LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 16




[NOTE]: The Yellow Smoke Is Just a symbol for the protectors of the realm which means that Mrs Dunbar has been found, it’s not her Powers…..


“Roger that sherriff!!”…
So the search for Mrs Dunbar is still at large while a signal has been send by Rokon already, Jackson confronted Liam who had little knowledge of what he actually meant, Mr Wilson, been an expert on paranormal cases discovered the incident at the hospital to be caused by an animal or a vampire, a scene was captured and also shown to Mr Dunbar who seems to be alarmed, Next episode commence….


The sound of approaching footsteps could be heard as they got closer, revealing Liam whose eyes took a Red as he leap from trees to trees and landed with a loud thud as he plunged towards a direction

“Hey, I came as soon as I saw the symbol, where’s Rokon?” Liam asked as he approached Damon

“He’s up ahead, it seems he found your Mom!” Damon replied as they both stared at each others

“Let’s get going already!” Liam said as he plunged towards a direction, coupled with Damon who followed after him and soon, a figure could be seen as they approached him, it was Rokon

“Hey, where’s my Mom?” Liam asked as they got closer to Rokon

“She’s close to us, I know where she is!” Rokon replied

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get going!” Liam yelled as he made to walk towards the direction Rokon pointed at

“Wait, need to say, your Mom has been at large for a day now, as a newly woken Vampire, she’s now vulnerable and can be controlled easily by her Creator, she might hurt you!” Rokon explained while Liam eyes widened at the mentioned of his words

“There’s gotta be something we can do, I can’t just give up on my Mom!” Liam snapped at Rokon

“Isn’t there a way to break the bond between the Creator and Mrs Dunbar, there’s a plan right?” Damon asked Rokon who bored his eyes to the ground

“Am sorry, am afraid there’s none, over the years, no one has ever been able to break free from the bond between it’s Creator and the being, it has never happened, we might stand a chance if she hasn’t been countered by her Creator!” Rokon explained

“Then we need to hurry!” Liam said as he turned to walk

“Wait!” Rokon yelled at Liam

“What? Did you get something?” Damon asked

“Yes, it’s true that no one has ever been able to breah the bond that bined it to it’s Creator but…. “Rokon said, slightly pausing as he turned to face the two duos

“But what? Spit it out already!” Liam yelled

“Yes, why didn’t I think of that? No one has ever broken free from the connection that bined the two creatures but there’s another way, your Mom has just been awoken and the taste for blood is all she wants right now, she has no control over it but you can try talking to her, getting her to take control of her lust for blood and maybe, just maybe, it might work!” Rokon explained while Liam smiled broadly as he turned towards the direction

“Let’s get going!!”…..


The motor park was as silent as a graveyard as no soul could be seen, soon, the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard as a man could be seen walking briskly towards a direction, he smiled broadly as he sat on a branch and typed some few things on his phone

Suddenly, the sky turned dark as an infiltrating aura emerged from the woods, a snaring sound could be heard as it got closer, the aura became deadly as it lurks round the figure, seeking so much for something

“Oh No, I didn’t know it would rain!” The figure muttered as he stared at the sky, then back to his phone

Suddenly, the figure gulp as he noticed some strange movements in the woods, he squinted his eyes through the darkness as he seem to search for anything weird, he smile as he sighted nothing and soon got back to his normal positioned

“What? Who .. who…. Who’s that? Anyone there!” The figure asked as a tree branch seemed to shake ferociously, the place he sat was closed to the woods as tall trees were all behind him, he smiled again as he got back to what he seems to be doing

The figure gasped as everything in his path completely became dark as a single thing couldn’t be seen, it was evident that something was causing it, this time around, the aura became more darkly intense, causing the figure to stop what he was as trouble loom round him, the figure slowly tilted his head towards a direction as he heard some strange movement behind him, he gasped as his eyes collided on a figure, causing him to crash weakly on the ground as he crawled backwards

“Blood! I need blood!! Blood!!!”

Mrs Dunbar said with red glowing eyes as she approached the already scared figure, her claws crept out of her fingers as her face ran cold, black veins sprouted out of her neck, spreading through her face as it all turned dark

“Help! Help!! There’s a monster!!” The figure pleaded as he quickly stirred on his feet and bounced towards a direction, he gasped as Mrs Dunbar seem to strangely appear before him


The figure yelled in pain as he felt something sharp digging deadly Into his soft skin, his eyes look pale as he became numb, unable to decipher what to do next as he stood still, the feeling became more intense as Mrs Dunbar continually drained his entirely blood from his system

“St….. Stop!!” The figure manage to say as Mrs Dunbar kept a constant focus, draining out every single blood from his system, her eyes turned deep red and soon, a loud thud could be heard as she beheaded the figure whose head and body fell to the ground with a loud thud

“Mom!! Stop!!” Liam yelled as he beheld a terrifying horror, Mrs Dunbar slowly tilted her head towards the direction of the voice and gasp as her gaze collided on Liam

“Omg! She’s a ripper!!” Rokon yelled as he crashed weakly on the ground on sighting the blood, black veins sprouted out of his neck as his eyesballs took a red shade, it was evident that he was fighting the urge for blood, the whole heat died down as he slowly stirred on his feet while his eyesballs took their normal shapes

