After the incident I witnessed between
Emma and Tasha, I arrived home unable to
concentrate. The scenes of the event
between them kept recurring and for a
reason I didn’t quite understand- I was
I kept thinking ‘was she forced by the bully’
or ‘she was really into those kinda stuff at
that early age’ or maybe ‘she really likes
After some moments of confused and
conflicting assumptions, I arrived at the
conclusion to report what I had seen to our
class teacher.
It was a cold morning and the rain was still
pouring since it started the day-before.
There was no assembly and the students
were ordered to hold a mini-fellowship in
the class.
Meanwhile I had seen Tasha and she
looked ‘radiant’ on that particular day. Her
long weaved all-back that complemented
her fair skin corroborated with her bright
white eyes.
I noticed she had added some few inches in
length and she was kinda getting ‘more
She was beautiful.
While I was having these silly thoughts, she
immediately turned and her eyes caught up
with mine.
*I think that was my first butterfly feeling*
#it felt weird, something seemed to have
moved in my abdomen, I immediately
turned my eyes in a direction I wasn’t
interested to look#
class went on smoothly till ‘break-time’
finally came.
I was still copying the note when I noticed
Emma (the bully) and his gang had left the
class. Few seconds later Tasha followed.
Now this got me flared up..
I thought within myself ‘another show today
Ofcourse, am not gonno miss it.
I waited for about a minute or so and
cautiously went ahead to the place where I
had previously sighted Tasha and Emma
having sometime together.
I tipped-toed to the back of the school and
courteously tried to catch a glimpse of
anything interesting going on.
I stretched my head and………………………….
… I stretched my head and I was
disappointed with what I saw. There was
nothing ‘interesting’ going on, just Emma
and his gang throwing stones. I then
resulted in walking back to class to
complete the note I was copying.
I was about three blocks to my class when I
saw Tasha with some of her friends, she
alighted me and called. I waited while she
came over.
Tasha: where are you coming from?
Me: The toilet, why are you asking?
Tasha: I’ve not been seeing you, and I
noticed you’ve been quiet all day.
Me: Am fine. . Besides you don’t expect me
to talk while classes are going on, or do
you want uncle to flog me?
Tasha: okay o. . If you say so.
That’s not the reason I called you sha..
Me: whats the reason then?
Tasha: Why were you staring at me in
Me: eh? How? When?
Tasha: Teju (her seatmate) said you were
looking at me and didn’t remove your eyes,
I even saw you once.
Me: (agitated) well nothing, I just noticed
you’ve grown taller.
Tasha: are you sure that’s the reason?
Me: yes. You’ve grown taller. I wonder
when I’ll be as tall as you.
(she was taller than me).
#there was a moment pause between both
of us until she broke the silence.#
Tasha: do you like me?
* she asked while looking at my sandals.
#then in primary school to say you like
someone was obviously more than just
‘normal like’.. It was something more.#
I was flustered. For some seconds I didn’t
Say anything cus I wasn’t sure how to
reply. Immediately the thoughts of the
scenes I saw between her and Emma the
other day flashed through my mind.
I got more confused why she’ll ask me
such a question when she’s sweethearts
with my worse enemy. *
Tasha: you don’t want to answer?
Me: why are you asking?- I stuttered.
Tasha: Just answer.
(she had a smiling face on)
Me: but I thought Emma and yo…..
*I was interrupted by Nonso who came to
tell me that our class teacher sorted for my
I sheepishly departed from her while Nonso
remained with her.
The earlier thoughts I had about telling our
class teacher what I saw her and Emma
doing had obviously discarded from my

It was closing and I was reluctant to get my
things ready to go home. . I arranged my
books in the ‘slowest’ possible way I knew
how. My intention was tryna wait for Tasha
so we could continue our discussion.
Ofcourse, the intruder came again..
‘What were you and Tasha discussing
during break’ – Nonso.
Me: not now abeg.
Nonso: were you telling her what you saw?
Me: I will tell you what she told me later but
in the mean time, please go first.
Nonso: am not going anywhere till you tell
Me: Tasha asked if I like her.
*the moron shouted ‘eh’ like he had heard
something grand. This caught the attention
of our class teacher and he jokingly asked
us what we were discussing.
Nonso and I tried to pull it off by smiling
#the teacher had no ideal about how
currupt we were#
while Nonso and I were still trying to
pretend like we were having ‘ normal
children discussion’ , Tasha walked passed
us and waved good-bye to Nonso and I.
I was disappointed and upset.
ME: shey you see now, she has left. We
were suppose to continue what we were
discussing but you’ve ruined it.
Nonso: sorry.. But why don’t you go and
meet her.
Me: didn’t you see she left with her bag,
her driver is probably waiting for her.
Nonso: just go and check…. Or better still
lemme help you check if her driver is
*Nonso stood up and walked to the exit of
the class… I waited for some minutes before
he returned p@nting.
*we spoke quietly*
Nonso: she’s talking with Teju and
Bolamide, her driver hasn’t arrived.
Hurry up and go.
Me: wait.. what will I say?
Nonso: I don’t know, it was you she asked
if you like her… So tell her yes or no.. But if
I were you, I’ll say yes.
Me: okay, am coming..
#I stood up and made my way to where
Nonso had described Tasha was..
Arriving there, I…….


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