IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE…..(18+)…..Part 4


I had to take two weeks break from work to be with Sally for her wedding preparations. We planned and executed every bit of her wedding decisions together. The wedding was okay because Sally’s husband worked with an oil company in Porthacourt; and with a fat salary, they could afford everything they wanted for the wedding. He had come for a two-week official assignment in Kano where he met with Sally. I felt for him considering the past life of my friend. Will she be able to give him a child at all? This was my thought all through the wedding. The wedding ended and I took off on Monday morning back to Lokoja.
My wedding was in a month’s time, and I needed to put myself together so that I can be strong enough to go through the stress. I was shocked to my bones when Sally told me she won’t be coming for my wedding. ‘Why won’t you attend my wedding after all I went through to make yours a success?’ I protested. How can she be absent at my wedding? ‘No way, Sally I know you are joking,’ I said, laughing over the phone. ‘Maryam you won’t understand.’ she said. ‘On my wedding day, I was already two months pregnant and the doctor had advised me not to engage in strenuous activities in my first trimester.’ ‘Sally, you are what?’ I asked in surprise. It was a mixed feelings for me, I was happy she was pregnant and also unhappy she won’t make it to my wedding.
But how could she be pregnant? after the last abortion the doctor told her that her chances of getting pregnant within the next five years is less than 7%. I would have ascribed this to a miracle but Sally was the least to enjoy God’s grace. I was happy for her, my fears had been taken away. But many questions ran through my mind; does God show mercy on unrepentant persons? To the best of knowledge, Sally is still a chronic sinner. Three of her boyfriends still sent her money while I was with her in the build up to her wedding. I was aware she still went to see Alhaji Ado in his hotel room four days to her wedding. I concluded, “His ways are not our ways” and left the matter at that.
I began to plan for my own wedding as the day drew near. Sally and her husband sent me N300,000 to support my wedding plans. Three days to the D day I became feverish for thoughts and fears of sleeping with a man for the first time. I was told the first experience is not always funny especially at my age. I became so weak that I was taken to the hospital where I was given two drips before I was discharged. Everything went well, my mom was proud of me marrying at 29 as a virgin.

My mom had taught me everything I needed to know and do as a new bride. On our first night together as husband and wife, my husband could not believe I was still a virgin when he couldn’t penetrate me. I had never told him I was a virgin either. After much struggle without success, he took a break and went downstairs as if he was going to buy something but I saw him making a call. He must have called a friend to narrate his experience. He came back after about 30 minutes with smile all over his face. Maryam, you are still a virgin? I smiled, I was proud of myself and my mom. My dream to give my virginity to my husband had finally come to reality. This time he knew what to do, he must have been taught from the phone conversation he had. That night he made a lot of promises to me including buying me a car.
Been with Omeiza for one week without interruption from work and families was the best thing that ever happened to me. We gisted, played games, watched movies, ate and slept all through the week. We could go a whole day without seeing the sun, it was fun, fun and more fun. I knew I won’t escape been pregnant after a two week continuous sexual intercourse. One month after I started feeling funny in my body, of course I needed no laboratory test to know what was going on in my system. I was so weak that my husband will have to close on time from work to help me do some house chores. ‘You need to see the doctor,’ Omeiza pleaded. ‘I will see the doctor at the right time, I will be fine,’ I assured him.


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