. I then moved my hands away from her
thighs cus i saw Tasha looking at me ( I
was so scared cus I was thinking she may
had seen what i was doing with Esther)
” why did you stop?” – Esther muttered
” I think Tasha saw us” – I replied
” how can she see us from her sit? She’s
just looking at you as she normally does” –
Esther replied
” Am telling you she saw me, you’re saying
rubbish. If she reports, we”ll be expelled.
Please go back to your sit” – I said.
” why are you so scared, she did’ntt see us
eee” – Esther uttered.
we ended our argument immediately Mr
Ojo stepped into the class##
Time flew fast as usual and the bell rang
for brake.
Esther went to out to mingle with her
friends. But i remained in my seat to eat
my lunch. Nonso then came and joined me
bringing his lunch to my seat.
We discussed as we ate.
Few minutes later, Tasha came over to my
She looked at me weirdly and and said.
. ” I saw you discussing with Esther during
class. I did’ntt know you were a noise
maker” – Tasha uttered
it was obvious that Tasha did’ntt see
what I and Esther was doing, I was so
” don’t mind that Esther, she was the
reason why i was talking. ” – I replied
” okay” – she replied me.
”Nonso, where is my book?” – She asked

After Tasha had inquired about her book
from Nonso, she immediately left for her
seat. ##
* Though we were all agemates, Tasha
usually behaved more matured than us all.
She did’ntt make silly jokes, did’ntt play to
dirt, easy going, intelligent, and pretty! She
was the prettiest girl in the school (no
It was few minutes before closing when
the teachers went for staff meeting.
The prefects from Primary5 were instructed
to look after various junior classes.
A particular prefect i did’ntt really like called
Moses was the one in our class. He was
dark and tall.
Rumor had it that He had something going
on with a classmate of ours ( Dukpe- she
was’ntt that bright, but damn spoilt! Yes!
She badt pass everybody).
When He arrived the class, he started
talking to Tasha, i was’ntt really interested
in the conversation cus i and Esther were
What drew my attention was when He i
heard the sound of a slap.
Everywhere was quiet.
I did’ntt know what happened but i saw
Moses holding His face. Immediately,
Moses launched a slap on Emma’s
Everywhere was scattered as they both
started throwing blows.
I and some other students eventually went
to separate the fight.
The head boy came and asked me what
happened ( cus am the prefect of my
class ).
I told him I had no idea. He asked any
witness to explain.
As usual Tola narrated all that happened.
It so happened that Moses and Emma had
been in a feud after Moses gave Emma
labour for beating a primary 2 pupil.
It was closing and we all departed from the
class and headed for the gate.
” wait” – Esther called Me
” yes, whats it?” – I replied
” why do you always go home so early, are
you meeting up with some on the way?” –
Esther asked
” please say what you want to say, i can’t
stand under this sun.” – I replied
” why don’t we go to the back of the
school?” – Esther asked silently
” are you ok? Do you want me to get
caught?” – I replied while frowning
” nobody would see us, I’ll show you
myp@nt” – Esther uttered
” forbid! You’re stupid. Go and show
Nonso” – I replied while parting from her.
Nonso knew what I and Esther had been
doing in primary3, He also participated!
It so appeared that he started before me.
If am not hand rubbing Esther’s thighs,
Nonso is doing it.
Am sure others also participated cus that
girl was something else then. But i only
knew about I and Nonso.
But it appeared that she liked me more.
The highest I did with her was to massage
her thighs in class.##
I arrived home, as usual, mom was’ntt
around but food was prepared.
I ate, did my assignment and went to mama
Emi’s store to have a little chat with Emi ( I
usually did this whenever am not in the
main house)
Getting there, I did’ntt see Emi, and the
shop was not locked. (a security gate man
at the next house always sat outside
though, He had a view of everything that
happens in the street)
” maybe this girl went to eat and left her
shop for this man” – I said to myself.
I decided to go over at her flat. Arriving
there, The door was’ntt locked, I did’ntt
knock cus we were all so close ( there three
As i pushed the door, I saw Emi jolted and
immediately used the remote to switch off
the TV.
I was amazed with the way she jumped
from the chair in shock.
I almost did’ntt ask why she acted
suspicious ( I had this I-dont-care attitude
and was never fascinated to know anything
about anybody.) ##
” why did you jump like that and switch off
the TV?” – I asked
” I be think say na my mommy, she nor like
if i dey watch film when i suppose dey
store” – Emi replied
* Emi’s family never spoke good English at
home, so she always spoke in pidgin. I
usually converse with her in pidgin most
times (but i dare not let my mom hear
” e for good if your mama catch you, you
just left your shop opened” – I replied
” na true, make i dey go store. Come out
make i lock door.” – she uttered while
removing the disk from the CD player.
” by the way, what movie were you even
watching?” – I asked
” na drama” – Emi replied
” who act am?” – I asked
” I nor know their name.” – She replied.
* I laughed while i said –
” you dey watch film and you nor know who
act am. Do you even goto school?” – I
asked hysterically
she then placed the disk in a cd pack
while facing the other way to obstruct my
* out of joke, i blotted out –
” why you dey hide your drama na?? Are
you scared I’ll steal it?” – I laughed
” oya, na store i dey go so, i wan lock door”
– Emi intruded
I came out from the sitting room. as she
was locking the door, the movie fell from
her hand and the disk rolled out.
She jumped and hurriedly picked the disk
as if she dropped a gold and did’ntt want
anyone to steal it.
When the disk fell, i did’ntt really care to
look cus i was already leaving, but with the
way she rushed, i was uncomfortable.##
” why did you rush like that?” – I queried
” I nor want make the disk skip” – she
” i talk am say you nor dey go school, after
disk don fall you expect say e nor go skip
because say you rush pick am” – I uttered
while laughing
* The girl did’ntt seem interested in what i
was saying as she just placed the disk into
the pack with out cleaning it.
It appeared she did’ntt want me to see it *
” you’re trying to prevent something from
skipping, and you did’ntt even clean it when
it fell. Na so you wise?” – I uttered
” I nor wan stain my shirt” – She replied
” okay o, its your problem” – I replied.
it was obvious that She was hiding
something an…………………..


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