LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 19





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 19💮

“Soo…what would ya like?” Charlie grins sat across from me in the small booth at this cafe she’s been begging me to come all week.

I briefly scan the menu and shrug…
“Oooh…I know! I’ll order it, you’ll love it” She grins before hurrying over to the counter to order our drinks.

Abby and Nathan are across from me too and Seth sat next as he came as well even thou I’m still a bit pissed at him for ‘accidently’ forgetting to tell our brothers were I was…..yeah he said he forgot, but I know he kinda did it on purpose as he was annoyed at me….childish I know…but whatever…

“Here ya go!” Charlie chirps bringing back over a tray of 5 tall glasses filled with something..

.”The best ever chocolate shake you will ever taste!” She grins and places the tray on the table and we all take one.

Chocolate milkshake….hmm…..haven’t had that in a while…
I take a sip through the straw and my eyebrows shoot up in surprise

“Wow….okay that is amazing” I say going back for another sip.
Abby chuckles “I know right!” She grins drinking from her own…
Seth raises an eyebrow too.

“Hmm…yeah that is good” He smiles.

“Haha! Told ya!” Charlie grins sipping at her’s.

We spend like an hour in this cafe, just talking and getting to know eachother…..and I come to think that maybe, just maybe…they will be good friends…as I like Charlie’s hyperness and never seems to be upset, and Abby’s friendliness as she seems to have a good heart, and Nate….he seems to be cool too , quiet….but friendly…and I think maybe Seth with get along with him….

And….I have a slight feeling…that they aren’t just using me to get to my brothers….as Charlie rightly showed she had no interest…..

“Bye Delia! We’ll see you tomorrow!” Charlie grins as she hugs me tightly we leave the small cafe.

I blink in surprise and kind awkwardly hug her back after not really used to getting hugs other than from my family…..well honestly…other than my brothers….

She pulls back, turning to Seth and hugs him just as tightly making his eyebrows raises and I chuckle slightly at the look on his face.

Abby smiles at me “See ya Dee” She says and gives me a lighter hug than Charlie and I smile back.

Nate chooses to wave bye to me making me slightly chuckle but I smile lightly back at him and wave…..before me and Seth turn in the opposite direction from them, walking down the street to wait for Blake to come get us as we have no idea how to get home still, not knowing are way around this town yet.

I hear Charlie still shouting bye in the distance making me chuckle and then soon she along with the other two are out of sight….
“Well……she’s…..something…” Seth says.

I smirk rolling my eyes “Uh huh…..but I like her” I admit smiling lightly.

I see him look at me as we come to a stop at the end of the street to wait for Blake “You do huh?”

He says more to himself thou and looks down the street.

I shrug “Yeah……all of them….there….nice…” I mentally cringe at that stupid word to describe someone ‘nice’ ….it’s a bit pathetic…

“Hmmm…” Seth hums a response.

“I guess” He mumbles shrugging, making me internally roll my eyes at him as he’s never been the one to really make friends…as we just really stuck together…we thought we wouldn’t need them…..

We wait in silence until I see the familiar shape of Blake’s car and soon enough he pulls up at the side….

“Sup kids?” He smirks slightly at us as we approach the car…

I roll my eyes at him before I climb into the back and Seth in the front……

“So…where’d you go?” Blake asks as he pulls away from the curb…

“Cafe….with….friends” I say scrunching my nose up as I don’t really know if we should consider them ‘friends’ just yet…or do we..?

“Friends huh?” Blake looks at me through the mirror and smiles.

“Cool you guys made friends already then” He says nodding.

I shrug “Dunno” I mumble looking out the window….

Blake chuckles slightly “Well they either are or aren’t Dee” He says sounding slightly amused.

I narrow my eyes slightly at his back but don’t say anything….

“You know, you should bring them over….mom will be please” He says as he turns a corner leading up to our house already…

“Hmm” I respond before frowning.

“We’re not 10 anymore Blake” I say remembering that’s what they used to say when we were little….
He chuckles and shrugs “I know…I’m just saying….” He says shooting me small smile.

I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest looking out the window again feeling a tad bit stupid as Blake is giving us ‘advice’ on friends….jeeze….you’re suppose to know this stuff in kindergarten!

