LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 18





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 18💮

I gulp as I open the front door as quietly as I can and slip inside closing it behind me, but wince as the sound of the door shutting echoes throughout the weirdly silent house…..



I instantly recognise those voices before I see them.

Joe and Jack.

Both jump up in front of me out of know where making me jump slightly in surprise, before I narrow my eyes at them for screaming that out.

Seconds later I see quite a few of my brother’s angry faces.

“Where the hell have you been Delia!?” Charles hiss standing in the arch way of the kitchen arms folded and Daisy not far behind him.

I sigh rolling my eyes “Chill Charles seriously I wasn’t anywhere I told-“ I start to say but Blake cuts me off.

“School finished at 4 Dee! It’s not half 5!” Blake says narrowing his eyes at me and I raise an eyebrow…wow….it’s half five?

“This ain’t funny Delia! You didn’t come home with the boys and didn’t answer your phone! We thought something happened to you!

We were just about to call mom!” Charles snaps walking forward, taking over the parent roll.

“Mom’s not home?” I feud my eyebrows, I thought she would be
“don’t change the subject!” Chris now snaps arms folded too.

I sigh again, slightly annoyed and drop my bag “God I had detention! Where’s Seth? I told him to tell you guys?!” I say frowning and looking around the hall for him.

“Well I never got that message, you should have called” Charles growls still agitated.

“Yeah?…..well soorrryy mom but it was detention I was at school, where you can’t have your phone on!” I try to defend myself as that is actually true anyways…

Charles’s own eyes narrow more knowing what I’m doing “Okay then….you should have told Chris or Evan!” He says.

I let out an annoyed sigh “I told Seth!” I snap out getting pissed off now.

Charles shakes his head “Someone else, he obviously forgot!” He retorts “How’d you get home?”

I sigh irritated from all these stupid questions “you know what, if you want to blame someone, blame bloody Aidan Dean! He’s the one that got me the detention anyways!” I snap glaring and walk towards the stairs

“Aidan?……what the hell Aidan got to do with it?” Chris says frowning at me.

“Oh whatever! Go ask him yourself!” I shout infuriated and move closer to the stairs wanting to get of here before I do or say something I’ll regret….

“Delia!…..don’t you dare go…we’re not finished here! Why did you get detention?!” Charles’s demands taking control and I just lose it, having enough of being bombarded with fricken questions!

“OH shut the fuck up! You’re not my effin father!” I immediately regret those words that fly past my lips and my hand comes up to cover my mouth in shock and my eyes widen in horror at what I just said.

Everyone falls silent as my widen eyes stare at Charles whose whole face has gone emotionless, unblinking and staring right at me……

A lump rises in my throat as I swallow trying to get rid of it and my eyes start to sting as I stare wide eyed at my brother’s emotionless face, which I do not want to see ever again as I can’t tell what he’s thinking.

I try opening my mouth to say I didn’t mean it, but the words dry up in my throat, no sound coming out……

My eyes flick to the stairs, and I make a snap decision, not being able to think of anything else to do.

I take off, running up the stairs, feeling a threatening whimper building up in my throat….

“D-Delia….” I hear Charles’s voice coming up the stairs, but it cracks…..only making me feel even guiltier than I already do.

I run up to my room, my vision blurring from tears but refuse to cry until I’m in the safety of my own room.

I crash through my bedroom slamming it shut and in my state of upset making me angry I pick up the closes thing to me-which happens to be a lamp- and I hurtle it across my room, making it smash against my wall with a loud thud and clatter to the floor, breaking into pieces as I fall to my bed, curling up into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably……

I can’t believe I just said that to my own brother……My own brother who I love to bits! And would do anything for……hell! I would do anything for ALL my brothers….every single one of them…..but NO….I just….just said that unforgettable thing to my own flesh and blood…..insulting my father’s memory…..

I don’t know how long I stayed like that…but it seemed like hours, just curled up in a tight ball, my tears long stopped and dried to my cheeks, but I don’t dare move…….I hate myself for saying what I did….

I suddenly hear a soft knock on my bedroom door and cringe slightly, curling up tighter in a ball and don’t answer…..

“Delia..?” Calls a quiet, soft and childish voice as I hear the door open slightly.

“Deliaaa….?” Tom’s voice calls out a bit louder this time and I jerk my body, pushing myself up and blinking, trying to clear my vision and see through my darkening room.

Tom’s bright blue eyes is the first thing I see and he comes climbing up onto my bed, clutching some toy truck to his chest and looking at me.

I sit up, sniffing and whipping my eyes with my sleeve and face him sitting cross legged in the middle of my bed as he smiles that cute boyish smile crawling over to me….
“What’s up little man?” I ask quietly as he climbs onto my lap and sits there, looking up at me with his adorable big blue eyes.

“Why you sad Deelia?” He frowns, stretching out my name and tilting his head back to look up at me.

A small smile comes to my face at how cute he is and I wrap my arms around his small frame.

“Nothing Tom, don’t worry” I murmur against his black hair, that’s almost fluffy.

Tom ‘hmms’ in response and I rest my head on top of his, breathing in his toddler smell, partly of the washing and partly of mom, mixed with his own weird scent…that always gets me washed back into my own
childhood memories….

“Dwelia? Can we go to the bweach?” Tom asks randomly making me raise my head and slightly smile at how he says ‘beach’ and my name.

“Yeah……sure Tommy” I smile slightly down at his little face and he beams grinning.

“Can Mommy come?” He asks biting his lip and giving me puppy eyes.

I chuckle slightly giving him a squeeze “Course she can silly” I smile flicking his nose gently making him slightly giggle….

