Felicia: ‘Of course na, who in this age and
time doesn’t do that?’
Patricia: ‘What about you Anne?’
Anne: ‘Patricia don’t ask me these kind of
questions abeg, is this not 21 st Century we
are in?’ She asked smiling.
Patricia: ‘I need to ask oh because I no fit
do anything wey go make me sin na.’
Anne: ‘There is no sin in having sex with
my husband, is there? Or is it wrong to give
him blow job?’
Patricia: ‘No there isn’t but sometimes I
look at you like someone that can’t indulge
in giving her husband the kind of sex he
Anne: ‘Then you are wrong! Haven’t you
heard not to judge a book by its cover?’
Felicia: ‘Na the blow job dey make you
glow like this?’ The inquisitive Felicia asked.
Patricia: ‘Why you dey rush me na? Make I
take time hit the nail on the head, biko!’
Felicia: ‘Do na, you dey waste time joor.”
Patricia: laughs. ‘As if you go fit do wetin I
wan tell you?’
Anne: ‘What is it?’
Patricia: ‘How often do you give your
husband blow job?’
Felicia: ‘You mean…..’
Patricia: Interrupting ‘I mean perfectly what
you understand’.
Felicia: ‘Almost anytime we have sex
because he likes when my mouth goes up
and down on him, you know na.’ She
winked at Patricia.
Patricia: ‘You nko Anne?’
Anne: ‘Once in a while, not always.’
Patricia: ‘Why?’
Anne: ‘Because anytime I give him head, I
am left unsatisfied much more than when
his dick is doing the work. He comes
quicker when I give him head. So to delay
his coming quick, I refuse to give him head
most of the time.’
Patricia: ‘And how does he feel about that?’
Anne: ‘Of course he won’t be happy but he
has no choice.’
Felicia: ‘Is that what you will say? What if
he starts going all out to get it from an
Anne: ‘He won’t, I trust my husband!’
Patricia: ‘Babe, you have to give it to him
when and where he asks for it!’
Anne: ‘No I can’t, I can’t do that.’
Patricia: ‘Why if I may ask?’
Anne: ‘I give him head only when I feel like
it not when he wants it else he will want it
Patricia: ‘And what is wrong with him
wanting it every day? What is wrong with
him running to you after work to come and
be with you?’
Anne: ‘Ha! A lot oh, a lot.’
Patricia: ‘Do you mind explaining?’
Anne: ‘ Actually, there is nothing wrong with
me being intimate with my husband
everyday but how can I continue to be
intimate with him when he always pulls out
when I am sort of getting to my peak?’
Patricia: ‘Are you saying that you have
never had an orgasm?’ She asked, shocked.
Anne: ‘I have never even reached to that
place where people scream and I quote “Oh
my god, I am Cuming, am Cuming, am
Patricia: Laughs ‘How? Why?’
Anne: ‘My dear, I don’t even know myself.’
Patricia: ‘Does that mean you have never
really enjoyed sex?’
Anne: ‘I haven’t, just doing it as an
Patricia: ‘What about you Felicia?’
Felicia: ‘Well, mine is sort of different for I
give it to him always.’
Patricia: ‘How does he feel about it?’
Felicia: ‘He likes it a lot; I must give him
head before anything else.’
Patricia: ‘Wow! That is nice. I can just
imagine you getting down on him.’
Anne: ‘You guys are lucky if you are
satisfied with just giving him head.’
Patricia: ‘Are you satisfied with giving your
husband head?’ She asked Felicia.
Felicia: ‘I guess I am, it’s what he wants
and likes.’
Patricia: ‘Aside from giving your husband
head and all that, what else do you do?’
She asked Felicia.
Felicia: ‘Nothing else or is there another
new one?’
Patricia: ‘What do you get in return?’
Felicia: ‘Nothing oooo, just ‘thank you for
the amazing sex’ and he sleeps off.’
Patricia: ‘Is that all?’
Felicia: ‘Yes that is all.’
Anne: ‘What else is there we don’t know
Patricia: ‘What if it gets to be the other way
around?’ She said looking at her two

Kristine: ‘Hope I am not disturbing you for
being here?’
Kingsley: ‘No you aren’t, I wanted to even
call you before you called telling me you
would like to pay me a visit.’
Kristine: ‘Sorry for the impromptu visit.’
Kinsley: ‘Nah! You are welcome to my
house, anytime and anyway.’
Kristine: ‘Thanks.’
After he showed her his apartment and
made her feel comfortable, he asked her
the one question he has been meaning to
Kingsley: ‘Ermm, it’s been weeks and you
haven’t told me what your reply is
concerning what I asked, how far?’
Kristine: ‘What did you ask me?’
Kingsley: ‘If we can be an item, don’t you
Kristine: ‘Oh! I do and that is the reason I
am here.’
Kingsley: ‘So what is the answer? I hope it
is not a No?’
Kristine: ‘I’m afraid it might be.’
Kingsley: ‘No please, I won’t accept it! I
can’t believe you came all the way down
here to tell me No.’
Kristine: ‘Yes I did!’
Kingsley: ‘Why if I may ask?’
Kristine: ‘I don’t think you can handle me.’


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