LESBIAN HIGH SCHOOL … (18+) … Episode 39




👠🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👢🍆

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Erotica Suspense Highschool

Episode 39

Semi Finale

Liana Ohmshford

For once in my entire life, I never knew this day would come. A day that I would walk elegantly on the altar with a nice flower on my hands…. And with a fiancé waiting for me by the other side. I remembered the day we first met at that hellhole highschool. He starred at me longingly before bouncing away.

He seemed so proud but as time passed and I got to know him, he wasn’t at all. My wedding gown brushed the tiled floor as I starred at him from the veil…… I feel so lucky to have him.

He’s so cute and hot. The blue suit fitted him so well that I felt like grabbing it off of him giving him a passionate kiss. His already curled hair was curled up into one of those latest trends and he looked so sexy.

Everyone was present on our wedding. Amanda, Nathan, Oval, Oliver, Sherry, and Especially my twin sister and Mom. All these while i wasn’t aware that Oval and Amanda was dating. Same as Lorraine and Xazix. Sherry was heavily pregnant and she looked hot in her blue revealing gown that fitted her baby bump so well. Some of my college friends were there too, including Allison. She smiled at me and I returned it too.

Dad walked me through the altar and now I’m walking slowly to meet my husband to be… It may sound funny but that’s the truth anyways. What got me in shock was that Xavier didn’t wait for me to walk to him. He walked to me by himself and I gasp in shock.

“What’re you doing?? You’re supposed to wait for me” I exclaimed surprisingly and he shrugged raising his eyebrows playfully.

“I was tired of waiting for you with that slow walks of yours….. We haven’t even done anything yet and you’re walking slowly.. I wonder if you’ll be able to walk well again after our wedding night” He whispered to my ears and I couldn’t help but, hit him on the shoulder.

“Pervert!!!” I muttered breathlessly.

“Only for you” he replied smiling as we finally got to the priest.

“Do you Liana Ohmshford, take Xavier Martins as your legal husband? For better for worse, for richer or poorer? In sadness, happiness, sorrow, till death do you part??” He asked and I kept mute for a while, making everyone turn to stare at me, especially Xavier.

I breathed out finally saying “Yes I do!!”
Xavier breathed out a sigh of relief and it got to his turn. He muttered a “Yes I do” too.

“You may now kiss…..” Xav didn’t wait for the priest to complete his statement. He peeled off my veil grabbing my waist as he kissed me passionately, while I placed my hands on his broad chest, responding to the kiss. He rolled his tongue with mine intermittently and I had to pull away, reminding him that we’re still at the front of the priest.

Wedding Night

I took my bath quickly before my husband pops in here unexpectedly again.. I breathed out, putting on my lilac nightgown. It was transparent and exposing though. I kept my hair down, walking to the bedroom.

His gaze found mine and he starred at me lustfully and lovingly. I smiled as I crawled to the bed, he couldn’t stop giggling like a child.
I wouldn’t blame him though. All through those time when we were planning for our wedding, I didn’t let him touch me unnecessarily.
You should’ve seen how he managed to hold up his bulge. It ass hilarious.

He dropped the book he was reading and he pushed me to the bed before winking at me naughtily.

He took of my nightie jacket tossing it to the tiled floor. He smiled as he cupped my boobs, and his other hands snaked into my clit coz I wasn’t wearing any panties.

(Was advised by Lorraine not to wear any. She says Xazix likes it that way🚶🚶🚶😜)

I gasped tearfully as his hands squeezed my bossom enthusiastically. He widened my legs as he got into it sucking me from beneath while I moaned out, delving my hands into his curly hair… He increased his style of slurping on it. Squatting to my direction he brought his lips closer to my ears

“Wifey…… We’re having 10 rounds”

Oh my!!!!!




Finale episode is loading and trust me when I say this, It’s gonna be a be a blast!!

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