LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 18





The great fight has started, prohecy is yet to be fulfilled, Vokan is absent and so is Mrs Dunbar, Kox and Rokon are brothers, The fatal War has started, The two teams clashed, Who’s Winning? How will this Ferocious War End? Next Episode Commence…..

⚔️⚔️⚔️NOW ON LOBANA⚔️⚔️⚔️

⛩️⛩️⛩️LIAM’S ABODE ⛩️⛩️⛩️


“Wake up! Wake up Liam!! Wake up!!!”

I breath heavily as I struggled hard to catch my breathe while the same voice kept ranging in my head

“Where am I?” I muttered as I stood before an ancient Placement, More likes Ancient Ruins, it seems like a Fatal War had clash here, the buildings were Ancient, More likes Rocks

“How did I get here?” I asked myself again as I seem not to remember how I got here, the last thing I remember was…. The realm….. My bed….. and now……. Am here?

“That’s impossible!” I muttered amidst myself as I plunged towards a direction, the writings on the ruins glowed brightly as i got led to a vase Placement

I stood numb as I sighted Seven figures, clad in ancient ropes as they seem to be discussing some few things, I moved closer to them, Wanting to listen more to their conversation as it got me intrigued

“We have to seal him, we have to seal the god of destruction!” One of the figure said as I got closer

“That’s the only way, we sacrifice our lives to seal the god of hell!” Another figure stated

“That won’t hold him forever!” The third figure said

“But someone can, I see the future, a being shall rise to retrieve the Scarlet Sword and end the reign of Vokan, the son of hell himself, a being whose veins is been flowed by 4 different blood, the blood of Vokan, the blood of the seven gods(our blood), the blood of the humanity soul and the blood of the god of nature!”

The third figure explained while the rest gasped at the mentioned of his words, tension filled the ruins as tremor trembled in the sky

“And who is this being?” They all asked


I gasped at the mentioned of the name while the whole realm slowly faded and turned to dust

“Wake up Liam! Wake up!! The realm needs you!!!” The same voice voiced out again and I gasped as I flunged my eyes open, my vision was blurry as everything in my path became dark

“It was just a dream!” I thought as I stirred on my feet while everything in my path became clear again


I yell as I felt a sudden pain on my chest, I Yelp as I tilted my face all the way there and frown as I felt my heart burning

“The realm….. You need to head there! It needs”

The voice said again and I manage to stirred on my feet as I shrugged of the painful feeling, I hastily wore my clothes as I turned to face my environment, it was morning already

“I need to head to the realm!”…..


The armies of destruction and the Creatures of hell charged in inhuman speed as they clashed with the creatures of the realm, the aura was captivating as both team tend to tear each other’s apart

Rokon fought alongside his armies as he duck a fire blast and grap a creature by the neck and smashed it head on a wooden spike, causing it’s fire-like head to burst while smelly liquids drip from it’s head

Rokon smile as he leap and landed in the midst of several greenish creatures and in motion, ran at inhumane speed and ripped out their hearts, sweats trickled down his face as he charged at his opposing creatures

Meanwhile, Damon on the other hand, fully transformed Into a werewolf, ducked a claw swipe and bounced towards the creatures while in motion pinned them to the ground and ripped out their hearts

He banged his feet on the ground, giving him a projectile force while he bounced towards the thousands of deadly Creatures, a greenish Creature yell as it got hold of a sharp elongated wood and bolted it towards Damon who ducked the wood and smile as he merged with the wind and connected a sudden punch to the creature’s jaw who flew backwards and crashed on a Sharp spike

All this while, something strange happened, Aiden smile as he sat on a high hill, not that high though, he smile as he watched what unfolded before him while he couldn’t be sighted by any Creature and Neither could Damon and Rokon who were engulfed in the fatal clash

“It’s time I lend a hand before the real show begins!”

Aiden said with a smirk as he leap high, way higher that any normal human being could and dived at a particular creature


A severe scream ranted the air as Aiden fist landed on the creature’s chest while it’s intestines burst and disintegrated Into orbits

“Glad you help!” Rokon said as he stared at Aiden who smirked as he ran at inhuman speed

“Ahhhhhhhh, help! Help!!! Please hel…..!!!”

