That same Night, Chinyeaka sat patiently, waiting for him to come back, she had carefully planned this day. Earlier that day she had called in sick and her Oga had giving her the day off. True to Zara’s promise, they had gone to see Alahaja at Agbebi Street, Surulere.

“What you need if ‘ Kaya Mata ’” Alahaja had said to her

She had never heard that before but she was desperate, she had looked at Zara and had gotten an encouraging nod

“See this fowl as I don prepare am so? You go chop am, as you dey chop am, you go they mention him name, dey tell am wetin you wan make him do” Alahaja had instructed

“This one na perfume, you go spray am for body as you wan go visit am, as him smell that perfume eh, na so him go dey pursue you up an dan” Alahaja handed the bottle to her,

“Ehen … e never finish o, this one eh, you go put am for your kitten” Alahaja brought out a whitish substance covered in a small bottle

“If you put am inside and he come chop your Toto eh, na so you go glue am, we call this one ‘super glue’ the thing go sweet am so tee, na only your Toto him go dey chop…”

“But ma… the man no even dey near me, how I go take make am chop my Toto?” Chinyeaka asked

Alahaja laughed, exposing her toothless gums;

“That one no be wahala, this perfume way I give you so, na in go bring am come, him go dey sing like keneri on top you” Alahaja assured her.

She stuffed the whole things in her hand bag, paid five thousand naira to Alahaja and left with Zara;

“Na this thing you use get Oga Uchenna?” She had asked her friend

“Ehm… I never use this thing before o” Zara had replied

“Why you carry me go there na” She had asked

“As you dey desperate na, anyway my friend say the thing dey work”

Okay o…”

She has been sitting there for close to thirty minutes, her body oozing of strong herbs and some other things she doesn’t know, she had rehearsed what to say to him and how to make him take her into his house.


Ken drove towards his gate

He saw her sitting by the gate with a shawl around her neck, he couldn’t recognize her at first, but as he got closer, he realize who it was, he honked for Baba to open the gate.

“What are you doing here Chinyeaka, it’s late!” he said to her.

He had gone back outside the gate where she stood with tears in her eyes

“Oga, Na your sister” Baba asked

“Baba don’t worry, please lock the gate” he said while leading chinyeaka inside the house

“Oga Ken abeg no vex, I get problem with my sister na so she throw me comot for house, I no know where I fit go again, na so I say make I come here” Chinyeaka explained in between sobs

Ken didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t send her back into the night, but he could help her beg her sister;

“I fit go beg your sister on your behalf…”

“No no no… Oga Ken! She go kill you o, her boyfriend dey house with am, na Agbero him be o”

“Okay… let us go inside first so I can get something for you to drink, then I can call your Madam and see if she could house you for the night”

Ken said, confused what to do with the lady walking beside him inside his house. He wondered how she got to know his house by the way.

He left her in the sitting room and went into the Kitchen to get her a bottle of drink.

She chose the perfect moment to throw her bait, though she was nervous, but she had waited this opportunity since the day she picked interest on him.

The day she came to his shop with a costumer for ‘Oso ahia’ he was cracking jokes with his apprentices, she had loved the way he smiled at her when she greeted him

“I have not seen you around here before, who are you working for?” he had said with a smile to her

“I dey sell for Chief Ezenwamma shop” she answered, enjoying the attention he was giving her

He had asked her what her name was, and had said that he has an Aunt with that name.

She had left his shop with small ‘Ego Apiriko’ and the image of his beautifully formed teeth in her head, and had vowed to make him fall for her.

Ken came in with the drink,

“The Sprite is not cold o, NEPA no bring light…” the words got stuck in his throat,

Chinyeaka stood in his sitting room Unclad, like a model posing to be drawn by an artist. He could belief what he saw, with the drink in his hands, he stood still, he dared not go further to where she stood,

“I fit give you my body Oga Ken, to show you say I like you well well” she said to him

He noticed that she was nervous, her eyes were pleading and her face showed uncertainty. She wasn’t sure what his reaction would be, she was only desperate to get her heart desire.

