LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 17





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 17💮

“well it is your fault Delia” Seth says as the last bell of the day goes and I shot him a glare.

“Yeah? Well if it wasn’t for him I could go home right now…but nooo…I have to stay for god knows how long!” I snap annoyed.

Seth rolls his eyes slinging his bag over his shoulder “Yeah…but YOU threw that last note Dee” He says heading towards the door.

“That’s because of what he called me” I hiss at him catching him up, already feel my hands clench as I remember.

Seth looks to me frowning “What did
he call you?” He says in a low voice and I can tell he thinks it’s something bad…..

I swallow….shaking my head not being able to speak that word out loud without shredding a tear.

“N-nothing” I curse myself mentally as my voice comes out just near a whisper and slightly shaky.

Seth’s eyes harden as he grabs my arm “Come on…..let’s go to Chris…” He says through clenched teeth pulling me down the corridor.

My eyes widen slightly and I shake him off “No! No……don’t Seth!” I yelp pulling away and stopping narrowing my eyes slightly at him as I know what will happen if the does…..

Seth’s eyes narrow at me as he looks down the two inch difference “.

“If you do that it will be exactly like what it was in Washington!” I say frowning not wanting my brothers to get in the way of everything like before.

Seth’s eyes narrow more at me “If he said something to you Delia, tell us” He says frowning…

I shake my head “No….Seth…it’s nothing” I say moving away from him to go back up the corridor as I have pluddy detention….

Seth grabs my arm spinning me around and staring me in my eyes as if he’s trying to read something….

I start to feel uncomfortable with him looking at me like and struggle out of his grip “I’ve gotta go….tell the others where I am and I’ll make my own way back” I mumble turning around and quickly walking down the corridor towards the classroom I’m suppose to go for detention, walking quickly away from Seth before he says anything.

I do NOT want my brothers involved…as they jump to the first conclusion they can think off without even listening to me and then ruin if all after….going all protective as they would think Aidan bad mouthed me…when…..he just called me something that no one else has dared say since………

“Sup chipmunk?!” comes that person’s voice that landed me with detention.

I scowl as I look up to see Aidan coming from the opposite direction smirking at me and then I blink realising what he called me….

“what did you just call me?” I say raising an eyebrow…

He smirks and shrugs “Chipmunk?” he says like it’s the most natural thing to call someone.

I narrow my eyes at him, crossing my arms over my chest “Do I look like a
chipmunk to you?!” I ask incredulously.

He smirks as he eyes scan me up and down then meeting my blue ones “yup!” he says popping the ‘p’ and still the with smirk, waltz past me and into the detention classroom.

I ground my teeth and stomp in after him, spilling loads of profanities at him in my head..

There’s like three other people in here and I take a seat at the back, far away from Aidan, he sees this and smirks as I slouch into my seat, the middle aged woman at the desk at the front not really bothered and with the letters ‘SILENCE’ written on the board…

I soon realise that’s exactly what we’re surrpose to do….as a few minutes in….not even the teacher speaks saying for us to do some work or anything…we just have to sit here….in silence…for a whole hour?

Pfft…waste of pluddy time! I could have just done that at home.

I slump back in my seat, crossing my arms over myself frowning.

I’ve had detention before, in my old school and mostly that was my brothers fault, from provoking me, or just forgetting homework…so I’m okay with that…but not the fact that it’s with Aidan.

I catch Aidan’s eye and he shoots me a signature smirk/grin, showing dimples on each side of his face.

I scowl once again, turning away from him and slumping over my desk…….

Oh god….this is gunna be a long one hour…..

And indeed it was! Like flippin torture!

Okay…maybe it wasn’t torture but sure as hell near enough.

Sat in that room, in silence, barley able to breathe your scared you make too much noise.

It’s stupid……pointless..

I glance up at the clock groaning inwardly as its only 5 more minutes that seem to be going agonizing slow.

I lay my head in my arms on the desk closing my eyes, in hopes this will make it go quicker……

“Okay, detention over, you are free to go” My head snaps up at the middle aged woman’s soft boring voice and I blink……oh yeah, let the last 5 minutes go quicker than the whole hour! Typical.

I jump up from my seat slinging my bag over my shoulder and practically leg it out of there…..

“And where do you think you’re rushing off to?”

I groan as I didn’t get away in time and turn around to see a smirking Aidan raising an eyebrow at me.

“Home” I state obviously rolling my eyes and turning back around heading out the double doors to the parking lot.