A creature of the realm couldn’t finish it’s sentence as it yelled with pain, severe pain as a creature of hell dipped it claws Into it’s eyeballs and pluck put his eyeballs while he chewed on them like something edible

Alina hopped down from the back of Chatunga who took the form of a huge Lion.
Chatunga transformed into a huge Lion with white glowing wings as he flew up in the sky and breath out fire towards the opposing creatures who seem endless as Thousands of Creatures of hell kept swooping towards the battle

Alina Whose body shown in all glory swerve her hips as she walked amidst the Creatures with her glowing regalia while several Creatures swooped towards her


Alina chanted, hitting her trident of the ground while the sky trembled and a huge mass of lightening struck the Creatures that dived at her including the creature that fed on the eyeballs of a fellow creature

Alina smile as her staff glowed, hopping on the back on Chatunga while they both dived at the incoming Creatures, Alina raised her trident to the sky, controlling several volts of lightening and struck it on the ground, causing the ground the reverberate and split into two as the earth opened and swallowed several Creatures….

Just few feet away from the Fatal clash, on the hilltop of a huge mountain, Vokan and Mrs Dunbar could be seen as they watched everything that unfolded before him, he grinned evilly as he seem to be enjoying everything that happened

“Scott!! You son of a bitch, let them go! Let me go!!” Mrs Dunbar pleaded as she stood in the hot sun, Vokan frowned his face as he turned to face her

“Shut up! It’s a good thing am no ordinary creature, the only reason why the sun ain’t burning your skin is because you have my blood, now shut up and watch how these foolish creatures will all perish, including your Son….. Liam!”

Tears streamed down Mrs Dunbar at the mentioned of Liam as she boil in anger, the anger became immense and she wail as she move towards Vokan and made to hit him but her hand Stop Midway, she stare at her hand and then back to Vokan, trying to say something but couldn’t as she ended up mumbling amidst herself, still no words were coming out

“Am your creator, you can’t talk if I don’t say so and you can’t hit me I don’t permit you to, I created you, you belong to me and you can’t harm me, you will die trying!”

Vokan who seem to get what Mrs Dunbar was trying to say explained as he waved his hands towards her

“You won’t win, seems like the strange girl with a trident and the huge Tiger will crush you with one blow!”

Mrs Dunbar said and chuckled slightly, her smile soon turned to a frown as she watched Vokan brawled in an eternal laughter

“I think it’s time I intervened, it’s time I let you see the raw power of your creature, the god of hell, it’s time you watch how I crush Alina and her puny little creature and you are gonna help, they have gotten weakened enough”

Vokan explained and laughed, much to the displeased of Mrs Dunbar whose face suddenly became frightened, Vokan who seemed to be enjoying her cringed with fear smile as he turned to face the Fatal clash

“It’s time Aiden, Let it begin!”

Vokan said and smile as he waved his hand towards Mrs Dunbar whose eyes suddenly turned Red, claws crept out of her fingers while her face tuned dark

“What are you doing to me?” Mrs Dunbar yelled with fright

“You are accompanying me!” Vokan said and smirk as he watched Mrs Dunbar leap high, way higher than any of the vampires at War as she descended down the mountain

Vokan smile as his body began vibrating, a strange aura radiated from him as he transformed into a deadly smoke whose form spark with lightening, the sky became dark as the smoke flew higher into the sky

“Long time brother! Let me see how you have improved over the years!” Kox said with a grin as both creatures lurked round one another

“I have no brother, my brother died the moment he went astray and joined the force of evil!” Rokon said as he stared daggers at Kox

Both brother hummed with severe anger as the wild breeze around them became tightened, a whirl sound could be heard as both brothers dived at each others

Rokon ducked a claw swipe as he bounced and bolted a kick at Kox in motion, Kox smile as he dodged the kick, grapping the stretch leg and flunged him towards a wall as he crashed on the hard Wall

“Seriously! Same olds move as hundreds years ago, Father should have choosed me instead of you!” Kox said

“I get it now, just because Father choosed me over you, you had to join the god of hell? How pathetic!” Rokon replied while he stirred on his feet with blood stains lips

“Ahhhhhhh, am gonna kill you!”