“Li…. Liam!!” Mrs Dunbar voiced out with a teary voice as her whole body began shaking, tears streamed down her face as she stared weakly at her claws while the blood of the figure dripped from her lips

“Am… Am… Am a Monster! Am a monster!!!” Mrs Dunbar yelled as she touched her lips which dripped blood and gasp as she howered below the dead body which laid below her

“Mom look at me, look at me Mom! You are not a Monster!! You are Mrs Dunbar, my Mom, am gonna fixed what happened here okay!” Liam snapped at his Mom while Rokon and Damon listened with keen Interest, each hoping that the plan would workout

“I killed him! I killed him!! Am a Monster!!!” Mr Dunbar yelled as she crashed weakly on the floor, tears streamed down her face as she bored her eyes to the ground

“Don’t come obver! Am a monster!!” Mrs Dunbar yelled as Liam approached her while she crawled backwards, a relief feeling spread down her core as she felt a soft touch on her skin while Liam bent low to her height

“Mom look at me, you ain’t a monster and you never will!! You are my Mom and a creature like me!” Liam explained as he closed his eyes and flunged them open, Mrs Dunbar gasped as Liam eyes took a red shade

“You… You… You are…. ”

“Am a unique creature like you Mom! You ain’t a monster and you never will be” Liam explained as he held his Mom up, by now, her claws took their normal shapes while her eyes took its normal shade as her face became normal, the black veins all disappeared

“Scott! He did this to me!! He killed me!!! He turned me into this vicious creature, I killed that nurse Liam! I killed her and now, I killed him too!” Mrs Dunbar voiced out again as tears streamed down her face the more, she began bouncing backwards as her gaze collided on Liam’s neck, her eyes were threatening to change while the feeling for blood urged her the more

“Fight it Mom! I have the cure!! I will heal you!!!” Liam said as he approached his Mom whose eyesballs soon took their normal shapes as Liam stood before her

“It’s working!” Damon yelled happily

“Give him the cure!” Rokon said as Damon threw the cure towards Liam who caught it with one swing

“Take the cure Mom and let me take you home!” Liam said as he handed over the glass like material to his mom who spared it a glance

“Will…. Will…. Will it really cure me?” Mrs Dunbar asked as she open the cover of the material

“It will mom, you will be back to normal!!” Liam explained as he watched his Mom who open the cure and slowly took it close to her lips

Suddenly, Mrs Dunbar gasped as her eyesballs took a red shade while black veins sprouted out of her neck, letting go of the cure as it crashed on the floor, something or someone was taking over her body, Liam yelled in pain as he got hit by a dark force, causing him to crash on a rock as blood dripped from his mouth

“Mom!!!!” Liam yelled as a portal mysteriously appeared behind his Mom while he watched as she dived Into it, the Portal soon closed up and Liam boiled in anger as a figure emerged from the darkness

“Scott!!” Liam yelled as Scott(Vokan) could now be seen

“What? You missed me?” Scott asked in a mocking manner as he stood before them

“Am gonna kill you! Am gonna kill you!!” Liam yelled as he stirred on his feet, leaping towards Scott with inhuman height and in motion dived a kick at Scott who strangely stood his ground with a grin plastered across his face

Liam gasp as his kick stopped Midway while he floated on the air, he yelled in pain as he struggled hard to catch his breath, it was evident that he was chocking, a loud thud could be heard as he collided on the ground while blood gushed out from his mouth

Damon and Rokon nodded at each other as they dashed towards Scott with inhuman speed, Scott chuckle as he slipped and in a flash dashed towards them, a loud thud could be heard as both figures fell to the ground with a loud thud while Scott emerged from the darkness, no one hardly saw him move as he connected a bone breaking Punch to their ribs in less than a minute

“Impossible!! You are not a Vampire neither are you a Werewolf! Tell me, what… What are you!” Rokon yelled as he yelp in pain

“I am the impossible, I am the god of hell, I have been trapped for too long and now am freed, see you in the great Battle ahead, I will like to watch how you will kill your Mom with your own hands Liam!” Scott explained while a grin never left his face

“Vokan!!!” Rokon and Damon said in unison as they watched Scott dived through a portal which soon closed up, they gasp, cringing with fear as their faces held terror

The sirens sudden sounds diverted their attention as they stirred on their feet while the sky cleared off, it was evident that it was under the control of Vokan all this while

“We need to go!” Damon yelled as the siren got louder

“Mom! My mom!!” Liam yelled as tears streamed done his face again

“You need to stay strong Liam, we will find your Mom but right now we need to get out if here before they get here!” Damon yelled as he smashed a substance on the floor, causing a portal to appear, the three Creatures heaved as they bolted through the portal which In turn, closed up..

Meanwhile, Jackson smiled widely as he watched everything that transpired before him while he captured everything with his phone, a smirk escaped his lips as he came out from his hiding, it was evident that he had followed Liam all the way from school and has been watching everything that happened the entire time

“Hmmm, with this, I can get you all exposed and also get what I want, you are gonna pay Liam, you will pay!”….



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