Miss Emillia called me and insisted i help
her buy a bottle of Pepsi from my
neighbour who lived in the back flat.
I did as she instructed.
Getting there, i saw Emilomoh, (the first
daughter of the family who lived in the back
flat along with us).
## Emilomoh was a 9years old subtle little
girl, wise and dubious. she’ll do anything to
get movies.
Her mother had a little store across the
She was usually the one who kept the store
for her mom. She used this opportunity to
the best of her advantage.
Due to her weird lust for movies (home
videos, American films etc), she ended up
giving out products her mom sold at the
store in exchange of films.
Most times customers would come and buy
things worth as much as N700 and they
won’t pay, in exchange, they’ll give her a
movie disk………………….
This got me angry most times, cus her
mom’s business was at a losing end.
Whenever you seem hungry, just take a
stroll to ”mama Emi’s” shop (the mother of
Emilomoh), if you eventually find Emi at the
shop, its your lucky day! Take as much as
you want, provided you drop a movie.
Though she was psyched about movies, but
she was’ntt dull academically.
Though i was older than her in age and
class, Emi knew the ‘rules of the street’
better than me.
She was pure ‘kpako’! even though she
attended a private school and mingled with
likes of me (aje butter boy)!
As young as she was, she was damn spoilt
and very sharp!
I used to think she was a witch!
Her smartNess was too much for her age.
But when it comes to movies, that’s her
‘mumu button’!
## so after getting the cold Pepsi from Emi,
i immediately went to deliver it to miss
Emillia who was not in the sitting room
when i got there.
I beckoned on her, and she replied from her
room and requested i bring it to her.
Entering her room, i saw her! I ran
out immediately leaving the drink at the
entrance of her door.
I could hear her laugh hysterically.
When she came out (on clothes), she was
still laughing and she said ” Leke, why did
you run like that now? Don’t you know
that’s how woman was initially created?
besides very soon, you’ll have to pay to see
an image like that. You saw it free and
you’re running”
I did’nt utter a word, the little boy was
## as she was about opening the drink, i
heard my mom’s car (Toyota stallion), i
immediately ran to open the gate#
******* NEXT DAY*******
” study hard okay?” – my mom said to me
while dropping me at the entrance of the
school’s gate.
Entering into the school, i saw Tasha, she
looked better than she was the other day.
She was somewhat radiant!
She actually waited for me to catch up with
” is that your mom?” – Tasha asked
” yeah she is” – I replied
” how come you’re fair and she’s dark?” –
She asked
” i don’t know o, my dad is fair sha.. By the
way, Nonso told me that you voted for me
to be the class rep, thank you! ” – I replied
she smiled and replied – ” ok, you’re
” Be careful of Emma, he’s a bully, he might
try to bully you around for voting for me.
try to avoid him and always threating to
report him to Mr Ojo” – I said
”who’s Emma? Is he not the one coming
towards us with a Cain?” – she replied.
I looked by the side she pointed to and
Emma was I saw Emma coming with a Cain
his hand. I couldn’t run, i stood still!
”shey i told you I’ll catch you today” -Emma
uttered as he approached me.
”its too early to start all these, just leave me
alone” – I replied
” shut up! You’re lucky that you were
saved by that man yesterday, i would have
dealt with you” – Emma uttered as he
turned to face Tasha.
” and you, why did’nt you vote for me
yesterday ?” Emma asked as he gripped
Tasha’s hands.
” you better leave me alone or I’ll tell
uncle.” -Tasha muttered as she tried
liberating her hands from Emma’s grip.
# Emma held her hands tight (to cause
”leave her alone!” – I shouted while I
pushed him.
(see me wan play hero)
## Emma immediately faced me and hit my
legs with the Cain he carried. I held his
hand as he was about to hit me again. We
struggled for some seconds before a
teacher came to RESCUE ME from being

She held our hands and ordered that Emma
and I go to her class and kneel,
But Tasha saved me as
she narrated everything that happened,
from the beginning (right from voting
process) to the current situation we were.
It was obvious that Tasha was’ntt a street
kid due to the way she spoke eloquently.
The teacher then released me but insisted
that Emma goes to kneel in her class as
parted to the staff room##
” hope he did’nt hurt you” – Tasha asked
as she helped me carry my bag from the
” No, but he’ll hear from me, I’ll see him
after school” – I replied while taking my
bag from her
(for my mind i wan play badt guy, knowing
fully well that i won’t let
Emma see my brake light after school).
” Just leave him alone, he’s a bully” –
Tasha advised
## we both walked to the class, and in few
minutes time, the bell rang for assembly.
Praise, worship and prayer was conducted.
Announcement was stated.
Subsequently,Emma was brought out and
flogged to deter any misbehavior from any
student. ##
¤after assembly, we went to our various
classes and had our sit¤
” Lekins go and get us chalk” – Mr Ojo
ordered me.
## I stood immediately and went to the
staff room to get chalk. getting there, i saw
Nonso in the principal’s office with his mom
along with the principal discussing.
I took some pieces of chalk from the staff
room and dashed out.
While returning to class, i started thinking
” what has this Nonso done this time”
Esther intruded by thought and informed
me that Mr Ojo required me to hurry up.
Hearing this, i walked swiftly with her.
Getting to the class, i handed the chalk to
Mr Ojo as her wrote MATHEMATICS on the
board (my best subject).
## it was 11pm and the bell rang for break.
I remained on my sit and brought
out my lunch to eat.
” Hello”
i turned to see who had that calm voice.
I saw Tasha holding a book while sitting
beside me..
” please can you explain this ‘long division’
for me? I don’t really understand it, uncle
was too
fast” – Tasha uttered
” ok, I’ll try. But try to meet uncle too. He’ll
explain better ” – I replied
” ok, but i heard you’re good at maths” –
Tasha said
” who told you?” – I asked.
” Tola” – she replied
##Tola was a dark skinned girl who was
also intelligent, but she was a talkative. If
you’d miss any information at school, just
ask her, she’ll narrate every detail for you.
Coincidentally, She was Tasha’s seat
” take this” – tasha uttered as she gave me
a ………………………..


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