Nath led Favour home that night. Both could be seen standing in front of the house. They weren’t holding each other’s hands but their hearts seemed to be beating at the same rate. Nath’s presence made Favour feel not only strong but complete without even remembering what happened that night which got her scared. To her, he was like an angel sent from above. Therefore she couldn’t enter their house again even though she had reached safely, rather began to bite her fingernails.
“You don’t do that” Nath said bringing her hand down from her mouth thus making both to stare at each other. “I guess you are safe now. Go inside”
Favour didn’t say a word watching as Nath turned again to leave. As he moved further, the feelings of fear began to come back in her thus increasing her heartbeat. She couldn’t bear it anymore, so she shouted, “Please, don’t leave me!”
Nath stopped and turned to see her gradually coming towards him with tears in her eyes. He couldn’t explain what was happening between both of them coz the whole thing seemed like a dream.
“Why do you cry?”
“I know it might sound stupid but your presence makes me not only strong but less afraid”
Nath reasoned what she said and how he felt too. Could it be that there was something mysterious about them? Something must be wrong or right somewhere.
“Listen, Favour..” he wanted to say but was interrupted by her.
“You know my name?” she smiled happily still with tears in her eyes.
“Yes, just recently. My mother and my friend told me earlier ago” he held her shoulder. “I don’t know what you want me to do but i want you to open your mind and your heart, even without me by your side, you’ll see me through your mind and feel me in your heart. So go inside now, it’s getting late”
Favour grabbed his words, turned happily and entered into the house murmuring the words: open your mind and your heart..
Jesse lived with her grandmother in a local house too. It was made with red mud but without being told, you won’t notice it because the mud was covered with cement and the roof had a zinc.
Jesse entered the house and stood at a spot because of what she saw: a candle light at the centre of the living room and another flame of candle from her granny’s room. She could hear her saying something she understood very well, so she kept her empty carton silently moving towards the room. As she moved, she saw the grandmother’s shadow on the wall looking scary until she finally saw her sitting beside the candle and covered with black robe. “Grandma?” she called.
The granny looked at her. “Oh, you are back”
“Yes, and.. and..”
“And what?”
“I heard you saying something”
“Like what?”
“You said something like “the boy interrupted me” Which boy are you talking about and how did he..”
“Enough, my child. I’m meditating” the granny resumed her posture while Jesse felt strange about the whole thing. Nevertheless, she went out to take her bath.

On the other hand, Nath returned home to see her mother sitting outside at the varander obviously waiting for him. Instead of going inside, he sat beside her with a worried face.
“My son, don’t tell me you have been with that witch all these while”
“Mother, i don’t think she’s a witch. Something happened. She said my presence makes her strong and less afraid”
“That’s who you are”
Nath looked at her mother for more explanation while she continued. “An evil spirit use to torment your father and i but from the day you were born, nothing on that nature happened again. So i guess your presence resist evil ones”
“Nobody knows, that’s why i said it is who you are”
Nath thought for a while, stood up and began to enter into the house but her mother’s voice interrupted her saying, “I hope you weren’t carried away by what she said”
Nath knew what she was talking about but didn’t reply her. After a long stare, he walked inside.
As Favour thought about Nath, so as Nath thought about her mother’s words.
On the other hand, Jesse thought about how Nath looked at Favour and also reasoned about what he said concerning dust and gold. She deviated from there to her grandmother. “She acted weird. Why?” she thought.
Favour woke up, the only thing that came into her mind was the boy who brought her home. Therefore, she climbed down from her bed in hurry and with joy. “I didn’t even ask him his name. How can i be so stupid?” she thought arranging her bed. Suddenly, the father knocked on her door and opened after few seconds.
“Good morning, father” Favour greeted with a trace of smile on her face.
“Are you o..”
“I’m fine” she interrupted instantly which made her more suspicious in the eyes of her father.
“You seem excited about something. Is there something you are not telling me?” the father walked inside the room fully looking at his daughter…


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