LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 15





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 15💮

I giggle as I get spun around in the air, my long blonde hair flying out behind me and an excited happy grin on my 6-year old face.

Electric blue eyes shine back at me as he pulls me into a big bear hug and I wrap my small arms around his neck, still giggling…

“How’s my little Angel been hmm?” He asks smiling at me

Before I get a chance to answer him, my 6 older brothers come hurtling out the house…..



Comes a mix of yells, as some think it’s not cool to call our dad ‘daddy’.

I get dropped gently back to the ground just in time as most of the 6 boys attack our dad with hugs and jumping up on him shrieking with excitement at the fact our dad is home.

My dad ends up falling to the floor as we tackle him down, my brothers jumping on him as I crawl to his side across the green grass, it tickling my bare legs where my pale purple sundress (which my mom made me wear for this) comes to.

We roll around on the grass, jumping over my dad as he laughs with us….

I see my mom come out from the house, smiling warmly at us and admiringly as we climb over him, wrapping her grey cardigan around herself more and walking towards us…..

“Alright…come on kids…” My dad chuckles lifting us off him and managing to stand up as my mom approaches smiling lovingly….

I grin as my dad welcomes mom wanting to join the hug.

My dad chuckles and lifts me up, my eyes beaming at him “You’ll never get left out Delia…’re my little angel” He smiles ruffling my blonde hair and I giggle hugging him tight….

“Never forget that Dee……I’ll love you forever….”


I gasp bolting upright in the bed my eyes wide in the slightly dark room and my heart racing…….
I blink….

And blink again…..

That….that….was different….

A memory….a good memory of 9 years ago when my dad came home from a long job……

I blink again breathing hard and trying to calm my racing heart…..
So if it was good….why am I waking up like this? Dried tears on my face and a crazy heart rate?

I close my eyes for a few seconds, controlling my breathing……


My eyes snap open and I spin my head around looking across the other side of the room to see a shirtless Aidan standing looking at me, frowning….almost…concerned?


“You okay?” He asks picking up a shirt, still looking at me…..

I blink again, and then frown shaking my head “fine” I mutter and climb out of bed….

“Where’s Seth?” I asks frowning at the empty space in the bed….

Aidan’s silent for a second but then answers, “Bathroom”.

I just nod and run a hand through my hair glancing at the clock….then frown again….

We’ve got ages until school starts….why the hell is he awake now?

As if reading my mind, Aidan answered “You’re mom wanted us up earlier” He shrugged and I roll my eyes, that makes sense.

“Oh…and Dee?” Aidan says with a hint of amusement in his voice and I turn frowning at him.

He smirks tilting his head to the side “You look beautiful in the mornings” He smirks, sarcasm from his words.

My eyes narrow on him, he has a nerve! The prick!

I give him the two fingers before walking to the bathroom door cursing at him in my head and shove the door open before slamming it shut behind me.

It’s lucky that Seth is only standing by the sink when I storm in, in his pyjama bottoms…or that would be fairly awkward.

He raises an eyebrow at me through the mirror but I just let out an annoyed breath giving him the answer he needs as I was just in a room with Aidan.

I shove open my bedroom door and then stop in my tracks as the room is still black……

Realisation hits me and I nearly smack my forehead at forgetting.

I mean how can I forget April was slept in MY bed last night?!

Pff…..great now I’m pissed at another reason.

I step in to the room, place my hand on the door and get ready to slam it to wake April up…but freeze when my eye catches something.

A wicked sly smirk spreads across my face, and I close the door quietly before tip-toeing over to my desk where my Ipod speakers are….

Hmmmm……this will be fun.
I bit my lip to stop from laughing and glance over at my bed,
seeing the lump in it and hearing the soft snores proving April is still asleep….

Haha…not for long.

I click on the volume button and turn it up to maximum, feeling that wicked feeling rise in my and I smirk……

I brace myself for the very loud music that I know is about to come and cringe out of instinct as I hit the play button…..

‘I hate to break it to you but!
you’re just a lonely star! I tried to bring you down but
our level isn’t good enough”

I nearly burst out laughing as the base and lyrics to You Me At Six song blasts through my speakers, literally so loud it’s all I can hear, and April’s body jumps like a mile high in bed and I bite my check to stop myself from cracking up…..

The base picks up for the next bit, bouncing of the walls in my room….

‘You always do as you please so,
I’m gunna follow suit and take a seat!

She jolts upwards looking around the room confused un blinking and I can’t hold it back anymore, I start laughing holding my stomach…..

I turn to my ear still smirking and turn around going to the window to pull open the curtains….

‘I’ll slow it down ‘cause I know that you can’t keep up
Oh maybe I, maybe I was wrong from the start
I might be proud
But least I’m proud of something-"

The music suddenly stops and I spin around frowning as I see April by the speakers frowning too as she obviously just switched it off….

“Oh man!….it was just getting to the best part as well” I whine frowning mockingly and bite back a smirk.

April narrows her eyes at me and crosses her arms over her chest “I don’t appreciate being woken up by
that kind of music” She says scrunching her nose up.

I blink and gape at her, did she just?…….ooh she better have not just dissed not just mine….but my brothers music as well!

“Whoo….you did not just go there” I shake my head in kinda mock disappointment and walk towards my desk.

“Well that’s not a nice way to wake up” April says still frowning and I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

“Yeah well it’s not very nice to kick someone out their own room” I mutter back mimicking her, with my back to her and facing the speakers ready to turn them back on.

