LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 12






Scott been Vokan’s vessel, is been used by Vokan to do evil, he attacked his mom and did something to her, what did he do? Is Scott really gone? The Supernatural realm remained in disarrayed but will they survive the wrath of Vokan? Next episode commence……



It was Dawn already, the morning sun rise from the West as it shown glamouriously, Mr Dunbar and Liam could be seen pedaling down the hall In deep thoughts, the sound of a creaking sound diverted their attention as they both ran towards the Doctor and held him tight on his arm

“What’s wrong with my Mom Doc?” Liam asked, his voice came out in a low growl

“What’s wrong with my Wife Doc?” Mr Dunbar asked again

“Please calm down, I need you to follow me to my office Mr Dunbar!” The doctor said

“Is everything alright Doc? Just say it already!” Mr Dunbar yelled

“Everything is alright Mr Dunbar, I only need to discuss some few things with you in my office!” The Doc said as he made his way towards his office

There was a deep silence as they all walked towards the Doctor’s office, sweats trinkled down their faces as they all entered the office

“What happened to my Mom Doc?” Liam asked as tears boiled up in his eyes

“Uhm….. She seem stable, we did a scan on her and discovered she had no injury in her internal organs and external organs, she seemed okay but….. ” The doctor said, slightly pausing as he took off his glass

“But what Doc?” Liam yelled

“It’s so strange as she seem to have lost a lot of blood, she have no single blood in her system and no matter what we do, she just continually lose blood!”

The Doctor said and Liam eyes widened in horror, it was evident that his mind was drifting over to something else, the tears that boiled up in Mr Dunbar eyes streamed down his face as he banged his hand angrily on the table

“What do we need to do Doc? Tell me she’s gonna be okay!” Mr Dunbar yelled

“She’s gonna be okay Mr Dunbar, right now she’s in a coma and we don’t know when she’s gonna come out of it but we need to run some tests on her for now so as to know what we are dealing with!” The Doctor explained as he stood on his feet

“If you will excuse me Mr Dunbar, I will need you to follow me out so as to sign the documents, your wife will be alright…. ”

“Aren’t you gonna go to school Liam?” Mr Dunbar asked as they stood outside of Mrs Liam ward

“I ain’t going to school, I will skip for today, right now I need to stay with Mom!” Liam said as he looked into his Mother’s ward, she laid weakly on the bed with her eyes shut closed, the thought of seeing her in that position alone gave Liam a seering headache as tears streamed done his face

“Hey look at me, don’t cry, it’s gonna be alright! She’s gonna be alright” Mr Dunbar said and Liam nodded

“By the way, where’s your Brother Liam, I haven’t seen him since yesterday!” Mr Dunbar asked

“Errr….. He.. he… He… ”

” Don’t lie to me Liam!” Mr Dunbar half yelled

“Okay Dad, the truth is that, he.. he went out to see a girl and hasn’t come back yet, he doesn’t know about what Happened to Mom!” Liam lied

“Oh, I see and inform him immediately, am gonna go now, take care of yourself!” Mr Dunbar said and Liam nodded as he watched his Dad leave his presence, heavily heavily as he made his way into his Mom’s ward


“You are back my Lord!” Kox said as Vokan plunged towards the crowd with his arms tucked neatly behind his back, an evil aura radiated from his as we walked amidst the crowd

“Yes am back, I did what needed to be done!” Vokan said

“What happens when she wake up my Lord?” Kox asked and formed a smile, a slight chuckled filled the room as Vokan grin evilly

“Let’s just say I left Liam a little presence, I will love to watch what happens when he discovers that his mom is no longer who she used to be but a…… ” Vokan said, slightly pausing as he took a deep breath and exhaled the toxic aura that came out from him

“I understand you my Lord but am a little worried!” Kox said

“Speak!” Vokan yelled

“Now that you have acquired this body, Liam will be searching for him, what do you plan then?” Kox asked and Vokan grin even more

“We attack the Supernatural realm in 4 days but before then, I will love to have a little fun with this body, I will love to have a little taste of what this body can do!”….

“All hail Lord Vokan!!….”


Lightening flashed as the the ground rumbled, an evil aura evolved round the entire horizon as a Dark smoke served it presence towards a being

Scott could be seen as he bored his eyes to the ground, he looked sour all over, the strong chains that Bounded his knees and arms to the ground made him so weak as he struggled to be set free

“I can see you love your new home!” Vokan said in a mocking manner as he plunged towards Scott

“You son of a bitch!! What the fuck did you do to my Mom?” Scott yelled

“Spare me that kid, let’s just say, I made her stronger, she will like it!” Vokan said as he howered below Scott

“You!!! Am gonna make sure I kill you when am free, I will make you pay!” Scott yelled

“Oh, what a threat, am afraid that won’t be possible as you will never break through my compulsion, I will make you pay, your brother will suffer, your love ones will suffer, I will kill them all, it’s all about time!”