He said nothing, fighting so hard to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat;

“Abeg Oga Ken, me I no be bad girl, I just wan make you see me as woman way fit satisfy you, I go even born pikin give you sef, make you no shame me Oga, I no go tell anybody say you chop me” she continued her plea

“Chinyeaka please… believe me …you don’t want to do this” he managed to say

“I wan do am, I wan make you chop me for here, make you touch me like a woman, forget say I no go school, I fit make you happy I swear…”

“Chinyeaka!…. Chinyeaka please… put your cloths on and leave now, I understand how you feel, but I can not give you what you want?”

“Why Oga ken, why you no go love me like me I love you, even small love, biko nu” she asked

For every few minutes drew her closer to where he stood, it was difficult not to notice her well formed breasts, the way they bounced when she moved closer to him, the big black nipples looking at him, the lines that travelled down to her womanhood, he was sweating profusely, he did not want to stand there and see what would happen if she get closer to him, he turned away, towards the staircase;

“I have a woman who mean a lot to me, please close the door behind you when you are done wearing your cloths” he was ascending the stairs when he heard her say;

“Sure say you be Man? Sure say your thing dey stand at all, which man go see woman unclothedness like this and his thing no go stand?”

He stopped, the turmoil in his mind turned to rage, he knew she was drawing her last straw,

“Get out of my house young lady” was the last thing he said before he went into his room and locked the door.


Chinyeaka felt so humiliated and rejected, she has been told several times that she was beautiful, with hips like an earthen calabash, and breasts like the traditional pots her grandmother used for water before she died.

She has been receiving advances from Men, even those with cars on her way to Ade Odun, some Oga’s at the Market had offered her monies to go out with them and she had rejected many, except Oga Okey whom she had allowed to Bleep her in his small semi dark office just to teach that his proud wife a lesson, Oga Okey had bleeped her two times, screaming like ‘Mkpi’ a he goat, she had stopped him from coming to her after the second time, and had threaten to tell his wife if he continue begging her for Toto again.

She got dressed, picked her shoes and her shawl, looked towards the staircase, probably to know if he was there looking at her, then she left, laving behind heavy herbal scents.

She would meet Zara tomorrow to ask her why her own Kaya-Gumbody no work


Ken heard the door closed and knew that she was gone, he lay on his bed reminiscing on what happened, she Thank God for helping her on out, he couldn’t stand what people will think of him if he had accepted Chinyeaka’s offer,not that it mattered if he had chosen to lay with the lady.

On a second thought, he knew he couldn’t forgive himself if he had taken advantage of her vulnerability, he felt pity for her though.

His mind went to Grace, What will she be doing now? Does she think about him the way he thinks about her? He touched his joystick, and wished Grace was by his side.

Imelda sat up to his tap on her shoulder, she had felt his hands running on her body, his lips and the wetness of his tongue on her back, her neck and her face, but she had pretended to be fast asleep.

His touch felt like the roughness of her mother’s five year old dish sponge, his kisses suddenly became heavy, his tongue made her cringe like the day a centipede crawl on her bare thigh while she was seating at their corridor.

She realized that was feeling withdrawn from him, she didn’t like it, she would have loved to pay him back for going out of his way to please her that night, though she wasn’t hungry, she had to force herself to eat the jollof rice he had prepared,

“I make am for you, I put that ‘Oporo’ way you dey like” he had said while leading her to the sitting room.

She was speechless, she had never seen Ahmad that Gentle and sweet in years, she had wanted to appreciate his effort, so she had eating his food, allowed him boil water for her, stayed up to watch but ‘the Avengers-Infinity war’ with him, forced herself into a conversation with him, allow him run his hands on her legs before she told him that she wanted to go to bed so she could wake up early for work the next day.

She saw the disappointment in his eyes when she stood up to retire for the night, he would have wanted them to have sex, and sex with her has always been a way to convince himself that he still has him on his grip.

