….I stood up and made my way to where
Nonso had described Tasha was.. Arriving
there I discovered she had already left.
I wasn’t disappointed cause I was actually
considering going back to class cause I was
nervous on what I’d answer to Tasha’s
I had a sigh of relief.
* I got home and my mom arrived at about
5:30pm from work,
It was about 8pm when we had finished
having dinner that I had the urge to tell my
mom what had happened at school
concerning the question Tasha asked me,
cause I’d always tell my mom everything
that happens at school, But that particular
day I had felt I shouldn’t let her know.. I
had the feeling that what Tasha and I were
upto wasn’t right and letting my mom know
may stare up something that would end
badly for me. So I kept silent about
It was Friday so I was on my P.E vest and
white sparkling canvas.
I zoomed to my class and greeted my
cliques, I was unusually full of vibes and
action that particular day. I even said hello
to Esther (we’ve not been speaking to each
other often since the day we had a fight in
the toilet… We had withdrawn form each
other and only spoke occasionally).
Assembly ended at about 9am and there
was no glimps of Tasha (it was unlike her
since she was very punctual and usually
arrives before commencement of
Second period had ended and there was no
sign of her, I then resulted that she’s was
not gonno come. The vibes I had mounted
up suddenly dropped and I resumed to my
normal attitude (acting like an introvert).
”Tasha didn’t come”- Nonso said in dismay
like he felt disappointed.
Me: hmmm.. Should I cry?
Nonso: or she’s probably not feeling fine.
#I didn’t reply#
Nonso: what if she changed school and
she’s not coming back?
Me: better! Cus I don’t even like her self
and I don’t want her to come back.
*if only could thunder strike liars*
Nonso: Are you sure? Cus you’re now quiet
as usual.
Me: uncle! Nonso is making noise and
disturbing me.
#I shouted in frustration cus the guy
appeared to be taunting me#
Uncle: oya Nonso, face your front.
*Nonso gave me a ridicule smile.. he
probably understood my frustration*

It was about 1pm when we were suddenly
called up to the assembly hall for what we
thought was an ‘announcement’..
I wondered why they hadn’t made the it in
the morning.
The entire primary school section was
gathered in the hall and the principal and a
lady whom we’ve never seen arrived
together. The principal greeted us
and introduced the woman as Mrs Dolapo..
”do you know you all are wonderful and
brilliant children” – Principal.
” yes!” – students Chorused
”And do you also know you all are properly
trained and well disciplined?” – principal.
”Yes!!” – students.
”Good! But it seems some of you have
failed to realise that and you’ve decided to
drag the name of the school to the mud..”
*everyone went quiet, you could almost
hear your heart beat!*
Principal continued: ” some of you have
refused to accept the scrupulous training
and sound morals your teachers and I are
working so hard to imbibe into you. Some
of you have also decided to currupt others
and cause heart aches to your parents who
labour day and night to ensure you’re are in
a school like LLLLL..
But before you try to annull our effort, we’ll
first wrought you to uprightness.”
*I was feeling quite uneasy cus I wondered
if Nonso had gone to tell his mom about
the secrets we kept (we were partners at
‘but that’s isn’t Nonso’s Mom’ -I thought
within myself cus I knew her well.*
”Mr John (my class teacher).. How many
pupils are absent from your class?” –
” just two ma.” – Mr John
” what are their names?”- principal.
” Tasha and Emma (surnames withheld)”
*that was when I suddenly noticed and it
suddenly came to my realisation that Emma
was also absent from school *


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