“Aw….you’re no fun!” Aidan pouts, but I can see the smirk still on his face as he catches me up.

“I am fun” I defend myself frowning as I walk outside, a slight breeze hitting me.

I see Aidan raise an eyebrow out the corner of my eye “Ha, really?!…that’s hard to believe” He mutters the last part but I still hear him and narrow my eyes at him.

He smirks amused as he sees my reaction and steps in front of me, making me stop short…”You don’t seem the fun type of girl…”.

He says cocking his head to the side looking at me, with that boyish smirk “I mean you’re always angry and cursing….I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh since that food fight when we first met”.

He says a hint of amusement in his eyes.

I lightly smirk at that memory of me and Chris starting that food fight……but then shake it off narrowing my eyes back at him.

“That’s because you make me annoyed” I glare and shove past him, continuing walking.

“Oh I feel special now! Thanks sweet cheeks!” Aidan laughs sarcastically and catches me up.

“What is it with you and coming up with random nicknames for me?” I hiss at him glaring as I continue to walk through the deserted parking lot.

“Why not? Makes it interesting than saying… Deeeee” He smirks dragging out my name but only makes me more annoyed than I already am.

“How would you like hm? Me calling you a whole bunch of random names?” I snap

“You can call me anything you like princess” He almost whispers and I jump slightly at the sudden closeness he is to me and spin around to find him smirking.

I place my hands on his chest and shove him away from me scowling “What the hell is your problem Dean!?” I growl really pissed off now that he can think he can just talk like that!

He blinks in surprise, probably due from my sudden outburst and takes a tiny step back away from me…

His face then turns into a frown of his own “My problem?…..I think you’ve got the problem here my dear, not me”.

He says holding his hands up innocently and shaking his head, but I can still see that annoyingly trace of amusement.

If looks could kill, I swear this boy would be 50ft under by now, by the hatred looks I’m sending him…….it’s like he’s trying to purposely test my fuse…

I clench my jaw stopping myself from lashing out at him like I want to do…..and instead hiss at him…

“Get lost” and spin on my heals, stalking towards the gates of the school, pulling out my phone to switch it on…as I didn’t realise I had it off from school….

Once it’s switched on it starts buzzing like crazy nearly making me drop my phone as it’s vibrating constantly on my hand…..
My eyes slightly widen in panic as I see loads of texts flood into my phone…..

The name that flashes up on my screen makes me instantly know why….

Oh no.

All of them from Evan, Chris, Blake and Aston and it only takes me to read one to know that I’m in shit….

‘Where the fvck are you?!’- Evan.
“Shit” I curse under my breath as I stop walking just outside the school gates and drag an irittated hand through my hair.


My eyes narrow and I grit my teeth….the idiot!

He didn’t tell them I had detention…so now they’re going crazy not knowing where I am…what the hell his Seth playing at!

“Delia!” my glare only deepens as I’ve heard enough of his voice for one day.

“You know it’s rude to just walk away when someone’s talking to you” .

Aidan’s voice drifts towards me more, amusement evident.

I shake my head annoyed “Go away Dean, I don’t have time for this” I snap shoving my phone in my pocket and starting walking again as I need to get home to stop my brothers from pissing their pants over where I am.

“Where you heading then that’s so important?…..ooh let me guess…meeting a secret boyfriend ?” He snorts laughing to himself and I clench my fists really, really wanting to punch him right now.

“No!….I’m going home” I snap at him still walking…

I still hear his chuckle but then it dies out….”Let me give you a lift then!” he shouts to me from behind.

“No thank you! Not from you!” I shout back still glaring, even if he does live right next door to me…I don’t want to have to talk to him any longer than I have to.

I smile slightly in relief when I don’t get a reply back and keep walking down the street to where I know a bus stop is that goes to my house………I think it does anyway…

Well….it better be one that goes there…..

As I continue to walk down the street, I hear the noise of a car behind me…but brush it off as I think it’s just gunna pass by……

That is until a horn beeps and the car slowly pulls to the side of the curb where I’m walking…

“Chipmunk! Get in the car already” Aidan shouts from inside the black sleek car that’s pulling up, rolling down the window.

I scowl at what he calls me “Don’t call me that!” I hiss back, carrying on walking as he trickles the car along following me.

“Seriously……Dee, it’s getting late….don’t your brothers wont you home?” He says…surprisingly his voice don’t with the amusement in it like before.

I fold my arms across my chest narrowing my eyes as I answer back stubbornly “No” .

