LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 14





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 14💮

I scowl as I watch them mingle with us as if it’s natural and they have known us for years.

When they haven’t! We only met a few fricken days ago jeeze!

Chris, Evan, Hayden, Aidan and Blake are yelling over the XBOX game their playing….well more like fighting over it as they try to do whatever it is they do…..

The twins are in bed…well hopefully, I’ll have to check on them later, Cory, Lee and surprisingly Darren are in the living room with us playing some electronic game thing, Leon’s in his room ….and Seth…my twin…pff….he’s in here that’s for sure but has April practically draped over him as he’s staring blanking at the TV screen trying to make it look like his interested in watching but not as April blabbers on to him about god knows what.

That just leaves Charles and Aston, well that’s easy, Charles is with Daisy and mom…probably going on about baby stuff…which if I know my brother is doing his head in by now I bet, and Aston…he’s sat next to me watching the boys play the game or texting on his phone constantly.

Wait….that’s not everyone…..where’s Morgan?

I scan the living room frowning as I don’t see her….she was here a minute ago I swear……

A loud high pitched scream suddenly enters my ears…heck everyone’s ears …and my head snaps to the living room door.

Morgan comes racing through the door, screaming her head off, wearing her cute pink matching frilly pyjamas and jumps into April’s lap making her jump in surprise….

“Ahhh! DIE, DIE, DIE!” Joe and Jack run into the living room wearing monster masks and firing some kinda plastic pellets from a toy gun.

I blink at the sudden loudness as the twins shot pellets at Morgan who’s squealing and burring herself into April….and the twins laughing and shouting words I can’t understand…

Hang on a second…..they were supposed to be in bed! Oooh…those little-

“JOE! JACK!” I yell pushing myself of the couch and scowling at the pair….

Both of them instantly stop and turn their heads towards me, still with the monster masks on…

They both drop their toy guns and smile innocently…I narrow my eyes at them, crossing my arms over my chest.

I glance to the side to see if anyone else is gunna deal with these monkeys….and give out an annoyed sigh as I see that their still all engrossed in the flippin XBOX game their doing and who I thought would help was Aston…but he’s texting someone, too concentrated on that..

Great…..guess that just leaves me to then…

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I stare down at the two twins…

“URM…Delia said a bad word!” They chores together acting innocent……which doesn’t really help by their stupid monster masks.

I nearly growl at them but don’t, instead my eyes harden more..

“Take those masks off..” I order and when they don’t move I do it for them, ripping them off and dropping them on the floor to show their amused little faces….making me annoyed.

I glance up at Morgan who’s still cowering on April’s lap, my eyes snap back to the pair Say sorry to Morgan…now” I order raising an eyebrow at them challengingly…..

They both gape at me…”What?

Why should we?!” Jack says frowning and crossing his own little arms over his chest stubbornly.

“She started it!” They both shout in unison, Joe crossing his arms over his chest like Jack…both flippin stubborn little creatures.

I drag out an annoyed sigh…”Do it or I’ll get Charles” I threaten, knowing they won’t like whatever Charles’s punishment will be for them as he can be very, very cruel and evil.

Bother their eyes widen slightly and they share a glance….then look to the floor…

“Sorry…… Morgan” They mumble only just loud enough for me to hear…

“Good…now get to bed” I say less annoyed now as I see their pouting/sad little faces…I know what their trying to do…but heck! I can’t ignore that face! No one can.

I sigh again, defeated “Just get upstairs…I’ll come in a bit” I say annoyed at myself that I let them get one over…again!

Grins come on their faces and they bounce out the room, and up the stairs…I hope..

I sigh silently to myself……..kinda annoyed that not one of my other brothers would help….they always leave it to me…the lazy asses.

I look to Morgan, still on April’s lap, her arms around her, soothing her, “She okay?” I ask sorta to April but looking at Morgan.

April narrows her eyes at me, holding her sister closer to her..

“Yeah….she’s fine” She says, and I swear I pick up on a bit of bitterness in her voice.

I eye Morgan once more as she looks still scared……damn those boys are gunna get it.

I turn my attention to Seth who’s sat beside April…his attention now on the TV screen.

I fold my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes at him “Well thanks for the help bro” I say sarcastically, he could have at least helped me!

He turns to me, and gives me a sheepish look.

I just roll my eyes and shake my head, walking out the living room mutter under my breathe that he’s a usless twin, but of course…not really meaning it…..much..

Once I got the twins back in their beds and waited the few minutes I had to, I left with them sound asleep, light snores coming from them and headed back downstairs….

“AH…there you are Delia!” My mom suddenly bobs up from somewhere just as I step of the bottom step and I raise an eyebrow at her.

She smiles at me….but it almost looks pleadingly “Delia, would you mind sharing your room tonight with April” She asks still smiling that way and I stare at her like she’s completely nuts and open my mouth to protest when she cuts me of holding her hand up..

“No, don’t make up an excuse Dee, the others have to share their room too, and I wouldn’t dream of putting April with one of the boys….so can you do this Delia….it’s only for one night” She says looking at me with that look and voice that tells me not to argue with her.

I narrow my eyes and huff, crossing my arms over my chest not saying anything.

“April! Honey……Delia here will show you where you’re sleeping!” Mom calls out towards the living room…probably before I can run away.

I curl my lip up as I see April coming through the living room door….well more like walks through slowly, as if she’s got this imaginary light shining on her, making her centre of attention.

She smiles at my mom and I glare, before turning back around and nearly stomping up the stairs, but don’t……not really caring if April is following me or not but I know she is.