Kox yelled, slipping and dashing towards Rokon at inhuman speed and in motion, tapped his leg on the floor, causing a projectile force as he leap high and in motion, stretched out his claws towards Rokon who only smile as Kox advanced towards him, it was all he needed, the smile got wider as he picked a wooden spike on the ground with inhuman speed and thrust it towards the hard of Kox who gained widths towards him

Kox Yelp as the severe pain racked through his body, he struggled hard to regain his stance as the wooden spike had impaled and damaged his heart, the more he struggled to stand, the more he got weaker as he slowly fell on his knees

“H….. How? It’s impossible?” He managed to say while Rokon smiled as bent low to his height

“Over the years, I have always lost to you but I learned something, only with anger can you lose your defense and control and only with that can I defeat you……. You lost and so shall Vokan!!”

Rokon replied as he gently got hold of the wooden spike and thrust it further Into Kox heart in a slow motion, the severe pain became too immense as blood dripped from Kox’s lips whose face look pale as it gradually turned dark

“You….. You bastard! Vok….. Vokan shall reign!!”

Kox struggled to say as he let go of his last breath and in motion, crashed weakly to the ground as his face went completely dark while his eyes looked sour

Damon and Aiden Could be seen as the bypass several Creatures and continuously ripped out their hearts, A smile escaped Aiden’s lips as a claw swipe was aimed at him, he closed his eyes, welcoming the force as a claw swipe connected to his tummy, causing him to crash to the ground with great tumor


Damon yelled huskily In despair as he ran towards Aiden and bent to pick him, tears began streaming down his face as he watched the blood that gradually flowed from Aiden’s tummy


He yelled as got on his feet and dashed towards the creature with inhuman speed, he ducked a punch and bent low as he connected a claw to it’s tummy and tore out it’s intestines

“Da…. Damon!!!!!”

Aiden manage to say, raising up his arms towards Damon who hastily walked towards him and bent low to his height with a smile creeped to his lips

“Stay with me Aiden, stay with me! Don’t you dare let go of your arm, I got you!” Damon said in one breath while he watched Aiden struggle to stand on his feet

“I will be okay, just help me up!” Aiden said with a smirk while Damon bent lower to his height and held him round the waist as he tried pulling him up when all of a sudden, the unexpected happen

A look of shock which morphed into agony appeared on Damon’s face as a Sharp claw penetrated his skin and digged deeper into his throat, he suddenly let go of his arms on Aiden as he placed them on his throat while he struggle to stop the bleeding and slowly fell on his knees, it was evident that dead lurked around

“Ai…. Aiden! Why??” Damon manged to say as his claws took their normal shapes while his eyesballs took its normal shade

“Because I am the spy of Vokan, did you really think you would win this war? How pathetic! I serve the god of hell alone !”

Aiden said as he penetrated a claw swipe into Damon’s neck again who gasped as his face ran cold while his entire life force drained from him and suddenly let go of his arm as he crashed with a loud thud with his eyes shut tightly closed, blood flowed all the way from his neck and soon, he was in his won pool of blood, Aiden grinned evilly as he towered above the dead body below him while the wound on his tummy fused and merge together, not a single scratch could be seen


Liam who strangely emerged from a portal almost immediately yelled and gasped as he beheld a terror, while he cringed at the sight that unfolded before him, he had never seen sure a deadly clash before, he watched with horror as blood dripped from Aiden’s claws while Damon laid in his own pool of blood

“You came too late kiddo, you couldn’t save him!” Aiden said in a mocking manner

“I will kill you! You betrayal!!”

Liam yelled with so much fury as he dived towards Aiden with inhuman speed while his eyesballs turned Red

The sky suddenly turned darker as lightening flashed through the sky, a black smoke which merged with a slight thunder could be seen flying towards the battle Field as it crashed in the midst of all Creatures, creating a huge smoke as a huge mass of explosion shook the entire horizon to it’s hinges


Liam yelled as he got repelled back by the huge force while every creature on the battle ground flew backwards and crashed to the ground except Alina whose trident trembled as it formed a shield, the protectors gasped as the smoke cleared off to reveal the god of hell whose body sparked with lightening, coupled with Mrs Dunbar who stood by his side with red glowing eyes





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