She had wanted to allow him have his way with her as usual, to allow him believe that she still have feelings for him, to deceive him by faking those moans and twists, but the more she wanted to respond to him, the more she hated what he was doing, the more she wanted to give in the more she hated seeing his face in triumph while he dig into her like his possession,

So she pretended to be deep asleep, she had subtly removed his hand from her body like she would shoo a mosquitoes.

“Babe mi, na watin na, you no dey even look my face this night, na watin?” he asked out of frustration

“Sorry Ahmad, I worked really hard and am so tired” she lied

“You no dey tire for me before, why you come tire today, you carry cement bag?” he complained

“Ahmad please am sorry, I promise you that tomorrow will not be like this, I will give you what you want tomorrow…”

“But I dey die here na, touch my john Thomas, the thing don strong dey tear my boxer, I no go fit hold am”

She didn’t want to add to his frustration, so she was careful with her words,

“Oya just turn make I put am, you no go do anything, make I just Bleep you fast fast comot” he pleaded

she didn’t respond to his plea, neither was he ready to allow him take possession of her body, not that night, meeting Kola has made her realize that she could be treated better and deserved much more than she was getting..

At the breaking of the day, as she was getting ready for work, she was uncomfortable to UnCloth before him so she took her cloths, he sat looking at her like was seeing her for the very first time, it was obvious to him that she was no longer afraid of him and it worried him..


“What are you doing here” Grace asked him

She met him chatting heartedly with her boss,

“Grace! See who we have here, my favorite staff?” he boss greeted her with excitement

“When big jobs and money is involved, everyone who can deliver becomes a favorite staff to him” Grace thought

“Good morning Mr. Cookeygam” she greeted him

“Good morning Grace” he replied with a mischievous smile on his face

“Ehem… Mr. Cookeygam, you remember my staff Grace… the one that handled the promotion of…” Her boss was all chatty and was very eager to show off

“We have met on several occasions aside working environments…” Morgan said to her boss while looking at her

“Haven’t we…Grace?” he was taunting her and was enjoying it

She hurriedly left the two men and walked to her office. She was still wondering why he had to show up in her office, she knew it wasn’t just to see her boss. Something told her he had come just to see her

“You have been avoiding me” he had said as he walked through her door

She didn’t know she left the door unlocked, and to say he had the nerves to open her door and let himself into her office like he owned it.

“And what made you think that I am avoiding you” she asked him

“You are not picking my calls, and had refused to reply my text messages since the day I dropped you at your house” he said

“That was two days ago” she put in

“And those two days has been like two years to me” he said, resting his back on the chair

“So why are you avoiding me?” he continued

“I didn’t say I am avoiding you, am just busy with work” Grace said, avoiding his eyes

“You are not good with lying Grace, you can do better than this… common… you are too busy that you cannot answer your calls? Or reply messages? am not a kid Grace, come up with another excuse not this one” he said

She didn’t say anything for a while, nothing she said would convince Morgan, and she did not know how to tell him that she would want to stay away from him in other to think, neither would she be able to tell him that the words Ken said to her at the construction site, still hunt her dreams

“So what are you doing here Mr. Cookeygam” she asked

“Oh… have we gone back to you calling me by my last name? No more Morgan? Anyway, I came to see you” he answered

It was obvious he liked what he was doing and how uncomfortable he was making her, for she was beginning to stutter,

“You shouldn’t have came, ehm… I have been busy, I will call you when am free” she said

“I couldn’t wait for you to be free and call me, I have come to see the woman of my desire”

Grace prayed he would just get up and leave, she didn’t want to lead him on and disappoint him at the end, on the other hand, she didn’t know her fate with Ken, would Ken accept her with her very demanding Job, wouldn’t he give her conditions, after what happened the last time?

“My Goodness, you are looking more beautiful than the last time I saw you” he said in admiration.

“What do you want Morgan?” she asked him, not that she didn’t know already

“I want to know what your reply is concerning my offer to you?” he said

“Morgan Please… Don’t start this again am begging you”

He sat there with conviction written over him, he felt that it may not take long before she agrees to his offer, but the heart of a woman is a deep ocean, who can ascertain what lies inside?


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