” No, i don return am” – Emi replied.
* we then heard a knock on the door, it was
Emi’s mom, she instructed Emi to go and
look after the shop cus she as going out. I
handed Emi her books and closed my door
## I did’ntt really think much about what
Emi told me cus I did’ntt quite understand. I
just went to the fridge and got a drink to
cool off.
I got to school, I met with Nonso it the
class and got chatting.
” did you beat Esther?” – Nonso asked
” No oo, did she say I beat her? – I asked
” I and Ayo ( a close friend of mine as well)
saw her when she took you to the side of
the school and when she ran out crying” –
Nonso uttered
” I only insulted her, and I wanted to
apologise but Mr Ojo was talking to her. ” –
I replied
” why? Besides she told Mr Ojo that she
fell. But I did’ntt believe cus i saw what
happened” – Nonso uttered
## I explained all that happened between I
and Esther the previous day. Then the bell
rang for assembly.
After assembly, we went into the class,
Esther was no longer sitting in my seat, she
moved to sit with Adeola ( one of the new
student). Mr Ojo queried her and she gave
the excuse that she was not comfortable in
my seat cus we were 3. Class progressed
after that
The bell rang for break and I did something
I hardly do … ( I left the class) I left my seat
and went out in search of Esther to
When I came out, I saw Esther with her
cliques, I called her, but she refused to
come. I then approached her.
” uncle is calling you, he’s at the staff room”
– I lied just for her to come with me
* she followed me, I confessed that I had
lied just to get her to come with me. She
tried to run, but I held her.*
” sorry for what I said yesterday, I was just
very angry .” – I said.
* Esther did’ntt answer.
” I don’t hate you, you’re one of my best
friends, pls don’t be angry with what I said
yesterday” – I uttered
” so do you like me?” – Esther finally broke
the silence.
” yes! I don’t hate anybody. I like you” – I
” so does that mean you’ll be my boy
friend?” – Esther asked.
” no! My mom would beat me if she finds
out. And I don’t like those things” – I
” nobody would know, not even Nonso. Why
are you so scared?” – Esther muttered
”whats wrong with you! Do you want me to
get angry again? I said no!” – I uttered
” is it because of Tasha?” – Esther asked.
” that’s why I said you are spoilt! You keep
saying rubbish.” – I replied
” if you don’t want to be my boyfriend, then
don’t ever talk to me again. And I would
never talk to you” – Esther uttered while
walking away from me.. But I walked after
” its not your fault. I do’nt blame you……… I
only wanted to apologise cus my mom said
I shouldnt insult people. You’re free to do
whatever you want.” – I uttered.
* Esther hissed and walked away from me.*
## I just looked around to see if anyone
had been watching us, but no one seemed
to care cus they were all playing.##
I went into the class and I bumped into
Tasha, she was chatting with Nonso and
Ayo and I joined in looking angry.
” class prefect, where have you been? We
wanted to even come and look for you” –
Tasha asked.
I told Tasha the truth that I went to speak
with Esther.
I, Nonso, and AYo came out of the class as
we heard the bell for closing. Three of us
walked home together discussing how
Emma hav’nt been bothering us since he
was taught a lesson at the assembly
ground. We continued our chat until we got
to our various turning point and bid
ourselves goodbye.
On my way home, I took another rout to my
house so that I could talk longer with
Nonso and Ayo.
I got to the street adjacent to mine when I
heard a feminine voice beckoned on me..
I turned back and look and I saw miss
” how are you dear?” – Miss tonya asked.
” am fine ma, good afternoon.” – I replied
” afternoon, you look tired, come inside. this
is where I stay” – miss Tonya uttered while
pointing to a duplex.
” I can’t ma, my mom won’t be happy with
me.” – I replied.
” trust me, she won’t be angry with you………
Have you forgotten that I came to your
house the other day? Your mom knows me
and she’s even now my friend” – miss
Tonya said convincingly.
* I did’ntt decline, I went inside with her.*
## her house was quite big and well
arranged.. She had beautiful siblings
especially one called Blessing.
Blessing was probably in J1 back then.
I sat on the couch and watched TV, it was
an American movie (something I hardly
watch). So I was interested in the movie.
Miss Tonya came towards me and brought
a table chair at my front and placed a soft
drink and some well seasoned fried chicken
wings, the aroma was awesome.
Miss Tonya was all smiling while she
offered me this.
” thank you ma, but am not hungry?” – I
*miss Tonya’s smiling face turned neutral*
” why? Are you shy?” – She asked calmly
” no ma, am really not hungry, besides I’ll
soon go home and eat” – I replied
” you’re breaking my heart, Am not happy
with you.”- miss tonya uttered
## she insisted I took what she offered but
I did’ntt relent cus I kept remembering what
my mom told me never to take anything
from anyone.
She did’ntt insist anymore and took the
plate out of my sight, but she insisted that I
take the drink. I obliged and placed it in my
bag ( to show my mom)
I could see her siblings peeping at me from
their room, I couldn’t help but notice
Blessing. She caught my attention
” ma, I want to start leaving, my mom
would soon be back” – I uttered.