“I didn’t ‘kick you out’….you chose to leave…..” She shrugs “there’s a difference”.

I narrow my eyes onto the desk clenching my fist wanting to hurt her so badly….what a-!
I flick the switch back on, blasting the music back out..

‘You keep me on the edge of my seat!

I bite my tongue so you don’t hear me
I wanna hate every part of you in me
I can’t hate the ones who made me
You keep me on the edge of my seat!
I bite my tongue so you don’t hear me
I wanna hate every part of you in me
I can’t hate the ones who made me!’

I smirk as April glares at me one last time before storming out my room….

YES! Victory!

Hahah! That’s what you get for forcing your way in biatch!

I turn down the volume a bit still smirking and smiling smugly and grab my clothes out from the closet and heading back to the bathroom to change……for school.


“3 months?” I say eyes slightly wide and smile up at Daisy.

She pops a grape into her mouth smiles and nods, her brown eyes excited…

“Wow…” I say leaning back in my chair at the breakfast table, with a small smile on my lips…..

Daisy swallows, still smiling brightly “I know……I can’t believe it either” She grins slipping another grape into her mouth..

I smile “So…when do you find out the sex?” I ask sipping at my strawberry smoothie that Charles made for me….after a littler persuasion…

Daisy smiles and shakes her head “Not for another few weeks yet…but I think me and Charles want it to be a surprise” She says smiling admiringly….

I smile finding that cute, taking another sip from my smoothie.

As you may have guessed, Daisy is 3 months pregnant.

She doesn’t really show much……well not that I can tell……but she certainly can.

I wanted to know so I asked her when I came down for breakfast seeing as she is the only one in here as mom has gone to work earlier this morning and the others are still upstairs, Charles having the hard job at rounding up the little ones….haha good luck to him!

I was really expecting her to be like a few weeks…..but nooo…she’s 3 months!…that means she must have been pregnant or known she was before we moved……

I don’t get a chance to ask her because what sounds like a herd of elephants stampede down the stairs and my younger brothers come running into the kitchen (not counting Leon), all pushing each other along with Morgan and Darren….and an slightly flustered Charles coming in after them.

I smile lightly as they squabble over their breakfast bowls that are already made up by me and Daisy on the table…but then I frown as I notice one is missing……

“Where’s Thomas?” I ask standing up from my stool and looking to Charles as he shakes out his messy black hair….

Charles raises his head to me then frowns slightly “Oh….he’s still upstairs…..should be coming..

” He says then looks to me “mind going up and getting him” he lightly smirks.

I chuckle and nod heading out the kitchen and running up the stairs to Tom’s room, knowing he hates getting up in the morning…but then again…who doesn’t ?

I push open is door “Tom?” I say walking in to see him curled up on his bed, half dressed in his clothes and half still his pyjamas, with the covers of him as he pretends…or tries to get back to sleep.

I chuckle to myself shaking my head and walk over to his bed picking up the rest of his clothes and sitting gently on the edge of his bed shaking him gently….

“Come on sweetie….time to get up” I say lightly smiling as he groans rolling onto his stomach and covering his head.

I sigh, but smile….he’s just like his brothers….

“Tommy?….come on….I’ll get Charles to make you pancakes” I try to bribe him as he loves pancakes….

He curls up tightly into a ball, not saying anything and I frown slightly, bending forward over him and blow a raspberry on his arm making a little giggle noise come from him but then stops…

I smile resting my chin on his arm “Come on Tommy……you gotta get up” I say popping the ‘p’

He grumbles something and stretches back out, slowly removing his arms from his head and looks to me blinking his bright blue eyes.

I smile and sit up “Come on Tommy….let’s get ya dressed” I smile holding his hand and gently pulling him into a sitting position…..

I frown slightly, a wave of concern washing over me as he looks slightly pale….

“Tom?…honey?….you feel okay?” I ask soothingly and place my hand on his head, feeling warm.

He nods his head slightly and takes his top from my hand and tugs it over his small head and slipping of the bed.

Still with a bit of concern there, I push it down and smooth out his black hair as it was all spiky up and grab his school things as he shoves some socks on..

I smile at him and lift him up, swinging him onto my back making him chuckle slightly and wrap his small arms and legs around me, holding on securely.

I grab his bag and hold him up on my back as I make my way out his room and down the corridor to the stairs.

I walk down the stairs, just behind my older brothers as they come down, Tom still on my back and jogging up and down as I make my way back to the more hectic kitchen than normal….

I let Tom slid of my back as reach the kitchen and place him in the chair to eat some pancakes and I’m suddenly grabbed from behind, two small arms wrapping around my legs.

“Delis!” Morgan’s high pitched cherry voice shouts and I smile turning around and smile down at her as she hugs my legs, stand to my waist.

“Hey Morgan” I smile “Have a good sleep?” I ask, as she and Darren slept in the games room I think….or the only other spare room we have.

She grins nodding and I can’t help but chuckle….how someone can be so cherry in the morning is beyond me….

I finish my smoothie as everyone has breakfast, April is in here…but I refuse to look at her at the moment….still peeved about last night….but glad I got my own back…for now.

“Okay…! get your things….we’re leaving!” Charles says towards the younger ones…..who reluctantly get up grabbing their things.

Charles and Daisy leave with Morgan, Darren, Tom, Joe, Jack, Cory and Lee to take them to their school, using two cars to do that…as the rest of us leave in Blake’s and Chris…..Aston going his own way to college and Hayden, Aidan and April in their own car…thank god!

I hope this day will go quickly…..or something interesting will happen…..


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