LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 14




[NOTE]: Jackson ain’t a vampire, The blood bruises wasn’t the reason why Mrs Dunbar became a vampire, it’s because she’s been feed with blood and then died after her neck was snapped, The bloody bruises has it uses which will be known later in the story!
“No way!!!”…
Mrs Dunbar was killed by Evil Scott[Vokan] after been feed with with blood, will she become a vampire after she wakes up? Will the cure work on her? Liam found out that Scott was behind it, will they clash? What now becomes of Jackson? What’s is role? Next episode commence…



Maybe it was a concident or maybe it was fate, that the sky flashed lightening, knowing well that something bad was about to happen, the soft chilly wind blew pass the silent room resulting to a smoke as a portal appeared, revealing Liam and Co as they emerged from it

“Where’s the cure?” Liam asked Rokon as they are search round the room

“I don’t get it, the cure was here, it has always been here and there are dozens of them!” Rokon elucidated and sigh

“Then where will the cure be? Where the hell are there?” Liam yelled

“I don’t get it, it was here when we left, no one else knows about the cure apart from the protectors of the Supernatural realm unless…….. ”

“Unless I took them!” Damon was about saying but stopped as a voice ranged behind him, they all slowly turned and frown their faces as their gases collided with Aiden

“What are you doing Aiden? Give me the cure!” Rokon snapped at Aiden who only formed a smirk

“Oh you want this? Why would you wanna use it on a mere human!” Aiden said in a mocking manner as he held tight to 3 little glasses which appeared to have a little contain of liquid in it

“Don’t force me Aiden! Liam’s Mom is on the verge of transforming into Vicious creatures like us if we don’t give her the cure now, she’s a Supernatural!” Rokon yelled as he stared eyed daggered at Aiden

“It’s doesn’t change anything Rokon, She’s still a human, all this wouldn’t have happened if Damon had not bitten Liam, ahhhhhh, am pissed off!”

Aiden fired back at Rokon, boiling up in anger as he threw the liquid glass like material to the ground, a low thud could be heard as the glass crashed on the ground and in motion, spilling out the liquid in it

“Please save my Mom Aiden, I promise you, I will be gone after Saving her, all I need is saving her, please give me the cure!” Liam pleaded as tears streamed down his face

“Oh, what a touching story but….. You got the wrong guy!”

Aiden elucidated, forming a smirk as he smashed the glass like material on the ground, causing the liquid in it to spill due to the impact

“How dare you Aiden? You will pay!” Damon yelled at Aiden with anger

“Oh, watch me smash the last cure!” Aiden said, staring at the liquid like material and in a flash threw it to the ground


Liam yelled with venom etched in his voice, the thought of losing the last cure for his mom gave him a seering headache as he yelled in pain, veins sprouted out as they showed vividly on his neck, spreading down his body, tremendous anger surged through him as his eyes turned red and a burning fire appeared on his chest and in a flash, dashed at Aiden

Everything was just too easy as he saw everything in a slow motion, Liam smile as he grapped the liquid like material before it landed on the ground, a smirk escaped his lips as he sent a bone breaking Punch to Aiden who fell with a loud thud

“What?? That’s impossible!” Aiden who felt his ribs broken at the impact yelled as he clutch tight to his stomach, blood gushed out from his mouth as he Yelp in pain

“I got the cure!” Liam said and smiled

An angry gaze escaped Damon lips as he slipped and in a flash, appeared before Aiden and grap him by the neck as he pinned him to the ground

“Where did you keep the rest of the cure?” Damon yelled, Aiden gasped as Damon’s grip on his neck tightened the more

“There….. Over there!” Aiden yelled as he pointed towards a direction

Rokon looked startled, dumbstruck at the strength that Liam displayed a while ago, his gaze was fully focused on Liam as the burning light that appeared to on his chest died down and his eyes took their normal forms

“Rokon? It’s over there! Get them!!” Damon snapped at Rokon who gasped as he got back to his sense

“It’s true, the cures are here!” Rokon replied as he opened a little box, Aiden gasped for breathe as Damon released his grip on him

“Let’s get going then!” Liam said as a portal appeared behind them after a substance was smashed on the floor, the three creatures nodded as they dived through the portal

Aiden gasped for breath as he formed a dark smirk, his mind drifted over to what happened a while ago, no one saw Liam move as he stop the cure from falling in a blink of an eye

“What’s he??”…….

🌾🌾🌾🌾DAY 2🌾🌾🌾


Meanwhile, Jackson crashed weakly on the ground after witnessing the great terror that unfolded before him, he yelled in pain as the red bruises on his neck glowed red, a relief feeling spread down his core as the red glowing bruise stopped and became normal

A smirk escaped his Lips as a plan drifted over his mind, it was evident that he had a plan, Jackson grin as stirred abruptly on his feet

“Am gonna make sure they pay, am gonna make sure they are been hunted, am gonna make sure they are exposed but before then…… “Jackson said, slightly pausing as he breath in the natural air while a grin never left his face

“I need to get strong like them, I need to be stronger than them, I will make sure they pay for what they did to me!!”

