” she held your what?” – Mr Ojo asked me
while holding his Cain.
” she held my…………………” – I muttered.
* My ojo whipped me again*
” what did she hold?” – he asked again
” she pressed my private part very hard” – I
uttered while I cried.
-the class exclaimed again
” sir do’nt mind him, he’s lying” – Esther
” shut-up! You liar!” – I uttered in tears
while I tried to attack Esther out of anger
* Mr Ojo held me and ordered Esther and I
to both kneel down and ordered me to
explain what actually transpired*
I explained all that happened in the toilet
to Mr Ojo. Consequently, Esther countered..
My evidence proved more concrete than
that of what Esther imposed.
Justice was on my side as
Most of the students who were in the class
supported me, they said I left the class
before Esther and I did’nt talk to anyone
cus I was not in a good mood.
Nonso then corroborated my speech by
telling Mr Ojo that Esther immediately
followed me to the toilet cus she told him
that she wanted to know the reason why I
was’ntt speaking to anyone.##
” so Esther you lied.” – Mr Ojo asked.
” sir Nonso is lying. Lekins was the one who
said I should follow him to the toilet” –
Esther uttered
” ha! Esther you can lie oo, I was here when
Lekins left the seat and went out of the
class, and He did’nt even went to your
seat.” – Ayo uttered (my seatmate)
” Ayo you’re lying, because he’s your
friend.. You’re supporting him. Uncle,
during sports period Lekins told me to meet
him at the toilet” – Esther uttered.
”me????” – I exclaimed
”Esther you’re a liar.. I and Lekins were in
class during sports period cus I was asking
him the reason why He was sad” – Tasha
* I was so relieved that I was finally putting
Esther in her place, and I thanked my stars
that I had witnesses*
” Lekins stand up, Esther remain kneeling”
– Mr Ojo ordered while he lashed Esther
some few strokes.
” so Esther you lied? Where did you learn
that from?” – Mr ojo asked.
” sir, Lekins was the one who slapped me
first, thats the reason I held his private part”
– Esther replied while she started crying
Esther was flogged for lying, and I was
also trashed for hitting her on her stomach.
But I felt much happiness than pain, cus I
was able to unmask
The bell rang for closing and I was looking
much more cheerful, I was so glad that
Esther was punished (something that rarely
happens,,, cus she managed to always skim
out of trouble with her well fabricated lies).
Ever since then, I was careful never to
punch a girl ever again. cus seeing Esther
drop on the ground after I punched her
gave me the greatest scare I had ever felt. I
thought she was gonno die!
I told Nonso to wait for me while I went
to Tasha’s seat and pleaded with her for
shouting at her earlier.. I also thanked her
for rescuing me from Esther’s claws! ##
when I got home, another problem awaited
#I saw miss tonya waiting for me at my
house. I was shocked!
Immediately I remembered the beating my
mom gave me because of what I had learnt
from miss Tonya .
I immediately frowned my face when I saw
miss Tonya, she walked towards me and
uttered- ” how are you? Are’nt you happy to
see me?”
” aunty, my mom said I should never speak
to you again, please lemme alone.” – I
uttered while frowning my face
” why? What did I do?” – Tonya asked
while she bent down and placed her hands
over my scapula (shoulder)..
Before I could tell her the reason, I heard
the horn of my mom’s car..
I immediately ran to the gate to confirm if
what I heard was true..
Getting to the gate, I looked anxiously to my
left and to my right, but I didn’t catch a
glimps of mom’s car………..
I was so relieved!
I immediately ran to meet miss Tonya, and
instructed her to leave.#
” aunty, my mom would be here soon,
please you better go.” – I uttered
” why? Whats happening? Why did you run
to check the gate? Did you do something
wrong?” – Tonya asked
” I did’nt do anything wrong, my mom said I
should never go to your house or speak to
you cus you told me the meaning of s*x..
She said am too young to know” – I

” so you told your mom I explained the
meaning of sx to you? but why would you
let her know?” – Tonya asked
” I only told her the truth, cus I do’nt hide
anything from her” – I uttered
” dear, there are somethings you need not
to mention to your mom.. But not to worry,
I’ll come some other day to explain things
to your mom.. But I want you to come over
to my house to visit me some times okay?”
– miss Tonya uttered.
” I would never step a foot in your house.
My mom would kill me!” – I uttered
” now you’re breaking my heart, am surely
gonno come over to see your mom
someday.” – Miss tonya uttered
” please you better leave now, its almost
4pm, my mom would soon be back.” – I
* as she was about leaving, she begged me
to walk her to the gate, I refused initially,
but she insisted.
As we got to the gate, she brought out
N500 note and handed it over to me, as I
was about receiving the money, I saw my
mom’s car approaching from the left.
Fear immediately gripped me! #
” hide! Hide! My mom is coming” – I
” don’t worry, everything would be okay..
Am just gonno say hello to her and leave.”
– miss Tonya uttered
” please hide, she’ll beat me.. Please” – I
nervously replied
” she won’t do anything to you……… Don’t
be scared” -Tonya replied
* by this time, my mom had already sighted
us, I immediately ran into the house leaving
Tonya to her fate!
I got inside and locked the door of my

It was about 7pm, I heard a knock on my
room’s door, I immediately woke up from
my sleep. I was so frightened knowing it
was my mom knocking.
” Lekins, open the door and come and eat”
– my mom uttered
* out of fear, I did’nt reply*
” are’nt you hearing me???? I said come to
the dining and eat now! ” – my mom
” mommy, am sorry.. I told aunty Tonya to
go, but she did’nt listen to me.. Its not my
fault mom.. Am saying the truth! ” – I cried
” who’s talking about Tonya? I said come
and eat, did I mention anything about her?
If i want to discipline you, do you think I
can’t come in there and do it?” – my mom
” mommy promise you won’t beat me..” – I
” Lekins, before I count one to three, come
out and eat….. One…………………
Two………………..” – my mom ordered
* before she counted three, I opened the
door, my mom just looked at me, I think
she felt pity for me cus I was still on my
” oya go and take off that uniform and
wash your hands.” – she ordered .
* I wasted no time, I did as she instructed
and went to the dining thereafter.
I was so elated to see my favorite food
(beans and fried plantain.).
After digging the food, I went to take my
Haven done that, I went to my room to do
my assignment..
Still on the assignment,
my door opened and I saw my mom
approaching me…
Have never been so scared!*


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