immediately I landed Esther the slap , she
immediately attacked me..
We started struggling (children fight).
But Something was wrong about the brawl..
I noticed that Esther was’ntt interested in
the fight.. She never threw a blow or sent a
Esther was going for my little lekins (my
I was too slow and never improvised that
she’ll target my little lekins. .
Eventually, she held my short, forced her
hands into my Nicar (I was lucky I was
wearing p@nt)………
I tried to pull her hands out……… But I was
too late!
Esther grabbed my p@nties along with my
little d:ck and held it tight.
I immediately surrendered and started
pleading with Esther.
” Esther please” – I begged
* I held her ankle but she had a firm grip
on my little lekins with maximal force*,
” Esther please na…” – I pleaded in pain as
tears was already gathering in my eyes.
” will you hit me again?” – Esther asked as
she held my D harder.
” No,, I will never hit you again” – I replied
” oya kneel down” – Esther order
I continued pleading with Esther to release
my little-lekins as I held her ankle, but she
did’ntt relent.
” the other day you insulted me, I left you
alone, today you slapped me.. You’ll cry
today” – Esther uttered.
” Esther, I promise I’ll never insult you
again, please just release me.. Its painful o”
– I pleaded.
” yes!.. I want you to cry today, so that next
time you won’t try me again” – Esther
” please na, I’ll give you my money, my
lunch, anything you want. Just let me go.”
– I begged.
” how much do you think you can give
me???? Rubbish! I don’t want anything
from you, I just want you to cry for
insulting and slapping me.. And if you
shout, I’ll press it more! I want you to kneel
down now” – Esther uttered
” how can I kneel down na?? please na,,
have you forgotten what we used to do
together.. Please Esther.” – I replied
” you said, you hate me! So I don’t
remember what we used to do” – Esther
” why are you talking like this na?? You’re
the most beautiful girl in this school. I like
everything about you.” – I uttered
” now you like me abi? When you were
insulting me that day you did’ntt like me” –
Esther uttered as she held my little-lekins
” please oo… Leave me oo, I won’t insult
you again o” – I cried out
” do you really want me to let you go?” –
Esther asked while she uncautiously slightly
released my little-lekins
” yes!!’ – I replied hurriedly
” would you be my boyfriend?” – Esther
” if I say ‘yes’ would you let me go?” – I
i took advantage of the fact that Esther was
distracted by my utterance and I managed
to set myself free.
I was so relieved!
But it did’nt end there..
After I released myself from Esther’s grip, I
was really angered with the pain Esther
caused me, I immediately attacked her with
every force I had. Slaps and punches were
all landing at Esther’s face and stomach..
She tried to hold my JT again (john
Thomas) , but I was much more meticulous
and I prevented it.. When she noticed that I
had gained experience, and have been able
to figure out her target area, she started
begging me.
I did’nt relent, I launched in more slaps and
flabby blows on her, she started screaming
– ” somebody help me o”
things got bad for me when I threw a hard
punch on her stomach..

The girl just went to the ground and did’nt
stand up.. She was holding her tommy
crying out loud.
It was obvious that her scream got alotta
attention, next thing I saw, four teachers
stumped the toilet. They sighted Esther on
the floor and two teachers immediately
rushed her to the sick bay.
By this time, my heart was already in my
month, I was sweating profusely.
The two teachers who remained with me
just grabbed me by the hand and took me
to the staff room.
When we got to the staff room, teachers
were surprise to see me cus I never got
myself into any trouble.
One of the teachers who held my hand
started questioning me.
” what did you do to Esther?” – He asked
” am sorry sir, she was the one who started
it” – I replied while tears started dropping
from my eyes.
* the next thing I heard was a whip on my
back. The pain went straight into my brain*
” I said what did you do to Esther?” – the
teacher asked again
” sir, I only slightly punched her on her
stomach, it was a small punch sir. Truth!” –
I cried
” so you want to kill someone’s daughter
abi? Do you know where we heard her
scream from?” – the teacher added
* this statement of his followed by seven
strokes on my back as he held my hands..
I was sweating and crying*
few minutes later, the teacher took me to
my class, and Mr Ojo was shocked to see
me cus He had been looking for Esther and
I when He noticed we were not in the class..
Apparently, I and Esther spent over 45mins
in the toilet.
The teacher explained what I had done to
Esther and Mr ojo gave me his own arm of
He instructed me to ‘pick pin’.
He left me there for about 40mins. My
uniform was already soaked and tears and
catarrah was gushing out from my eyes
and nose respectively.
Few minutes latter, Esther was brought into
the class by one of the teachers.
Immediately Esther came into the class, she
was asked by Mr Ojo to narrate what
Swiftly, Esther started raining lies on me..
She fabricated the whole incident.
She said I instructed her to raise her gown..
And when she declined, I started punching
her stomach
the entire class exclaimed
” haaa!”
I was transfixed! I couldn’t believe what I
was hearing..
” Its a lie sir, Esther you’re a liar! You’ll die
in hell”- I uttered while I cried in anger
* my statement made Mr Ojo trashed me all
over my butt.
But that did’nt prevent me to talk.
” sir, Esther is lying, Esther held


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