“I can’t tell him that am carrying his child”

They had managed to hide Grace’s misery from Mary for the whole day, though Mary came close to suspect that something was wrong with Grace;

“Babe na watin na, I have been talking to you for a while but it seems you are not listening to me” Mary had accused her

“No now, I have been listening to you” Grace had defended

“No you are not!” Mary said

“Yes I am… and stop being dramatic like mercy Johnson” Grace dismissed

“Oya, tell me the last thing I said?” Mary put to her, ducking her neck

Grace knew she had been caught, and there was nothing she could say now to defend herself

“Seriously girlfriend you look like sick, what is going on with you?” Mary continued

“Mary, I think I am stressed up”

“Then have a rest, write to the Boss, demand for a break or something, travel out of this Lagos and get your groove back, believe me, Lagos dey make person mad”

Mary seemed to be convinced that she was only stressed and that was a relief for her. The day was painfully slow and she couldn’t wait to go home and cry herself to sleep, but Imelda had another plan for her.

“What do you mean you can’t tell him you are with his child?” Imelda asked her

They were in her room, she was lying down while Imelda sat beside her. Grace never wanted to tell her that she was pregnant and that the babe belongs to her ex husband, but she didn’t know what it was about this young woman that made her open up, and Imelda was a good listener.

They had finished their dinner of Goat meat pepper soup before she brought up the issue about her earlier appointment with the doctor. If she was shocked when she heard about the pregnancy, she didn’t show it, but she sat there like a secondary school teacher would listen to her student, and allowed Grace Pour out her heart.

“I don’t want him to think that I am imposing the pregnancy on him, he may not even want it”

“But he want you” Imelda asked Grace

“He did before, I don’t know about now, I don’t know if he did this on purpose, what if he want to get back at me?” Grace said

She had told Imelda about her divorce and what led to it, Imelda didn’t condemn her, she listened and said few words, for the first time, Grace was able to tell someone about the circumstances that gave rise to her leaving her husband

“We may not know what he would make out of this news if we do not let him know, you cannot deny a man from knowing he is about to be a father”

“What if he doesn’t want to be a father now?”

“What are you saying? According to your story, he had wished for children when you were still married to him, why won’t he want to be a father now” Imelda said

“Yes… sure… you are right but I don’t want us to come together because I am pregnant, I don’t want him to think that I deliberately got myself pregnant just to see an excuse to get back in with him” Grace said

“Do you love him?” Imelda asked her

“Hmm?” Grace was not expecting that question

“Do you love this Man ma?’ Imelda asked again

“I have never stopped loving him, but that is not enough right? Love is no enough… it was not enough for us before, it may not work now” Grace said

“What are you afraid of?” Imelda asked her

She broke down in sob again, she couldn’t figure it all out but now Imelda had mention it, she knew it was true, she was afraid, afraid that she may not be a good mother to this new life growing inside of her, afraid that she may fell again as a wife if she decide to go back to marrying Ken.

Imelda embraced her, it was one of the best feelings she was having that day, she threw her head on Imelda’s shoulder and wept

“I am so scared, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to be a mother, I have never been close to carrying babes, I don’t even know what to do with this babe or myself…”

Imelda held her, she understood, her pain and confusion may be different from what she had felt, but she had grown to love this woman like the mother and a sister and within the few days they had been together, they had bonded so strongly.

“I don’t know how to play the role of a wife either, am terrible!” Grace wept

“No you are not, you have been an amazing boss to me, an amazing friend to Mary and I, a good asset to the firm, and recently… a canceller and a sister to me” Imelda assured her

“That is all I am, my life revolves around work, I have no life outside the career world, I am useless to the world aside businesses and sealing of deals”

“Don’t say that Ma, you are a treasure to those around you, that is why Mr. Ken cannot let go of you, he saw what he want in you” Imelda said

This made Grace smile, she pulled herself straight, wiped her eyes and the mucus from her nose with the back of her hands while laughing awkwardly;

“I have been crying too much since today, sorry for bugging with my wahala” Grace apologized

“It’s nothing Ma; you would have done the same for me”

Grace was surprised at the level of maturity and sensibility of this young lady seated next to her, to say that some few weeks ago she was stuck in an abusive relationship and needed some advice;

“How old are you Imelda” Grace asked

“Twenty six Ma”

“Thank you so much Imelda and you can call me Grace when we are at home” Grace said

“Enough of me now, so tell me…” Grace continued

“Who was the young man that brought you to my house on Monday?” Grace asked

Imelda blushed

“Hmm… so soon?” Grace Chuckled

“No o o, there is nothing going on between him and I… Yet…”

“But I saw the way he was looking at you…” Grace teased her

“I think he likes you, he had been calling me since that Monday o, asking how you are doing” Grace said

“He is a nice guy and a splendid cook too” Imelda commented

They talked about Ahmad and Kola for a while before they bid each other good night.


It was about ten pm by the time Kola hit the road, he had planned to visit Imelda in her after work, he thought it would be one of the day he would give instructions, take stocks and leave early, but it happened that there were some politicians were having their party members meeting and he needed to be available to make sure something didn’t go wrong.

