LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 16





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 16💮

The morning classes breezed by, I had mostly some with Seth, and also some with Charlie, Abigail and Nathan…who all seem to be still friendly with me.

And now its lunch, and me and Seth are making our way to Charlie’s table where she invited us to sit with them again for lunch…..and Seth to properly meet them.

“Hey Dee!” Charlie grins at me as I slip into a seat next to her and Seth next to me.

I smile slightly back as the Nathan and Abigail greets me too.

“Ur…this is Seth…my brother..” I say nodding towards my twin and pick up my soda can.

Charlie chuckles and smiles “yeah I kinda figured that out” She says.

“Hey, I’m Charlie!” she grins, speaking in that cherry voice of her’s. “this is Abigail….or Abby, and that’s Nathan” she says introducing the two of them who smile.

“Hey….” Seth’s reply is as he picks up a fry to eat glancing at me briefly….

“Right! Now you two have gotta definitely come with us to get that smoothie!” Charlie says beaming at me and Seth “Tomorrow after school, yeah?!”

I raise my eyebrow slightly glancing to Seth and he gives me a look sending me a message with his eyes…

I turn back to Charlie who’s nearly bouncing in her seat grinning….

I smile and shrug “Yeah….okay..” I say.

“Awesome!” She grins and we chat randomly for the rest of lunch, and I ignore the rowdiness of a few tables across where my brothers sit……typical.



I turn my nose up as I read that of my schedule.

Great, History’s next.

It’s not that I dislike History….just I find it…MEGA boring, with the teachers drowning on and on about these old farts who lived thousands of years ago.

Pffft… I need to know that.

“Aw yes! We’ve got History too!” Charlie grins pointing to her and Nathan.

I smile lightly, well at least I’ll have them then.

We say bye to Seth and Abby, who have another class, but are together which is cool and head to the History room with Charlie blabbering on about our teacher, Ms March.

“You’ll love her Dee! She’s not like the other History teachers, she actually makes the lessons fun” She smiles.

I smirk slightly at her hyperness and nod “Hmm…yea…we’ll see” I mutter not really sure if possible…….

We walk into the History classroom and take a seat near the back, Nathan sat on the desk in front of us and me with Charlie, and I watch as more people file into the room….

Finally once everyone’s in, a young, petite women with bouncy brown hair wonders into the classroom, carrying some books and with a cheerful smile on her face.

“Afternoon class!” she chirps placing her books on the desk turning to face us with the friendly smile on her face, and the vibe she gives of reminds me of…Charlie.

Ha…no wonder Charlie adores her, their practically alike.

Her honey hazel eyes scan the room “Now…where’s the recently new student?

Delia Walker?” I internally groan…great please don’t do that whole ‘she’s a new student so let’s get her to introduce herself’ crap.

I slightly raise my hand and her eyes zone in on me and she smiles brightly “Great! Well…hello Delia, I’m Ms March the craziest, most awesome History teacher at this school! I hope you enjoy this year” .

She grins at me and a few chuckles come from around the class.

“Okay! Let’s get a move on then with today…” She turns around to the board, and I can’t help but lightly smirk…..yup! she definitely reminds me of Charlie.

The lesson goes on, and surprisingly….it isn’t as bad as I first thought, thinking History was boring and pointless…..and Ms March did make it more interesting…..


The bell rings ending out history lesson and we pack our stuff up as Ms March calls out “Don’t forget to research that war! And hand in next lesson!”……pff..great….homework.

I sling my bag on my shoulder, making my way out the classroom with Charlie and Nathan.

“What ya got next Dee?” Charlie asks chirpily walking by my side.

“Maths…” I groan making a face.
I hate maths….well…some of it anyway.

I mean what’s the point in learning what a x means in an equation? When the hell would you need that in life?!

Charlie chuckles at that but then pouts “Bummer, we’re not with you in that” She says meaning her and Nate, “OH! But Abby does…she’ll be with you” She grins and I smile lightly back as we make our way down the hallway to the maths classrooms.

I’ve already had maths before, and I gotta say Mr Miller, the teacher, is a right old bag, bad tempered and strict.

I shiver just at the thought of having him again…..

I wave Charlie and Nate of and smile as I see Seth coming up the corridor towards the classroom as he’s in this class, which is good as I suck at Maths.

He smiles at me “You alright?” He asks casually as we turn to go in the classroom.

“Yep” I nod throwing him a small smirk.

“Delia! Seth! Come sit here!”

Abigail’s cherry voice yells out to us as we walk in and I smile at her as we make our way near the middle of the classroom and I slip into the desk next to her while Seth sits on the one behind us.

Mr Miller comes in shortly after, with what always seems like a permanent frown on his face and dumps is stuff on his desk “Class! Settle down!” He orders and I turn in my seat properly leaning back in it….

The door suddenly bashes open and loud deep laughter fills the room……

Mr Miller’s head snaps towards the door and his eyes narrow to slits, “Mr Dean, Mr Myers! I do not appreciate you coming into my classroom late and making a racket!” He snaps cutting of their laughter but you can tell their trying to suppress it.

