My mom looked at me for a moment to
grab the content of what I revealed to her.
She was shocked after hearing what her
small Lekins have uttered.
Immediately I got the signal that have said
something wrong, I started pleading even
when my mom hav’nt said anything to me.
Swiftly my mom departed from me and
went into her room to get the ‘ arm of
discipline’ . Then I knew justice was about
to discern on me..
* I started thinking about the things I said
## Like a flash of light I saw my mom
coming down with a wire.
I did’ntt wait for signal, I dashed to my
room, locked the door, and removed the key
( unwise of me).
” Lekins before I count one to five I want
you to open this door now” – My mom
* she probably forgot she had a spear key*
” mommy am sorry, I will watch the cartoon
you bought.” – I uttered while crying.
” Lekins, I told you not to watch American
movies, and you disobeyed me eh?” – Mom
” mommy its bro.felix and Emi that
deceived me, I won’t watch it again. I
promise” – I replied
” Lekins I said open this door” – mom kept
instructing me.
” you better open this door before I count to
one to 5. ……………….. Oya .. 1
…..2…………..3………………….. ”
* I was waiting to hear 4, but it never came.
I guess my mom then realised that she had
a spear key.*
## for about 20sec everywhere was calm,
until I heard my door opening. Fear gripped
me when I saw my mom approaching me, I
tried to go under the bed, but it was too
late! My mom held the short I was
Stripped me! And lashed tears outta my
My mom has a tradition to always tell you
the reason why she’s beating you as she
lands a stroke on you as.s
each stroke comes with an explanation
which made the beating longer.
” have told you that American movies are
not good for kids your age, and you went
behind me to watch them eh! – mom
uttered as she lashes my small butt.
* I kept screaming ‘mommy am sorry’
…………………. Did she mind me????
” Have also told you not to speak with
strangers, instead of you to come straight
home from school, you went to Tonya’s
house and started watching movies eh. ” –
my mom added
” mommy am sorry, aunty Tonya told me
that you won’t get angry that’s why I
followed her to her house.” – I responded
* its seems my utterance infuriated my
mom more.. She increased the velocity of
her lashing*
## I started screaming.. ” I will die oo,
mommy please oo” ##
Did she mind me????
It seemed like the sound of my voice made
things even worse!
I tried to escape, but she held both of my
hands tight.
I started dancing ajasco and all the dance
steps I knew when she landed the wire on
my head.
Immediately the wire landed on my head, I
tried to scream, but my voice failed me (you
know that kind tin)!
I just held my head and started dancing.
But after few seconds, my voice came back
and I gave the loudest scream of my life!
Did she mind me????
She instructed I knelt down, which I did.
she finally left me and dropped the wire
until I made the ‘most stupid utterance of
my life’
which made her come back and give me
the beating of life.
.. ” what did I do to deserve this beating?”
– I asked my mom while crying.
## my question made my mom turn back,
picked the lash, and lashed me thrice of
what she earlier gave me.
I kept screaming ‘ I will die o’ in hope that
my neighbours would come to my aid, but
unfortunately, no one came.
When my mom eventually left me, I
remained in my room and continued
sobbing and crying until I eventually fell

I sat half butted in my mom’s car as I
waited for her to have her talk with
bro.felix’s mom.
Am sure it was in concern of what her son
had taught me.
The dude was’ntt at home in the morning,
cus He always left for school early.
When my mom had finished her talk with
bro.felix’s mom, she drove me to school.
## when I arrived school, I had not interest
in speaking to anyone cus of the trashing
my mom gave me.
I jest sat on my seat and bent down my
head on my desk.
When class eventually commenced, I did’ntt
utter a word to anyone, not even my
The class somewhat noticed my calmness
¤ that moment when you’re quiet and
everyone becomes careful with what they
say to you……… Lol¤ #
## The bell subsequently rang for sports
( we did sports every Wednesday) but I
remained on my seat even though I liked
going out for sport.
I jest bent down my head on my desk.
Few seconds latter, I heard a familiar
” Leke whats happening na?? Why are you
angry?” – Nonso asked.
” am not angry” – I replied
” so why hav’nt you been speaking to
anyone?” – Nonso queried
” because I don’t feel like talking, just leave
me alone” – I responded
” did your mom beat you?” – Nonso asked.
* I did’ntt reply, I kept wondering how He
” or did Emma( the bully) trouble you?” –
Nonso added.
” you’re the only one troubling me, I said
lemme alone.” – I shouted
* I could hear the sound of some of my
classmates telling me ‘sorry’ while tapping
my shoulder,,, this made me angry cus I
did’ntt like it when people told me sorry
when I was a kid, it usually made me cry*
## After they all departed to go out for
sport, I was finally left alone.
Just when I was about to relax, I felt a
warm touch on my back.
” Nonso I said lemme alone, are
you………………………..” – I paused as I saw that
it was Tasha and not Nonso. I bent Down
my head on my desk immediately.
” whats wrong? Have never seen you like
this” – Tasha asked
* I did’ntt reply*
” did anyone offend you?” – she added
” no one offended me, am not just in the
mood to talk to anyone” – I replied while
placing my head on my desk facing the
## Tasha then sat beside me and wrapped
her hands over my shoulders. I could feel
those useless butterfly running in my
” if no one offended you, then why are you
sad and angry? ” – Tasha asked calmly.
” I said lemme alone, are you deaf?” – I
shouted while I raised my head and
removed her hands from my shoulders.
* Tasha stood up immediately and uttered
”sorry” while she left.*
## The bell eventually rang for end of
sports and I stood up from my to visit the
toilet cus I was pressed.
After easing myself at the toilet, on my way
out I met Esther.
I did’ntt utter a word to her, and did like I
did’ntt see her.
It seemed she followed me.
” why did you shout at Tasha?” – Esther
” so you were peeping abi?” – I replied
”No! by the way, why are you even angry
self? You were just behaving like a baby in
the class” – Esther added
” just leave me alone” – I uttered
* she hissed*
” as big as you are… My junior one cannot
behave like you. Cry! cry like you. Your
mom has a big baby ” – Esther uttered
” repeat that again, and I’ll slap you you” – I
” who would you slap? You small
* before she finished the statement I landed
a five hand slap on her face*


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