LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 20




“Impossible….. The prophecy is true….. Lobana is real!!?”

Aiden is dead, Damon suprisenly came back from the dead and killed him(Aiden), Chatunga left against his wills, Scott is free, Vokan appears to be in his smoke form, Lobana has appeared, the fate of the entire realm lies in his hands and Next episode commence……

⚔️⚔️⚔️THE REALM⚔️⚔️⚔️

The battle ground had quitened, thousands of skulls were everywhere and burning ashes littered the ground, the Creatures of the realm and the Creatures of Hell had all stop fighting as they witnessed the transformation of the strange being in form of two people who stood before them in his megazode size

“I told you didn’t I? Lobana exist and is standing before us, the Realm is safe!”

Alina explained with a grin while Vokan who dreaded with fear spared a deep glance as his face held a doubt for the first time

“But…. But…. I mean Liam… Scott??” Rokon and Damon said together with a shock expression while Lobana slowly turned to face them

“All hail Lobana!”

The whole crowd cheered, not the Creatures of hell of course but the Creatures of the realm, Alina smiled as the whole Creatures of the realm bowed and knelt before Lobana including Rokon and Damon, Alina didn’t though, she just stood there, sparing him a happy glance as she held firmly to her trident

“But…. It’s impossible, You can’t be real….. You can’t be real!!” Vokan yelled in his smoke form as Lobana turned to face him, the aura that came from him was suppressing

“Nothing is impossible, only with a failure can one truly know it’s true worth, you thought Scott was vessel but you were entirely wrong, he is the half soul of me which is needed for my full transfomation, Right now, I am everything, I am You, I am them, I am the sky and Earth….. I am Lobana!!”

Lobana explained, his deep grutttaral voice spoke in the form of two humans, Vokan frown his face as a smirk strangely appeared in the smoke’s Lips

“You maybe reborn but you are just a being, I can’t back out now, I must complete my long wish, I am the god of hell, the god of destruction and you shall taste my Wrath!”

Vokan said in his Smoke form as the red smoke glowed and dived towards the dead Aiden, Aiden’s gasped as his eyesballs turned White while the smoke penetrated through him


Aiden yelled, clutching his head tightly as his muscles expanded, his clothes tore and ripped apart as they couldn’t contain his size, Two long horns which burned with fire appeared on his head while he grew bigger and soon he was as the same size as Lobana, his eyes flashed Green as the ground splitted and a Shield and huge spear erupted from the ground and floated towards his arm

Alina frowned as she watched her trident trembled with a great tumor while the sky turned dark and formed the imprint of a long glowing sword and a spear in the cloud, Alina swiftly spun her body as she turned to face the Creatures of the realm

“Am afraid we need to head back now!” Alina said in one breathe while the rest spared her a confused glance

“What do you mean?” Damon asked

“Am afraid this place is gonna be a ruin as two gods clashed, we are gonna be dead if we stay here, the aura from them alone can create a fatal wound to our core, we need to head back!”

Alina explained further and Damon gulp the lump that hunged his throat as he turned to face the crowd, as if waiting for an order, Rokon waved his hands and the crowd began bouncing backwards and likewise did the creatures of hell, leaving behind the two gods who brawled at each others

“You should have left when you had the chance, you ain’t winning this time around, you are gonna rot in hell” Lobana elucidated and formed a smirk while he held tight to his Sword

“I am the god of hell, you were form from me and therefore, you can’t defeat me!”

Vokan said while an overwhelming laughter ranted the air, Vokan frown his face at the outcome, clearly not what he expected

“Though your blood flows through me but I wasn’t form from you, I am the son of hell whose blood is been flowed by four different blood…. ” Lobana battered and paused as he raised his gaze towards Vokan whose eyes glowed green

“You will die trying, but u will give you once last chance, give up!” Lobana finally completed his words while Vokan hummed with anger as he squinted his eyebrows somehow Strange

“I rather die trying than giving up!” Vokan said with a smirk as he dashed at Lobana with lightening speed, a smile creeped towards Lobana’s lips as Vokan gained widths towards him

“I warned You!” Lobana muttered as he ducked the spear that aimed for his head while In motion, Evaded an attack towards Vokan as he whizzed the Scarlet Sword through the thick air, the sword sliced the air, aiming for Vokan’s head as it carried a strange force alongside the thick wind and moved towards Vokan

Vokan in the form of Aiden jolted up and spinned his body as he deflected the Scarlet Sword which was aimed towards him

