LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 15




[NOTE]: Be rest assured, The great fight will soon start, it’s been two days already and just two more days left before Lobana will finally be revealed, the fatal clash is soon to be beheld…

“Fools, let’s see how you are gonna catch her, she’s more than I expected!”….

Mrs Dunbar has woken up, she’s now a Vampire, will she be cured? A weird light glows round Jackson’s neck, what’s it? Jackson has a plan to become a Supernatural, will he succeed? Next episode commence…..
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“All hail Lord Vokan!!!” The crowd roared as Vokan made his way amidst the crowd while a grin never left his lips

“Fear not Creatures, just two days left before we attacked the Supernatural realm, nothing can stand in our way!” Vokan said and the crowd cheered as he sat few feet’s away from Kox who bored his eyes to the ground, Vokan who noticed the mood swings in Kox spared him a glance as he spoke

“What troubled your heart Kox? Say it already!” Vokan said, his voice carrying authority round the realm

“Am just worried my Lord, why not we attack the Supernatural realm immediately, am afraid if we don’t, we are letting them grow stronger and preparing traps for our arrival!” Kox replied, still boring his eyes to the ground, the whole crowd quitened as they pay rapped attention to what unfolded between the two Creatures

“Nonsense!!!” Vokan yelled

“Forgive me my Lord, I was just been worried!” Kox pleaded, raising up his head to meet Vokan’s gaze who draft in anger

“The Supernatural realm is as weak as an empty space, I had a plan all along, Mrs Dunbar was part of my plan, I knew if I made Mrs Dunbar a Vampire, it would make Liam anxious and would want to save her….. ” Vokan said, slightly pausing as he gulp before speaking

“Therefore, he would have to seek help from Damon, I knew they would help him and by doing so, they would pay no attention to the plan of capturing me, just two days left and they have no special plan at all, my plan is going as planned!” Vokan finally completed and the crowd cheered the more as a loud uproar could he heard

“I now understand my Lord, your knowledge is far beyond imagination, no one is compared to you!” Kox said and Vokan heaved as he made to speak

“No, don’t thank me, it’s all thanks to the vessel, all I did was turn his plans against himself, he had plans of saving the realm but I turned them against him and it worked!” Vokan explained causing the crowd to cheer the more as they all cheered with joy

“My Lord, I… I…I… “Kox mummured

“Speak!!” Vokan yelled

“Mrs Dunbar, What happens when she’s fine found? Am afraid after she’s found and cured, the protector of the Supernatural realm will start working out a plan!” Kox said

“Fear not, it doesn’t matter if she’s got, she’s so much more than I expected, a decoy in part of my plan, am afraid she can’t be caught easily and besides, I have a plan!… “….


A loud gasp could be heard as the Few doctors and nurses made their way into Mrs Dunbar’s ward, before them laid the dead whose blood had been drained away from her body as she laid weakly on the floor, the doctors cringed with fear as they beheld the terrific sign

“Oh my God! Oh my God!! Am gonna puke!!!” A Doctor said as she vomited after witnessing the terrific sight

“Who did this?” Mr Wilson(the doctor, main Doctor of Brinkon hospital) asked as he scan the whole ward

“We don’t know that Mr Wilson, Am afraid this is beyond our knowledge!” A nurse responded

“Besides, where’s Mrs Dunbar, she’s also appears to be missing, did she wake up already or was she kidnapped?” Mr Wilson asked amidst himself

Mr Wilson heaved with horror as he bent below the dead body, he gasped as he tilted the dead nurse head over to the other side, the mark of fangs appeared seem to appear on her neck as they showed vividly, Mrs Dunbar’s blood could be seen on the other side of the bed while Mr Wilson walked towards it and took a sample of it into a little box he had brought along with him

” File up my report, Summon Mr Dunbar and tell this to no one for now, clean the mess!” Mr Wilson said, his voice carrying authority round the ward as he bolted out of the ward…..

