immediately Bob shut the door,
I remained in the sitting room.
Since there was no light, I took my
Elementary science textbook and started
I waited for about 15mins and yet, Bob and
Kemmy were still in the room. ( In a normal
children drama play, it takes less than
2mins for the beginning of a new day which
is subsequently followed by another scene.
But in this case, it seemed that mom and
dad had over slept.)
I then decided to go and wake them.
Immediately I opened the door, I saw Bola
wasn’t on her shirt,
but she had her skirt on.
Immediately saw me, she jerked in fright
and grabbed her shirt and forced it on.
”what are you guys doing?” – I asked.
” we’re acting a drama.. Or have you
forgotten” – Bob replied
” I see…. so why are you guys taking so
long to come out?” – I queried
” cus we want it to be like a real drama,
how can parents sleep for only 2mins,
thats too childish na” – Bob replied
” hmmm….. So Kemmy why did’nt have
your shirt on when I came in?” – I asked
” because I…………….. I………… I was feeling
heat. The room is hot” – Kemmy muttered
” so why did’nt you come out to receive
fresh air? ” – I asked Kemmy
” because I………………….”
*Bola paused as Bobby intruded*
” don’t worry He won’t tell anyone” – Bob
intruded as He rose from the bed, took me
by the hands and walked with me out of the
” why did you interrupt us na?” – Bob
asked while smiling.
” what do you mean? You guys were taking
too long. You both left me alone at the
sitting room” – I answered.
” you should have waited a little, you spoilt
the fun” – Bob uttered
” keep quiet! By the way, what were you
guys even doing that took you so long to
come out?” – I asked
” we were about doing what mom and dad
usually do” – Bob replied
” saint Joseph! Do you mean kissing?” – I
asked as I opened my mouth in shock.
” is it only kissing that your mom and dad
do?”- Bob Uttered
” Bob you’re a bad boy.. What if your
parents catches you?” – I replied
” keep quiet! Who would tell them? Why are
you behaving like a baby?.. Or would you
tell them I kissed Kemmy?” – Bob asked.
” what if Kemmy tells them?” – I uttered
still in shock of what I was hearing
” Leke, you’ve been watching too many
cartoons.. You’re beginning to think like
‘telly-tobbies’ (a popular cartoon then)..
Why would Kemmy tell my mom that I
kissed her?” – Bob uttered
” that’s true, but what you’re doing is wrong
o.. My mom said kissing is not meant for
kids” – I uttered
” that’s what my mom also said, but she
never mentioned that I shouldn’t try it………
She only said its bad…
So you mean you’ve never kissed a girl?
What about that girl you were telling me
about (Esther)?” – Bob asked
” do you want me to get caught?..” – I
* Bobby laughed*
” okay, this is what we’re gonno do,, just
give me five mins with Kemmy, then you
can take over after that” – Bob uttered
” you’re crazy! Not me and you” – I replied
” Leke, she won’t tell anyone! She even said
she likes you……… Since you hav’nt kissed a
girl before, this is your opportunity,
Don’t be a scary telly-tobby!” – Bob
” what if she doesn’t agree?” – I asked
” she will! I said she even likes you! She
would even allow you to touch her body.” –
Bob uttered
” What if my mom finds out” – I nervously
” no one would know, in fact, you can go
before me.. But you have only 5mins o.. So
that I can still have my turn, lemme go and
tell her. Am coming” – Bob uttered
as He departed from me and went into the
* less than a minute, Bob came out
” have already told her, she said you can
come and kiss.. But Don’t be shy oo” –
Bob uttered as He laughed
” have changed my mind, I won’t go again.”
– I replied
” do’nt be scared ee.. Nobody would find
out..” – Bob uttered as he pushed me into
the sitting room. And told me to go into the
## I was reluctant,
but I eventually summoned courage and
went into the room.
Immediately I opened the door..
as I stepped into the room, I saw Kemmy
sitting on the bed. She stared at me as I
walked in..
I stood Still as I got close to her
” are you shy?” – Kemmy asked.
” no,, infact am coming lemme go and drink
water” – I replied while departing from the
” are you through now now?” – Bobby
asked when He saw me rushed out.
” through with what? I can’t kiss her,, my
mom would kill me!” – I replied
” Leke, you’re too scared! How would your
mom find out?
You are on your own.. Am going in now,
please be checking the gate if you’d see my
dad’s car coming” – Bob uttered
” you’re not serious! Am I the gate man? Its
almost 4pm, your mom would soon be
here” – I uttered
## Bobby paid less attention to what I was
saying as He zoomed off into the room to
meet Kemmy.. I could hear Bola telling
Bobby to ‘stop’..
I guess she lost interest in the play!
She came to the sitting room and joined
few seconds later, Bobby also came out of
the room looking disappointed and
angered- like I spoilt his show!.
The three of us sat and watched TV like
nothing happened..
Few minutes later, Kemmy’s dad came and
picked Kemmy, before Bob’s mom arrived
and prepared dinner.
For the next couple of days I spent at Bob’s
house, Kemmy did’nt show up..##
My mom eventually came to pick me up
from Bobby’s place, I was elated to see my
mom, but also sad cus I’d miss the fun I
and Bob had.
” don’t worry, Bob would come and over
during the holiday” – bob’s mom assured
* I could see Bob almost crying up, cus He
knew He was about to face his dad’s strict
rules alone!*

## I and my mom arrived home safely that
evening and I started preparing my things
for school..
After my mom had prepared dinner, I ate
and slept!
It was a hot sunny Sunday afternoon, and
my mom and other parents in the
compound had gone for a community
I was alone in the house so I decided to
forge to the main house.
Getting there, I saw miss Emillia and miss
Praise at the living room.
I greeted and asked about the whereabout
of bro.felix,
miss Emillia then told me that He’s at his
## Bro.felix was relatively my closest friend
in the main house, cus He was the
youngest, so I chatted with him more##
* I went into bro.felix’s room without
Bro.felix jerked from his bed when He saw
that His door was opened..
But when He saw that it was me,
he sighed in relief.
” why did’nt you knock?” – He asked.
” sorry, I don’t know why I always forget” –
I replied
” please bark the door.” – He uttered.
##after I closed the door, I sat to see what
He was watching, but He switched the TV
I was’ntt sure the reason why He did it, but
I was curious to know##
” why did you switch the TV off na!” – I
asked in curiosity
” cus I don’t want your mom to say am
corrupting you.. She came the other day
saying am the one teaching you bad things”
– He replied
”but that’s long ago na” – I uttered
” anything I tell you, you always go and tell
her.. Therefore, I can’t show you what am
watching. I don’t want to get into trouble
with your mom or dad” – Bro.felix uttered
* normally, I never insisted to know
anything people was’ntt interested to show
But I was just so curious that day*
” please lemme see it, I won’t tell my mom..
I promise!” – I uttered in curiosity
” not me! Remove your mind from it, cus I
won’t show you.” – bro.felix uttered.
” please na… I won’t tell my mom, am
serious” – I begged
” I won’t show you! If you wana see it then
go and switch on the VCD yourself, but
lemme leave the room first so that you
won’t say I was there..
Take the remote, and ensure you turn down
the volume” – Bro.felix uttered as He left
the room handing me the remote.
## Immediately He left the room, I swiftly
stood up to switch on the TV and reduced
the volume..
Haven done that, I switched on the VCD!
I was dumbfounded to see…….


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