Anne: “They go sight -seeing, explore the
environment, go shopping and the rest.”
Louis: “What is the rest?”
Anne: “Have fun!”
Louis: “What do you mean by fun?”
Anne: “Fun na! The kind of fun you
Louis: “No, I don’t understand what you
mean by fun.”
Anne: “Go on dates and anything.”
Louis: “Anything?”
Anne: “Yes anything, why?”
Louis: “Nah, I was wondering if the fun
means sex too?” He smirked.
Anne: “Not unless you are willing to put
down your ego and give me what I want.”
Louis: “You’re serious about that?!”
Anne: “Of course I am serious!”
Louis: “Hmmm… are you really serious?”
Anne: “Louis Eh! I said I am serious na. If
you don’t go down on me, no sex or
anything. Not even kissing sef!”
Louis: “Then why are we going on a
vacation if I can’t have all the fun I want?”
Anne: Understanding what he is trying to
do said “Please don’t do that!”
Louis: “Don’t do what?”
Anne: “What I think you are about to do…..”
Louis: “You know already, if we can’t have
all the fun, I am afraid that we won’t be
going to Dubai. I can’t afford to spend my
money all the way there and not have my
Anne: “Please Louis, let’s go there as a
couple and have fun.”
Louis: “With the exception of having fun
with my wife, no way.”
Anne: “Don’t do this…..”
Louis: “I won’t if you will allow me go
where I want to go!”
Anne: “No way!”
Louis: “Fine! Same here!”
Anne: “Louis, we haven’t been on a
vacation in years, this is the only
opportunity we have to spend any time
Louis: “If you really want us to spend time
out together as a couple then you should
allow me and do your wifely duty!”
Anne: “Are you trying to pay me back for
not allowing you have sex with me?”
Louis: “Its been several weeks since I last
touched my wife, do you know how much i
want to be with you?! Do you?! And i can’t
because you won’t allow me unless I do
that thing to you which is impossible and
since it’s like that, no problem….” He shrugs
“I agree and you must agree with my terms
Anne: “Louis please” She pleaded.
Louis: “The ball is in your court Anne!” He
said, then smiled and walked away.
The following day, while Anne was getting
prepared to go to work, Louis came to her
to inquire if she had made up her mind.
Louis: “How about what we talked about
yesterday, sweetheart?”
Anne: “I have accepted.” She told him
Louis: “Accepted as in?”
Anne: “Accepted what you said….”
Louis: “You mean we can now have sex?”
He asked as he grabbed her from behind.
Anne: Pushing him away, she gave him a
dirty look, “Go away jor! I have accepted
that I won’t go to Dubai with my husband
since that’s what he wants!”
Louis: “You can’t be serious, if this is a joke
stop it!”
Anne: “Does it look to you like I am joking
Louis? I accept your conditions and nothing
Louis: “You mean you don’t want to go to
Dubai and have fun with your husband?”
Anne: “I would give anything to go to Dubai
with you but not this and since you have
refused to yield to my demand, I also won’t
force you to do what you don’t want to do!
She informed him and went to work.

Chidi: “Ah Kingsley, this one wey you come
my house today, wetin happen?”
Kingsley: “Abeg, I wan crash here today, I
no fit go my house…….”
Chidi: “Wetin happen? Come, wait oh! E be
like say you dey slim down! Wetin dey do
Kingsley: “Nothing oooo……. just work and
Chidi: “Which kind stress dey make you
slim like this abi you no dey eat well?”
Kingsley: “My man, you no go understand!
Chidi: “Understand wetin? Talk to me.”
Kingsley: “That babe wan kill me. Everytime
and every minute na sex. We don’t even do
anything other than sex! Sex! Sex! I don
Chidi: “I thought you were enjoying it?”
Kingsley: “Mehn! I am tired and it is no
more funny. I can’t do it anymore.”
Chidi: “You can’t have sex again?”
Kingsley: “Guy, I need a break abeg! Is sex
Chidi: “You? Kingsley?” He laughed out loud
“Is that why you came to my apartment to
Kingsley: “Mehn! i wan rest. Going there
will be another marathon of sex and I can’t
deal with it.” He sighed.
Chidi: “Is this how you will keep running
from your own house?”
Kingsley: “For now, yes until I finally know
what to do with her.”
Chidi: “But isn’t she your kind of person?”
Kingsley: “I thought she was, I thought I
could handle her but Mehn that girl strong
pass me, I can’t handle her abeg.”
Chidi: “Hahaahahaahhaaa, now you have
met someone who is more than you!”
Kingsley: “Na now I know say I don jam
somebody wey pass me.”
Chidi: “Hahahaha . Sorry, take it easy.”
Kingsley: “She is wow! She can have sex
anywhere and anytime. In the car, garage,
office, anywhere! I swear!”
Chidi: “And now you are tired of it all?”
Kingsley: “Yes I am. I mean, in the
beginning it was fun but now, it is no longer
Chidi: “Which means you can’t marry her?”
Kingsley: “Marry Gini? A sex maniac? No
Chidi: “But she is beautiful, intelligent and a
good person.”
Kingsley: “Yes she is but she is way more
than me abeg! And I haven’t even been able
to get to know her better; all we do is have
Chidi: “Then you should let her know as
soon as possible.”
Kingsley: “How can I when I promised her I
won’t break her heart?”
Chidi: “She isn’t the first person you have
broken a promise to. She won’t be the last!
Save yourself while you can!”


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