He beams more “Can, can we build sandcwasels?” He asks his eyes getting excited and miss prouncaning ‘sandcastles’ making me smile unknowingly again.

“Yes, yes we can Tom” I chuckle quickly kissing his cheek making him wrinkle his nose but them beams as I said ‘yes’.

“Can we, can we go in the swea?” He says excitedly, wobbly standing up from my lap and in front of me beaming..

“Yes Tom, we can go in the sea” I smile and pull him towards me chuckling softly from his innocent and excitement “We can do anything you want there…..I’ll even by you an ice cream” I say raising my eyebrow at him.

His eyes light up and he grins, showing his adorable dimples he’s got from Chris and jumps on me hugging me tight “Yesh! Yesh! Yay! Fank you Deliia!” He bounces up and down on my bed after hugging me making me laugh quietly at him……

I climb up off my bed and scoop him up in my arms, holding him like a baby “Come on then monkey, let’s go tell mommy” I smile as he giggles happily as I lift him up over my shoulder…

I walk down the hallway towards the stairs with a laughing Tom over my shoulder and I smile, loving his carefree childish laugh….

As we get to the bottom floor of the house I bit my lip knowing Charles is down here…… much as I don’t want to be the first to come to the other person, I said something wrong…..which I most certainly didn’t mean….and I can’t avoid or hold this from Charles…..he’s my brother….

I swing Tom back over my shoulder making him shriek giggling as I place him onto the floor, smile down at him and ruffle his hair…..

He grins and follows me into the kitchen, where….sure enough…Charles is stood, with his back towards me, by the sink washing plates or something…..

I take a breath, as I don’t really do this often, being the one to apologise first….but…..technically…Charles didn’t do anything wrong….not really….when I did…..

I shake my head and before I can change my mind, I walk up behind Charles, wrapping my arms around his waist and hugging him from behind, burring my head into his back….

“I didn’t mean it…” I whisper into his shirt, not sure if he heard me or not….but I hear the water stop splashing about…..

He obviously did thou as he turns around and pulls me into a proper hug….

“It’s okay Dee…” He says quietly into my hair and I hug him tight closing my eyes….

“I’m sorry” I whisper, barely audible….but like I said…I don’t normally apologise…not even to Evan when we prank eachother……

“It’s okay Dee…I know you didn’t…..and I’m sorry too..” He says pulling back and looking down at me, with his own blue eyes showing he means it, giving a small smile.

I slightly nod, giving him one last quick hug, before turning around and heading out the kitchen, breathing a sigh…as it feels a massive weight has been lifted as I held that guilt in….

I shake it off now… it’s all okay……but I still know deep down that I wish I could rewind the past few hours so I never said any of that…..

As I head back to the stairs, I realise Tom has scurried off into the living room, where I think mom is….

“So I see Tom came to you then?” I look up to see Evan coming down the stairs, smirking slightly.
I raise an eyebrow, wondering how the hell he knows that….

He rolls his eyes “I’m you ‘re brother Dee, I think I would know what makes you cave and come crawling back” He smirks coming down the last steps…

I blink at him, and mouth opens slightly before shutting….as I process what he’s saying…then I narrow my eyes slightly at him accusing…

“so you used Tom as bate?” I cross my arms over my chest.

He smirks shaking his head “No….not really…just told him to go see you so you’ll eventually come back down ”.

He shrugs glancing at me.

“Seems it worked” He smirks smugly and I gotta say…….maybe Evan does have… some brains after all….

“But I guess it’s due to your guiltiness that did it more”.

Okay….I take it back, he still doesn’t.

I glare at him as I go to the stairs and flick his head as I walk past muttering ‘idiot’, only leaving him chuckling to himself.

I walk back up to my room only to see Seth coming out of his.

As soon as he sees me his eyes widen slightly and he stops.

“Before you say anything Dee, I forgot alright! I’m sorry, I just…forgot!” He says holding his hands up defensively.

I stop walking to, just a few meters away from him, and then frown at him…slightly narrowing my eyes….but not really meaning it…..

I sigh shaking my head and carry on walking “okay….” I say walking to my room “don’t worry about it”.

I say giving him a small reassuring smile, that is real and walk into my room, not wanting to argue with my twin for not telling the others where I was…I’d rather just forgot about it…..

I flop onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling, and as it’s kinda dark, the shadows casting over the ceiling, it reminds me of my old room when I was younger having those glow in the dark stars that you could stick to the ceiling on mine, above my head where I slept….and my mom and dad always telling me to make a wish……

I smile slightly at that, those are the memories that I like……

My phone suddenly buzzes on my night stand and I frown before reaching over to it wondering who in the world could be texting me, as the only texts I ever get are from family….great isn’t it.

An unknown number flashes up onto my screen, making my frown deepen, but I open the text anyway out of curiosity…

‘Sup Chipmunk?… know I can actually just see your bedroom window ‘

My eyes widen slightly at the text, instantly knowing who it’s from……and then glare at the screen.

‘What the hell?! Are you like a stalker?!…..piss off Dean and how the hell did you get my number’.

I annoyingly text back before rolling out of my bed and squinting out the window to see if that’s true……

My own eyes widen in horror as I can just make out a light on through a window across the grass covering around my house, which stretches for what seems miles, but is only a good few BIG meters, and there….right there is the Dean’s residents.

‘I’m not your stalker sorry honey , I have my ways’

I growl annoyed at that text before typing….

‘F*** off’

Seconds later I get a reply, which only makes me even more annoyed….

‘haha…tut-tut young lady 😛……..night chipmunk! See you tomorrow’

Fricken Aidan!!!!!!!😒


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