LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 10





Liam has been attacked by Moxxy and his men but unfortunately, they had a taste of their own medicine, Damon had rescued Liam and has taken him to the realm of Supernaturals, Will he gain control over the full moon? Tonight’s the full moon, Will Scott truly be possess? Will Vokan be freed? Where his Lobana? Who is Lobana? The next episode commence…..



“The search for Lobana has always led to a dead end over the years, the seal is at its weakest rate, Vokan will be released anytime from now, does Lobana even exist??”

Aiden fired at Alina who stood prombly with her staff held firmly with her hand, a smile creeped to her lips as she walked round the huge table

“Shut your mouth Aiden!! Pay no attention to what he said Alina! I am deeply sorry!” Rokon said, staring eyed daggered at Aiden whose face was held with a smirk

“What should we do about this case Alina? We have tried everything!” Rokon asked

“Vokan will be released, there is a great War ahead, only Lobana can save we all and Ruma had a slight vision of Lobana, Lobana exists!!” Alina explained and the duos eyes widened at her explainnations

“Something happened here isn’t it?” Alina asked as she bored her eyes on the deep hole that shown vividly on the ground

“Err….. Something really happened and it’s unusual, Damon had bitten a human and a cure was given to him but it didn’t work, something went wrong and a fight ensured between us, he was really strong and he’s an alpha!”

Rokon explained and almost the same moment, Alina staff glowed as she touched the hole on the ground, she clutch tight to her scarab as her eyeballs turned white, she gasped as they took their normal shapes

“What did you see Alina?” Rokon asked, by now, Aiden had spranged up on his feet

“I see terror, Vokan will be released soon and Lobana shall save us, I fear that you have already found Lobana, you made contact with him!” Alina explained and Aiden eyes widened the more, Rokon chuckled, shuddering off Alina’s explainnations

“And how have we made contact with him?” Rokon asked

“I don’t know that but I had a vision, Lobana truly exist, Lobana can’t be found instead, He will find us, there’s nothing to be afraid of!” Alina explained

As fate could seem, A slight wind blew pass them, creating a smoke as a portal appeared, revealing Damon and Liam as they emerged from it, Liam smile as the portal finally closed up

“So natural, I never knew I was gonna come back here!” Liam said as a smile escaped to his lips

“To what do we hold this visit Damon!” Aiden asked with a masked expression

“Back off Aiden, you are forgetting that tonight is a full moon and he need to learn control!” Damon replied as he sat on the huge chair

Alina smiled, firmly holding her staff as she stared evidently at Liam, she had a feeling but never showed it, lightening flashed and the sky rumbled as it dropped it tears on the realm, Alina smiled widened the more as the sky continuously dropped it tears

“Before we start Liam, let me introduce you, she’s Alina, the great priestess of Zalwanga!” Damon explained and Liam nodded, he held a shy face

“Alright, when do we start!” Liam asked as he bored his on Damon

“Not too fast kid, note one thing first, taking control over the wolf in you means one thing Liam, you must have an anchor!” Damon explained

“What’s an anchor?” Liam asked

“Good question kid, an anchor is an attachment to you, someone that connects you between the darkness and the light, between the spiritual realm and Reality, it may be someone you love or hate, an anchor comes in different aspects and it differs, for some it’s a person while for some it’s emotions, it’s more like a Life symbol!!”

Damon explained and Liam dropped his jaw opened, staring at Damon with a shock expression, Aiden bursted into a deep laughter on sighting Liam’s expression

“What’s wrong with him? Is he frozen?” Rokon asked in a mocking manner

“Seems like his beta is a dullard!” Aiden said and Liam hummed in anger as he tilted his gaze towards Aiden, his eyes flashed Red for a second and Aiden shifted back

“I ain’t a dullard nerd, am just suprise, Was I supposed to memorize all that!” Liam asked as he fixed his gaze on Damon

“Take it easy kid, how about this, you just need to remember all what I told you during the effect of the full moon but for now how about I teach you something else?” Damon asked

“Oh yeah, let’s do this!” Liam said

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let go of your emotions, you are not not a human anymore, you are a Werewolf and you want to gain control, fix your emotions on your Fingers, try creating a claw and then, open them now!”

Damon explained and a deep silence followed after him as everyone payed rapped attention towards Liam who positioned himself with his eyes shut close

“I can feel it, the heat, the claws, I can feel everything, am letting it go on the count of 3…. 2…. 1… ”

Liam stated, flunging his eyes open as he waved his hands down but nothing happened, the whole crowd looked at each other, slowly smiling as they bursted Into an overwhelming laughter

“Yeah, I get it now, go on, let it all out, laugh at me!!” Liam yelled, Alina smiled softly as she turned to face the rest

“Remember, You can’t find Lobana but instead, he his gonna find us, I need to take my leave now!” Alina stated, smiling widely as she took one last glance at Liam before leaving

“Why’s she staring at me?” Liam muttered…….

🌪️🌪️🌪️IT HAS ALL BEGAN🌪️🌪️🌪️

“Come on, it almost full moon, ensure that the chains are neatly tightened!” Damon roared as he plunged some Chains on Liam’s arms, legs and tummy

“Quickly!!!!! I can feel it!”

Liam yelled as he clutch his head tightly, his eyes were slowly shifting, each trying to take a shade as his fingers threatened to fall out, they had become as hardened as a rock

“Leave him!! He’s no longer himself!” Damon yelled as he bound the chains to a strong rock, they all took slow steps backwards as the transformation began, the moon was fully out and it’s light shown brightly on Liam’s body as he yelled in pain

“Ahhhhhhh, howllllllllllllll!!