Jackson could be seen sitting on the soft bed as the nurse release her grip on his hand after checking something

“When do I get to be released from here? Am dying of boredom!” Jackson asked the nurse who bored her eyes to a book as she went through some things

“Hey, am talking to you bitch!!” Jackson yelled As he stirred on his feet

“And done, you are released already, your wounds weren’t fatal and you had no Internal Injury so you are free to go and….. ” The nurse explained, slightly pausing as she headed outside

“Your clothes are in the drawer, go fetch them before leaving!” She added as she made way out of the ward

“”Hey wait up, I didn’t get your name!”…

It was late already, night crickets were already sounding all around the sky, the stars were out and they beautiful decorated the night sky but one could no that darkness lurks around as the storm brewed

“Where would she be? Mom!! Please come out already, I miss you! I miss your touch, your food, your care, I miss you Mom!” Liam muttered amidst himself as he stood before the dreaded woods, coupled with Damon and Rokon who looked exhausted as they searched the woods

“I told you finding a newly woken Vampire was gonna be a hard thing to do!” Rokon said as he held a tree branch for support

“But we still need to find her!” Damon replied as they both stood few feet away from where Liam stood

“No! Have you forgotten that Vokan has been released already and we have no special plan on trapping him at all, who knows what he’s scheming? He could attack the realm anytime soon!”

Rokon explained and Damon heaved a sigh at the mentioned of his words, it was evident that he felt sad as a plan to catch Vokan was yet to be drawn out

“But… Liam, he… !”

“Wait, how about this, let’s speak with him First” Rokon said and Damon modded as they approached the already weak Liam

“I heard what you said already, I have unique abilities you know?” Liam said as the two duos got to where he stood

“You can go but am staying behind, I need to find my Mom!” Liam added as he stared at the stars, one could no that he was trying so hard to fight the tears that welled up in his eyes

“And where will you find her huh? How about this, your dad is gonna worried if he doesn’t see you! How about going home first and let’s us handle this!” Rokon explained and Liam huffed

“No way! I need to be here when she’s found!” Liam snapped at Rokon

“Listen to him Liam, do you want your dad to start suspecting you, besides you missed school for two days already!” Damon explained further but it was all futile as Liam became a knuckle stubborn headed creature, he still stood his ground of finding his Mom

“How about this, you both leave this to me, she’s a creature like me, finding her won’t be difficult but am afraid it’s gonna take hours, a day to be exact, how about you guys go, on sighting the protectors Symbol, just follow it and you shall find me, by then, your Mom would be found!” Rokon explained and Liam heaved a sigh as he turned to face him

“But… But ”

“Just go already Liam and leave the rest to him, he will find your Mom and beside he’s also a creature like her, let’s go now, I will execute you home!”

Damon elucidated causing Liam to fake a smile as they both headed out of the woods, Leaving only Rokon who stood before the dreaded woods as sweats streamed down his face

“This is gonna be hard, where do I start?”……

🏠🏠🏠LIAM’S ABODE🏚️🏚️🏚️

Liam and Damon could be seen as they pedaled down the silent streets which led to Liam’s home, a deep silent followed after them as they both walked in silence

“Be rest assured Liam, Rokon is gonna find her, your Mom is gonna be okay!” Damon assured Liam as they got to his home.

“Thanks a lot Damon, for everything, am afraid I bothered you a lot!” Liam replied as he stood before the huge door

“It’s nothing, just make sure you get a good rest, tomorrow is gonna be heavy and… Am gonna go now!” Damon battered, scanning the silent street before breaking into an inhuman speed, Liam heaved a sigh as he barge through the door

“Hey Liam, you looked stressed!” Mr Dunbar said moments after Liam set his foot into the house

“Yes Dad, am gonna head to my room now!” Liam said as he marched up the stairs

“She’s gonna be okay Liam, we will find her!” Mr Dunbar said causing Liam to stop at the mentioned of his words

“How did you know about that Dad? Am so…. So… So sorry, I should have told you sooner!” Liam said as he broke Into a cry, thinking his secret was revealed

“It’s not your fault Liam, Mr Wilson Informed me a while ago, I will have to head to the hospital tomorrow, it’s my duty!” Mr Dunbar said and Liam nodded, smiling widely as he headed towards his room.

A loud thud could be heard as Liam crashed weakly on the soft bed, trying so hard to sleep as all that appears to be on his mind was finding his mom, a tear escaped his eyes as he stood and looked through the window….

“Where are you Mom?”….

🚪🚪🚪🚪DAY 3⛩️⛩️⛩️

It was morning already, a new day, Liam could be seen as he walked through the crowded students all the way to his class, a lot seemed to be on his mind as he pedaled through the hall

“Hey wait up!” Liam halted as a voice ranged behind him, he turned and smiled faintly as a kiss landed on his cheeks, it was Lydia

“Have missed you alot, you missed school for days now!” She added as they both resumed walking and soon they got to their classes

“Yeah, and Sorry, I had to stay with my Mom and now, she’s…. ” Liam paused on the verge of thinking about his Mom as a tear escaped his eyes

“I heard about it Liam, she’s gonna be found!” Lydia assured Liam as she clasped her palm over his palm, looking straight into his eyes as she smile softly….