I hear him sigh slightly annoyed and press down one the gas pedal more moving forward along the side of the road.

“I’m serious Chipmunk, get in the car…and stop being stubborn” He states “It makes says…seeing as we
live next door to each other” He says…..ah…there’s the slight amusement in his voice.

“I’m not a pluddy Chipmunk!” I shout at him turning my head to look at him through the open window glaring “Stop calling me that!”

He rolls his eyes, a small smirk playing at his lips “Yeah, yeah…whatever….just get in the car Delia , you want to get home right? This is the quickest way”.

I groan defeated, as much as I hate to admit it….he’s right.

My brothers are already worried, or pissed that they don’t know where I am, and I don’t really know the way home by walking…let alone if there even is a bus that goes there…..

I sigh loudly brushing my hair out my eyes and stop walking turning towards his car as he stops that too.

“One condition” I say narrowing my eyes at him through the window.

He smirks and nods.

“Don’t call me Chipmunk or princess or any other pathetic name you’ve come up with, for the entire time I’m in the car with you” I state, warning him with my eyes.

He smiles, with a hint of a smirk and nods “Promise”.

He says..

With one more slightly defeated sigh, I retch open his car door and climb in, pulling it shut a little too forcefully as it receives me a glare from Aidan.

I smirk at him, rolling my eyes and bulking myself in as he pulls away from the curb, grumbling something about not taking my anger out on his car…making me bite back a smirk and turn my head to look out the window….

The entire time in the car, on our way home….he doesn’t call me
chipmunk or any name for that matter….but does try to make conversation with me, which I just respond by making a noise, not wanting to talk to him, even thou he is giving me a lift home….but technically it’s not far as he’s going home too….living right next to me….

“You know, you could at least try talking to me…..I don’t bite….really” Aidan says glancing at me with a small smirk at the last part.

I roll my eyes wanting to say yeah sure you don’t as a joke, but knowing it would just cause him to think something completely wrong.

He sighs slumping his shoulders and pouts but still smirking…if that’s even possible.

“Quick question” He says
I lazily tilt my head in his direction “What?” I ask.

He glances to me…then back to the road before speaking, “The other night…..why did you come into Seth’s room?” He asks looking curious.

I frown turning to face out the front….should I tell him that it was his sister……

I shrug carelessly “Ask your…sister” I mutter crinkling my nose up at the fact April’s his sister……..
He chuckles humorously making me whip my head back to him frowning.

“Yeah…I kind gathered that” He says eyes on the road.

“So why ask then?” I retort looking back out the front.

He shrugs, still a smirk tugging his lips as he turns up a road, leading towards our houses “Just wanted to make sure” He says.

“So…what she do?….say something to upset you….cut your clothes up, snoop around your things, steal your bed….oh I know! She read through your texts?” Aidan lists of these things as if it’s normal and she’s done it before..

Hell! I actually wouldn’t put it past her to do those things!

I frown crossing my arms again, still thinking I should get April back somehow, even thou waking her up this morning was pretty funny……

“So….what was it?” Aidan urges nudging my leg with his hand……

“Doesn’t matter…..forget it” I mutter still frowning.

Aidan chuckles again, pulling up into the gravel driveway that leads up to the house….

“Whatever it is….ignore it, she’s always like that” Aidan says kinda quietly.

“Hmm” I hum a response.

“She’s not that bad once you get to know her…..she just…doesn’t like new people I guess” He shrugs.

I snort….finding it somewhat ironic that we kinda have a little thing in common, as I don’t really like new people either…..

Aidan pulls to a stop a good few meters away from the steps going up to my front door, the gravel stopping crunching under the tiers….

“Yeah….well..who doesn’t” I mutter unbuckling my belt and opening the door.

Aidan clears his throat and I turn my head to see him showing a face of mock sadness and hurt.. “You not going to say ‘thank you Aidan’….boy…bad manners or what?” He says shaking his head in mock disappointment, hid brown eyes with a hint of amusement.

I roll my own eyes climbing out the car “Thank you” I say with a sorta sarcastic smile and shut the door, pulling my bag up on my shoulder.

Just as I’m about to turn to go up the steps, Aidan shouts out from the car.

“No problem Chipmunk!” With full on amusement in his voice “See! I did wait until you were out the car!” He laughs.

I grind my teeth together, clenching my fists……

Damn, damn, damn him!…..annoying fricken jerk!

I stomp up the porch steps after flipping Aidan off…..and preparing to face my angry brothers……….


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