Liam yelled as he struggled hard to free himself, by now, his eyes had fully transformed and they blazed with fire, Claws crept out of his Fingers and his toe nails grew longer as they dugged into the earth, hair’s grew on his cheeks as he yelled in pain

“Is that really gonna hold him?” Rokon yelled

“Of course yeah, no one can break our of that rock no matter what, it was placed there by the seven gods themselves, there’s no way he’s escaping that!” Damon explained and Aiden huffed

“Do you really think so?” Aiden asked, pointing towards the Harden rock, a slight crack could be seen as it slowly spread through the entire rock, the more Liam growl and struggle, the more it spread faster..

“That’s impossible!!” Damon yelled

Liam stirred on his feet as he clutch tight to the Chains that bounded him, struggling feverently as the crack spread faster, lightening flashed through the sky causing the entire realm to shook from it hinges as he struggled the more

“Go!!! Does ropes ain’t gonna hold him!!” Damon yelled

“No way, you can’t survive a Wolf Apex, no one can!!”

Rokon yelled as he clutch tight to Damon arms, the sound of chains breaking and a cracking sound diverted their attention as they tilted their attention towards Liam, fear cringed their core as the strong chains that Bound Liam to his knees broke and landed on the ground, the huge rock shredded slowly and in a flash broke into several pieces, Liam was finally free and he roar as he slowly made his way towards them

“Go, he’s my beta, my responsibility, I have to do this, now go!!!!” Damon yelled

“Don’t die or am gonna kill him!” Rokon said, dragging Aiden by the arm as they left the strange coven, leaving only Liam and Damon

Liam who needed no prodding leap and in a flash, slash Damon on his arm as blood dripped from his arm, Damon yelled in pain as his eyeballs took a red shape

“No!! Am not gonna fight you Liam and you won’t kill me, fight it!!!”

Damon yelled as he knelt besides Liam, a piercing scream filled the air as Liam Slash Damon on his arms pinning him to the ground as he impaled several wounds on Damon

“Remember what I told you Liam, you need a life symbol….. You…. You… You need to think of your love ones… Think of something!!!”

Damon weakly stated and gasped as another Claw penetrated through his skin, a smile creeped to his face as he shut his close, now expecting his fate, the sound of a cursing pain diverted his attention as he flunged his eyes open, Liam could be seen wailing loudly as he clutch his head in pain, it was evident that he was fighting the transformation

“That’s it Liam, you are doing it, Fight it!!”

Damon yelled as he stirred on his feet, blood dripped all over his body, he was weak, the whole energy that radiated from Liam all died down as he flunged his eyes open, this time, it wasn’t a flaming red but instead normal, his body had taken their right shapes, he did it

“I did it, oh yeah, I did it!!” Liam said, smiling widely

“Oh yes you did, Tell me, What or who was your anchor?” Damon asked

“It’s a secret, let’s get you treated!” Liam replied

“Don’t worry about me, I will heal, am an Alpha….. ”


Scott flunged his eyes open and gasped as he observed his surrounding, he groan in pain as he manage to stirred on his feet

“Where am I!!” He muttered as he squinted his eyes through his surroundings

“This is the last thing you will ever see Scott, Am taking over from here!”

A voice ranged behind him and Scott gasped as he slowly tilted his head towards the direction, a loud thud could be heard as he crashed on the ground, it was the smoke that he had encountered in his dream

“Vo… Vokan!!” He muttered as he crawled backwards

“Oh you still remember me? now disappear!!”

Vokan battered and formed a smirk, Scott gasped as Giants grasses erupted from the ground and tangled itself on him, strong chains also erupted from the ground and wrapped themselves on his arms as they bound him to the ground, Vokan was taking over

“What are you doing to me!!” Scott roared, tears streamed down his faces

“Am taking over!” Vokan muttered, slipping and in a flash, transform into smoke and dived towards Scott, the smoke penetrated through his mouth and went all the way down, Scott yelled as his eyeballs turned green and he yelled In pain, a seering energy flow down his core as he wail louder, soon, it all died down as he Slowly stirred on his feets, it was evident that Vokan had succeeded in taking over his body, Vokan was in control, Scott was trapped in his own consciousnesses….


I flunged my eyes open as I jerked up from the bed I laid, this vessel is perfect but the ritual wasn’t completed, I needed to free my soul

“Feels so good to have a vessel, now let’s go break the seal that bined my soul….. ”

I muttered as I stirred on my feet, Scott was finally trapped in his own Body, I smirk, grinning evilly as I wave my hands up, a slight wind blew pass me and soon, a portal appeared before me, a grin plastered across my face as I walked towards the portal which in turn, closed up.

Night crickets sprouted out and the sky awaited my arrival, lightening flashed through the sky as a portal appeared on the other side of the Supernatural realm, revealing I as I walk out of the portal

A smile creeped to my face as I sighted an ancient Stone before me, My hands emited fire as I placed them gently on the stone, the stone glowed brightly, reacting to my touch and soon, a magical door that came out of nowhere suddenly opened before me, My soul was trapped inside and it’s time I release myself with this vessel

I waved a smile as I stepped into the strange magical door, The bright light blurred my vision but soon died down as I stood before a thousand Chains which chained a dark smoke to it’s knees….. My consumed soul

I waved my hands up, conjuring a lightening bolt as I diverted it towards the chains, the chains sparked as the lightening bolt collided with it, the whole place shrienk feverently and I smiled as the chains felled to the ground with a loud thud

The smoke swerved it way towards my present and I smile as I opened my mouth wide, I gasped as the smoke penetrated through Scott mouth and went down his body, consuming his soul and finally Taking over his mind

“At last, I am free……. “…


“Oh No….. Vokan????”….




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