As my mom approached me,, I jerked
” Lekins, come and sit here” – my mom
said calmly as she sat on my bed.
” mommy am sorry, please forgive me! I’ll
never speak to aunty Tonya again.” – I
” Lekins, don’t make me angry, come and
sit here.. Did you see me with a whip? –
My mom asked.
* I reluctantly heeded to my mom’s
instruction and sat far from her, but she
pulled me closer.*
” Lekins, everything I do, I do it to protect
you! The fact I beat you does’nt mean I like
it, am your mom, that’s why I correct
If your dad hears what you’ve learnt, he’ll
beat you even more!” – my mom said
” mommy, please don’t tell dad. Please” – I
” Lekins, there are things boys your age
shouldn’t know about..
They may end up corrupting you, that’s why
I don’t buy you American films, cus some
scenes are not good for kids.
When you grow older, I won’t stop you from
watching them, you can watch as many as
you wish.” – my mom uttered
” am sorry mom, I won’t watch it again.” – I
” I want you to focus on your studies, so
that you can be anything you want..
American films will interfere with your
brain.. That’s why I told Tonya not to show
you such movies again ” – mom uttered
” okay mom, I won’t watch it ever again. I
promise!” – I uttered
* my mom continued with her touching
advice, and this made me so calm and
elated, the fear I had for her that moment,
immediately changed to love!..
After her prudent advice, I gave her a very
tight hug*
” I love you mom” – I uttered
” I love you too my boy” – my mom replied
as she smiled
* my dad called that evening and he also
counselled me on what my mom had prior
I was so relieved and happy that when I
slept, I had a beautiful dream! (good one!
Nothing immoral)*
when I arrived at school, I was so cheerful
and bright unlike the prior day..
Everyone was glad to see me looking
refreshed until Esther came and spoilt my
It was during closing hours when Esther
Approached me again..
” Lekins wait for me please” – Esther
” what now? Are’nt you tired of Disturbing
me” – I replied
* Esther approached me*
” Lekins, please am sorry about what I did
yesterday.. Please forgive me.. I was just
so angry and I did’nt know what I was
saying. Am sorry” – Esther begged
” see, just leave me alone, am not angry
with you……… I just want you to leave me
alone. Please! I don’t want to get into
trouble again” – I uttered
” I promise I’ll never get you into trouble,
please am sorry. I don’t know why I lied
against you……… You know I love you” –
Esther uttered
* I was shocked when I heard this, I swiftly
looked both sides to confirm that no one
heard Esther.*
” I said it! You want to get me into trouble
again abi? Do you want somebody to hear
you? Whats your problem?” – I muttered
” am sorry, but am saying the truth,, I love
you! I dream of you every night.” – Esther
” not me and you! Please stop dreaming
about me,, don’t you know we are too
young? Esther please leave me alone” – I
” Lekins please be my boyfriend, I promise
to do anything for you! nobody would know!
Not even my sister or even Nonso” – Esther
” now I know you’re crazy! You’re trying to
set a trap for me again abi? .. You’ve failed!
Am never going to near you.. You’re worse
than Jezebel!” – I uttered
as I parted away from her. She tried
following me,, but I ran father from her.
* as I stepped out from the gate, I walked
swiftly until I heard voice beckoned on me*
” Lekins wait!!” – Bola called me
## Bola was a dark skinned girl, she was a
student of primary 5.##
”Lekins, how are you?”- Bola asked
” am fine, Bola, anything?” – I asked, cus
Bola and I never spoke.
” nope, I heard what happened to you
yesterday, don’t mind that Esther okay?
She’s just a liar” – Bola uttered
” yeah I know, am lucky I was able to
escape her” – I uttered
” yeah, you’re a good boy,, and we all
know…. Besides, why don’t you talk to
me???? We’ve been in the same school for
a long time.. And you’ve never spoken to
me” – bola uttered
” you’re not in my class. besides, we don’t
see often” – I replied
” can’t you come to my class?” – Bola
” your class?do you want those your
classmates to send me away?” – I replied
* she laughed*
” don’t worry, nobody will send you away.. ”
– Bola uttered
” okay, have heard you, I better start
leaving, my mom would soon be back” – I
replied as I waved her goodbye
* To be honest, I never really liked Bola. She
was too tall!*
I arrived home safe and sound.