Mr Miller glares at them “Take a seat! And I do not want another peep out from you two” He warns turning to the board to start the lesson….

I can’t help but crack a small smirk slightly, as well….you always laugh when someone gets shouted out right? But then I shake it off as Mr Miller starts to speak.

Aidan, unfortunately, is in this class with me too, and his mate Connor, who’s just as bad really, and looks alike, except he was dirty blonde hair.

They saunter down the aisle to the back of the class, like they own the place and I roll my eyes flipping open my book.

The lesson drags on, and soon Mr Miller sets us some work to do, and only allowed to talk quietly with the people around us….

I frown at the question in front of me, my pen frozen mid air as I’m stuck on it and no clue how to work out this stupid fraction stuff….

Suddenly something white and small hits my desk, just above my piece of paper.

I frown as I see it’s a scrunched up piece of paper.

Curiously I reach my hand out, dropping my pen and unravel the small scrunched up piece of scrapped paper to see some scribbled handwriting….

“Having some trouble there little firecracker?”

My head snaps up in the direction to where I know it came from…I mean no one else calls me firecracker! What the hell is that anyway?

(A/N: BTW, I’m sure you do know, but if you don’t know what a firecracker is…it’s a small explosive device that produces a large amount of noise :P….I just thought it’s kinda like Delia’s character as she’s got like a short fuse, and when angry….kinda explodes making noise sorta like a firecracker……you get me?…yeah?….haha…yeah whatever :PJ)

I meet Aidan’s brown eyes across the classroom, only a few seats away from mine, and there looking right back at me, with that smirk of his plastered across his face.

I scowl at that stupid nickname he thought up. It doesn’t even make sense!….heck… actual name is
shorter than that!…isn’t it supposed to be a nickname shorter for your own name?

Aidan motions for me to write back and I scowl again rolling my eyes before scribbling down on the note….

“Leave me alone”.

I wrote simple on the paper and scrunched it back up in a ball and tossed it to Aidan as Mr Miller’s head is down reading something.

….oh and have I forgot to mention that the class is quiet…only people whispering to the people next to them….

I don’t bother looking back to Aidan and look back down to my blank page instead, groaning inwardly…….I just obviously lied to him…

A seconds later…another piece of paper lands on my desk, and with a agitated growl I harshly snatch it up from the table top and roughly unravel it….

“Don’t lie, you obviously are. Hey! Want some help?”.

I scoff quietly at that and scribble a message back..

“No! Not from you
What part of ‘leave me alone’ did you not understand?!”.

I throw it back more forcefully than before narrowing my eyes……jerk, I wouldn’t want his help if he paid.

I bite my lip to stop myself from shouting out annoyed as yet another! Piece of paper lands on my desk.

“AH! So you do need help.?
Technically, I am leaving you alone….I’m nowhere near you “.

I roll my eyes reading that….Mr smarty ass!..but somehow..feel a small trace of a smile go to my face before I blank out emotions.

“Whatever Aidan…..go away before you get us in trouble.”

I scribble back and toss back over to him, glancing to see Mr Miller still with his head down in his book….

Yet again…another annoying piece of paper lands on my desk and I scowl.

“Aww, is little miss perfect scared to get in trouble?”

My scowl hardens as I read that and look up to see Aidan’s amused and teasing look shot my way.

I clench my jaw jabbing my pen down on the paper.

“NO….now p*** off before I make you”.

I throw it at him this time, making it hit the side of his head slightly and drop onto his desk.

I cross my arms over my chest, leaning back in my chair, glaring at my desktop….

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn my head to see Seth looking at me curiously yet confused…..and I know he’s meaning about the note swaps between me and that douche across the room.

I just shake my head at him frowning, telling him I’m annoyed and don’t wanna say, and turn back around just in time for another piece of paper to land on my desk.

“Mr Dean….I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing before I give you an detention” Mr Miller speaks causing me to raise my head only to frown in confusion as he’s head is still down reading out a book…. how the heck did he see Aidan do that?!

I shake my head and hear a few snickers around the room, mainly Aidans and his mate’s….and unravel the note once again….

“Ooh…tut tut Angel, bad mouthing now are we??”.

My eyes harden as I read over that…that word…and I feel my blood boil along with a lump rise in my throat.

Angel! He called me Angel?! I’m not his fricken Angel ! Who the hell does he think he is!?

My hands are clenched around my pen as I scribble back, furiously and only two words.

“Fuck. Off.”

I scrunch it up and pull my arm back to throw it at him forcefully..

A cleared throat makes me pause “Miss Walker! And what do you think you are doing?” Mr Miller’s voice cuts through the almost silent classroom……but my eyes are locked and glaring on Aidan that I don’t even think before throwing the scrunched up piece of paper toward him, hitting his head more forcefully than I had done before making him wince back slightly in surprise and shot me a dirty look.

“Right! That’s it! I gave you a warning! Miss Walker, Mr Dean, detention after school both of you!” Mr Miller snaps standing up from his seat and pointing a deadly finger at both me and Aidan.

Now that is just taking the f-ing piss!😠😠


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