I want to be strong, I want to be invisible, Make me a creature like you or I leak out your secrets!”

Everything is back to normal but what the hell is wrong with Jackson? Next episode commence….



“What?? Are you out of your fucken Mind?” Liam yelled at the mentioned of Jackson’s Words who smirked in return

“You heard me Liam or am gonna Exposed you all!” Jackson muttered as he responded to his words

“You don’t know what you are saying are you? Been a Supernatural is the same as living in hell, there’s nothing special about the damn thing!”

Liam yelled as veins sprouted sprouted out of his neck, they showed vividly, Jackson smirk got wider as he waved his phone in a mocking manner

“That’s my problem to worry about, not you, Liam so what’s it gonna be huh? Am running out of patience?” Jackson yelled

“I…. I.. I can’t do that!” Liam muttered

“Wrong answer, I’mma fucken gonna post it online now!”

Jackson said as he began typing some few things on his Phone, Liam scratched his head as if thinking about something

“I can’t!” Liam added

“Wrong answer again!” Jackson replied, still boring his eyes to his phone as he continued what he was doing while Liam boiled in more anger

“I can’t okay? I can’t do that! I can’t help you, I got transformed too!” Liam yelled as he explained while his eyes took a red shade, Jackson slowly raised his head and gasped at the sight of his eyes as he bounced backwards with fear

“Oh my, what a touching story but am afraid you got the wrong dude, it’s either you do something now or am gonna exposed you all now at the count of 3…… 2….. 1….. and…. ”

“Okay stop! Stop!! I will make you one okay!!! ” Liam yelled

“Now we talking, how do we go on with it huh?” Jackson asked while Liam slowly turned to think of something

“The woods! Meet me at Brinkon’s Woods tonight at past nine okay?” Liam yelled once again while Jackson squinted his eyes brows somehow strange as if suspecting him or something

“Okay! But, need to say, why the Woods?” Jackson asked

“Where else do you want a huge beast to come and make the transformation huh? Your damn house?” Liam yelled while Jackson smirked as he shrugged off the feeling

“So Brinkon’s Woods it is?” Jackson asked while Liam nodded as he slowly made to walk out

“Hey nerd, you better come alone and not with anyone or the consequences may be worst!” Jackson elucidated and Liam nodded as he walked out of the rest room, heading towards his class

Jackson smile wickedly as he tucked his phone into his trousers while he also headed towards the class.

“Are you sure you are Okay?” Scott asked Liam as they made their way through the crowd

“Am okay! Nothing’s wrong” Liam responded as they both entered their class

“Are you sure dude? You know you can always tell me anything!” Scott asked again

“Okay Man, you got me but can we prosponed this, I will tell you once we get home okay?” Liam said while Scott nodded

Not too long after they had entered the class, Jackson entered the class with a smirk plastered across his face as he waved his phone at Scott while he headed towards his seat

“Liam! Scott!! I need you both in my office now!” A man clad in a neat suit stated, his voice carrying authority round the room as all eyes trailed towards the two brothers, he seemed to be the head of the School due to his cool accent of speaking

Liam and Scott nodded as both brothers followed the strange man and made their way into his office while the man wore his glass as he took his seat

“What’s going on with you two huh?” The man asked while both brothers held a confused gaze

“Am sorry Mr Garry but we don’t really understand what you mean by that!” Scott replied

“What’s really going on with you two huh? You know you can tell me anything?” Mr Garry as he was been called said as he stared lustfully at the two figures before him

“Yeah, we know that Sir but they seemed to be nothing wrong I guess!” Liam replied

“Oh is that so?” Mr Garry said and placed two different notes before them

“That’s the record of your grades over the last month and it seemed wrong!” Mr Garry said while Liam gulp the lump that hunged his throat while they both stared at the strange note before them which recorded their last graded over the month, truth be told, they had been so busy with the realm that they had no time for grades which is probably affecting them

“What’s wrong with you two huh? You guys appeared to be the best students we ever had in the school but unfortunately, your grades had degraded over the past month and you keep skipping lectures!” Mr Garry yelled at them

“We are so sorry Mr Garry, we promised it won’t repeat itself again!” Scott replied while Mr Garry nodded

“Okay!! It’s better not, you two are excused!” Mr Garry said and heaved a sigh as both figures made their way out of his office

“Whoops! For a moment there, I thought we were gonna get a detention!” Scott said and heaved as both figures broke into a slight laughter

School was finally over, the two brothers smiled as they got down from the school bus while they plunged towards the path that led to their home

“It’s time already Liam, now tell what’s wrong with you!” Scott asked moments after both figures stepped into the quiet house as no one appeared to be home

“Okay dude, it’s about Jackson, he has been on our trail ever since….. ” Liam explained and paused

“He has been on our trail ever since you were possessed by Vokan, he found out about our secret and now he wants to be a damn creature like us Scott!” Liam explained angrily, breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath

“He has an evidence and he’s gonna exposed us all if we don’t make him a damn Creature like us!” Liam added while Scott heaved a sigh as he bored his eyes to the ground

“It’s all my fault, if only I hadn’t….. ” Scott stated, slightly pausing as a slight tear escaped his eyes

“Hey, it’s okay dude, it wasn’t your fault okay?” Liam said while Scott slowly nodded

“What did you tell him huh?” Scott asked

“I told him to meet me in the woods tonight, I was out of ideas, it was the only thing I could think of!” Liam explained and sigh while a smile creeped towards Scott’s lips as he smiled broadly

“I have a plan dude, What if we compel him to forget about everything and then we break the evidence!” Scott explained while Liam smile in response to his words but it didn’t last for long as a frown escaped his lips

“It’s a good idea Scott but you don’t know how to compel a human yet!” Liam explained as he became moody again

“What if I don’t have to compel him? What if someone else can do that?” Scott asked while Liam held a confused gaze as he slowly raised his gaze to meet Scott’s

“And who else can do that?”