” uh? When you just arrived. Are you
bored? Or Should I slot in some cartoons
for you to watch.” – miss Tonya replied.
* I was’ntt watching the TV anymore but
when she uttered this, my eyes went to the
Behold, I saw a man on top of a woman but
they were covered with bed sheet. I could
see the man moving in an up and down
motion. immediately, my mind flashed back
to what Emi lectured me about.
I couldn’t help but gaze at the TV in
Miss Tonya obviously noticed me, and
” is this your first time of seeing something
like this?”
* I immediately came back to my senses
cus the movie took rapt my attention*
” yes ma” – I replied
* she laughed*
” are you serious? some of my younger
ones that are same age with you have been
seeing this right from when they were in
primary 1. Its obvious your mom does’nt let
you view something like this, but you’ll
eventually find out someday.” – she uttered
* I looked at her as the scene ended*
” so you don’t know the meaning of
anything you just saw.”- miss Tonya asked.
” no ma. But my friend told me that its
when a man and woman (do) ” – I replied
* she busted into a loud laughter*
” which of your friend told you that” – she
”Emi, she’s my neighbour” – I replied
* she smiled*
” emi must be a bad girl, but what you just
saw isnt. ‘do’.. Its called s*x! ” – miss tonya
” whats s*x?” – I asked miss Tonya
” I can’t reveal that to you dear, I do’nt want
to be the person to enlighten you on such a
You’re so innocent and your mom did a
nice job by ensuring that you hav’nt seen
something like this. But trust me, as you
grow older, you’ll get to understand on your
own.” – miss Tonya replied
” if i get older! That’s what everyone keeps
saying.” – I uttered
* miss Tonya smiled*
” don’t worry its only a matter of time, but
since you now know my house, you can
come at anytime, nd I’ll show you certain
things ok ” – miss Tonya uttered.
” ok ma, am leaving now. My mom would
soon be back.” – I responded
” okay dear, but don’t address me as ‘ma’
or ‘aunty’.. Call me Tonya. Am your friend,
not your mom or relative.” – Tonya uttered
” but my mom said I should never address
elderly by their names” – I responded
” you can address others like that, but call
me Tonya!” – she asserted
” Okay ma. Sorry, Tonya!”
* It was so awkward for me calling her by
her name*
## she walked me home and I was lucky
my mom had’nt returned. I for hear
weeeeen! ##

After I had done everything required of me
to do in the afternoon, ( eat, bath, read etc).
At about 5PM, I heard my mom’s horn and
I immediately ran to open the gate. Getting
there, Emi has already done that, I then
took over and helped my mom carry the
things she bought.
When we got into the house, after my mom
had arranged herself, and we both had
eaten dinner, she brought out a pack and
handed it over to me..
” take, I bought it for you. I promise If you
come out first again, I’ll buy you more.” –
my mom uttered
* I opened it in curiosity. And behold, I saw
lion king cartoon and learning aid disk
## I was’ntt so excited as I used to anytime
my mom bought me cartoons nd learning
” thank you ma” – I uttered looking
” whats is the matter, don’t you like the
cartoon?” – my mom asked.
” I like it.” – I replied still looking
” tell me the truth, if you don’t like it, I’ll get
you another one tomorrow” – mom uttered
” mommy, I don’t like cartoons anymore” –
I replied with a grumbling sound
” so what do you now like?” – my mom
” American films” – I replied
* my reply followed by a short pause
” since when did you start liking movies?
Where did you even see them?.. Lekins do
you go outside when am not at home? Tell
me the truth” – My mom asked.
* by this time I knew I was into trouble*
” no mom, I did’ntt go anywhere, I only go
to Emi’s shop and the main house. Truth!
You can ask them” – I replied
” so where did you watch the American
films?” – mom asked.
” at bro.felix’s house” – I replied
” mommy, even small Emi watches
American films, why can’t I? – I added
” its for your own good Lekins, there are
certain things they show that you’re too
young to see. Its not good for you.” – mom
” what about Emi? Am I not older than her,
how come she’s allowed to watch American
movies and am not” – I asked
” aren’t you listening to what am saying? I
said its not good for you, as for Emi, am
sure her mom doesn’t know. I’ll speak with
her mom. And I’ll meet with Felix’s mom
tomorrow.” – mom replied
”And what exactly did you see in the
American film?” – my mom asked in her
cunny voice (which i always fell for) she
made it seem as if she was happy to know
what am gonno say
* in excitement, thinking my mom was
interested in reasoning with me and she
might consider buying me American
I then uttered*
” I saw a man and a woman putting their
lips together, bro.felix said its called
‘kissing’ and today while I was coming back
from school, I saw miss Tonya and I went
inside her house . I sat in the sitting room
with her and an American film was playing.
Mommy, I saw a man moving on top of a
woman. Aunty Tonya said its called ‘s*x’ ”
– I uttered
My mom.


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