I shake my head forgetting it and climb out the car as soon as it stops outside our house and trudge up to the front door…..

~Two weeks later~

Way back home from the beach

“I can take her if you want..”

“Na….it’s fine dude..”

“I’ll take her…”.

Three different voices I hear as I start to rise from my sleep, but don’t open my eyes as I don’t want to wake up….as I burry my head more into whatever my heads laying on …and I gotta say it’s quite comfy….

I hear a chuckle and then the sound of doors opening and closing….I make a small annoyed sound at the noise and shift my body wanting to stay asleep…

“Delia…wake up…” I hear…I think maybe Chris whisper slightly with a hint of amusement in his voice and someone lightly shake me…

I grumble at them burry my head further into the what I’m laying on, feeling some kind of soft material tickle my face…

Another chuckle is heard and I hear another car door open….

“Just do it like this..” A new voice says “Delia if you don’t wake up I’ll like your face” Evan…I know it’s him…cus well…who else would say that?

I frown “Don’t you dare…” I mumble out not opening my eyes…

I hear him chuckle and lean over me “Oh…I will..” I can practically hear the smirk in his voice as he whispers only inches over me….

And I have no doubt he will…

I growl at him and kick my leg forward…hitting somewhere on him that causes pain and he grunts…as I knock wind out of him.

I snap my eyes and sit up straight glaring at Evan as he doubles over from my hit in his stomach….

“Jerk…”I mutter at him….I wanted to sleep! Is that such a big deal?

“Wow…thank you so much for finally getting of me..”

My head snaps to the left at the sarcastic voice and see a smirking Aidan…

My eyes slightly widen in shock……I was asleep on him?!…oh hell no!

I blink, and clear my throat awkwardly before frowning at him and shuffle out of the car and biting the inside of my cheek……god! why was it him?! I thought it was Seth or someone!

Stepping out the car I shiver from the cold night air, realising again that I was sat in wet pants the whole ride…great…wonderful way to get hyperthermia now isn’t that? Thanks Chris…thanks…

Gosh..I’m such a sarcastic b*tch when I’m tired…..PFFT…actually that’s probably not much difference from when I’m awake….

Heaving my tired body out the car to stand up right, it feels like such an effort, gosh….it’s stupid how much I want my bed right now….I only have to climb millions of stairs…

I start slowly making my way up to the house, my eyes half closed as I drag my feet up the steps, cold and tired is not a good combination….

“Night Delia!” I hear Aidan shout out obnoxiously from back at the car as he heads off in the direction to his house….next door….

I grumble under my breath at him, but don’t bother with a verbal response…pretending I didn’t hear him and I slouch through the front door, only the hallway light and a single light in the kitchen is on and I can hear someone in there….

Too tired to care who it is, I pull myself up the stairs, grabbing the rail, groaning in annoyance as I see the mountain of stairs I have to climb…

I hear a chuckle behind me

“Come on Dee…” Blake’s voice comes from beside me and then I feel his hand grab mine and basically pull me up the stairs, faster than I would be if he didn’t…
I mumble tiredly as we reach the top and I wobble slightly on my feet bumping into Blake’s side as turn in the direction of my room, and I hear him lightly chuckle….

Knowing that I really should shower before sleeping, as one I’m cold and two I’ve got dried sea salt all over my skin and hair….but…I really can’t be bothered…I’m too tired and I’m afraid I might fall asleep while showering….

Blake leads my half sleeping self to my room, opening the door and pulling me into my dark room towards my bed….

I feel his arm wrap around my shoulders in a short hug “Night Dee…”He whispers placing a soft kiss to my temple before pulling away….

I mumble a response, my tired brain not able to process words and I hear his footsteps walking away….

I pull my…or rather Seth’s shirt over my head dropping it carelessly on the floor, and slip out of my shorts that I swear are still damp….

Not caring that I’ll be sleeping in my underwear…it’s not something I usually do…but all I want now is sleep…so that’s exactly what I do…

I climb under the bed sheets, hitting something in the dark on my bedside as I do, so blindly reach down on the floor to grab a rectangular shape…..