Lobana dashed towards Vokan with lightening speed, his steps creating quakes as the ground rumbled, Vokan muttered something amidst himself as he also dived towards Lobana with insane speed

Their clash had a huge impact, a massive blast which shook the whole realm from it’s hinges, causing several rocks from mountains to scattered as they descended towards the battleground with a fatal force

The god of hell smiled as he morped his hand into a shield, throwing the spear towards Lobana while it sliced the air and in motion, morped his other hand Into a blade, Lobana who was distracted after ducking the spear was too late as a blade penetrated and thrust through his heart, they was a loud commotion from the crowd at the sight that unfolded before them while Vokan smiled in satisfactory after watching Lobana crash to the ground with a loud thud

“What? He’s dead!! The prophecy can be wrong!” Rokon said from the other end of where they all stood while the Creatures of hell cheered as Vokan advanced towards them

“Wait for it!” Alina muttered, coupled with a smile that morped her lips

The ground quake as a burning flame burned round Lobana, Vokan stopped in his steps at the sight of the flame as he turned to face Lobana who smiled as he floated on the air, the ground reverberated as he landed on his feet

“How?? Impossible! I killed you!!” Vokan voiced out huskily in despair as his eyes glowed green

“Am not just call the Son of hell for nothing am I? You can’t kill me, I will just keep on resurrecting, that was merely a prank, now let the real fight begin”

Lobana muttered and smile, Vokan gasped as Lobana morped with the wind at the slightest moment, no one saw him move, it was like he was now boosted, his powers were beyond imagination

Vokan gasped as Lobana stretch the sword towards him while it sliced the air, the Scarlet Sword shrienk and splitted into five different swords as it moved towards Vokan, Vokan smiled and dived towards Lobana at insane speed, dodging the swords while lightening emited from his hands and directing it towards Lobana

Lobana welcome the force which landed on his body, hardly getting fazed from the hit, he smiled as he consumed it, Vokan hurled earth Rocks at him and directed them towards him, the latter heaved a smile as he countered attack by splitting the rocks into two with his Scarlet Sword

Lobana smiled and in one swing, thrust the sword into the rusty Earth, the aura that came from him was infiltrating as the Scarlet Sword glowed on his chest

“Impossible…. double splitting spell??” Vokan said and gasped as Lobana shrienk and formed 7 extra Lobanas

“Nothing is impossible, I am Lobana!” Lobana replied while he controlled Giants rocks, Vokan cringed with fear as Lobana controlled several Elements such as Fire, water, Earth and Air, forming them Into balls and directed them towards Vokan


Vokan yelled, letting go of his shield and spear as the several Elemental balls collided with him and created a huge impact, he Yelp as the severe pain cursed through him while his left hand detached from his body, Lobana moved at Insane speed, much faster and sleeker as no one saw him and in a flash, thrust the Scarlet Sword through Vokan as it penetrated through his tummy and came out at the other hand

Vokan gasped as he shrinked and took his normal form, by now Lobana had merged and become just one Lobana Instead of seven, the ground splitted as the smoke came out of Aiden’s body, Lobana raised the Scarlet Sword up and a bright light shown from it as it repelled Vokan who yelled as the the sword consumed him, repliting his soul and in a flash, he got consumed by the light as the light attracted his soul, pulling down down the opened ground which later closed up.

The Creatures of hell cringed at the sight of what just unfolded before them as they all turned and started bouncing backwards, Lobana smile and wave of his hand, the sky turned dark while the imprint of the shield and spear in the sky disappeared, leaving behind the Scarlet Sword as it sparked with lightening and rained fire, a huge Portal appeared in the sky and a force came out of it, consuming the creatures of hell and greenish creatures as it pull them Into the portal, a loud uproar could be heard from the Supernatural creatures of the realm as the portal closed, after consuming the entire deadly Creatures

Alina smiled as Lobana approached them, the Scarlet Sword sparked with lightening as the ground splitted and in a flash, the sword disappeared into the ground which later closed up, Lobana smiled and in a brief movement, shrienk as it formed two Humans, Scott and Liam

Tears streamed down Scott face as both figures crashed weakly on the ground, too weak stand as it appeared to be their first transformation

“Hey! You did nothing wrong okay, you did it, we did it!” Liam said and a goffy smile creeped to his lips

“Yes we did!!”…..