I scowl all the way up to my room, why the heck does she have to sleep in my room?! Can’t she sleep on the couch?! Hell, I would rather do that than have her in my room!

I push open my bedroom door roughly then suddenly stop….

“What the heck are you doing in my room?!” I snap at my brother.

He lifts his head from searching through my draw and narrows his own eyes at me “I know you have it Delia, now give it back before I make you” Evan says calmly but with annoyance as he shoves the draw closed again glaring at me.

I frown confused “What the hell are you on about? I didn’t take anything from you! Who would want anything you have anyway?!” I glare right back at him giving him attitude.

He scoffs “Don’t play that game Dee, this is important! I need my pluddy phone back now give it!”

He orders angrily and steps towards me.

His phone? I don’t bluddy have his phone!

I shake my head frowning and narrowed eyes “I don’t have you stupid phone Evan! Now get out my room!” I shout at him pointing towards my door…where now is stood a slightly shocked April.

Evan glances over to where April’s stood then back to me with his irritated eyes again…

I get more annoyed at this point, I mean I just caught him looking through my stuff! We had rules……we don’t go through each others stuff! The dumb nut!

I walk towards him then shove him towards the door “Get out Evan! I don’t have you’re stupid phone! Why would I?..” I snap and keep shoving him towards the door, he doesn’t make an effort to stop…just kinda stumbles to the door glaring at me.

“We aren’t done here” He hisses before I kick him-literally on the ass- out my room slamming it in his face.

Yeah…okay..maybe I kinda need to not get so worked up, but one, I have to share my room with that weirdo, then two, I find my pluddy brother looking through my stuff accusing my that I took his phone.

And honestly….I didn’t take his stupid phone! I swear!

He probably just lost it like he always bluddy does.

I let out an annoyed sigh stalking to my draw to close it probably…still knowing that April is in the room, but I couldn’t care less…..I wish she would go away….

“So…umm…” April clears her throat quietly “Where am I sleeping?” She asks in an annoying voice which makes me automatically scowl.

In the rabbit’s hutch I think in my head….but that’s kinda impossible…as well….we don’t own a rabbit! PffHAha…..I don’t care….

I sigh….a bit overdramatically might I add and point to the flattened blow-up bed, that’s just so conveniently is spread out on my floor, guess mom put that there then.

“On that I guess” I mutter and unwillingly go over to my closet where I know a spare blanket it is and pull it out, tossing it to April who catches it just in time.

“No can do lady,” She murmured as she layed on my bed.

God damnit! I am not gunna last a night in this room! She’s just sat up in my bed like she’s owns the place!

I scowl at her as I make my way to the small air bed on the floor, at the other side of my room, already dressed in plain grey pyjama bottoms and a white tank top.

I throw my pillow down angrily and turn, grabbing my big black hoddy as I do “There’s no way I’m staying here!…yeah night April….hope my bed bugs don’t bite you”.

I say sarcastically through gritted teeth as I yank open my bedroom door before roughly closing.

I pull my hoddy on over my head and still anger boiling my blood, I go to the next door down from mine and barge through.

“I swear to god! I will bluddy kill that girl in her sleep! Who does she think she is?! Sleeping in MY bed, hell I’m gunna have to wash the sheets!” I angrily snap out then shudder at the thought of if I don’t wash the sheets I’ll be basically sleeping where she slept…..gross!

I hear the amused chuckle of my twin “That’s a bit harsh” He says but I can tell he doesn’t really mean it much.

I stop in my tracks thou as I can see through the dim light of Seth’s room, an air bed is made up at one side of the room….

“Oh god…please don’t tell me one of them is sleeping in here?” I groan walking over to Seth’s double bed, like mine.

I hear a chuckle, one that doesn’t belong to my brother…”I’m sorry to disappoint you Delia…but yes….’one of them’ is sleeping in hear Aidan’s amused voice say and turn to see him coming out the bathroom, only wearing some black pants.

He smirks at me as I scowl as he makes his way over to the air bed.

I turn back around to glare at my twin, you could have warned me! I snap at him in my head not caring if he picks up on any messages or not.

Even tho Aidan is in this room, I still pull up Seth’s bed covers and slip in next to him, but top to tailing where my head is at his feet and my feet are at his head..
.if you know what I mean?

I’d rather sleep in this room than in mine where that- I don’t know a word to describe her – is.

“Ur…isn’t sharing a bed when you’re brother and sister…a little weird?” Aidan’s voice drifts over to me as I lay my head on the pillow I’ve nicked from the top end of Seth’s bed.

“No” I mutter frowning closing my eyes and getting comfy.

“Why? I mean surely it would be?” Aidan sounds kinda confused now….

“Because we’re twins” I give him a snap short answer not being bothered to go into it more, only wanting to go to sleep as Seth’s bed is comfy.

“What’s being twins got to do anything about it? You’re still brother and sister” He says and I groan annoyed.

“Because we’re connected……each other’s other half” Seth mumbles sounding like he’s near sleep too.

“Yeah but-“ I cut off Aidan’s confused yet amused voice..

“Shut up and go to sleep! It’s too complicated for your brain to work out anyways” I snap annoyed rolling on my side more and burying my head into the pillow.

I hear him along with Seth chuckle but only pull the covers over my head more thankful that he has shut up now as the room goes into silence.

My body relaxes into the softness of the sheets and I feel myself drift into a deep sleep with only one thought……

Aidan better not snore in his sleep!😒😒
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