School was yet to be over as Liam could be seen walking down the silent hall, every student were still in the class, it was evident that he was heading towards the boys room, soon, Liam gasped as he felt drawn into a room by a strong arm, it was Jackson

A smile escaped Jackson’s lips as they both stood before the room, each keeping a focused gaze in each others as they stared eyed daggered at each other’s faces

“You! What do you want?” Liam asked as he stood abruptly..

“Oh, stop pretending about it already…. ” Jackson said while Liam held a confused gaze as Jackson walked round him, the heat that flowed round them got more intensed as an aura radiated round them..

“Sooner or later, you are gonna be exposed, it’s just a matter of time, I will get you!” Jackson added as he stood before Liam’s presence

“What do you mean?” Liam asked as became more confused

“You will soon understand Liam, soon!” Jackson said and with that headed out side as a grin plastered across his lips

“What does he mean?” Liam who seemed confused muttered amidst himself as he made to walk towards him but halted on hearing an howl, he turned his gaze and gasped as his heart skipped a beat after sighting something through the window, it was a yellowish smoke which burned through the sky, he could only see it as his eyes took a red shade



Mr Dunbar could be seen waking briskly down the crowded hall of brinkon’s hospital in his sherriff uniform with a gun tucked neatly behind his trousers, his face ran cold as he halted on sighting his wife’s ward

“Mr Dunbar, you are here already, have been waiting so long for you!” Mr Wilson said as he approached Mr Dunbar who tilted his gaze towards him

“You send for me, his my wife Okay?” Mr Dunbar asked while Mr Wilson heaved a sigh as he made to speak

“Followed me Into her Ward, I need to show you something!” Mr Wilson said while Mr Dunbar nodded as they both entered the ward

Mr Dunbar gasp on sighting the dead body that laid while the blood seem to stink as flies crowded over it..

“What Happened here?” Mr Dunbar asked while Mr Wilson bent low to the body and tilted the neck towards the other side..

“Am so sorry, I told the nurse to clean the mess but I didn’t know they failed in doing so!” Mr Wilson pleaded.

“What happened here? Why’s there a dead body here?” Mr Dunbar asked, it was evident that he was beginning to panic

“Rest assured Mr Dunbar, you see the Marks over here, it appears this nurse was killed by someone or something, forced to dead to be exact, based on what I gained so far, her blood seemed to have completely been drained from her, leaving her with no blood except for this mark which appears to be strangely fangs, an afraid….. This was caused by an animal or….. “Mr Wilson explained and paused as he stirred on his feet

“Am afraid it was caused either by an animal or a Vampire!” Mr Wilson explained further while Mr Dunbar gasped but soon chuckle on hearing Mr Wilson’s predictions

“What seems funny if I may ask!” Mr Wilson asked

“Are you kidding me? I can accept the fact of an animal but…. A vampire!? You must have lost your mind!” Mr Dunbar replied while a smile escaped Mr Wilson’s lips

“Follow me to my office Mr Dunbar, I need to show you something!” Mr Wilson said while Mr Dunbar nodded as both figures walk towards the stairs

“Here! See for yourself, our cameras captured some few scenes before the incident!” Mr Wilson said as they arrived at his office, after locking the door behind them and typing something on the computer screen, a video soon began to display as Mr Dunbar watched keenfully

A low gasped could be heard as the video displayed itself, the heat became more intensed as the video played vividly, a figure could he seen approaching the nurse while she crawled backwards, the video was blurry as it didn’t show their faces but it captured a scene

“OMG!!! What’s this?” Mr Dunbar asked after watching the dreaded video

“Am afraid what you just witnessed Mr Dunbar is a case of an animal, draining the life force of the dead nurse, I have followed paranormal cases all my life and I think that was caused by……. a Vampire!” Mr Wilson explained while Mr Dunbar gasped with fear

“You can’t show this to anybody or the public, it has to be confirm!” Mr Dunbar said

“I hid the case Mr Dunbar, you have nothing to be afraid of!” Mr Wilson responded

“Holy shit! You gotta be kidding me! That means my Wife’s life is at risk at whatsoever that took her!” Mr Dunbar said as he brought out his talky talky while the doctor only nodded

“All men up! I need the research team at Brinkon’s hospital, my wife’s life is at risk, Come at once!” Mr Dunbar said..

“Roger that sherriff!!”…..



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