The realm had become dead silent as a graveyard, the War was finally over, Vokan, the god of hell was gone and gone for good, all was back to normal as his Creatures of hell all perished alongside him after been repelled into the depths of the Earth

“What’s happening to her?” What’s happening to my Mom?” Scott yelled as Mrs Dunbar’s face suddenly turned dark and black veins sprouted out from her neck while she laid on the soft sofa she was placed on

“Am afraid, she… She… She

“She’s what?” Liam yelled

“She’s not gonna make it, you destroyed Vokan during the fight and am afraid, once her Creator his gone, then she will also be gone for good!” Rokon explained while tears began streaming down the face of both Scott and Liam, Liam suddenly cleared his tears away as if remembering something

“The cure…. The cure! It might work on her, we never got to use it on her, give her the cure!” Liam yelled as he suddenly thought of something

“Give her the cure!” Rokon said as Damon fetched the cure and dripped some liquids on her lips, soon, her face suddenly turned normal while the black veins disappeared, her eyes were normal as well as her claws, she was back to normal

“I guess this is were we part!” Alina said as she faced Liam and Scott who wore a confused look

“Huh? Why? Can’t you stay here any longer, the realm needs you!” Liam muttered as he bored his eyes in her

“No it doesn’t, the realm have you, back then when I saw my vision and when I first saw you, for a moment there, you got me thinking you were Lobana because of your strange aura but unfortunately for me, it turned out that you needed your brother to complete the transformation!”

Alina explained and smile, Liam and Scott spared each other several glances and soon, they all erupted into a laughter

“Though I didn’t get to meet you and know you better but need to say, I will miss you, they all will!” Scott said while staring at Alina who nodded and turned towards Damon and Rokon

“Thanks Alina! The realm owe you one, if you ever need anything, do not bother to come ask for help!” Damon said, Alina smile and nodded and in a split moment, dived towards a portal

“She’s gone!” Liam muttered

“Yes she is, her people needs her, the people of Zalwanga needs her!” Rokon explained

“Wait a minute, I thought you were dead, I watched you die, then how come you are here!” Liam asked Damon who heaved as he began explaining

“That’s was not me, it was a diversion, it was a piece of a magical seed, used to transform into any person of our choice, Alina saw a slight sigh, She suspected Aiden, we all did and so we followed him, we secretly investigated him, following his every details and we later discovered that he was a spy of Vokan who secretly sends out our message to them, not too long ago, Alina suddenly saw a slight vision of my dead after I was killed by Aiden and so we decided we used the magical seed so, that wasn’t me but the seed!”

Damon explained and both duos eyes widened at the explainnations of his words

“You gotta be kidding me!” Scott muttered

“Am not, am here aren’t I?” Damon said and formed a smirk while they all bursted into an overwhelming laughter

“Ahem, I want to plead for something!” Liam said while all eyes suddenly trail towards the two figures

“Ask my Lords, after all, the whole realm belongs to you both!” Rokon said

“Stop that, anyways, I heard a Vampire can compell a human, so now that my mom is human, I was hoping you could compell her to forget everything, I don’t want her getting involved in the Supernatural realm and having to do anything with it, I don’t want her getting hurt!” Liam explained and Scott nodded in agreement while Rokon heaved a sigh

The sound of a sudden gasped diverted their attention as all eyes trailed towards Mrs Dunbar as she slowly flunged her eyes open, the bright light blurred her vision but later cleared off as she slowly stood and sat on the bed

Tears streamed down Scott face as her gaze collided on him while he bored his eyes to the ground with regrets, she immediately cringed at the sight of him while grapping the bedsheets tightly

“Monster! You are a monster, Liam, get away form him, He’s a Monster!” She yelled

“Look at me Mom! All will be alright, that wasn’t Liam okay? He was possessed and he also cured you after he got freed freed from his compulsion!”

Liam explained while the tension around them died down and became calm again, Scott whose eyes were already teary slowly raised his gaze as they collided with hers once again

“Is…. Is that true Scott?” Mrs Dunbar slowly asked while stammering as Scott nodded

“It’s true mom and am sorry, am… Am… !” Scott tried explaining but it didn’t last for long as he broke into more tears

“Come here Scott and you too Liam!” Mrs Dunbar said with a smile while both figures ran to her and ended up in her arms

“How did you get to know of this place? How did you guys become…. I have so many questions to ask!” Mrs Dunbar said in one breath while silent followed after her as the two brothers stirred on their feet

“Am sorry Mom but we have to do this!” Liam said and Scott nodded while they slowly turned and faced Rokon who smiled in response

“With pleasure!!”….



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