Jackson mumbled amidst himself as he walked down to his dorm, out of the Darkness of the passage who’s source of illumination came form the lamp scattered position, a bright red shown brightly, glowing darkly as it seem to appeared on Jackson’s neck who had little knowledge of what was happening…

A creaking sound could be heard along the dark passage as a nurse advance towards Mrs Dunbar dorm, her approaching footsteps got a little louder as she Mount towards the ward

A little chuckle filled Mrs Dunbar’s ward as a shadow emerged from the Wall, a grin escaped his face as he hovered above Mrs Dunbar

“Sleepy sleepy, it’s time to wake up sweety, I want to see how your own son will kill you with his own hands after finding out you murdered some people!” Vokan (Scott) said as he sat below Mrs Dunbar bed

A low gasp escaped his lips as he bit his thumb with his long, scary fangs and dripped the blood on Mrs Dunbar’s lips, the blood glowed greenish as an infiltrating aura radiated round the room

“This is getting interesting, Wake up!!”…..

The door made a little sound as the nurse barge through it, she smile faintly as she dropped the little tray beside Mrs Dunbar’s bed and bent to pick a fallen material

Suddenly, a dark energy filled the ward as the heat around them became intense, Mrs Dunbar’s eyes took a red shade as Claws crept out of her fingers, causing her fingers to move due to the reaction of her eyes, a faint pain escaped her lips as she flunged her eyes open

At first, her vision became blurry but soon clear off, she seemed shock as she had no idea of where she was, an infiltrating aura evolved round as she yelled in pain causing the nurse to rise up due to her Reactions, it was evident that the event that displayed before her sudden dead clouded her head

“What’s wrong with you Ma’am?” The little nurse asked as she cringed with fear

“I… I… I… I died, he killed me! He killed me!!, I died!!!” Mrs Dunbar yelled as tears streamed down her face

“Are you crazy, who killed you? This is a side effect caused from the sudden awake from the coma but I assure you, everything will be okay, you are in Brinkon’s hospital!” The little nurse replied in a yell

“He killed me! Scott kill me!! He’s a Monster!!!”

Mrs Dunbar yelled as she tilted her gaze towards the nurse, a dark feeling clouded her thoughts as she stared faintly at the nurse, her tongue sprouted out, licking her lips as all she wanted to do was drink the little nurse blood

“Blood! Blood!! I need blood!!!” Mrs Dunbar said as she approached the already scared figure who bounced backwards as she crawled with fear

“Help!!!” She yelled as she she beheld an horror, Mrs Dunbar’s eyes took a red shade as she approached the little nurse, Black veins sprouted out, spreading through her neck and body as her face turned dark

A loud gasped could be heard as Mrs Dunbar dipped her deadly Fangs Into the nurse neck, drinking her blood ferociously as she clutch tight to the weak lady, a loud thud could be heard as the lady fell on the ground, she look pale as entre system was left with no blood

“What?? What have I done?” Mrs Dunbar yelled as she stirred on her feet, howering below the dead body as she cringed with fear, her fingers kept shaking at each passing moment as blood drip from her mouth

“Blood! I need more!!” Mrs Dunbar said as she broke the door and ran through the passage, all the way to the unknown with inhuman speed….

⚔️⚔️⚔️MINUTES LATER⚔️⚔️⚔️

A little wind could be felt as a portal appeared before Mrs Dunbar’s ward, revealing Liam and the rest as they emerged from it, a loud gasped could be heard as they beheld a terrific horror, the little nurse laid dead in her own pool of blood as her whole body looked pale

“Mom!!! What Happen? What happened to my Mom?” Liam yelled, clutching tight to Damon’s clothe as he stared at the dead body below him

Rokon heaved as he Bent below the dead body, stretching out his arm towards the nurse as he tilted her neck over to the other side, he felt a sudden urge for blood on sighting blood as his eyes took a red shade and black veins sprouted out as his face turned dark, he suddenly closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before flunging them open as they took their normal shapes

“What Happened?” Damon asked

“The wounds aren’t ordinary, she’s dead already, there’s a Mark of fangs on her neck, it appears her entire blood have been drained from her, am afraid….. ” Rokon said, slightly pausing as he stirred on his feet

“You are afraid of what? What happened to my mom?” Liam yell, by now, tears were beginning to stream down his face

“Am… Am…. Am fraid this was caused by a Vampire, we came too late, your mom woke up already, She’s a Vampire!!” Rokon finally completed his words as he turned to face the others, a loud thud could be heard as Liam crashed weakly on the floor

“No! Not my Mom!! Not my Mom please!!! She’s all I have, why Me!” Liam yelled as he broke into more tears

“She still can be cured right?” Damon asked

“Yes, she can still be cured!” Rokon replied causing Liam to stirred up on his feet at the mentioned of his words

“Do….. Do… Do you really mean it?” Liam asked, cleaning up his tears as Rokon nodded

“Then all we need to do is get her!” Damon said and Rokon heaved as he made to speak

“Am afraid that’s gonna be hard, catching a newly woken Vampire is a very hard thing to do and beside she woke up already, she’s now vulnerable to her Creator, she can easily be controlled!” Rokon said as he faced the others

“I will try, it’s okay if you don’t help, I must save my Mom!” Liam said as tears boil up in his eyes again

“Never mind Liam, you are one of us now, am gonna help you find your Mom, all will be Okay!” Rokon said and Damon nodded in agreement

The sound of approaching footsteps diverted their attention as they listened with their unique abilities

“We need to go, the people are approaching!” Damon said, smashing a substance on the floor as they all dived through a portal which In turn closed up…

Meanwhile, a shadow (Vokan) emerged from the wall as he stared at the dead body before him while he grin evilly

“Fools, let see how you are gonna catch her, she’s more than I expected!”…..



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