” yes mom, this is aunty Tonya. I met her
on my way back from school.” – I replied
”I see… Young woman, you can come in?”-
my mom said to Tonya
## Tonya was the girl (in her early 20s) I
met on my way back from school on the
First day of resumption.##
Tonya sat in the sitting room while my
mom sent me to buy her a soft drink at
mama Emi’s shop.
I did as instructed.
When I got back, I handed the drink to my
mom and she offered it to miss.Tonya.
As she drank, she and my mom engaged in
a chat while i went to my room to finish the
maths my mom gave me.
Few minutes later, I felt a touch on my legs,
I jolted to see who it was.
Behold, it was miss Tonya..
” good afternoon ma” – I greeted while I sat
” good afternoon, I see you’re reading. I was
wondering why you did’ntt come and say Hi
to me” – miss Tonya replied
” sorry ma, my mom gave me these work to
do thats why I did’ntt come to the sitting
room” – I replied.
” okay dear, am leaving now, your mom
gave me permission to come and say bye
to you. I’ll come some other day to take you
to know my house, its not far from here.” –
miss Tonya responded.
” okay ma, but am not sure my mom would
allow me to go out” – I responded.
” don’t worry, I’ll take her permission. She’ll
let you” – Miss Tonya uttered.
” okay ma” – I responded while nodding.
## she brought out her wallet and pulled
out N500 note and handed it over to me..
But i refused to accept it.
She insisted I take the money, but I did’ntt
know what my mom’s reaction would be if i
accepted it. so I told her to hand it over to
my mom. ##
” mommy, Lekins refused to take the money
I gave him o,, He said you might not like it.”
– Tasha said to my mom
” my dear, don’t mind him. He’s just shy” –
my mom replied.
” Lekins, take the money from aunty , don’t
be rude.”- My mom instructed me..
* I took the money and thanked miss
Tonya. *
” thank you my dear” – my mom said to
Tonya while she walked her to the door.
## when my mom came back into the
house, she asked me questions on where I
got to know miss Tonya. I replied honestly
and told her everything. My mom then told
me that I can accept money from her, but I
should never eat anything she offers me
(this law also applied to any one I did’ntt
My mom dropped me up at school and paid
my school fees.
I went to my class, I saw Mr Ojo and
greeted him.
Our Elementary science teacher was about
starting the lesson, I also greeted her. I was
overwhelmed to see that they were over 20
students in the class.
It appeared that they had done assembly.
I took my normal seat which was now
occupied by Esther and one boy named
The entire class was actually staring at me,
some of the new pupils taught I was also a
new student. I sighted Nonso smiling, and
Tasha passed my books to me.
=class preceded=
It was break, as usual, I brought out my
lunch to eat, I was kinda uncomfortable cus
we were now 3 in the seat.
Esther sat at the far right, and Akinyele sat
at the middle.
After eating, I went to Tasha’s seat to thank
her for helping me copy my notes.
Tasha had one seatmate (Donald), he was
also my friend. So I just remained at
Tasha’s seat and chat with then and Nonso
came to join in.
the bell rang for closing, i was about going
home when . Esther beckoned on me and I
waited for her and she took me to the side
of the school.
” Lekins you’ve changed” – Esther uttered
” how? ” – I replied
” you nolonger talk to me as before, all you
now do is talk and laugh with Tasha” –
Esther muttered
” I talk and laugh with everyone, not just
Tasha. – I replied
” why did you allow Tasha to come to your
house?” – Esther uttered
” she came along with Nonso, I did’ntt
instruct her to come. Besides, whats even
your business?” – I replied
” its my business! Cus you’re my
boyfriend!” – Esther muttered
* I was shocked when i heard Esther said
” saint Joseph and Oliver coco!! Who is
your boyfriend? You must be mad and
stupid! I reject it! Since when? How?