It was night already, the silent echoes of the wild breeze illuminated the woods as Darkness swooped it presence and merged with the wind, a dim light gained from the bright stars illuminated the Woods as approaching footsteps filled the air

A fierce wind blew pass the hardened trees as Liam and Scott moved at insane speed and soon they emerged from the darkness with glowing eyes as they stood before a figure who backed them…… Jackson

“It took you long enough to come, I thought you wouldn’t make it, let’s get this over with!” Jackson said and formed a smirk as he swiftly turned to face the two duos

“Where’s the evidence?” Scott asked and Jackson frown as his gaze collided on Scott’s

“I thought I told not to come with anyone huh?” Jackson yelled

“He’s my brother nerd, wherever I go…… He goes!” Liam replied

“Suit yourself need, let’s get this over with, how do we start this?” Jackson asked

“The evidence first!” Liam said

“Not so fast, You have to give me what I want first before I give you the damn evidence!” Jackson yelled and smile, his smile didn’t last for long as he furrowed his brows and frown his face, clearly not expecting that as both brothers grinned and Chuckled

“You are clearly the most craziest person on Earth now you know?” Scott said and smirked while Liam ran his hands through his hair

“You weren’t really expecting me to come alone and then transform you right?” Liam explained and formed a grin as his eyes glowed red while he slowly advanced towards Jackson

“Stay back nerd or am gonna exposed you all!” Jackson yelled but Liam didn’t utter a word and neither did he budge as he kept moving toward Jackson with gradual steps

Jackson heaved a sigh as he held his phone firmly with his two hands while he began typing on his phone with both hands at a fast rate, a slight wind blew pass him as he felt the presence of someone before him


Jackson yelled as Liam sped towards him even he before he could say ‘duck’ while he stealthily grapped the phone and smashed it on a hard tree, the tree had a crack as Jackson’s phone collided on it and scattered Into tiny orbits

“Not so tough without an evidence now are you!”

Liam said with a smug as he howered above Jackson who fell to the ground as he began picking the tiny orbits that littered the ground

“Am gonna kill you! You will pay for everything you cost me Liam!! Trust me you surely will!!!” Jackson muttered angrily

“No you won’t, cause you won’t be remembering anything!” Liam said while he he turned to face Scott who nodded at him and waved his hand, Jackson who boiled in anger had a confused gaze as he bored his eyes to the scattered objects around him

Suddenly, a wild wind blew pass them as it revealed Rokon who emerged from the Darkness with red glowing eyes, Jackson gasped as he seemed to recognize the being who came into the light and now showed vividly

“Is this the human? How pathetic!” Rokon asked while he spared Jackson a deadly glare and began moving towards him, Jackson cringe as he began crawling backwards with fear

“Don’t come closer! Don’t you dare!” Jackson yelled but it didn’t last for long as strong arms gripped him by the neck and pinned him against a tree, a smile escaped Rokon’s lips as he made to speak while his eyesballs turned more reddish

“You won’t be remembering anything, you didn’t see anything, you know nothing about the Supernatural realm and it’s Creatures, there was no evidence, you saw nothing at the park or at the hospital, you never came to the woods today!” Rokon compelled with a smirk

“I didn’t see anything, I have nothing to do with the Supernatural realm and it’s Creatures, I saw nothing at the park or the hospital and I never came to the woods!” Jackson said as he stood still

“Good!” Rokon replied while he released his grip on Jackson who fell to the ground as he turned to face the others

“Is it done!” Liam asked

“It’s done, you need to learn compulsion by the way Scott, head to the realm tomorrow after your stay in the school, I don’t ever wanna go through this ever again!” Rokon said and smiled as he dashed out of the woods with lightening speed leaving behind Scott and Liam who smiled in response

“Shouldn’t we drop him off somewhere?” Scott asked, staring at Jackson

“No, he will be okay, he will find his way home, let’s get going!”

Liam said while a goffy smile creeped to his lips as they slowly turned to take one last glance at Jackson who seemed shock and nervous as if all his cool demeanor slipping away

Few moments after Liam and Scott left Brinkon’s Woods, the sky thundered and sparked while Jackson slowly raised his head up as a red weird light appeared and glowed brightly on his neck, Jackson gasped, breathing heavily as sweat trickled down his core while he Yelp as the weird light gave him a seering pain, he looked as if someone been through dead as he slowly stirred on his feet while a deadly smile creeped towards his Lips……

“Fools……… “…….



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