Vokan said as a smirk never left his face, the words pierced through Scott’s head as he clutch his head tight, tears streamed down his face as a great energy radiated from him


Scott yelled, creating a mighty blast, a loud thud could be heard as Vokan crashed to the ground after getting blasted, he gasped as he stood on his feet, a chain that bounded Scott arm shredded and broke into pieces as it fell to the ground

“Interesting, your power is beyond imagination but it’s just a waste, you ain’t getting freed from here!” Vokan said, grinning evilly as he dived into a Portal, tears streamed down Scott face as he bored his eyes to the ground

“Mom…… “…

🍃🍃🍃🍃DAY 1🍃🍃🍃🍃

“Wait up Liam!” Scott yelled as he ran towards Liam

Back then, Scott came back home and found no one at home, Liam informed him of what happened and he rushed towards the hospital, it was a new day And they both smile sadly as they made their way towards the hall

The sound of the school bell rung as Scott caught up with Liam, they both smiled weakly as they made their way into their classes and took their respective seats

“Hey!” Lydia said as she swing sat upright beside Liam, she gave a fake smile as she took his palm into hers

“Hey!” Liam muttered as he waved a smile at her

“Am so sorry Liam, I heard what happened, I tried reaching you but your phone was off, am really sorry!” Lydia said as she pouted her lips

“Yeah, I lost my phone and thanks, I really appreciate it!” Liam replied

“So how’s she, I meant your mom!” She asked

“She’s okay, she’s in a coma, the doctors are working on her, she’s gonna be okay!” Liam explained absent mindedly as he stared into empty space

“She’s gonna be okay Liam, she will!” Lydia assured him

“I hope so!”…

School was finally over and every student made their way out of their classes, Liam and Lydia could be seen holding hands as they walked amidst the crowd, Scott smirk as he trailed behind them

A sudden thud could be heard as some books fell to the floor after Scott collided with a figure, a grin escaped the figure’s face as he stared eyed daggered at Scott

“Watch your path nerd, hands off my books!” Jackson yelled as he threw Scott arms away from his books

“You are really a pain In the ass you Know?” Scott said and Jackson scoff

“Look who’s getting bold, just because of what Liam did doesn’t mean he can protect you, you are gonna pay for this, I will teach you a lesson nerd!”

Jackson said as he threw the books away, by now the whole crowd had gathered, forming a crowd as Jackson’s goons swooped towards him, Liam made an attempt to assist Scott but halted as he was Stopped by Scott

“This is gonna be fun!” Scott muttered amidst himself

“Get him!” Jackson ordered as his goon all swooped towards him, lurking round him, a smirk escaped Scott lips as he ducked a punch and send a bone breaking Punch to a figure’s tummy who felt his ribs broken at the impact as he crashed weakly to the ground

The energy that radiated from Scott caused havoc in the sky as lightening flashed, Scott huffed as he evaded a kick and grap two figures, smashing their heads together as they crashed to the ground

Jackson cringed fearfully as Scott advanced towards him, grapping him by the neck before he could make a run for it as he pinned him to the ground, blood gushed out from his mouth due to the impact of the attack

The whole crowd gasped as Scott tightened his grip on Jackson who struggled to be freed, Liam looked startled as he witness the impossible, Scott tilted his gaze towards a direction as he felt a strong arm grap him by th shoulder

“Let him go Scott!” Liam yelled as he stared dangerously at Scott, Scott smirked as he release his grip on Jackson, blood gushed out from Jackson whose neck had red bruises all over as he finally fainted, Liam eyes widened in anticipation as he stared at the red bruises that appeared on Jackson, he seem to have seen it somewhere but couldn’t remember….

“What was that all about?” Liam asked Scott as they stood before the huge door that led to their house

“What?” Scott asked

“What you did to Jackson, you would have killed him but luckily the ambulance arrived early and took him to the hospital!” Liam yelled, it was evident that he held an angry gaze

“Back off Liam, I only taught him a lesson, he deserved it!” Scott muttered as he opened the knot of the door and plunged towards the living room

“How did you do that?” Liam asked

“Do what?” Scott replied
“How did your defeat them? That’s unlike you!” Liam asked with folder arms a she stared eyed daggered at Scott

“Forget it, I also went gyming just like you did, am going to my room now, I need a rest!” Scott said as he headed towards his room

Liam seemed dumbstruck as his mind drifted over to the event that occured in the school, where had he seen those red bruises? He thought as he swooped towards his room

An idea creeped to his lips as he stared at the little substance that laid gently on his table, he quickly changed his clothes as he smashed the substance on the floor, creating a smoke as a portal appeared

“Am counting on you Damon!” Liam said as he walked towards the portal which I turn closed up

Meanwhile, a shadow that hid itself so well emerged from the wall as a smirk escaped his lips, a dark aura evolved round him, causing havoc in the sky as the Storm brewed, it was Scott, he had been watching Liam the whole time

“About time!!”….



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