Where? In fact you’re crazy!” – I replied
while frowning my face
” am just joking ee.. I thought you did’ntt
know how to insult someone, look at the
way you just insulted me.. ” – Esther
” don’t ever joke with something like that,
cus someone might here you!” – I uttered
” why are you even angry, don’t you like
me?” – Esther asked.
” I don’t like you esther, you’re a bad
influence to me. I hate everything about
you! You’re too spoilt! I hate seeing you. ” –
I replied
* Esther did’ntt say a word, she just stared
at me*
” If you like cry, am telling you the truth! I
never wanted to know you, you told me to
touch your laps even though I did’ntt want
to. I hate what you made me do, I do’nt
even know why I listened to you, I just
dislike you. I hate everything about you” – I
said to her

* I could see tears gathering at her eyes(no
jokes, am serious)*
” I’ll never talk to you in my life. !” – Esther
replied while she ran from my presence.
## I felt really bad with the way I spoke to
her, I tried going back to the class to plead
with her, but I saw Mr Ojo talking to her
( He was asking her why she was crying)##
with failed attempts to plead with Esther
due to the obstruction by Mr Ojo, i zoomed
off to the school’s gate and headed home.
Arriving home, same routine ensued. Mom
hav’nt arrived from work, I took my bath
and headed to the kitchen to take my luck
which my mom prepared before she left.
After eating, I brought out my book and
started doing my assignments.
I was feeling really strange that day cus I
have never verbally abused anyone cus my
mom forbade it. I kept thinking about the
insults I rained on Esther and this made me
felt bad.
Lost in thoughts, I slept off on the couch.
I was still sleeping when I heard a sharp
knock on the door. In dizziness I stood up
from the couch and walked to the door to
see who was knocking.
Opening the door, i saw Emi.
”what is it?” – I asked while frowning due
to the fact she woke me up from my sleep.
” sorry, I nor know say you dey sleep” –
Emi replied
” I have always told you not to knock very
hard on the door, its not your house.” – I
” sorry” – Emi replied
” so why are you here?” – I asked.
” dem give me homework for school and I
nor too know am. So i con give you make
you help me.” – Emi replied
” okay,am coming lemme get my biro so
that we could go to your shop since there is
no one there.” – I uttered
” nor worry, my mama dey store, na she
even say make I come give you the home
work make you help me.” – Emi replied
” okay, you can come in. But clean your
legs.” – I uttered
* Emi came in and handed me her books
while she sat opposite me*
## I started with the English and helped her
write an essay.
After I was done with that, I moved to
maths. She then came and sat beside me
saying she wanna see the way I am gonno
solve the maths so that she could learn.
I did’ntt decline!
The maths was kinda difficult for me cus it
involved this ‘quantitative reasoning’ . so I
just stared at the book to think..
Then I noticed that Emi was getting really
close to me.
I then paused for a while and looked at her.
She did as if she was looking at the book
I was getting really uncomfortable cus I
never liked it when people sat too close to
I then instructed her to move away a little.
She obliged!
I continued quietly with the maths until she
broke the silence.
” leke, you don see when man and woman
dey do?” – Emi uttered.
” do what?” – I replied looking uninterested
cus I was rapt in the maths and honestly
did’ntt know what she meant.
” na because your daddy dey tey for travel,
you for know weitin I dey talk” – Emi
” what do you mean by that?” – I replied
looking serious.
” e get weitin my mommy and daddy dey
do for night. My mama go dey cry, I dey
hide for back of door dey look. I don still
see am for film.
The man go lie down on top the woman.
The man go dey go up and down for the
woman body.” – Emi lectured
* honestly, I was really confused and had
no ideal about what Emi was saying, my
mom never allowed me watch movies, only
cartoons and some teaching aids* ## i
stared at Emi in confusion and curiosity.##
” for where you for see the film?” – I asked
” na one of my friend give me, bro.felix still
get am. Na oyibo people dey act am” – Emi
## I was completely lost! The highest
indecency I had ever seen then was
watching people kiss on tv at miss Emillia’s
house, and I kinda felt disgusted##
” the film still dey with you?” – I asked.


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