IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE…..(18+)…..Part 7


My husband practically dragged me to the hospital. He made all the complaints to the doctor as I was economical with information about my health so as to avoid any treatment that will jeopardize my chances of conceiving that month. Immediately the doctor asked me to lie on the patient stretcher so he could observe me. He did I quick scan on my abdomen, ‘madam you may stand up.’ He said after the scan. My eyes were fixed on his lips, anxious to hear his diagnosis. ‘Sir, madam is having an infection and that is the cause of the pain, I will place her on medication for two weeks. I will also treat you so you won’t pass it to her again through sexual intercourse.
Does it mean I am not pregnant? I asked myself and unknown to me my silent question was loud enough that the doctor heard it. ‘No madam, you are not pregnant. Even if you were pregnant I would prefer we take care of this infection first.’ At that moment I hated my husband for bringing me to hear this bad news, I hated the doctor too for giving me this bad news. For the period we spent with the doctor I was quiet all through. Inside the car while going home I didn’t say a word to my husband neither did I reply any of his conversations.
We got home and my husband gave me the dose for that night. ‘I won’t take these drugs because I know I don’t have any infection. Even if I have an infection, my God will heal me.’ I told my husband.
My husband was not happy about my attitude and I could see anger all over his face. The drugs were too powerful for an expectant mother and I didn’t wish to take such medication at the moment . It will suspend my plans of getting pregnant for two months. If I take the drugs now, it will flush out my pregnancy and will not allow me observe my ovulation time for the next month. I refused to take the drugs but kept praying to God for this month’s pregnancy to stay.

I started vomiting some days later. I quickly rushed to the calendar to calculate the days I missed my period, it was the 29th day after the last circle. I quickly put a call through to Sally, ‘I think I am pregnant’, I told her on phone. ‘Have you gone for a test?’ she asked me. ‘I have been vomiting for two days now and I haven’t seen my menses for 29 days, do I need any test to know I am pregnant?’
‘Missing your menses for 29 days and vomiting are not enough to conclude you are pregnant. Dear friend, please go for pregnancy test tomorrow. I know it will surely be positive, congratulations in advance.’ she said. I couldn’t explain what I felt because of what Sally said and the congratulation greeting.
My fear with going for pregnancy test is the fact that I will not be able to withstand “madam you are not pregnant” or “madam the test is negative”. I decided I won’t go to the hospital for a test until I see more signs of pregnancy.
My husband and I had not been friendly terms because of my refusal to take the drugs prescribed for the treatment of the infection. I knew I was still in control of his heart because of the love he had for me, so I wasn’t afraid. More so, I know telling him that I was pregnant will change his attitude, all I needed was just to be sure I was pregnant.
I waited on till the 36th day before I told my husband I was ready for a pregnancy test. He smiled and said ‘pregnancy test you will have.’ He quickly dressed up and we drove to the hospital. This time I was more optimistic because I had seen almost all the pregnancy signs I have heard of in my life.
My blood sample was taken, ‘you may wait at the reception,’the lab lady announced to us. But this was not the method last time, I sat with the man while he did the test. Why is this lady asking us to go out first for a test that’s less than fifteen minutes? We obeyed and went to sit at the reception. Fifteen minutes later she called out my name to come for my result. My husband asked me to sit down while he went for the result but I pretended as if I didn’t hear him, so I followed him right behind. As soon as I saw the lady handing over a brown envelope to my husband I started feeling dizzy. Before my husband could collect the envelope I was down on the floor. All that happened thereafter was explained to me when I regained my consciousness.


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