I immediately switched on the VCD as
bro.Felix left and I was surprised to see
what He was actually watching….
It was my favourite cartoon- superman!
I was quite baffled knowing that Bro.felix
was actually watching cartoon considering
His age.
I was also disappointed cus I thought I’d
see something
I spent few hours at the main house
before my mom eventually returned back
I was ecstatic returning back to school
because I was keen on
seeing my friends and classmates.
When I eventually got to school,
I was cheerful cus
I had missed my friends.
## The day immediately after mid-term
break was like
vacation day!
There were alot of movement and rush by
teachers, parents, and students.
I was fascinated and glad that the school
was growing rapidly because I had made
new friends and gained respect due to the
fact that I was the class prefect.
The school which initially had barely
11pupils in my class (primary 4) now had
over 25 pupils.
My classmates were keen in mingling and
making friends with me in order for me not
to include
their names in the
‘book of noise makers’ list
Everything went pretty well for me but one
person gave me major
That’s was Emma (the bully).
Pupils were careful not to fall
prey to his traps, cus He was good
at making troubles.
But I regularly managed to escape Him
most times though.##
At about 9am assembly was concluded and
class eventually began.
We all marched into our class and were
ordered by Mr Ojo to submit
our mid-term assignment.
Subsequently, the English teacher came in
and teaching ensued.
” Emma, make a sentence with ‘ show’ ” –
English teacher ordered.
* Emma immediately stood up to answer
the question*
”emmmmm……………….. The television shall
soon show”- Emma replied
# the entire class went hysterical#
” keep your mouth shut! Are you better than
him?” – English Teacher ordered
## the class continued in laughter as Emma
continued with His hilarious wrong answers
to aunty Temilola’s (English teacher)
questions .
I was careful not to make my laughter
obvious cus I didn’t want
Emma to notice and eventually
deal with me later.
While the class was laughing, someone on
the other hand wasn’t finding anything
” whats wrong with Tasha, Why is she
acting so serious?” – I asked Ayo (my
” I don’t know, go and ask her.. Maybe
Emma is her brother” – Ayo replied
* I paid no attention to Ayo’s reply as I
listened to aunty Temiola’s teaching.
She’s was one of my favourite teachers. I
liked her because she was
gregarious and funny,
and she
also teased and made fun
of me alot .*

The bell eventually rang for break and as
usual, I remained on my seat and took my
Nonso, Esther and few others came over to
my seat and we all chatted and laughed
over meaningless jokes
( children stuff).
It was about 15mins for break to end and I
hav’nt seen Tasha
( this was quite rare cus we normally talk
before she goes out for break).
It happened that I did’nt even notice when
she went out, so I decided to go look for
her just to say ‘hi’ since we hav’nt spoken
throughout the day.
I stepped out from my class and went
round the school in search for Tasha, but I
couldn’t find her.
I asked other pupils of her whereabouts but
they Said they had no ideal.
After looking round the school again, I
made up my mind that I’ll just wait till
closing to talk to her.
On my way back to the class, I remembered
a spot I did’t check ( back of the school’s
That was where Emma and his group
(bullies) usually handles their subjects.
They picked that place as their spot
because students frequently uses the toilet.
It never occurred to me to check cus I never
improvise that Tasha would go to the lions
I was also scared to go cus I feared what
Emma would do to me when He sees me at
his territory.
But I summoned courage and was willing to
take the risk.
As I arrived at Emma territory, I took a
meticulous peep to see if anyone was there
cus the place
was quiet ( its usually noisy).
When I drew my eyes out of the wall that
was obstructing me,,
I was shocked! Dumbfounded!
Heart broken! Disappointed! To behold
what I was seeing.
I saw Emma caressing Tasha and the girl
seemed to be enjoying it.
She had her hands placed round his waist
and the dude was feeding her with kisses
as He
was massaging her small butt..


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