Pulling it back up, my fingers run over the familiar feel of the photo frame, I don’t need lights to see what picture this is…I have it engraved in my brain, I know it back to front….

The photo of me, Seth and him 2 years ago…..

Placing the frame back, I lay down on the bed, my head sinking into the soft pillow and I snuggle under relieving my cold body with warmth…and within seconds…I drift into a deep sleep…

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Evan screams into my ear grinning... I scowl at him and shove his chest away lightly....and hold back a smile as it seems to actually unsettle his balance.... “WHOOA! You’re actually a teenager now! HAHA congrats!” Evan continues to shout out laughing, as my twin joins me by my side, as we make our way into the kitchen, Evan sneaking ahead smirking and grinning... Entering the kitchen, we are greeted with shouts and cheers, the room decorated and a banner hanging on the wall spelling out ‘HAPPY 13th DELIA AND SETH!’ In bold colours....and a pile of presents on the table... I hold back a smile, only smiling lightly as my huge family are celebrating... Looking around the room of smiling eyes land on one...that causes my smile to appear on my face and I run over to them... Jumping into his arms, I hear him chuckle as he hugs me back, picking me up of the ground. “Happy Birthday kiddo” He chuckles and I smile into his shoulder... Placing me back on the floor, my dad’s bright blue eyes smile down at me as he ruffles my hair lovingly and then moves to do the same to my twin, who ducks out the way not wanting his hair touched...... Chuckling I go over to open these presents with him, and having everyone else watching.... “Oo! three get in the picture...” My mom chirps, grinning and rushing to stand in front of us motioning for us to get closer.... An arm drapes over my shoulders from behind and one over my twin’s as well as the person stands in the middle in between us, bending down to our height, and grins at the camera, his bright blue eyes sparkling... I smile looking away from him and to the camera my mother’s holding, tilting my head slightly towards him as we stay like that for a few my mom clicks the switch for the photo.... The last ever photo we will have with him..

“DELIA! Get up!” A loud shout wakes me up with a start from my sleep…and dream…

I jump slightly as the door bangs open, jeeze…no need to be violent…

I grumble, pulling the pillow over my head “Go away…” I moan my body still exhausted from the other day…

“Delia! You gotta get up! Mom’s on about going someplace or another, so you gotta get up now it’s gone 11!” Evan’s loud voice fills my room…

I groan curling up into a ball as I burry my head under my covers not wanting to get up…god! leave me alone!

“Deeliaaa He whines and I feel him shaking me “Come on, get up….I was made to come up here…so come on!” he huffs.

I grumble at him holding the covers tight around me…

I hear Evan sigh over dramatically and hear him flapping his arms.

“Fine then..” He states and I relax thinking he’s leaving…..boy am I wrong.

“Get up!” He shouts and before I can stop him, he rips the bed covers off me…

My eyes shot open and I bolt upright on the bed as the cool air hits my body….

My eyes snap to Evan and I glare as he blinks in surprise at me… well….I’m in my underwear as I didn’t change last night…

“Idiot!” I snap at him glaring and snatch the covers from him wrapping them back around me and flop back onto the bed, glaring up at him and kick him in the leg as he’s still giving me an odd look…

He blinks shaking his head and raises an eyebrow at me….

I roll my eyes at his un spoken words, I can see clearly what he’s thinking…. why the hell am I sleeping like this? Well brother that’s none of your business…

“Go away…” I glare at him pulling the covers up.

Evan rolls his own eyes and starts to turn away…but not before I see a small smirk start to appear on his face…

“Just hurry up and get up Dee..” He says leaving my room with one last smirk/smile..

Weird boy..

I sigh, not being able to get back to sleep now…thanks Evan!

I push the covers back and climb out of bed, going over to my closet and grabbing the first set of clothing I see and quickly head to the bathroom, happy to wash the sea smell of me….damn…it wasn’t such a great idea not showering last night…cus now my hair feels like straw…gross.

Walking into the bathroom, locking the door, my mind runs back to my dream ….well…I would really say it was a memory…and not a bad one either…but then again….it was a bad one…..

As it’s the last happy one I have….



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