He had the Infinix Hot 5 phone he bought for her, he didn’t want to continue calling Grace’s number just to speak with her, t made him uncomfortable with lack of words to say.

He decided against going home immediately and navigated towards Herbert Macaulay Memorial Statue, and headed to Broad street, he was still reasoning how to explain his visit to Imelda when he heard the sound, he thought it was from another car at first until he heard the screeching sound and it became obvious to him that the body of his car has been dented.

He stepped out of his car to see the Taxi driver checking his own smashed head lamp;

“Oga you no dey see? You no get eye?” the taxi driver was coming out from Adele road

“Jesus Christ! Mr Man, what are you saying? I was already on the road before you decided to drive your taxi to the road without looking!” Kola was already fuming with anger

“No dey tell that thing, ah ah! You no fit wait? As you see me dey put head, you no fit wait?” the Driver shouted

“Mr Man are you stupid? You re at fault here and you are screaming on top of your voice, if I insist you most fix my car this night eh… believe me you will” Kola couldn’t hold his anger

Most of the passengers from the taxi were had come down and were already impatient;

“Oga driver beg am na” someone said

“This kine people way dey drive big motor sef, see as him dey intimidate the poor driver” another passenger said

“Sure say na im motor sef, you no see as him dey like person driver way carry him oga motor commot” another passenger added

“My Pikin, make you forgive am, we know say na him dey wrong, na so then dey drive, but make you respect say na old man him be, leave am make you dey go…” one of the Passengers who took Kola aside pleaded

“Who dey beg am! Leave am make him do him worst, I dey fear am? Who him be?” the driver was bellowing when Kola drove away, it was already some minutes past eleven by the time he left the scene;

Still struggling whether to either go see her or to drive straight home, he decided on the former.


Imelda was drifting in and out of sleep when Grace tapped at her door and handed her the phone,

“He wants to speak to you” Grace said and winked at her

She spoke to him for a while and looks at Grace apologetically

“Go and see what he want” Grace urged her, seeing that Imelda still was uncertain, Grace added;

“Okay… I will go with you to see him”

They both went to meet Kola at the Gate, he was leaning on his car by the time they got there, Grace was aware of the tension between them, so she stood by the gate while Imelda walked to meet him

“What are you doing here by this time of the night?” she asked

“I… I …. I want to bring this to you” he said, handing the phone to her

How could he tell her that he wanted to say something more, that he was beginning to develop something he don’t understand towards her, he doesn’t want to scare her,

“Thank you so Much” she said

With the look on her face, he knew she was thrilled. They had nothing else to say to each other, it was an awkward moment;

“I don’t know what you would have preferred but I guessed Infinix will be ok” he said

“Okay, I should be going now” he added



The drove off thinking whether he had made a fool of himself


“Babe you sweet die, you go kill somebody walahi” Baba Ademola said, panting heavily and fanning himself with his cloth

Mama Ademola has gone to bed, it was already some minutes past one am, and Baba Ademola had sneaked into her small corner as usual, this time she was ready waiting for him.

He had sneaked inside the kitchen where she was dishing out pepper soup for a costumer, and had smacked her buttocks

“Oooohhhmmmm… stop now, madam fit enter here o” she feigned anger,

“She no go know, abeg make I touch you small na” he had said

“Abeg go, you way no wan fulfill the promise way you give me, way the four thousand naira way I bin dey ask you since?” Chinyeaka asked

“Na dat one be your problem, oya no worry” Baba Ademola searched his pockets, brouth out some dirty notes and handed it over to her

It was not complete but it would go a long way, she had promised the guy whom she assigned the duty of monitoring Grace, some money tomorrow,

She counted the money, it was three thousand two hundred naira, she shoved it inside her bra, and patted her breast to make sure the money was not to obvious,

“You go give me the balance later today o” she warned him

“No wahala, abeg make I press your Bom Bom small na” Baba Ademola said, flicking his fingers like the eight legs of a spider, and licked his lips

“Oya press small” she said, jiggling her buttock for him.

The sex ended as quick as it started, she felt nothing for him, it has always been the money for her. The room was very stuffy, she stood up to open the window, her Unclad butt flapping vigorously as she moved;

“Oya begin go” she told him

“Why? Make I do again na, my John Thomas don stand again” He said to her, reaching out to touch her breast

“Abeg commot, very soon your wife go wake up and she go begin shout my name up and down, come begin go abeg”

He left when he realized she was not ready to give him any more sex, he hung his cloth on his shoulder, his big stomach was bouncing up and down like a big balloon filled with water, he disgust her so much

“Mtcheewww,” she hissed as he walked out of the door

“Hello, how far? Na only her dey stay for that house? Ehen…ehen… okay… no do anything o, I wan do am myself… come my area come collect your money… abeg shut up there, na because say I wan pay you? You don pay for my Toto way you chop?…bye bye” the line went dead

The dropped her phone and smiled to herself

That night, after Baba Ademole left, she masturbated herself to orgasm with the fantasy she had built around Ken.


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