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I’m so glad that my group has a very good score. The lecturer said the assignment carries 30 marks and my group has the highest score which is 28. The presentation was not about the research alone. Mr George scored us based on our mode of dressing ( I suggested on the group chat that we all should dress in a formal attire and we should wear our laboratory coats, to show we are scientists).

He gave us marks based on how we presented our work and also how we answered his questions correctly after the presentation.

” Settle down everyone” Miss Rose said.

I didn’t notice she has entered the class.

She informed us about our test last week but she was unable to teach us on Monday so maybe she’s here for the test.

” You all should go and drop your bags in your locker. The test is about to start” she said.

I and the rest of the class did as she ibstructed and afterwards I went back to my seat. Scarlett and I are not sitting together today. She is sitting with Brayden Connor today.

“Do not open the book until I direct you to do so” Miss Rose said.
She was dropping a book on each student’s desk.

When she finished sharing the books she asked us to start. The duration of the test is 30 minutes.

I said a prayer before starting my work.

Luckily for me, the questions are very simple because I’ve done something very similar to this at my former school in Nigeria. I have no problem answering the questions.

I finished my questions within 10 minutes.

I raised my hand so the lecturer would know I’m through.

“What’s the problem?” Miss Rose asked when she got to my seat.

” I’m through with my work so I want to submit” I said to her.

” Okay, bring your book” she said.

I gave her my book and I left the class.

I had nowhere to go so I sat down on a bench not far from my class.

Five minutes later, Xavier came out also with Scarlett. Scarlett was coming to meet me while Xavier stood outside the class.

“Hi brainy” Scarlett teased.

” Says the girl who has finished reading the whole syllabus” I replied.

” You aren’t serious. I’ve not covered the whole syllabus though” she said.

” That’s nice to hear” I said.

“Hope you didn’t mind that I didn’t sit with you today?” She asked.

” Nope, though I wondered how come you were sitting with your crush” I said to her while she blushed shyly.

” You won’t believe he asked for my help” Scarlett said.

” Help?” I asked confused that one of the school’s idols could need anyone’s help.

“He has problem understanding the MAT 212″ she said.

” Oh, so when are you tutoring him?” I asked.

” After school hours” she said.

I noticed there’s no lecturer in the class again so I told Scarlett that we should go back to class.

Scarlett received a call as soon as we entered the class. She said she has to leave immediately.

“Till tomorrow, Kiyah” Scarlett said running out of the class.

“Goodbye dear” I replied her.

As soon as she left I brought out my Chemistry notebook to read the lectures I jot down. I was still on the first page when I felt a sharp pain below my navel.

I bent down in pain clutching my stomach.

I’ve been so caught up in my school works that I failed to realize that I’d be starting my menstruation today.

My first day of menstruation is usually the toughest because I’d be in pain throughout.

I managed to stand up so I can go to the restroom to use a sanitary pad. It’s a good thing that I always have pads in my bag.

I was almost at the restroom when the pain doubled in magnitude. I had to bend down for a while before continuing my journey.

Written by Authoress Adesewa

“Hey, are you okay?” I heard someone ask.

I didn’t need to turn around to know it’s Xavier.
Trust the guy to always show up in awkward moments.

” Yeah, I’m fine” I said weakly as the pain was getting unbearable.

” You don’t look fine to me. Take this, you need it” he said handing me his Jacket.

I hesitate for a while before I collect the Jacket from him.

” Thanks” I said but he’s nowhere to be found.

I felt my gown sticking to my body which means my cloth is already stained. No wonder Xavier gave me his Jacket.

I’m so embarrassed right now. I quickly tied the jacket around my waist making sure that it covered my backside properly.

I got into the female restroom and I used the pad in my bag.
I left school immediately because I can’t imagine staying around in my stained dress.


Today has been full of different activities.

From the presentation which was a success, to the impromptu test which I didn’t prepare for. My expectation was that since Miss Rose didn’t show up on Monday, that means till next week Monday I don’t have to bother about any test.

I was very surprised to see Kiyah submit her book barely 10 minutes after the test started.

The test questions were not hard but it’s unbelievable to see someone finish all that questions under 10 minutes.

I finished at the same time with Scarlett. I stood in front of the class while Scarlett went to meet Kiyah.

I brought out my phone and surfed the Internet for some minutes before Miss Rose came out of the class.

I was feeling pressed so I went to use the restroom.

On my way from the restroom, I saw Kiyah clutching her stomach in pain.

I moved closer to her to find out what’s wrong.

“Hey, are you okay? ” I asked her.

” Yeah, I’m fine” she said though I doubt that since her facial expression was saying another thing entirely.

She stood up from her bent position, that was when I noticed her cloth is already stained.

” You don’t look fine to me. Take this, you need it ” I said giving her my Jacket.

I left her there and I went back to class.

“Xavier, did you see Scarlett after you guys submitted your works?” Brayden asked.

” No, why are you asking about her” I said.

” She’s supposed to help me with MAT 212 ” he said.

” Okay, you can call her if you have her contact” I said.

” I don’t have. I’d see her tomorrow then” he said.

” Alright, I need to start going home now” I said to him.

” Why are you in a hurry? ” he asked.

“I need to take care of some things at home” I said to him.

I said my goodbye and I placed a call to the guy from the security company who is going to help me install some high tech security cameras and also change all the locks in my apartment.

I need to get someone to fix my ceiling also because there is a bullet hole which was left there yesterday when my dad fired into the air.


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