¤¤In the next couple of weeks, things went
quite well, I managed to stay out of trouble
and avoided Esther like a man running from
a ghost!.
We eventually had our first test at school..
Thereafter, one week was declared as mid-
term break.
I was so elated that I had finally had the
opportunity to chill and relax.
This was not the only reason for my
Due to the fact that my mom leaves for
work everyday and comes back in the
evening, she improvised that I’ll be lonely
and bored if I spend the entire week at
And since I did’nt like her office, she came
up with an ideal that I really liked.
Often during my mid-term break, my mom
usually takes me to my cousin’s (Bobby)
house . That’s where I often spent my mid-
## Bobby is same age with me,, we were
really close. when we’re together, you’ll
think we were brothers.
The bond was covalent!
we were similar in many ways.. Not to
mention that He was a badt boy as well.
Bobby lived with both of his parents, His
dad is my mom’s brother.
Bobby’s parents were hook strict!
I mean strict! ! !
They made really annoying rules such as-
No watching of TV in the morning until you
take breakfast .
– you must answer atleast 20 questions
from your text book and submit before
– you dare not step outside the gate.
– you must goto sleep before 8:30pm. Etc
I and Bobby adhered to these rules only on
Saturdays, cus that’s when his parents
were usually at home.
They went to work from Monday to Friday .
They depart by 9am, but Bobby’s mom was
usually the first to return by 4pm, and His
dad mostly returns by 7pm.
Immediately Bob parents leaves the house,
automatically its play galore for us!
But we always endeavour to meet up with
the 20 questions that Bob’s dad made as
rule, no one wana get trashed.

Wednesday : DAY3 into mid-term:
Bob’s parents left for work as usual but
instructed that Kemmy’s parents (the girl
who lived next to Bob’s house) would bring
Kemmy to stay the afternoon with us till her
parents comes from work.#
” be good boys okay” – Bob’s dad
” yes sir” – I and Bob responded
” don’t play rough play o, make sure you go
inside and read. when you’re hungry, take
out the food In the fridge and microwave it.
The one I prepared this morning” – Bob’s
mom added
” okay mom” – we answered
” bye mom, bye dad” – Bob uttered as He
locked the gate.
We went inside thereafter
## at about 12:30pm, we heard a knock at
the gate.. Bob immediately ran to check
who it was as I remained in the sitting room
answering my 20 questions..
In less than 5mins I saw Bob and Tommy
walked in, they seemed close with the way
they were chatting and laughing.##
* Kemmy was in primary 5 then, dark
skinned and quite grown.*
” who’s this?” – kemmy asked Bob.
” he’s my cousin Lekins” – Bob answered
” Lekins.. Are you from this state?” –
Kemmy asked as she placed her books on
the table
” yes! ” – I replied
” are you sure?, cus you look like
americana! ” – She uttered
* I smiled*
#Kemmy was somewhat vivacious and
lively.. Though we just met, she spoke to
me as though she had known me for ages#
The light eventually went off few minutes
Kemmy arrived.
After Bob and I had finished our 20
We all started chatting.
But eventually, we became bored.
It was about 2pm when
Bob suggested we act a little play (a drama
that comprised of a mom, dad, and a son.).
I declined initially cus I thought it was too
I never engaged in such plays at school or
at home.
But Kemmy assured me that it would be
I did’nt relent further, I eventually agreed.
Bob then initiated that he’ll play the father,
Kemmy would play the wife, and I’ll play the
I agreed cus I was’ntt so interested in the
The pay then began when I was told to go
to my room (as the son), and Kemmy and
Bob would sleep in the same room ( as the
I remained at the sitting room ( according
to the pay, would be my room), while
Kemmy and Bob went to bob’s room,,
they shut the door and………………..


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