He was so shocked when he realized I was still a virgin, well he didn’t ask me so I didn’t see any use telling him. We made love that night, so wonderful,I felt like a woman (a real woman) he was happy I was a virgin he kept singing it that night. And I was proud of myself and my mom for giving me the kind of motherly love and advise that made me kept myself.
The next morning he made breakfast for me on bed, we had service to attend for thanks giving. I ate my breakfast hungrily (too much love making can make you hungry) he just sat down playing with my hair. After the meal, we took our bath together and had one round of sex in the bathroom before we went to church for the thanks giving.


I’m now a mother of a cute handsome Eric Peter. His’ just like his father so handsome and one side dimples too. My husband was and is a loving father to my son and a caring man to me. I love him so much “lord I’m grateful for this life, and my family”
As I laid on this bed I decided to tell you guys about my love story with my pastor who is now my husband. If you love somebody just say it you never know if the person feels the same way. I know we are Nigeria and we term to call it ‘bad’ when I woman ask a guy out first. Love doesn’t see that it only see the heart. If you read this story you would understand better.
“Loving isn’t a crime, the big crime is regretting not expressing your feelings”


A very big thank you to God almighty and to all my fams that were with me through out this work God bless you all.

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27 Comments on “IN LOVE WITH MY PASTOR…(18+)…Part 48”

  1. Wow, this story is truly and really amazing. The first Sex Perverse Free story I’ve read so far on this platform.
    I really wanna appreciate the Author. Thanks for this godly story, dearest

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    i wish that our youths would learn a lot from this story.
    kudos to you samantha.

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    I’m happy Desmond didn’t try anything stupid like shooting your husband on the day of the wedding.

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